Child Stars Who Have Aged Badly

May 30, 2020Silvia Fonseca

Time passes for everyone. In the case of Hollywood child stars, if at the climax of fame they were envied by thousands of fans, today they go unnoticed and are even unrecognizable. The reasons for this "bad" aging can be several. Some artists have gone overboard in plastics, while others have abused their lives or gotten sick. Check out how some of them are today.

Jake Lloyd

Image Credits: Lucasfilm/20th Century Fox/Star Wars: Episode I - Wikimedia Commons/Nightscream

Jake Lloyd played the adorable Anakin Skywalker in "The Phantom Menace," one of the Star Wars movies. But since the role, he has since preferred to put his acting career aside. Years later, he was diagnosed with a mental condition, and things are not looking so good for him.


Angus T. Jones

Image Credits: CBS/Two and a Half Men - Getty Images/Desiree Stone

Angus T. Jones was famous for participating in "Two and a Half Men." Today, besides not resembling at all the cute boy in the series anymore, he prefers not to act, since he became a Christian in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


Image Credits: Disney/That's So Raven - Getty Images/Joe Scarnici

Since 2003, when she was the star of "That's So Raven," a lot has changed in Raven-Symoné's life. In addition to physical changes, such as changing hairstyles at each public appearance, the actress surprised everyone by letting them know about her personal preferences.

Shia LaBeouf

Image Credits: Disney/Even Stevens - Wikimedia Commons/John Bauld

Shia LaBeouf was 13 when she started making Disney's "Even Stevens" series. Fifteen years later, the actor grew up and decided to give up his artistic career for some personal reasons. Many say that he didn't get better looking with time.

Frankie Muniz

Image Credits: Universal Pictures/Big Fat Liar - Wikimedia Commons/Simon1756

Before being "Big Fat Liar" and "Agent Teen," Frankie Muniz starred in the Disney movie "Miracle in Lane 2". Today, the former child actor is 34. Many expected him to become more and more handsome with age, but some say that puberty did not help him

Miley Cyrus

Image Credits: Disney/Hannah Montana - Youtube/Splash News

The whole world followed Miley Cyrus' changes. In a couple of years, she went from Hannah Montana to a sensual and daring singer. In addition to completely transforming your hairstyle. Many say that she has aged poorly, but it seems that the actress is recovering from that now.

Travis Tedford

Image Credits: Universal Pictures‎/The Little Rascals - Reddit/WhatATravisT

Travis Tedford, who starred in the 1994 film "The Little Rascals," gave up his acting career and has already made fun of other ex-child stars on Twitter. He became a credit specialist for a supermarket in Texas, United States. Despite this, he has changed a lot since his time on the screens.

Haley Joel Osment

Image Credits: ‎Hollywood Pictures/The Sixth Sense - Getty Images/Michael Tullberg

Osment is an American actor with Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for Best Supporting Actor in the film The Sixth Sense, a part he performed when he was only a child. Today, decades later, the actor doesn't have the same adorable face that won him the prize.

Jason James

Image Credits: Warner Bros Studios/Free Willy - Wikimedia Commons/Canadian Film Centre

After starring in "Free Willy," the actor never had another leading role in a movie. He acted in some films that did not have a good audience. Then, he started a music career, playing in two different bands between 2001 and 2007. In 2009 he participated in the series "Bonnes," but he seems not to have aged so well according to fans.

Michael Oliver

Image Credits: Imagine Entertainment/Problem Child - LIFamilies

The child actor of "Problem Child" ended up not pursuing an acting career. After his first movie, "Problem Child 2" was not so successful, and the family's relationship with Universal was already shaken, but the actor still made a few more films and series. Finally, he decided to become a sound technician. His appearance now also seems to be not appreciated by his former fans.

Sean Astin

Image Credits: Warner Bros./The Goonies - Wikimedia Commons/Daniel Schwen

Many will remember him for his role as a protagonist in "The Goonies." Sean Astin starred in the famous movie "The Lord of the Rings" as the hobbit Sam and also in "Click," along with Adam Sandler. Sean is also Bob Newby of the "Stranger Things" series. But when it comes to getting older, he's not the same little boy.

Giorgio Cantarini

Image Credits: Melampo Cinematografica/Life is Beautiful - Facebook/Giorgio Cantarini

Do you remember that little boy who was Giosué in the film "Life is Beautiful"? He won the Young Artist Award at the age of 7! But he didn't stop there! Giorgio continued his work as an actor, starring in several films. However, many people say he did not win the "aging lottery."

Tom Felton

Image Credits: Warner Bros Pictures/Harry Potter and The Philosopher Stone - Instagram/t22felto

Many people believe that Tim Felton has poorly aged due to the weight of his role in the Harry Potter saga. Fans believe that being a villain in his childhood did not help the actor. Felton himself said that he thinks he is not doing so well age-wise. 

Amanda Bynes

Image Credits: Lakeshore Entertainment/She's the Man - Getty Images/Josiah Kamau

The protagonist of "She's the Man," the 34-year-old actress lived ups and downs in her personal life after being involved with illicit substances and mental breakdowns. After years without acting in the cinema, she avoids appearing in the media as much as possible.

Corey Feldman

Image Credits: Warner Bros Studio/The Lost Boys‎ - Wikimedia Commons/Justin Higuchi

The actor from "The Lost Boys" is now 48 years old and seems to live a peaceful life. However, as a teenager, he suffered a lot and ended up using substances. Despite his fame in the 1980s, Feldman did not have many roles in films after that time. Today, he's not doing so great.

Sometimes, the changes are so abrupt that they make the faces of these actors unrecognizable compared to when we met them. But sometimes, there are serious reasons behind it. Which of them surprised you most with its aging?

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