20+ Drivers Who Should Have Their License Removed

Feb 12, 2020Vladimir Afonskyi
Image credits: Reddit/Stealth_Robot

Whether you are on a commute or on a long trip, the road can be an interesting place, especially because you can strangers doing the weirdest things they normally wouldn't do anywhere else. Some people are not as careful when they are driving as others, and some accidents can happen that end up being funnier than anyone imagined. On the other hand, there are few people who should never get back on the wheel because their habits and their disregard for traffic laws is mind-blowing. From eating to moving impossible furniture, here are few examples of such reckless drivers that can give us a thousand laughs, although we rather not have them next to us. 


Image credits: Pinterest/US Viral Hub

Sometimes, we see an accident on the road and wonder how in the world it could happen? This is one of those moments. How fast was this person going to completely veer off like that? The road doesn't seem to be that close to the water. It looks like there is a sidewalk and some trees he would've had to run over to get beyond there. If the driver was not drunk at the time, we cannot find a logical explanation. 


Image credits: Reddit/juancamdingo

In this world, some people do not even consider it necessary to protect themselves in situations that can become dangerous. In addition to disrespecting many traffic laws, they want to do everything without paying attention to the basic traffic rules. The person in this picture is an exaggerating, but what surprises us the most is that he looks so relaxed despite the impending disaster. He probably did this to capture that photograph, but he should be grateful that no police saw him during this feat. He just needs to read a book or drink a beer to make it worse.


Image credits: Reddit/aarghj

Unfortunately, some cities have the worst traffic because we have gotten used to driving everywhere, instead of taking a bike sometimes or even walking. Sometimes, you sit in lines for hours and have to find ways to pass the time. However, it doesn't seem like there was a bunch of traffic that day, and this lady was still reading her novel. Why would you risk yourself and others like that? You can definitely wait a while to finish a great book. If it's worth it, it deserves your complete attention. 


Image credits: Reddit/orangepolkadots

People love multitasking on the road, especially if there's heavy traffic. You might be able to catch up on many things using your phone and going online. However, you have to keep. at least, one hand on the wheel. On the other hand, some people are so busy that they have to eat in their car. However, this lady must have a third hand handling the wheel because she prepared herself a plate and is catching up with someone on her phone. 


Image credits: Imgur/zombifiedsweets

Well, the shiny car looks fresh off the dealership, and people always love cruising their new rides all over town to flaunt an expensive acquisition. On the other hand, while it might be filled with lots of modern technology, it's still susceptible to accidents. Also, people who think that they can go over any street just because they are in a hurry. It looks like the owner thought he could skip the traffic created by the workers by going over their work. Ruined!


Image credits: Reddit/robmus

It is very typical for people to transport all kinds of things without seeking the help of professionals because they save some money. In most situations, this is not a bad thing because people understand that they should be careful when doing this. Unfortunately, some people exaggerate and transport very large or fragile objects without paying attention to anything. Taking a mirror or glass from one place to another is something that must be done very carefully because it can break in the process. And transporting it on a motorcycle is almost like asking to turn it into thousands of pieces.


Image credits: Twitter/josadea

It's vitally important to capture every single moment of raising a child. Parents can crazy with their phones and tablet trying to document the special achievements of their children. This image proves that not every memory has to be a good one. The proud mother and father decided to take a picture of their son's first accident, and it's pretty hilarious. However, it seems that the kid was still learning. Keep going, boy, you can do it!


Image credits: Reddit/flaoser

Learning a new instrument is not an easy task, and you have to practice, practice, practice, to become the best player. The trumpet might not be that popular, but it is hard to master. While we don't recommend doing this when the roads are clear, you can do it at traffic stops and long lines. Luckily, you don't disturb anyone from the confines of your car. 


Image credits: Reddit/TheDaisyGod

Another example of the stubbornness of some people who think they can solve everything themselves despite the difficulties. If you have enough money to buy a TV of that size, the most logical thing is to protect it. All stores have a merchandise delivery service that ensures that your new purchase arrives safe and sound. If you don't trust them or don't want to pay extra, the best thing you can do is find a more reliable way to do it yourself. A motorcycle is not the right choice!


Image credits: Reddit/Sayruhh08

Well, the thinking of some people. It's hard to tell what was going through their minds at the time, but desperate times call for desperate measures. They really needed to transport that trampolineю. Unlike some of the previous examples, though, it looks like the driver can see clearly, but the trampoline looks heavy. Maybe, a party was in real need, and they had no time to think about anything else. 


Image credits: Reddit/MrSquirly

This image is a clear example of a person who cannot afford a second trip during his move. There is no way that another piece of furniture could fit in that van without running the risk of everything spilling down the road. Apparently, all the hours that this guy spends playing Tetris were handy to organize all these objects. Didn't he have enough money to hire a moving truck? It is preferable to spend a little more money on gasoline than to risk losing all your belongings doing a wrong turn.


Image credits: Twitter/MightyBusterBro

On that driver's defense, there are some people who have no idea about the "green" movement, which hopes to make our way of life more eco-friendly and save the world. But, it is very unlikely unless that person lives in a remote town on the edge of the world. He might not be technically disrespecting the sign - because his car is green - it is disrespecting the law. 


Image credits: Reddit/ShaKeyJ101

There is an infinite number of photos online that proves that anything can fit in a car with the right ropes and ingenuity. However, it also seems that the people with the smallest cars always have to transport big stuff. No one wants to pay for a moving truck or a service when we can do it ourselves, but we also have to think reasonably. Is it worth it to take that kind of risk? Could you hurt others? 


Image credits: Youtube/Robert Zemeckis

No one likes sitting in traffic, especially when you are in a hurry. Some people don't care about laws and try to take shortcuts in these situations. Luckily, karma was quick to punish this rule-breaker.  It could be that the driver thought the sidewalk wasn't raised like that, as the rocks make it seem like it just has a normal elevation that could easily be used by cars. However, this man learned a hard lesson.


Image credits: Apimages/Gary Wiepert

Typically, after a long snowy night, all cars and streets are buried in snow. Although some companies decide to close their doors in these conditions, sometimes we have to go to work. It is a very annoying thing, but we must use a shovel to get our vehicle out of the snow, and we must do it correctly. Even if he thinks that just by moving the car is enough, this person will likely cause a severe accident.


Image credits: Reddit/Michael-J-Faux

There are people so lazy that they do not even make the minimum effort to protect the objects they are transporting. Depending on the type of cargo you have, you should find a way to prevent it from falling or breaking while you take it to its destination. The owner of this truck is aware of that and developed an infallible security measure for his merchandise. Despite his great effort, it is effortless for all these bricks to fly in case of an accident. People could even steal them if the driver does not react quickly.


Image credits: Pikabu/focus

Can you imagine leaving your car parked perfectly outside, only to go back and see this nightmare? It doesn't like the driver was to blame in this case, but it's hard to explain what exactly happened. It looks like the floor suddenly ruptured along with the underground plumbing, and the poor vehicle was an unfortunate victim because it was in the wrong spot at the wrong time. We hope that the owner's insurance covered this kind of accident. 


Image credits: Twitter/tidy316

If you are a lover of Italian food and you love spaghetti over any other food, this picture may be a bit familiar. We understand it, it is a very delicious meal, and there is no reason not to enjoy it at all times. But driving while you are eating a tasty dish of spaghetti prepared by your grandmother is the worst idea in the world. You will cause a severe accident, like the one in this picture, and all your food will spread throughout the interior of the car. You will have to pay for the damages, and you will be starving!


Image credits: Reddit/nicola_lombardi23

Some people will park their cars wherever, no matter who it might affect and why. While this lot doesn't seem to have lines or specifics rules, it does seem logical not to place your vehicle right on the walkway. This could have been the reason a patient wasn't transported on time, and it could cost a life. Being reckless might be funny in certain circumstances, but this should be considered a crime. 


Image credits: Reddit/lesstaller

The person in this picture decided that the sun was too strong to drive without some protection. Most likely, that material slipped from the roof of the car, but it is impossible to drive like that. It is illogical to think that he manages to see something with that thing in front of the vehicle. The most logical thing in a situation like this one is pulling aside and cleaning the windshield, but he seems to be in a hurry.


Image credits: Reddit/Gayelord962

Some human creations are capable of defying the laws of psychics, and it looks like this pickup truck is one perfect example. Whatever you're carrying in your car shouldn't be larger than the actually vehicle, though. We don't know how the owners managed to attach all that load - which looks like a bunch of chairs and possibly a dining table - and carry it safely, but if we saw this ourselves, we would be pulling to the next lane. 


Image credits: Reddit/TorbenBusk

The driver of this vehicle has no respect or interest in the other people around him. By placing a sticker like this on your car, you show everyone that you don't care what they say or think. The police may think in a very different way and punish him with several fines, but he'll probably do not give importance to this either. At least he is honest enough to let everyone know he is an idiot.


Image credits: Twitter/catens

There are some insane folks out there, and parking lots are definitely proof of that statement. This one, however, looks a bit weird. It doesn't have the lines completely marked either. Therefore, if the SUV got there first, we can understand that confusion. However, we imagine that the owner was pretty bad when he finished his meal because there is no way he can leave now. 


Image credits: Reddit/SheldonDinklebeeerg

Transporting a heavy object is a complicated task that requires trained people, and a vehicle capable of supporting the weight. If you need to move a sofa from one place to another, the ideal option would be a moving truck, not a small Hyundai. In case you don't have the money to hire it and you need to do it with your car, the least you can do is secure it properly. This sofa can fly at any time and cause a severe accident due to the pettiness of its owner.


Image credits: Reddit/TommyCrocodile

Regardless of the situation, you should always think first about your safety to avoid accidents and cause some kind of harm to others. These kinds of advertisements are standard in work environments to remind people of safety measures. But what this person is doing is totally against what the poster he is carrying says. There are much safer ways to move a warning like this without running the risk of causing a severe accident. Maybe his boss only had a budget to make the poster and forgot to pay the shipping.


Image credits: Imgur/heartkitten

As mentioned earlier, people find the craziest ways to transport their stuff on their cars. However, you should be able to see where you are driving. However, this seems to have been an accident that could've gone worse. Logic states that these people placed that fridge - or whatever it is - on top of the car, and might have stopped too quickly. The securing ropes could have failed as well. That's definitely bad luck.


Image credits: Pikabu/Sandalinaiznanku

All kinds of cars are in the current market right now, and they come in all kinds of sizes catered for any need. This might not be an accident or someone disrespecting the law, but it's still pretty interesting to look at. The white SUV occupies the whole space just like most cars, but there are four tiny vehicles that fit perfectly into one with the proper parking. We wonder what kind of gas mileage those tiny things get. 


Image credits: Reddit/Lokipokie504

The job of the police is to protect us from anyone who wants to break the laws and make sure we comply with them. They should make sure to ensure our safety while protecting us from the "bad guys," but they must also abide by those laws. If they can stop us from using the phone while driving, why can they send messages? It may be a vital conversation, but that is no reason to do something so dangerous and irresponsible. Hopefully, a person will stop next to him and ask him for his license and registration.


Image credits: Twitter/tiaokan

Well, we have never seen this level of disrespect in our lives. Yes, the parking lot was empty. Yes, they could park anywhere they wanted. But, come one! This is just crazy. On the other hand, it looks like a gang of cars have corralled an SUV and might be ready for a fight. Either way, the white truck cannot leave his spot easily. 


Image credits: Reddit/gogen

We have seen some very inconsiderate drivers already, and it really takes a special kind of person to be that awful or stupid. But, this man did something is unforgivable to anyone who wants to buy food in the drive-thru. He decided that place the perfect spot to park as if people don't need to buy stuff to take home. If we were the hungry driver behind him, we would have a huge problem. 


Image credits: Reddit/solomongunnesq

One major rule of driving is that you have to pay attention at all times, but some people have become so good that they can perform other tasks and still be completely alright behind the wheel. But, this man is not just reading. It's not something recreational either. He is actually reading a pamphlet that explains how to drive while he is in charge. Now, that's just scary, and we would definitely get out of that cab. 


Image credits: Reddit/wtfisustupid

Sometimes, it's boring to be alone on the road, and having a co-pilot there with you can change the whole experience. Unfortunately, it's a little more difficult when it comes to motorcycles, but you can still have someone near. This man has the best boy at his back, and it really looks like that Golden retriever is not riding for the first time. All he is missing is a leather jacket like his owner. 


Image credits: Reddit/Internet_Is_A_Lie

Another kind of driver we have seen a lot already is the one that never respects parking spot lines, but this owner seems particularly nasty. It's disrespectful. If we had that kind of car, we would never risk it like that because you never know what kind of people will pass by, see this atrocity, and decide to retaliate. Just because it's fancy doesn't mean it can't be damaged. 


Image credits: Imgur

It's not that uncommon to see cars accidentally fly off and land in a lake or at sea, but this Honda Civic was saved by the boat. Furthermore, it looks like the owner is safe enough to take a picture to remember this moment. We don't know exactly how they can recover her car from that tough spot, but she will have to pay for any damages and give the shipowner her insurance information. 


Image credits: Reddit/DoMoreWithLess

Depending on your family, road trips can be really fun or dreadful experiences, but anything can happen. Some people like to go camping, and it looks like these people are bringing something extra on their expedition. However, it doesn't seem very smart to bring the pool already inflated when those things are specifically made for traveling conveniently. The owners didn't know they could just inflate it back up at the location? 


Image credits: Instagram/sporno

It's hard to understand that actions of others sometimes. It doesn't seem like the hose NEEDED to go through the car. Could it be that they didn't want to risk damaging the roof? Another theory is that the hose might have been too short for what the firefighters needed. However, it's doesn't seem to make much of a difference. They should've asked the driver to move the car if possible. 


Image credits: Twitter/SiMaya77

For some reason, these people decided not to follow the lines clearly marked for parking. The problem with parking lots that do it like this is that if someone parks to the other angle, the rest have to follow him and not the rules. The only way to fix it would be if all the neighbors decided to work together and start parking properly. Either way, it's still the same, but it does look pretty funny as if everyone is a rule-breaker. 


Image credits: Facebook/drivingtests

It looks like this blunder happened in a car park, and while the yellow light and everything is pretty clear, some people are just a bit careless. Sometimes, while driving, we put our brains on automatic pilot. And it does look similar to the kinds of ramps inside malls with multiple-story car parks that allow people to drive up and down the levels. However, just the fact that they had to add that sign means that the car in this image wasn't the first one to make this mistake. 


Image credits: Reddit/batmanstimpy

Judging the size of a truck can be difficult, especially for people who have always driven normal sedans. However, this driver takes the cake because he only misjudged things, he thought it was perfectly fine. Some parking lots usually have one average measurement to make sure normal cars can fit. But, others have started saving space by creating special spots for smaller cars. Clearly, your car is not suited for that one!


Image credits: Reddit/madmaxfield

This girl and her mother lost their tire, but did not give importance to the situation and continued on their way home. Despite leaving a groove all the way, not even the police could stop these rushed girls. If you suffer some kind of accident and lose a tire, the best thing you can do is call a crane to help you. They did not only damaged the road, but it will also be impossible to put a new tire to that car after the damage it suffered.


Image credits: Reddit/pyoche222

Clearly, the driver didn't see that the fence was already down for the night. It's a little see-through, but it's there. We would bet that that person was intoxicated at the time. Luckily, it seems that the car didn't get damaged at all, and maybe that a lesson for the owners of the building. BMWs might be sturdy but a good roller shutter would never fail that horribly. 


Image credits: Instagram/jaycanes_

We all hate supermarkets where there is clearly no place to put the shopping cart after we load our cars. No one likes actually returning to the store. Naturally, many businesses decided to create a "spot" specifically for this reason. However, here comes a crazy person who thinks he or she can just park anywhere, and it won't be a problem. Maybe, that person thought it was alright because it was just a quick trip. But, it is never ok to do this!


Image credits: Twitter/MartinUrruty

If you thought the weird non-wheel from a previous item was cool, this one is even better. Instead of replacing the missing part with a tree, they did it with a rolling cart, which has 4 wheels itself. We have to wonder how it can possibly work, but it still seems like a much better idea than other things drivers have tried in the previous images. Turns must be tricky, though. 


Image credits: Imgur

Sometimes, there is simply no parking spot wherever you want to go. But, the driver in this image didn't let that stop him from reaching his destination. He or she just decided to get creative with their placement. Luckily, their car is not that big so it kind of works, although the back is a little too close to the street. On the other hand, it was probably awful for pedestrians who couldn't reach the other side. 


Image credits: Reddit/b-612-

Yes, we must always think about our safety and that of other drivers when we are behind the wheel, but we must not overdo it. The seat belt does a perfect job on its own, and we don't have to add any extra protective measures. The person in this image came up with the addition of a metal band that will prevent his head from flying in an accident. Although it seems that he is transporting a door very irresponsibly. Sadly, the most likely result of this situation is that he loses his teeth or something worse in case he crashes into another car.


Image credits: Facebook/WGME13

Some people like to punish those that do not follow the rules. It may seem like the car did nothing wrong, but the owner actually parked right on the line, occupying two spaces. If the supermarket was busy that day, we bet a lot of other customers cursed him out when they couldn't find a spot. Also, we would have liked to see his face when the driver finished buying stuff. It's not hard to remove the shopping carts, but it is annoying. We love petty revenge!


Image credits: Reddit/Marquetan

There is nothing quite as frustrating as this image. There is a whole empty parking lot, and someone decided to park their car right beside the only other one in the place. They are not even close to the entrance of the store by any means. The only explanation we can think off is that they were friends and wanted to play pranks on each other. 


Image credits: Reddit/wh314n

While we have no idea if all the spots were occupied when this person parked, it looks awful that there is a perfectly great place next to it, but this driver decided to park where most people exit the lot. It's such an inconvenience to other people, and the owner is risking a fine or worse for such reckless disregard of rules. Society only works as long as every citizen follows the norms. 


Image credits: Reddit/basshead41

Moving is the worst. You have to pack everything at home, and then, figure out how you are going to fit everything in your car. Even with a big van, somethings simply don't fit, and you have to come up with a solution. This lady must be incredibly strong if she believes that just holding the mattress like that will keep it on the roof. We wonder if the other passengers on board had similar contraptions. 


Image credits: Reddit/Stealth_Robot

It is impossible to think that hiring a tow truck can be more expensive than all the repairs that that car will need. The body of the vehicle will likely bend, and they will have to redo the paint after this trip. Although we must admit that it is an ingenious way to transport a vehicle, it is not the smartest that exists. The next time you need to move your car from one place to another, it is best to find a way that does not involve damaging it more.


Image credits: Imgur/LogicDude

It looks like that SUV has seen better days. Clearly, this driver has proven that tires are not really needed anymore. This new creation will revolutionize the motor industry, and companies will be able to release cheaper cars. We have no idea how this is working, all kidding aside. We want to know more, but some images on the internet can never be explained. Our imagination will have to do in this case. What do you think happened?


Image credits: Reddit/Zicoya96

This is another example of a car that defies gravity. Instead of making two or more trips to deliver all the materials needed, this person decided that one go was enough. What is baffling is how they placed those things, to begin with, and the driver has really not looked at how the backside is almost scratching the floor. It's insane. Is it really worth damaging your car?


Image credits: Reddit/Square-wave

People who have never lived in snowy countries have no idea how hard doing everyday business is like when it snows. Driving becomes even more dangerous than it does when it rains, and there are some who shouldn't get in their cars at all. We have no idea how that driver managed to go on with all that snow covering his windshield, but we have to applaud him for this X-ray vision. However, it would probably be best if he pulled over and wiped it off. 


Image credits: Instagram/idiots_of_the_road

Some people end up missing the alarm and have to rush in the morning. We've all had to finish dressing in the car at some time, but it doesn't seem like that is what's happening in this image. It actually looks like the man is biting down in his show to muffle the sounds of a scream. We wonder what made him so frustrated in the first place. It might be due to traffic. 


Image credits: Reddit/joe4553

Parallel parking is not easy. There are people who drive all their lives and never learn how to do it correctly. Whoever parked their vehicle in this image took that to a whole new level, though. When there are no other cars nearby, it shouldn't be that hard to do correctly. However, this owner might as well have parked in the middle of the street. Did he or she not even check when they got off?

We are a little afraid of getting on the road after all these disasters, but maybe, there will be a chance to something crazy and funny. Let us know what the weirdest experience you had while driving was. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who need a laugh today. See you next time!

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