Household Items You Should Get Rid of Immediately

Jul 30, 2020Maria

Do you have any idea of the number of household items you really should be getting rid of right now? Not just because they're taking up unnecessary space and filling your house with dust, but also because of health reasons, since some of them are just pure bacteria playgrounds. Here are some suggestions that might contribute to a healthier body and mind.

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Kitchen Sponges

Porus kitchen sponges are a real playground for germs and all sorts of bacteria. Think about it next time you wash your dishes with it. While some experts recommend microwaving your kitchen sponge every day to get rid of bacteria, it has been proven that it doesn't work. The best thing to do is to replace it with a washcloth or a silicone scrubber.

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Plastic cutting boards

Many people use them on a daily basis to cut food on it, but have you noticed the lines that your knife cuts into the board every time you use it? Well, that's precisely where bacteria like to hang out because it's so difficult to get it clean. The best thing to do is to switch to a wooden board because if its natural antibacterial resins.

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Old lip gloss

Any item that has been in contact with your mouth is a potential bacteria nursery. Take, for example, lip gloss. You know that really old lip gloss you have in your purse for years? Well, the longer bacteria sits in an item, the more it will grow. So you can imagine the amount of them living in that lip gloss of yours. You should keep it no longer than six months once it's been used.

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Old sunscreen

Let's face it, we all tend to overlook the expiration date on several products we usually use. But sunscreen is actually one of those products where the expiration date should really be taken into account. According to experts, the chemicals that block the sun disappear over time, so they stop having the protective effect.

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Bed Pillows

Did you know that, according to studies, after two years of use, more than one-third of a pillow's weight is actually made of dust mites and dead skin? How does that old pillow look now? If your pillow is a synthetic one that you don't wash, then it should be replaced every six months. If you do wash your pillows at least twice a year, then you can keep them up to 3 years.

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Shower loofah

One could compare a loofah to a kitchen sponge, in the sense that it is also a playground for bacteria that makes itself at home in the loofah's crevices and grows with the help of the shower's moisty environment. If you do use a loofah, you should replace it every two months, not only because of the bacteria but also because it tends to lose its exfoliating features.

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Water Filter

Most people that own a refrigerator with a built-in water filter probably don't replace it as often as they should. By not renewing the filter, it stops preventing impurities from going into the drinking water. You may not notice a difference in the taste, but one of the signs of an old water-filter is a slower flow of water.

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Old plastic food containers

You've probably noticed a little note on plastic food containers lately that say "BPA-free." BPA, a plastics chemical that is harmful to humans, used to be present in plastic food containers. It means some of your (really) old plastic containers, which you consider to be part of the family by now, are probably filled with it, so you might want to consider getting rid of them.

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Old takeout menus

Considering that practically every restaurant nowadays either has its own website or is present at some sort of online platform, where you can view their menus, does it really make sense to keep those old takeout menus? Maybe it's time to let them go and use only their online version.

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Stale spices

Let's face it: unless you're running a restaurant, it will take years for you to use every single one of those spices you have sitting in a cabinet in your kitchen. Although you can continue using them without worrying about your health, you probably have wondered why your food isn't that tasty anymore. Well, that's because, over time, spices tend to lose their flavor.

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Stretched-out bras

If you haven't been shopping for bras for a while now, you most probably have a closet filled with stretched-out bras. It happens naturally over time but is also caused by the washing machine. Stretched-out bras will provide less support for the breast, which can accelerate the natural process of aging in breast tissue.

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Clogged air filters

Having an air purifier at home is great when you consider that the average 1,500 square foot house can accumulate 40 pounds of dust. It leads to chronic diseases such as asthma or allergies. But it doesn't help to have an air purifier if you don't change its filters frequently. Unchanged filters will grow mold and bacteria, which will then be blown into the air you're breathing.

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Clothes you don't wear anymore

Have you taken a close look in your closet lately? How many items are in there that you haven't used in over a year or so? Sometimes we tend to keep old items that we once fit in, but don't anymore, waiting for the day we'll finally get on that diet and lose weight. Giving away those clothes not only promotes sustainability, giving them a second use, as it also helps to reduce your anxiety levels.

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Old mascara

Any liquid makeup, in which mascara is included, can accumulate a lot of germs. Experts actually recommend throwing away your mascara, two to three months after it's been open. By using the mascara any longer, you're just brushing all the bacteria in it onto your eyes, which can lead to infection or allergies.

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Dirty contact lenses case

If there's one thing you don't want near your eyes is bacteria. So if you've been using an old contact lens case lately, the best thing to do is to exchange it for a new one. Even if you clean it fastidiously, there's still a significant chance of bacteria being in it, so save yourself the trouble and just get a new one.

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Worn-out toothbrush

If you're one of those people that brush their teeth at least twice a day (as you should), chances are your toothbrush bristles are already a little worn-out, especially if you've been wearing the same toothbrush for more than two months. If you're keen on maintaining the same efficiency while brushing your teeth, you should make sure to exchange your brush every three months.

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Air fresheners

Although some air freshener brands have announced that they're not including a chemical called phthalates in their products' composition, many still have it. This chemical is what helps the fragrance to linger in the air longer, but studies have proved that, in large doses, it can have harmful effects on development and reproduction.

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Unmatched socks

We can probably say with a certain degree of confidence that most of us have a drawer with a few unmatched socks lying around. Whatever happened to their partners, we'll never know. So, the best thing to do is to get rid of them unless you're a creative person who manages to find another purpose for them quickly.

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Avid DVD collectors might actually be offended with this one, but, let's face it, who on Earth makes use of DVDs nowadays? We know it looks good to have your movie collection on display, but we also know that the only thing it's good for is giving you extra work on house cleaning day. If you can't decide which ones to throw away, just go for the ones that are nowadays available to stream.

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Dated reference books

They were once so helpful while you were going through school or even in your job, but nowadays, they're just old books that you haven't touched in years, sitting in your shelf collecting dust. If you have any of these dated reference books at home, the best thing to do is to pass them on. You can sell them to thrift stores, they're sometimes interested in them.

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Worn sheets

You've used them so many times throughout the years that you can actually almost see through them now. If you have any of these old sheets lying around in your house, consider getting rid of them. One good idea is to donate them to animal shelters, who often need them to keep their animals warm in the winter.

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Have you taken a good look around your house lately? How many of the things you have lying around do you really need? Have you gotten rid of any of the items on this list lately? Which ones would you add? Let us know all about it in the comments section, and don't forget to share the article!

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