Marvelous Children of World-Famous Beauties

Jul 30, 2020Shilo Maloney

We all understand that the most popular pretty people in the world reside in and around Hollywood, where it seems like it has a factory that simply churns out some of the most dazzling and attractive people on offer. This is obviously due to a number of particular reasons and routines that enable them to look so extraordinary and stunning all the time, even on their off days.

Inheriting The Inevitable

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So, it's only natural and incredibly inevitable that their genes would rub off on their offspring who are inheriting more than their famous parent's wealth, but also, their famous features too that the world is swooning over every time their megastar parents bring them out in public to peer at.


Family Photo Ops

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This makes for incredible family photo ops, as we watch the wonderful children of celebrities responsibly morph into their parents whom the world adores so much. They gradually go from causing a universal craze when they're born to shining almost unintentionally in front of the camera, which makes their growing up so much more fun and precious for us.

The Coming Of Celebrity Age

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From the Kardashians and the Beckhams, their not-as-famous but equally beloved offspring have grown up slowly and then all at once in front of our eyes, and it almost makes us feel like we're getting older much quicker. From the world's clamoring to get even the tiniest picture of them after their birth to their appearances on their own social media accounts, there's something of a coming of age journey embedded in the relationship between them and the rest of the world. 

Keeping It In The Family

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It's always interesting to see them not just adopt the looks of their famous parents, but also their talents and nuances that a new generation of celebrity-watchers get to experience and idolize. Much like we enjoyed seeing the Smith kids or the Cyrus sisters come into adulthood, a next-generation is watching some celebs from famous families grow up in an admirable way that keeps them entertained.

Kids On Camera

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From the kids who grew up on cameras such as the North West's of the world, to the hidden children in the Knowles-Carter clan, take a look at the celebrity kids who are growing up to be as delightful, fun and charming as their parents, and which ones look direct photocopies of them.

Simone, Jasmine & Tiana - Dwayne Johnson

Image Credit: Getty Images/Barry King

Not many even realize that Dwayne Johnson has three children. The biggest star on the planet has been able to protect and keep his kids out of the spotlight while his own face hasn't been able to pull away from it at all. His three daughters of varying ages, Simone, Jasmine, and Tiana, have a striking and wonderful resemblance to their former wrestling ageless old man.

Noah, Bodhi, and Journey - Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green

Image Credit: Instagram/meganfox

Meg might've been away from the summer spotlight for a while now, and that's due to personal choice and family commitments. Her three sons with actor Brian Austin Green, Noah, Bodhi, and Journey, have been caught on camera in some refreshingly non-gender-conforming outfits that have caught the eye of Hollywood. Megan has allowed her boys to feel free to be who they are, a type of parenting that is truly necessary and essential, to be honest.

Isan - Idris Elba

Image Credit: Getty Images/Karwai Tang

Possible bond star, Idris Alba, has two children, Isan and Winston, who are the spitting image of the star in charm, charisma, and looks, of course. But it's daughter Isan (black dress) who takes up well after her father dazzlingly and incredibly. At the age of 18, she's not so much daddy's little girl, as she is her own woman, but she's as striking and spectacular as her father had always pictured his first and only daughter, for sure.

Ryder & Robinson - Kate Hudson

Image Credit: Getty Image/Allen Berezovsky

The always shining and charismatic Kate Hudson is a stellar mother of two to sons, Ryder and Robinson. They've grown into two dapper gentlemen who carry themselves with an effortless effervescence that we've been so accustomed to when we've watched their scene-stealing mother in romcom action.

Hania, Vincent, and Pauline - Vin Diesel

Image Credit: Getty Images/Tommaso Boddi

Much like his Fast and Furious universe-brothers, Dwayne and Idris, Vin Diesel has a stable of wonderful little kids who idolize their action-hero fathers. Vin is the father of three charming children in the form of Hania, Vincent, and Pauline. The 3rd, Pauline, who was beautifully named after late Fast and Furious co-star, Paul Walker. A fact that simply makes her all the more precious.

Ellery & Jaja - Laura Dern

Image Credit: Getty Images/Dia Dipasupil

An actress of Laura Dern's caliber can seriously do no wrong. From her award-winning turns in Big Little Lies and Marriage Story, everything she touches fundamentally turns to gold. So, once you take a look at her equally flawless children, it all makes complete picture-perfect sense. Her children, Ellery and Jaja, look as mesmerizing as she is, and we wouldn't expect anything less, honestly

Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll Vergara - Sofia Vergara

Image Credit: Getty Images/Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

The Columbian beauty has consistently stepped forward on television to prove that her looks simply compliment a level of drive and talent that has led her to television prominence. Her son, Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll, has adopted his beautiful mother's drive and dashing looks that prove that she has genes as strong as her acting.

Jack Marsden - James Marsden

Image Credit: Getty Images/Frazer Harrison

James Marsden has dazzled on-screen in Westworld and on-demand with Dead To Me. So, while he's acting is nearly flawless, so are his handsome offspring, particularly that of his eldest, Jack, whom he has famously referred to as 'mini-me.' With striking features and jawlines that could cut diamonds, who would dare argue that notion? 

Mammie, Grace & Louisa - Meryl Streep

Image Credit: Getty Images/Walter McBride

Meryl Streep, too, has the essence and Midas touch that even Laura Dern, as great as she is, would admit that she aspires to have. So, it also makes sense that the greatest living screen artist would have a beautiful and flawless stable of daughters as lovely as she is. Two out of the three, Mammie and Grace, are actresses pursuing their mother's greatness, while her youngest, Louisa, is an IMG model, all of who are making their delightful mother proud.

Lori - Steve Harvey

Image Credit: Getty Images/Rodin Eckenroth

​​​If you don't quite know who Lori Harvey is, her dating history is more than decent and a thing of legends in her early 20s. From prominent rappers to European soccer stars, she's one of the most desired women roaming California right now and it's with reason. Beautiful and effortless, she gets it from her parents and she must be grateful for that, it seems the rest of the world is too.

The celeb offspring will definitely inherit the wealth afforded by their megastar parents someday. But, as for now, they've inherited the famous features that have turned some of them into actors, models, or fun camera-friendly figures that the world simply loves and adores, thanks to not just how beautiful or adorable they are, but by how much they remind us of their parents too. Which celebrity kids look the most like their star parents to you? 

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