The Funniest Vanity Plates Out There

Jul 21, 2020Manuela Mitevova

People are really into vanity plates. It looks like they are able to express their identity through what plate they choose to put on their car, and the results are often hilarious. Some people use them only to express themselves freely, but others simply look for a way to make everyone who sees them laugh and have a better day. Looking through all the funniest vanity plates out there is surely a past time worth your consideration.


Image Credit: Reddit/buffywan

If you own a yellow Ferrari, you can pretty do much anything. And what can be more fitting than getting a vanity plate that says Pikachu? The owner is not only showing off his sweet ride but his taste in Pokemon as well. And that’s a pretty great combination, to say the least.


Roger That

Image Credit: Reddit/DannyVino7

Roger that is a rather weird statement to put on your vanity plate, but some car owners really don’t mind that they make little to no sense. However, this plate is still funny, especially if you happen to find yourself standing next to it, and when someone tells you to do something. You can just confirm without even opening your mouth. Genius.

Snow Nosnow

Image Credit: Reddit/DigitalLukas1963

Living in a region with a lot of snowfall in the winter means one thing. Having more rides than one, each adapted to different weather conditions. It looks like this car owner wants to make sure he always chooses the right vehicle to drive to work with, so he used his vanity plates to distinguish between them.


Image Credit: Reddit/Freeornothing

This German vanity plate is hilarious because it doesn’t stop with the vanity plate itself. The owner of the car clearly wants to make sure everyone gets that his car is a snake, so much so that he even bought a special red inflatable plastic piece to complement what his vanity plate says.

Nikola Tesla

Image Credit: Imgur/Professorlack

If you have a Tesla and your vanity plate is not Nikola, you have just passed on the greatest opportunity of your life. This car owner, however, knew what he had to do, and he is now driving around town like the boss he really is. Paying homage to Nikola is always a good idea.

Eew A Bug

Image Credit: Reddit/geekyspacegirl420

Some vanity plates are simply genius. This one is perfectly matched to the type of the car, and it works on more levels than one. It reveals a lot about the owner of the car too, which is ultimately, what all good vanity plates should do in the end. 


Image Credit: Reddit/Mitchable

Realtors are well-known for their marketing tactics. It’s practically impossible to meet one and not know right away that they sell houses. And this realtor, in particular, made sure he took every opportunity to showcase his business. After all, is there a better place to place a free advertisement than a vanity plate?

Infinity And Beyond

Image Credit: Reddit/OliverCarrol

Using the brand of your car as a starting point might just be one of the cleverest vanity plate strategies out there. This car owner made the best of it and got himself a plate saying N Byond, which by itself doesn’t mean much. But once your eyes travel up, you see the genuineness of it all. 

Got Trickz

Image Credit: Reddit/PassedMyPrime

If you are a particularly gifted driver, but the road rules don’t allow you to show your skills, you might as well get a vanity plate that announces your abilities to the world without you having to perform them. It’s as good as it can get without endangering others.

Bye Y’all

Image Credit: Reddit/paulb104

Humans crave connection even if stuck in traffic for hours, sitting in their car by themselves. Trying to relate to one another in that situation can be hard, but one man has figured it all out. He got himself a vanity plate that reaches out to everyone who might be dealing with the same fate as him. 


Image Credit: Reddit/PrestoMovie

If you are one of those people who like to overtake dangerously, you might really benefit from having a vanity plate like this man. There can be nothing sweeter than making it in front of someone who has been slowing you down for the past 10 minutes and having him read your revenge laugh from your plate.

Wait For It

Image Credit: Reddit/shadowvox

Some people get very creative with their vanity plates. Wordplay is their jam, and they are not afraid of utilizing every last bit of their plate. The question that arises from this one is, however- is this Barney Stinson's car? 


Image Credit: Reddit/SoundGuyJake

If you’ve ever made a terrible mistake in your life, you know just how hard it is to get rid of the guilt. It seems like you can’t say you are sorry enough, so much so that you take every opportunity to stress just how regretful you feel for what you did. 


Image Credit: Reddit/T-money22

Die-hard rock fans will love this vanity plate. This car owner made perfect use of the limited space on his vanity plate only to make it pop out even more with his extremely creative use of what seems to be car arts-and-crafts. More people can only dream of taking this much pleasure in decorating their cars.

I Am A Car

Image Credit: Reddit/Yours_and_mind_balls

Sometimes, vanity plates don’t need to be jokingly funny to capture your attention. Sometimes, stating the obvious can give you just as much of a laugh, if not more. This vanity plate seems like a redundant statement, but in a world obsessed with labeling, this makes total sense. 

Vanity plates are oftentimes the first thing a car owner needs to get sorted when getting a new ride, and the lengths many go to stand out from the crowd are simply ludicrous. And how is your vanity plate? Mundane and boring, or original and totally attention-grabbing like the ones on our list?

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