Kelly Clarkson's Brother Disapproved Her Decision About Their Father's Funeral

Aug 06, 2020Rita Kumar

American singing sensation Kelly Clarkson might look like she has it all together now, however, her upbringing wasn't as rosy as her career. The megastar and her family faced quite some challenges before Kelly stemmed from a small-town girl to a sensational singer. Growing up in a broken home, Kelly's relationship with her siblings has remained mostly private and off the limelight. Still, we've gathered some interesting details...especially on why her brother disapproved of her decision about their father's stay tuned!

A Bit Into Kelly Clarkson's Past

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After seeing so much of oddity in life, Kelly Clarkson breathed a sigh of relief during her American Idol days. That time, she was a young, savvy twenty-something hailing from Fort Worth, Texas. Before soaring high into a prominent star, Kelly's parents were apparently middle class—her mom was a teacher and her father, a former engineer. However, her family dynamic shifted drastically when she was just six years old.


Alienated From Each Other

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Kelly and her elder siblings were typically estranged from each other when their parents were divorced. Both her parents remarried, and in the later years, she lost touch with the two beloved people in her life—siblings, Alyssa, and Jason. The trio was distanced from each other for many years, and it seemed like it would stay that way forever.

No More That Typical Miss Independent

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Fans of the singing icon will instantly put a finger to one of her first hits, "Miss Independent." For much of Kelly's life, those words described her reality as she was apart from her father and siblings. But over the years, the trio finally reconciled just before she went on to stage the life-changing audition with American Idol. Despite being separated for so many years, the siblings were very excited and felt a warm bond take shape between them.

Meeting Her Siblings After So Many Years 

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The Voice judge spoke candidly about why she could not visit or meet her siblings frequently. She spilled her emotions on how she yearned to reunite with them. None of them had a resourceful financial ground to travel around the country. The days were quite tough, and the situation remained for ages. However, things changed when her brother, Jason, tied the knot in 2001.

The Heartwarming Reunion

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The three siblings reunited for the wedding, which took place in Alaska. This was almost a year before Kelly's life changed in 2002—thanks to American Idol. Moreover, this event ignited a continued interest in keeping their communication tied for years. Nevertheless, little did they know that things would change the following year.

Kelly Embraces Her Bitter Past For A Better Future

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The former American Idol opened up about her decision to embrace her family dynamics and her broken relations with her dad. Things proved that she yearned for that typical family sort of a bond. She still believes that her experiences, as well as those of her siblings, have shaped them. The icon, who is also a mother, owes much of her thick-skinned life to her upbringing.

Reunion With Her Brother, Jason Clarkson

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Did you know that the American Idol has an elder brother named Jason? He was born in 1973 and grew up watching over his sisters. Yet, he was unaware of how the future would pan out between the siblings. Jason was still a teen when his parents divorced. Eventually, he moved to California with his dad, Stephen Michael Clarkson.

Maybe She Won't 'Walk Away' From Her Brother Again

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It took more or less ten years before Jason faced his siblings again. The eldest child, Jason's marriage, paved the way for a lifelong brother-sister bond after Kelly showed up. The relationship is still growing strong today, yet, Jason sticks to his private life despite having a celebrity sister. However, he starred in Kelly's 2006 music video for one of her hit songs, "Walk Away." How cool is that!

Kelly Is A Great Mother, And This Is How Jason Feels About Her

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Despite finding Kelly's pregnancy on Twitter, along with her millions of fans, Jason still stands by his younger sister. He had only the sweetest things to say about her, who was on the verge of welcoming her first baby back in 2013. Things were going pretty smoothly between the siblings, or it appeared so.

Are Kelly And Jason In Talking Terms Today?

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Meanwhile, fans grew suspicious over why Jason didn't know anything about Kelly's pregnancy. However, Jason cleared the air on their contact relations. He spilled the beans that they still speak but mainly contact over the holidays.  Jason expressed, "She's started her own life with a new family. But we always keep in contact over the holidays."

Kelly Meets Her Sister

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Another unbearable consequence of Kelly's parental split meant bidding goodbye to her only sister, Alyssa. The middle child in the Clarkson household, Alyssa, was born in 1976. After her parents divorced, she was shipped off to North Carolina and was raised by her aunt.

Living The Lost Days

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Kelly met her sister at Jason's wedding in 2001. Like her elder brother, Alyssa prefers a private lifestyle and doesn't often appear in the limelight like her little sister, Kelly. To make up for all those faded years, Kelly bought a big property on which the three siblings co-lived back in 2009. Those were the days during which they felt and lived their lost bond.

How Does Kelly's Half-Brother Come Into The Picture?

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However, there is another part of Kelly's extended family. While we don't know much about the American Idol's step-siblings, a recent message from Erik Clarkson hinted on signs of connections. Erik has the same father as Kelly and expressed his views that the singer needed support following her divorce.

Why Did Erik Disapprove Her Decision About Their Father's Funeral?

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Though Kelly has always been open about her personal life, especially her father's abandonment issues, her half-brother, Erik, had other opinions about her. On one side, Kelly claimed about her various attempts to reach out to her father, but Erik wasn't impressed with the fact that she didn't show up at their father's deathbed. Making things worse, Kelly never met up at their dad's funeral, and she didn't shake a leg on Erik's request.

Kelly Has Let Go Of Her Bitter Past

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Like her superhit song, "Already Gone," Kelly has already let go of all the bitterness she once felt toward her family, the situations, and specifically, her late estranged father. The singer is undoubtedly upset that her dad missed out on spending time with her children and her sibling's kids.

Kelly Clarkson has soared up high to reach the hilltop she's currently dancing on! With a successful music career, a talk show, and more on the palette, we're glad that Kelly was able to find her way back to her siblings, Alyssa and Jason. Well, what is your take on the American Idol and her family story? Leave us a comment, and please don't forget to click the share button!

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