He Shed the Pounds, Grew a Beard, and Became a Top Model!

Jun 11, 2020Rita Kumar

Are you someone who believes that change is good for the wellbeing of the mind? It could be anything—fashion, getting a new car, or even a simple hairdo! Perhaps, even a beard! When a 21-year-old businessman who stuck to his insurance company in his home-office setup took advice from his barber, he never knew that it would change his life forever. What exactly happened in this 'shy' businessman's life that ended up shapeshifting his future completely?

Gwilym Pugh's Troubled Lifestyle

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Gwilym Pugh had a very prosperous professional side to his life. Perhaps, it was something that every man his age would've dreamed of without any doubt. But there was something that held back young Pugh's lookout on life—his personal side! And it was not something he was proud or happy about.


He Decides Something Before it's Too Late

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Working at a desk all day long did nothing much to his physique than add some extra pounds to his weight. And it was at this point where the 21-year-old insurance broker decided to take a U-turn to a significant transformation. But he never knew that it would turn out to be the reason behind his biggest achievements in life.

Pugh's Transformation Begins

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Being overweight was precisely the thing that ran in his mind back then. And when Gwilym Pugh decided that he needed a change, he formed a folk band along with his friends. Eventually, Pugh advanced his paces towards the first step of his transformation with a clean diet! Nevertheless, he had to let go of something else simultaneously.

He is Unstoppable

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Gwilym Pugh quit his desk job as he thought that it would be the best thing he could do to save his health. Perhaps, a nine to ten-hour daily routine for an overweight insurance broker like himself wasn't the only life he was looking up to anytime later. Slowly but steadily, Pugh knew what he was doing to himself. And nothing could stop him from what he wanted to achieve.

A Life Away from Work

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Losing all that weight he had gained by doing nothing than just enjoying a successful desk job wasn't an easy task for Pugh. His decision to lose weight and roar back with a bang-on makeover was quite easy to take, but he knew the efforts needed to change and begin a new life away from his desk.

His Fate Starts to Change Slowly

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It was a crucial moment of his life, and Pugh knew that he would slowly give in to severe health complications if he didn't lose weight. Though he was successful with his career, Gwilym Pugh took all the time off his desk and dedicated to grooming himself. And pretty soon, his fate started to change along with his makeover.

Pugh Abides by His Barber's Advice

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By 2013, Gwilym Pugh followed his passion for music and eventually started playing in a band with his friends. And not just that, he had lost weight too! The young man was quite content with his transformation, but something struck his head with a new idea professed by his barber. Was it a stylish haircut?

His Makeover Yields an Overnight Stardom

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Well, Gwilym Pugh decided to attire his makeover with a beard he'd been trying to grow ever since his barber recommended that he try the new look. And from that moment, Pugh decided to document his transformation on Instagram, and things seemed to change for him overnight!

Gwilym Pugh is Featured in Books and Magazines

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Back then, Gwilym Pugh never imagined a fate where his ginger beard would garner worldly attention and some reasonable offers on his behalf! Yet, he believed that he wasn't a modeling material. But soon, Pugh shot to fame after his name was included in the books, "100 Beards" by London-based photographer, Jonathan Pryce, and "Red Hot" by Thomas Knight. Soon, life was nothing short of surprises after surprises.

He Becomes a Sensational Model

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Soon, Gwilym Pugh became a signature name after being officially scouted by AMCK, a London-based modeling agency, while he was busy shopping. Eventually, it turned out to be a significant milestone in his life after he signed a modeling contract with the agency. Perhaps, it was the official beginning of his modeling endeavors.

Signs a Contract with David Beckham

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Ever since Pugh entered the world of fashion and modeling, he hasn't looked back to working at his desk! Since then, the young model has walked the ramp for Fashion Weekly runway and has even posed for classy brands. Taking a big leap in his career, Pugh is also an ambassador for David Beckham's House 99 grooming project!

Traveling Keeps Him Energetic Most of the Time 

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But modeling isn't what keeps the young and dashing fashion icon active. When Pugh isn't modeling, he loves to travel and play guitar and harmonica too. Perhaps, traveling has become his biggest passion after he stepped into the modeling industry.

Gwilym Pugh becomes an In-Demand Model

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Over the years, Gwilym Pugh has been featured in a variety of best-selling magazines, and he's among the top models who have posed for top labels like Diesel and Esprit. Having worked with finance as his mainstream, Pugh effortlessly managed to cope with the fashion world that did nothing but the best to him.

He Maintains His Transformation 

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Keeping with his newfound transformation, the former insurance broker and current trending sensation believes in maintaining his weight without adding a pound more to his well-toned physique. Despite his success and impeccable outreach in the modeling industry, Pugh remains humble and focused.

Perhaps, Gwilym Pugh's transformation earned him everything he had never dreamed of! His impeccable journey to being one of the most sought-after models is undoubtedly credited to his never-give-up attitude towards his idea of changing! And if there's something that still steals the show apart from Gwilym Pugh, it is undoubtedly his ginger beard!

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