The Kids Of The ‘90s Know

Jun 24, 2020Manuela Mitevova

The ‘90s were a truly iconic decade, and there were many truly iconic aspects of it. It was also the birth of the internet as we know it, of the rapid evolution of technology, and home of very weird items. If you were a '90's kid, you might remember some of the struggles, and the joys, of youth back then, so let’s take a trip down memory lane together!

The Texting

Image Credit: Tumblr/Belairbeautyqueen

Sure, texting is a painless process these days, but do you remember when we had to press a certain letter multiple times to actually get the words we need together? Oh, the good old days of the Nokias and Motorolas of the world! It surely took some serious practice, and we are kind of sad we had to let go of our expertise.


The AOL Instant Messaging

Image Credit: Reddit/CYBR3RPOL1CE

Let’s be honest, we all thought AOL will one day take over the world. AIM, the instant messaging software developed by AOL was the bread and butter of us ‘90s kids, and it was revolutionary. Arguably, it was the first dip in the pond of global connectedness, and we haven’t looked back since!

The Floppy Disk

Image Credit: Reddit/Hassibo

Before we even had any CDs to burn information onto, there was the good old floppy. Practical, small, and pretty indestructible, we definitely didn't have to worry we would scratch it and therefore make it unusable. However, it only fit about one whole photo in its memory, so then again, maybe not the best ‘90s invention. 

The CD-Roms

Image Credit: Flickr/Rubenerd

Back in the day, if you had important songs, poems, documents, or photos to save, your go-to would be the mighty CD-Rom. Honestly, did you ever think it would disappear into the abyss and get replaced by the Cloud? We didn’t either. Our old CD-Rom collection is still piled up in our old drawers, holding the secrets of the ‘90s.

The Mouse Balls

Image Credit: Pinterest

We all started out with clunky computer mice attached to a cable and rolling around thanks to a ball on the bottom. You must remember how dirt used to get stuck there, and how you had to clean it regularly. This one is definitely a ‘90s thing we don’t wish to bring back.

The Discman

Image Credit: Reddit/speckz

You didn’t need to be a music nerd to have had a Discman back in the day. The Discman was for everyone! Walking around with your device, and your CD selection, was, after all, the sign that you are one of the cool kids, and you were ready to show it. Again, we thought the Discman was here to stay forever!

The Web Sites

Image Credit: Tumblr/Oneterabyteofkilobyteage

In the ‘90s, web sites of companies, TV shows, or individuals were beginning to pop up, and since these were the first-ever attempts to put information online in that form, they looked pretty terrible. It might seem like children designed them, and although we find them extremely funny today, we have to remember this was the beginning of the beauty of web page design today!

The CD Stores

Image Credit: Reddit/ArcticPete

Whenever there was a new music release, off we went to the nearest CD store to listen to the album on the headphone stand there. We used to spend hours doing this and then proceeding to sort through the thousands of CDs on offer, only to be able to afford one as they were so expensive.

MSN Messenger

Image Credit: Reddit/ThePowerBees

The true icon of the ‘90s messaging- the MSN messenger was our favorite pastime. Getting to connect with friends, setting up song lyrics as your status cos you were that cool, or mistakenly straying into the wrong conversation were just a few of things things that made MSN a legend.

The VHS Rental

Image Credit: Reddit/trtlman

Try to go back to a Friday night back in college, wanting to see a movie with your friends. Remember the Blockbuster trips that everyone did on the regular to get their VHS tapes? We do too! It seems like centuries ago that we actually had to venture out of our home to get some entertainment!

The CD Labeling

Image Credit: Reddit/pervertedpapaya

We all had a whole collection of CD markers at home, and we made sure to put them to good use. After all, our CD collection needed some proper labeling, distinguished by color and type, and we sure did take it seriously. Those were the days when we were our own CD designers.

The Ringtones

Image Credit: Reddit/Johnnyboy716

We don’t know about you, but we used to spend hours on end trying to find an appropriate ringtone for our phone. Oftentimes, this was the only thing there was to actually do on the phone, as there was no instant messaging or internet. Those were the simple days for sure!

The Keyboards

Image Credit: Reddit/Hollycrapola

So let’s say you were lucky enough to have a computer in the ‘90s, and you wanted to type out a short story you wrote so you can put it on your floppy disk. You would have to use the massive white keyboard, and we all know what a pain it was to type on that beast. However, the sound it made is still satisfying to us even today!


Image Credit: Pinterest

The original, the one and only- Myspace! Remember the obsession with setting up your profile right, with arranging your friends so that the best of them appear on your front page? It was definitely the golden years of social media before social media went global and we immediately forgot all about that one music social network.

Shooting On Film

Image Credit: Reddit/kodadano

Taking photos in the ‘90s wasn’t as simple as today when we have the option to snap as many as we like, review them, and then keep what turned out right. In the past, we all shot on film, so we had to make sure each and every photo was well framed, well lit, and capturing the right moment. 

The Dangers Of Shooting On Film

Image Credit: Reddit/TallGoddess

One of our biggest nightmares back in the ‘90s was opening the film compartment on our camera by accident, and so making all our photos exposed to the light, and therefore useless. There was a true art to making sure you don’t overexpose your film, and we definitely don’t miss having to think about these days.

The Massive Cameras

Image Credit: Reddit/jrose125

Being able to take photos in the ‘90s was still a privilege, and it just makes us think about how far we have come in the past few decades. Not only were cameras expensive, but they were also extremely bulky, heavy, and impractical. These days, when your camera fits in your pocket and doubles as a smartphone, we can barely remember the pain of dragging these beasts with us everywhere.

Polaroid Everywhere

Image Credit: Reddit/redroofins

Keeping in with the camera theme of the ‘90s, the Polaroid is surely one of the most prominent pop culture items of the decade. Allowing us to develop photos instantly, Polaroid became a hit at a time when things took ages, and it was in many ways, a shout out to the near future. To be fair, our love for the Polaroid is still going strong!

Tamagotchi For All

Image Credit: Reddit/Doodoo Pancake

The craze of the Tamagotchi doesn’t really make much sense. Having to take care of an annoying beeping plastic thing that wakes you up in the middle of the night doesn't really sound that appealing, and yet, in the ‘90s, this was all ok. It was all cute until the responsibilities kicked in! 

The Blackberry

Image Credit: Reddit/EMF911

The age of the Blackberry is long gone, but oh was it a glorious one. It was the phone to have back in the day, and it sure made us feel like we made it in life. The future of smartphones couldn’t have evolved without this gem of a technological piece, and although we don’t necessarily want it back, it was a pleasure to use.

The Flip Phone

Image Credit: Reddit/EnterTheWayne

There is talk of reviving this ‘90s classic that was the flip phone, and we would not mind one bit. The famed Motorolas were our personal favorites, and we might seriously consider joining back the ‘90s gang and getting one of those babies instead of the newest smartphone out there.

The White Boxes

Image Credit: Reddit/JAlbert653

Remember the days when computers required a whole room? We might be exaggerating, but you know what we mean. In the’90s, the computer took up a whole lot of desk space and featured much more than just a screen and keyboard. The veritable building blocks of modern technology are now thankfully a thing of the past.

The TV Guide

Image Credit: Reddit/GreenTamborine

We will admit that finding out what was on TV any day of the week was a little bit of a struggle. We had to flip through TV guides and circle what we wanted to watch, and this process was quite a serious commitment. These days, we are quite happy with our on-demand programming.

Burning CDs

Image Credit: Reddit/Domestica

We have to admit, we kind of miss burning CDs. It was a process that made us value whatever we burnt onto the CD more, and because of that, we will always remember it fondly. It was the only way to keep a movie you wanted to rewatch a few times, and being able to say you spent so much time creating this disc is priceless.

Windows 98 Trouble

Image Credit: Reddit/gatewaytofreedom

We wish someone would give us the hours of our lives back which we spend trying to close all the Windows 98 pop-ups when they started going all crazy. It sometimes seemed like a game, and sometimes like a true ordeal, and we definitely do not want to relive either. Thankfully we don’t have to!

Parental Advisory 

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

We all know the pain of not being able to buy a CD with the label Parental Advisory Explicit Content on it. For some reason, this was a big thing back in the day, and the main reason CDs like Eminem’s became highly sought after behind the back of parents. The swear words certainly had more power in the ‘90s.

DialUp Connection

Image Credit: Reddit Blog

Can you recall that noise? The noise of the DialUp doing its magic! We know it was a pain to have to endure and wait while your computer got connected to the world wide web, but today, we find it weirdly satisfying to recall. Next time you are complaining about how slow your fiber net is, just take yourself back to the ‘90s.

Capri Sun Accidents

Image Credit: Reddit/cskalechip

Capri Sun was the ultimate refreshment of the ‘90s, and we have strong feelings about it. While we loved the design of the pouch and how portable it was, we also remember all the accidents we had with it, piercing through both sides of the pack, leaving us desperate to not spill the precious juice.


Image Credit: Reddit/Towellswide

In the age of Britney Spears, everything was about the bell-bottom jeans. Whether you liked it or not, that was the reality, and so everyone walked around dressed pretty much the same way. Thankfully, we have more trends to choose from these days, although let’s be honest, we do still wish we can rock these bell babies from time to time. 

Internet Cafes

Image Credit: Reddit/realtivelysmark

The ultimate place to be with your buddies after school- the internet cafe! What better place to play games like Half-Life, and bond with the boys like true adults, taking care of serious matters happening on the internet. The cafes were a true symbol of the ‘90s, and we will never forget what they gave us.

Watching TV

Image Credit: Reddit/micbr

This sounds so normal even these days, and yet, in the ‘90s, this meant so much more than today. Getting to sit in front of the one TV at home and enjoy series like Friends on the videotape is something which just brings us straight back to our teenage years, and it’s a priceless memory.


Image Credit: Reddit/brotherhef

Since there wasn’t so much to do inside, or on your flip phone, we used to take things outside. Rollerblading was one of those iconic ‘90s things, and we sure did learn to do it pretty well. Our rollerblades today sit all dusty somewhere in the garage, but we will never forget the good times we had with them.

Skater Boys

Image Credit: Reddit/yng_rodeao

The skater boys of the ‘90s were true style icons, and if you were one, it was pretty much guaranteed girls threw themselves at you at all times. The laid back aesthetic of the whole skater culture produced a youth movement that we are enamored with even today, and we sure do hope it never goes away.

The ‘90s will forever remain in our hearts as a time of technological advancement like no other, and we are grateful for having been able to witness the birth of all things internet. Some of them might seem cheesy, childish, backward, or even weird, but they all brought us to where we are today. And we wouldn't’ change that for a thing!

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