The Decision of the Most Identical Twins on the Planet

Jul 15, 2020Rita Kumar

When everything about being twins pines with exact identity, void of even a dot of a difference, there exist quite some strange desires. Perhaps, Australian bombshells Anna and Lucy DeCinque are dubbed as the world's most identical twins for good reasons. From dressing similar to going to the same places, the twin sisters have one more desire that sets them apart from the world of mirror image duos. Here's a glimpse of their shocking desire!

An Inseparable Journey of Life

Image Credits: Instagram/annalucydecinque

Apart from dressing like the other and spending time in front of the mirror for that flawlessly identical hairdo, Anna and Lucy DeCinque are inseparable. Perhaps, they look stunningly same from head to toe, and there would probably be nothing that could tell them apart. But ever since they made their jaw-dropping announcement, the world couldn't wait for their next move.