Tacky Kitchen Sins You Should Definitely Avoid

Jul 27, 2020Shilo Maloney

The kitchen is profoundly considered the heart of the entire home. A lot of sales in real estate are based on what the kitchen looks like, because, outside of the TV room, most of your time is spent there. So, it makes complete sense that when the kitchen isn't up to scratch or if it's tacky, it makes or breaks the quality of the home. So, if you own a house or even looking to rent out, take a look at some super tacky or awful kitchen tropes that you might want to avoid, or if you want to change them if you have any of these in your kitchen. 

Kitchen Sins

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Not every kitchen can be a modern masterpiece; we understand that. But certain kitchen sins exist in decor that you should always avoid or switch up to give the heart of the home a far more contemporary feel. Avoiding these sins might just go a long way in your favor and spruce up your place to make sure it isn't committing any one of these sins.


Avoiding The Tacky

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These tacky choices aren't even every home owner's fault. Sometimes, taste in the world changes so rapidly it's often hard to keep up. Not every home can be on the cover of Architectural Digest, and not every kitchen can be on the spread of The World of Interiors either. But, in some cases, there are changes you can make yourself as a homeowner, and, even as a renter, that won't tarnish your lease agreement with your loveless landlord.

Out Of Fashion Faux Pas

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Sometimes, the tackiest of design choices is your own doing and you don't even know it. From your utensil holders to the coffee cup hooks, and even oven mitt designs, some choices are in your hands that might come off as tacky in today's age. So, take a closer look at some of the design faux pas that exists in many homes and see if you're a possible culprit yourself.

Multi-color Palette Design

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This approach is completely telling of the era that a kitchen was designed in. If you have it today, there's a good chance you're living in a completely new definition of an old age home. When there's too many cross-colors in your kitchen, or any sight of wallpaper, your best option is to strip it and recolor it in order to give your kitchen a far more updated look that follows a simple aesthetic, rather than a coloring-book-style design.

Lace and Cloth Tops

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Lace and cloth table tops are also no longer the in-thing anymore. Counters can be wiped and cleaned effectively as products to wash off and clear stains have become stronger and far more efficient. It's time to do away with them at this point. They were serviceable in their time, but now, they kind of date your kitchen and set it back some years in today's age.

Distressed Cabinets

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Distressed cabinets may not necessarily be out of fashion if your entire home follows a vintage feel that complements the sentiment of the house. But, if it's only your kitchen that has this type of distressed finish, it may not be serving its aesthetic purpose as much as it used to.


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Having the option of tiles or no tiles is one of those commodities that depends on your budget. The moment you have to discuss granite tops, slick finishes, or wood floors, some serious budgetary conversations need to take place. However, if you do have tile in your kitchen, it might be a good time to consider remodeling. And, if you're renting out, it's good to consider options with far cleaner finishes to ensure you're in a wonderful and contemporary kitchen space.

Fluorescent Lights

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Florescent light dawning over the kitchen isn't really the best design choice at the moment, and we can't really predict if they'll ever come back. With the inclusion of LED and dim lights as options, those pose the most convenient and stylish look that did away with the fluorescents some time ago.

White Appliances

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White appliances have this neutralizing effect when it comes to designing and crafting your kitchen. They pop up and disrupt the aesthetic so negatively that it's not so easy to ignore. Every appliance needs to blend in to create a look, and having any white appliance or a strictly white appliance design doesn't lend itself to creating a desirable look for your kitchen.

Plastic Utensils

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Plastic utensils of any shape or size don't really serve any formidable purpose inside the house if you don't have any toddlers running around. But, having them as, key utensils for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, might not be the most modern decision to make for your kitchen.

Kitchen Desk

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Having a study may not be everyone's luxury, but there is always an argument that desks don't belong anywhere near the kitchen. The countertops should be purely reserved for kitchen paraphernalia in order not to be guilty of this old school design sin. There might be some value to repurposing this item, but it's a better bet to leave it out of all your design aspirations if there's no place for it.

Fake Fruit

Image Credit: Unsplash/Jack Carter

As a child, fake fruit aesthetics was one of the most frustrating and misleading design choices that were meant to liven up the kitchen for our parents and adults. It's why we have trust issues now, and it's a welcomed choice that they've been phased out of modern homes for some time now.

Pot Rack

Image Credit: Pexels/Niki Nagy

Pot racks have their place in design, but they aren't like silver fridges that tie every single place together. For the face-brick Brooklyn-style design, it might do fitting wonders. But a modern suburban home may not necessarily be able to pull off that same charm and aesthetic grit that suspended pots can bring to the table.

Mason Jar

Image Credit: Pexels/Anastasia Zhenina

This may be more of a hipster design, but mason jars had their moment in time, and having them now might just look a little too out of touch or leave you looking like you're clamoring to make your kitchen more modern.


Image Credit: You Medelik

Dollies have the same negative and dated effect that cloths and linen have on the countertops. Dollies date your entire look back and cause a type of subtle clutter that can throw off a feng shui that you might be aiming to achieve. It's best to stay clear of any cloth to be safe in order to keep a contemporary design feel at all costs.

Other serious kitchen sins can be committed by renters and homeowners. Not everyone can change the fluorescent light issues, but if you do have things like mason jars hanging around, there are other changes you can make to your kitchen. Which one of these kitchen designs might you be guilty of? And which ones do you think you're pulling off regardless of what they are?

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