Grown-Up Child Stars and Their Transformation

Jul 23, 2020Shilo Maloney

Not every young face that pops up on screen becomes a child star. There are an exceptional select few young gems that have burst onto the screen and go on to take over Hollywood. Others choose to live far more quieter lives and leave behind some wonderful performances that we remember them by. Regardless, some of the on-screen kids that you loved in movies and tv shows are about to make you feel old the way they're so different now that they've grown up. Just see for yourself.

All Grown Up

Image Credit: Getty Images/Jason LaVeris

Whichever side of the spectrum some young stars fall in, a lot of them have grown up and changed over the years. Some changes are almost untraceable as they grow into either adolescence or adulthood and grow up to look completely different. See if you can pick out some of these child stars all grown up.


From Baby Face To Beards

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From Disney shows to box office blockbusters, a lot of young faces enter the scene and the world begins to adore them for the talents and their adorable features. As time goes on, they grow up, their faces become defined, facial hairs start to take over, and it becomes a fascinating experience to see Harry Potter with a five o'clock shadow. The same goes for when you see Carmen Cortez from Spy Kids as a grown mother of two. You'll barely recognize them, but see how they and others have come of age since their early big breaks.

Jonathan Lipnicki

Image Credit: Getty Images/Mitchell Gerber - Getty Images/Rachel Luna

The Stuart Little star is anything but little today. The once only-cute star is now more than that when you look at him. He's all grown up and cut like glass now, and it's a shocking reality if you hadn't seen him as an adult before.

Dylan & Cole Sprouse

Image Credit: Getty Images/Steve Granitz - Getty Images/Kevin Winter

It's been a while since the charming twins lived the suite life over at Disney, but they've grown out of their blonde helmet hair and become young gentlemen with distinguished looks. Cole kept course in his career and art, while Dylan veered closer to the model side of life. Either way, the siblings who shared so much growing up, are still sharing the spotlight in their own unique ways that always took Disney by storm all those years ago.

Antony Michael Hall

Image Credit: Universal Pictures/The Breakfast Club - Getty Images/HQB/Star Max

Anthony played a wonderful and troubling role in the cult classic that made him part of the most famous detention attendees in history. He's unforgettable in his shade-rocking role of Brian Johnson, but if you passed him on the street, would you ever be able to recognize the much more mature man with significantly less curly hair? It would be amazing if you could, he's come a long way in life and brought a long credited career with him too.

AnnaSophia Robb

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Getty Images/Bennett

AnnaSophia Robb has come an incredibly long way since her days as the spoilt Violet from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. The blond and still young beauty is only 26-years-old today, with a camera that continues to shine when she showed promise all these years ago beside the spectacular Johnny Depp.

Noah Gray-Cabey

image Credit: Getty Images/Mike Fanous - Getty Images/NBC

Noah appeared on comedies such as My Wife and Kids (as Franklin) for his wonderful acting skills, but appeared on Oprah because of his virtuoso skills as a young pianist who could play Beethoven before all his baby teeth had come out. He's much more defined now, but all the more talented too. The years have been incredibly good to him.

Parker McKenna Posey

image Credit: Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown - Getty Images/Maury Phillips

While we're on the topic of Noah Gray, let's talk about his young love interest from the very same series, My Wife and Kids. Parker played the main role as the youngest child of the Kyle family, Kady. She was an adorable squeaky-voiced angel and has grown overnight to a beautiful young woman with looks that are simply to die for.

Alyson Stoner

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox/Cheaper By The Dozen 2 - Getty Images/Amanda Edwards

The young dancing sensation has come a long way since starring in, and completely owning, Missy Elliott videos that took the world by storm. She became so synonymous with the incredible creative music videos that Elliott produce. It's her performance in films such as Step Up and surprise appearances at Missy's VMA Vanguard Award just a year ago that shows that she hasn't missed a step. She's grown from a cute gifted girl to an almost iconic woman who's aged wonderfully the whole way.

Jaleel White

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution/Family Matters - Getty Images/Noam Galai

Go from a skinny and nerdy teenage boy to a well-built and bearded grown man? Jaleel really DID do that and do it well. As one of the most iconic characters in television sitcom history, Jaleel is almost unrecognizable without the suspenders and the thick-frame specs that made him a star. Years later, he's modeled his own image of himself to great effect, and he's pulling it off wonderfully.

Daveigh Chase

Image Credit: DreamWorks Pictures/The Ring - Getty Images/Amanda Edwards

Daveigh Chase is shockingly unrecognizable compared to her harrowing role as Samara from the still terrifying horror flick, The Ring. Under all that makeup and tauntingly straight black hair, was a wonderful and bright little girl who was about to grow into a gorgeous woman.

Freddie Highmore

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Getty Images/Jeff Weddell

Much like his co-star in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, AnnaSophia, Freddie Highmore has come a long way in his coming of age. With a more dapper appeal to him, you might have to look a little closer, or need a side-by-side photo of him then and him now, to point out that he is indeed the innocent and well-intentioned Charlie. 

Mara Wilson

Image Credit: TriStar Pictures/Matilda - Getty Images/Jon Kopaloff

You might recognize Mara as the phenomenal and perfectly cast young girl, Matilda. She's hardly recognizable too and has grown up since the role that made her career what it is right now. Though she's left the acting world behind in exchange for being an author, her writing is as beloved as her performance and character in the cult classic film.

Ivana Baquero

Image Credit: Getty Images/Gianni Ferarri - Getty Images/Carlos Alvarez

Guillermo Del Toro’s modern classic Pan’s Labyrinth gave this Spanish actress, Ivana Baquero, her big break in which she portrayed the main character, Ofelia. This was a role that Del Toro intended for a girl who was aged younger than Ivana but was changed following Ivana's phenomenal audition. She has since grown up to live a more reserved life since then, which makes the transformation so much more fascinating to us today.

Alexa Vega

Image Credit: Dimension Film/Spy Kids - Getty images/Paul Archuleta

She has gone from being a talented spy kid to having children of her own. Alexa Vega has grown up to be a wonderful mother away from the spotlight. No matter who you are, if you were a fan of Carmen Cortez, seeing Alexa now definitely ages you 100 times faster when you realize just how much time has passed us so rapidly.

These are the most prominent child stars who seemed to have excelled their growth since the last time they were in the spotlight. They've aged faster than we've been able to grasp, but it's wonderful to see the kids we adored so much growing up look as good now as they are gifted. Which child star aged the best in your opinion? 

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