Celebrities Who Got Fit

May 30, 2020Rita Kumar

When good looks aren't just about being slim and in shape, fitness comes into a significant play, especially to stay in line with an ever-changing lifestyle and diet. But these celebrities seem to foster the world with their stunning transformation! While some of them followed a strict diet plan and regular workouts, some chose to shed those extra pounds gradually.

Kevin Smith

Image Credits: Getty Images/FilmMagic/Jason LaVeris - Getty Images/Greg Doherty

American filmmaker Kevin Smith might have been entirely on the heavy side, but not anymore! He lost 51 pounds! Can you imagine what you just read? Well, a brief browse through Kevin Smith's stunning transformation might help you understand the kind of fitness makeover he has had!


Rebel Wilson

Image Credits: Getty Images/FilmMagic/Paul Archuleta - Getty Images/WireImage/Steve Granitz

Australian actress and The Hustle fame Rebel Wilson is a household name who gives her fans the feeling of being one among their family. But did you know that 2020 is indeed Rebels' year of healthy lifestyle goals? Well, the Pitch Perfect diva is holding onto her fitness goals and aims at reaching approximately 165 pounds this year. And bravo! Her initiatives towards losing those extra pounds are undoubtedly fabulous and inspirational!

Ariel Winter

Image Credits: Getty Images/Bonnie Osborne - Getty Images/Arturo Holmes

When American starlet Ariel Winter chose to cut a bit on her chubby looks and head towards the skinny way, many fans had just one question to ask—Why? But in a world where stardom came too early at the age of ten, Winter grew up as a public face who was watched by people of all sorts, including critics. While there were many speculations about her drastic weight loss, she claims that a change in prescription medication was to blame for her transformation. Nevertheless, she still looks gorgeous!

Drew Barrymore

Image Credits: Getty Images/Ron Galella Collection/Ron Galella, Ltd. - Getty Images/Kevin Mazur

Chubby or skinny, Drew Barrymore looks amazingly stunning in any kind of transformation! Nevertheless, the 50 First Dates diva has been fighting like a lioness for fitness. And according to her, she believes in regular workouts and proper diets to get into the perfectly sculpted shape.

June Shannon

Image Credits: Getty Images/Walt Disney Television/Fred Lee - Getty Images/Paras Griffin

June Shannon is not just a television personality, she's the latest hope that fitness is never far from the clutch of eager minds! After some strenuous workouts, diet, and a few surgeries, Shannon has transformed from a size 18 to an incredible size 4! Her stunning makeover isn't just stunning but inspirational too!

Jennifer Hudson

Image Credits: Getty Images/Patrick McMullan/JONATHON ZIEGLER - Getty Images/FilmMagic/Roy Rochlin

American singer Jennifer Hudson is another befitting example of what women can achieve if they put in their determination and focus! She did everything from avoiding crash diets to seeking help from fitness experts to sculpt her body into perfect shape. And unlike others, she believes in mindful eating and not strict dieting.

Ethan Suplee 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez - Getty Images/Rachel Luna

Remember the Titans fame Ethan Suplee is one of the latest celebs who has gone to fit! The 44-year-old American actor has undergone a huge transformation after losing about 200 pounds by cutting down on his calorie intake. And not just that, Suplee is completely into strength training too, and his makeover is amazingly stunning!

Chris Pratt 

Image Credits: Getty Images/FilmMagic/Michael Tran - Getty Images/Jesse Grant

Maybe what they say is right—determination is the key to achieve even the most impossible of things in this world! When Chris Pratt had to shed 70 pounds to portray the role of Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy, he never thought it was impossible. And his ardent determination has helped him achieve the macho looks he flaunts today!

Melissa McCarthy 

Image Credits: Getty Images/WireImage/Gregg DeGuire - Getty Images/WireImage/Steve Granitz

American actress Melissa McCarthy brought the world to a standstill after she glowed with confidence and a perfectly sculpted figure! And when her fans were stunned at her makeover, McCarthy took immense pride for shedding a whopping 70 pounds. Her journey might be gradual, but she's halfway through her fitness goals!

Jonah Hill 

Image Credits: Getty Images/WireImage/David M. Benett - Instagram/jonahhill

When War Dogs fame Jonah Hill decided to put an end to his chubby looks, he worked very hard to achieve his fitness goals. While he craves for good looks, Hill strictly believes in a healthy lifestyle along with a great deal of fitness. Perhaps, his focus on achieving a well-toned physique has given the 36-year-old actor what he wished for!


Image Credits: Getty Images/Kevin Mazur - Instagram/adele

When Grammy Award-winning singer Adele made some public appearances and posted pictures on her social accounts, fans couldn't believe their eyes at what they saw. And some of them had their eyes pop out with a shrieking shock! Amidst the speculation of fans and critics alike, the 32-year-old singer is impeccably happy with her weight loss and is on her way to a healthy lifestyle.

Sam Smith 

Image Credits: Getty Images/WireImage/Michael Kovac - Getty Images/LightRocket/SOPA Images/Keith Mayhew

When singer Sam Smith lost 50 pounds, he meant it for real! But according to him, nothing of this came easy. He had to work very hard and had to overhaul his diet to slip into the looks of what he is today. Right from visiting a nutritionist to cutting short on eating untimely snacks, Smith has come a long way to celebrate his magnificent makeover.

 Timothy Spall

Image Credits: Getty Images/Michael Buckner - Getty Images/Shirlaine Forrest

Certain healthy eating habits and strict diet has helped Timothy Spall achieve a trimmed look after shedding some extra pounds. While Harry Potter fans know him as Peter Pettigrew, Spall has worked hard to get on track with fitness and weight loss. Nevertheless, his transformation has become an inspiration for many.

Jerry Ferrara

Image Credits: Getty Images/WireImage/Lee Celano - Getty Images/Slaven Vlasic

When American actor Jerry Ferrara decided to join the fitness league of Hollywood, he carried 200 pounds on his frame! But nothing stopped him from dreaming and achieving big. And after days of hard work, proper diet, and healthy habits, Ferrara lost about 40 pounds in his battle to shedding the extra curves off his body.

Sara Rue

Image Credits: Getty Images/WireImage/Justin Kahn - Getty Images/WireImage/Steve Granitz

American actress Sara Rue is setting some inspiration when it comes to losing weight and achieving a well-toned physique. Having lost about 50 pounds of weight, Sara Rue believes in a balance between a healthy diet, professional assistance, and fitness goals for achieving a flawless weight loss. Perhaps, her stunning transformation does prove her point!

After reading about these amazing celebs, maybe losing weight isn't a tough battle to put up with after all! But few of the common elements that have pushed the once overweight celebs to fitness freaks are a balanced diet, expert supervision, and regular workouts. Perhaps what these famous icons have achieved is a perfect inspiration for many out there seeking to get into good shape!

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