Three Siberian Huskies And Their Cat Friend

Jul 07, 2020Manuela Mitevova

It’s not unusual that animals of different species form friendships, but the event is always as cute as can be. And this time, the relationship which developed between a small kitten and a few husky dogs proved to be more extraordinary than anyone could have expected. The story of Rosie’s life will warm your heart.

Rosie On The Streets

Image Credit: Facebook/Lilo The Husky

The streets of California are unfortunately pretty filled with stray animals, and one of them was Rosie. But when the kitten was just two weeks old, she got incredibly lucky and was brought into the hands of Thoa Bui, a local animal rescuer. But Rosie’s fight for survival was just beginning.


Keeping Rosie Alive

Image Credit: Facebook/Lilo The Husky

Naturally, Rosie’s condition wasn’t the best. She was malnourished, and it proved to be very difficult to keep her alive, even in off-the-street conditions. The kitten would refuse the bottle, and so was at risk of dying from hunger, despite the fact that food was readily available. Bui was beginning to doubt the little kitten would make it.

Fighting The Fight

Image Credit: Facebook/Lilo The Husky

Hours went by, and Rosie was still not feeding. Because of this, she was becoming even weaker and more unresponsive. It looked like she was nearing the end of her life, but Bui wasn’t ready to give up on her. And just in time, an unlikely savior stepped in to take care of the struggling kitten. 

The Unlikely Savior

Image Credit: Facebook/Lilo The Husky

Biu is a true animal lover, and her house was always full of furry friends. She has a few husky dogs as well, and one of them named Lilo stepped up when she saw Rosie was having trouble staying alive. And she did so despite many of her own aches and pains. 

Lilo’s Own Troubles

Image Credit: Facebook/Lilo The Husky

Lilo wasn’t all healthy herself. She had just undergone a surgery a few days prior, and was still wearing a cone around her neck, had a shaved belly, and her scar was very visible. But that didn’t stop her from offering her warmth and love to a little animal in need. 

Cuddling Begins

Image Credit: Facebook/Lilo The Husky

As Lilo approached Rosie, she began coaxing her and warming her with her fur. Soon enough, Rosie was ready to cuddle. It was an extraordinary sight for Bui, who had definitely not expected Lilo to become such a responsible and caring dog in this situation. But how would Rosie adapt to it all?

Rosie’s Reaction

Image Credit: Facebook/Lilo The Husky

But it wasn’t just cuddling Rosie agreed to. She also tried to suckle on Lilo, proving she still had her primal instincts, and she desperately wanted to survive. As soon as Bui saw that Rosie was indeed interested in food, everything changed. Now, Rosie would finally begin to feed. And it wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Lilo. It was time to act.

Feeding Time

Image Credit: Facebook/Lilo The Husky

Biu quickly picked up the milk bottle once again, hoping that this time, Rosie would respond well and suckle on it. And the extraordinary happened. Rosie drank every last drop, and once she was satisfied and full, she cuddled up to Lilo to take a nap and regain her energy. Rosie’s new life was beginning.

A New Life

Image Credit: Facebook/Lilo The Husky

When Rosie woke up from her first safe and happy sleep, she was a new kitten. It seemed like new life was breathed into her, and she was ready to live it to the fullest. The first and biggest step in her transformation was complete. She was ready to fight and ready to survive. And Lilo kept showing up. 

Lilo And Rosie

Image Credit: Facebook/Lilo The Husky

Once Rosie was getting better, Lilo didn’t abandon her. Quite on the contrary. She allowed Rosie to suckle on her and even helped her go to the bathroom. Lilo became Rosie’s protector and teacher, and the two were becoming inseparable. And Rosie was definitely looking up to her mentor.

Learning By Seeing

Image Credit: Facebook/Lilo The Husky

Everything Rosie needed to learn about life, she learned from Lilo. Rosie started mimicking Lilo’s behaviors, and she often followed Lilo outside to go to the potty. What’s more, when she saw Lilo was getting leashed to go on a walk, she wanted to get leashed as well. Rosie was, in many ways, becoming a husky in her own right.

Kitten Becomes Dog

Image Credit: Facebook/Lilo The Husky

Rosie was growing in confidence, all thanks to Lilo and her guidance. The little kitten was not so little anymore, and she had to keep up with the reality of being a grown-up. But Lilo wasn’t the only dog living in Bui’s house. Lilo had a sister and a brother, and it was time for an introduction. 

The Introductions

Image Credit: Facebook/Lilo The Husky

Lilo’s sister Infinity, and her brother Miko didn’t meet Rosie while she was a small kitten. Rather, Bui had to make the introduction later on, once she was sure Rosie wouldn’t be in danger. When the day came, Bui leashed Rosie and took her out with the husky pack to the park. But did the other huskies accept the kitten?

Friends Forever

Image Credit: Facebook/Lilo The Husky

Lilo, fortunately, was the leader of the husky pack, and so what she did had to be accepted by the others. This was good news for Rosie, as it meant her entry into the husky family would be easier. And it all went even smoother than expected. The four have become quite the team. 

Learning From The Huskies

Image Credit: Facebook/Lilo The Husky

Lilo, Rosie, Infinity, and Miko became inseparable and did everything together. They ate together, drank from the same bowl, played, and went on walks. And Rosie was becoming more of a husky than a cat. She was fearless, often going on long hikes or on water adventures. It was the perfect multi-cultural family.

The story of Rosie and her new chance at life with a pack of huskies is an extraordinary one, as it shows the possibilities of unconditional love and care that transcends species. We have a lot to learn from animals such as Lilo, and hopefully, we can learn to be as humane to each other as dogs and cats can be. 

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