Where Do The Richest Americans Live?

Jul 30, 2020Shilo Maloney

The richest Americans like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg are among the most elite and extremely wealthy figures on this planet. With net worths that have seen more money than most small countries, they've used their minds and their time wisely to become the tycoons that they are today. Even when they sleep, they're making the kind of money that some of us could only dream of. So, we wondered where the wealthy mega-billionaires lived their lives, and we found them scattered all over the US map.

Real Money On Real Estate

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With literal billions to their names, they spend on a lot more outside of their massive hedge fund investments and trips around the globe. Even as billionaires, they can live anywhere they want, but still, need a place to call home.


Elon Musk - Bel Air, California

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Musk is a tech entrepreneur who has made billions from his company, Tesla. So, it makes it completely clear that the size of his wallet can handle any kind of pressure. Musk resides in a $29 million mansion in Bel-Air, where his wife and newborn child spend their wealthy and well off lives with their oddball and outstanding man of the house.

Steve Ballmer - Hunts Point, Washington

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Steve Ballmer gained recognition as a renowned CEO and has played a role in the ownership of the famous NBA basketball team you may know as the LA Clippers! Though he may have an entire team in LA, he and his wife reside comfortably in Hunts Point, Washington, well away from the sunny beaches of California.

Rob Walton - Paradise Valley, Arizona

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Samuel Robson Walton is part of the world's wealthiest family, and he stands as the eldest heir to the Walmart fortune. He's not just sitting around using up his father's generational wealth, though, as he served as the chairman of the company up until 2015. He might've spent a lot of his retirement in his lovely mega-mansion located in Paradise Valley, Arizona, since his long tenure came to a profitable end.

Alice Walton - Fort Worth, Texas

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Rob Walton's sister, Alice, doesn't exactly hold back any punches either. She knows how to use the family fortune too. As heiress to the Walmart fortune, she' also founded the Llama Company in 1988, but it’s no longer operational. She's chosen a far more reserved life now and currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas, which makes her the richest person in Texas.

Jim Walton - Bentonville, Arkansas

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The Walton family name holds a lot of stake in the wealth of the world. The last heir to the Walmart throne is Alice and Rob's youngest sibling, Jim. He remains on the Walmart board of directors and is also the CEO of his own company, Arvest Bank. The billionaire baby of the family has made a formidable life in Bentonville, Arkansas. We can assume that he mostly sees his siblings on extravagant family holidays. 

Sergey Brin - Los Angeles, California

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We have nearly everything to thank Sergey Brin for as the ingenious co-founder of the global search engine, Google. He has properties out in New York, but the tech mastermind enjoys his lavish life in Los Angeles in a fitting mega-mansion with his family.

Charles Koch - Wichita, Kansas

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Charles Koch is a well-versed American multi-hyphenate businessman, philanthropist, and the brother of David Koch. He's known as the co-owner and CEO of Koch Industries, which dabbles in-process and pollution control equipment and technologies. He stays in a home close to his business and resides in Wichita, Kansas, where he keeps a pulse on the business he built with his brother.

Larry Page - Palo Alto, California

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Alongside his brilliant business partner, Sergey, Larry Page is the spectacular co-founder of Google, and the two have come a long way from their days in Silicon Valley for sure. Page and his family live a beautiful billionaire life out in a Palo Alto, where he works as a phenomenal tech enthusiast and philanthropist that continues to inspire and influence innovation.

Michael Bloomberg - Manhattan, New York

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Though his presidential campaign may not have gone the way he intended, it did not deter Bloomberg's life as a mega-star billionaire. He's been a New York faithful through and through and currently resides in his $14 million mansion in Manhattan, where he lives his bold billion-dollar lifestyle.

Mark Zuckerberg - Palo Alto, California

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The controversial founder of Facebook has made a fortune out of everyone's desire to catch up and engage with their friends. The 5th richest figure in the country lives with his family in Palo Alto nearby his Facebook headquarters.

 Larry Ellison - Woodside, California

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Larry Ellison is the co-founder of the Oracle Corporation, and he was also the company’s CEO until September 2014. He has a more than impressive real estate portfolio, with homes all over the place. He has been dubbed the nation’s "most avid trophy-home buyer" as Larry has simply enjoyed the fruits oh his labor from his home in Malibu, Woodside (where primarily lives), San Francisco, and Japan.

Warren Buffett - Omaha, Nebraska

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For all his worth, Warren Buffett has managed to keep his life extremely modest, all things considered. He resides in a modest home out in Omaha, Nebraska. The home doesn't even hit the $1 million mark, and since he's lived there for so many years, he's clearly happy exactly where he is.

Bill Gates - Medina, Washington

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Many Billionaires opt for a reserved life after their lives and bank accounts completely erupt with wealth. The world's most innovative billionaire has always favored the simple life after making a fortune in complex user-friendly tech. Bill Gates now primarily lives in a mansion that overlooks Lake Washington in Medina, Washington, where he can quietly contemplate his intelligent moves that inspire generations.

Jeff Bezos - Medina, Washington 

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The man with the mind-blowing net worth couldn't possibly resist investing in real estate. He owns millions in properties for development and investment purposes. He currently resides in a mansion in Medina, Washington, where it seems all the top billionaires find themselves.

The life of a mogul is a long and demanding one, and it's fair to say that the names of this list have worked hard enough to enjoy the life that they've afforded themselves. Which billionaire do you share a city or a neighborhood with? Let us know in the comment section.

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