Couple Expected Two Babies But The Doctor Gave Some Shocking News

Aug 13, 2020Rita Kumar

When the news of bearing a child springs in the air, nothing can match the joy that gushes on the parents-to-be faces! Perhaps, welcoming a small bundle of joy is a blessing in itself that not all can have. Each child bears a unique God-sent blessing, and it is indeed a special kind of joy every parent has when expecting a baby. Likewise, when Aaron and Rachel Halbert were en route to welcoming their little munchkins, they were blessed with triplets. But when the doctor spilled the beans on something, they couldn't believe what they heard.

A Bond That Surpassed Distinct Boundaries

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Aaron hailed from Honduras while Rachel was raised in the Mississippi Delta. Both were from different countries. And that meant different societies, traditions, and lifestyle! Though Rachel didn't have any idea about regional diversity, Aaron was well acquainted with the concept since he was the only child with blonde hair and blue eyes. However, their distinct backgrounds were never a hindrance to paving the way for a relationship that slowly started to spring between them. Yet, neither of them expected that their future would pack a bizarre surprise.


Love At First Sight

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If there were something that united Rachel and Aaron, it would be their Presbyterian Missionaries status. Rachel was just 18 when she set foot on her mission trips, and her first was in Haiti. Aaron and Rachel met in an online dating app, and from there, things started to sprout so fast after they decided to go on a blind date in 2004. Love was in the air—the typical love at first sight sort of a thing! They believed that fate brought them together from different ways to unite in life. Maybe they were right, yet, there was something that struck their belief with an unbelievable truth.

Same Level Of Understanding

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Despite being in love for quite some time, Rachel and Aaron stuck to know each other more in-depth than the previous day. They prepared ways to understand each other better before moving on to making the biggest decision. They always stuck to each other for their missionary journeys, making their bond thicker and stronger each day. Aaron's desire to adopt children someday drew them closer, as this was something in Rachel's mind too. However, their expectations were answered by God in a unique way that came out as a piece of shocking news from the doctor that day...

The Vows Are Exchanged

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After getting to know each other better, Rachel's and Aaron's love story traversed from a relationship to the "forever yours" bond! It was like fate weaved their names together. Their similar take on life, interests, and perspectives made them fit perfectly well for each other. Finally, in 2006, the couple exchanged wedding vows. Though the couple wanted to have their kids, their jobs didn't make it easier for them to mend a way to get things done. However, they never rushed with the things and took it slowly from there. Yet, neither of them could change what was written on their fate cards.

No Time To Make A Family

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Shortly after their marriage, the couple packed their bags for an essential mission in Honduras. They were back to their old lives, and Aaron was always keen to receive a Divinity Master. It's a degree that offers expertise and abilities to lead the ministry in the States. In pursuit of his dream, Aaron joined the Reformed Theological Seminary. Though the couple was now in Mississippi, they desired to go back to Honduras once again. Meanwhile, Aaron and Rachel were confused about their family plans. They were confused between two things—bearing or adoption.

The Biggest Decision 

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With so many things on their plate regarding their mission, the couple had so much to do other than focusing on their private life. Aaron and Rachel decided to put the finger on their community work than thinking about having a child. Moreover, their commitment made it next to impossible to plan for an extensive family. That's when the couple decided to stick to one conclusive option—adoption. They believed that adoption wasn't a method of charity. According to Aaron, it was a Christian thing to do. But little did he know what their decision would bring later.

New Hopes Arrive Into Their Lives

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Soon, Rachel and Aaron fell in love with the two children they saw at the adoption center. They were an African-American duo of munchkins who were about to bring sunshine in the couple's lives. A boy named Ford and a girl named Catherine made Aaron and Rachel fall in love with their innocent and angelic appeal. The couple knew that having a diverse family meant facing challenging situations, but they were ready for everything that fell their way. Maybe they were unaware of what was going to happen sooner or later...

A Strange Piece Of News

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They adopted the kids and led a happy life for a few days until they decided on something yet again. This time, Aaron and Rachel desired to have more kids. They couldn't resist the joy and laughter brought about by the kids. So they thought that it would be great to have a few more around them! However, a close acquaintance suggested the couple about embryo adoption and urged them to look into it. Aaron and Rachel never heard anything like this before, and that's when they learned about the National Donation Center for the Embryo. Did they take the suggestion seriously?

They Needed A Change

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After considering some in-depth details about the suggestion, the couple felt that they needed to do something about it than just research. The topic became a serious discussion, and soon, Aaron and Rachel decided to give it a go. The process and everything that rested with the procedures excited Rachel, but it wasn't easy for her. Like other mothers who've adopted the IVF embryo adoption, she was fogged by fear and nervousness. It was then when she realized that the adoption of embryos isn't an easy process, after all. However, the couple was confident not to step back from their decision.

Good News With A Piece Of Something Shocking

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The embryo transfer was successfully done, and it was over a month and a half when the couple went to get a check-up done. The doctor was fully aware of what an IVF is, but there was still something that seemed peculiar. When the doctor asked whether Aaron and Rachel were sure that just two embryos were transferred, the confident couple answered yes. Later, the doctor told them that the transfer was successful, and the good news sprung the couple with excitement about the babies. But that was the only good news the doctor had for them. They were yet to hear the most shocking part of it.

The Couple Is Thrilled When They Hear Something

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The doctor was confused over the matter and seemed a bit off the radar. That's when the couple was given a glimpse of the ultrasound screen. Maybe this was why the doctor repeatedly threw the same question at the couple regarding the number of the embryos that Rachel was pregnant with. The couple was thrilled when they heard the doctor say that she was carrying not two but three fetuses—the joy of becoming a family of seven canopied Aaron and Rachel from all sides. They were ready to embrace God's plan. But there was still something they missed.

The Shocking Triplets

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Months grew by, and soon, it was about time for the Halbert family to meet the three little munchkins. Rachel welcomed her three children, Anne, Whitley, and Ryley, in 2016. Though this wasn't their original plan, they rejoiced every bit of having three new children through the embryo adoption process. The arrival of the triplet doubled the family's joy, and they couldn't thank God enough. However, the nurses who gazed at the babies and their parents were amused with a sigh of shock! They couldn't believe the broadened perspectives on which the Halbert family flourished.

Not Everyone Had The Same Perspectives

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Though support and wishes poured from different corners of the world, Aaron and Rachel weren't always a topic of fragrant flowers. There were still times when people, especially the odd-minded ones, looked at them uncomfortably. But nothing seemed to bother the couple, and they loved their family more than anything else. Perhaps, the diverse perspectives of people didn't matter to them. They felt that they didn't need anyone's approval to raise a family of their own. And yes, they were absolutely right on this one!

A Happy Family!

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Coming to their plans on having more children, Aaron and Rachel aren't sure about that as of now! With five children in their house, they have abundant laughter, joy, and giggles springing from every nook and corner. They believe that the arrival of more children depends on what the future held for them! Having taken a strong and wise decision, the Halberts have influenced people to consider embryo adoption when it knocks as an option on their doors of hope! Aaron's and Rachel's family has enlarged, but that hasn't stopped them from visiting Honduras on missionary journeys! 

Guess Aaron and Rachel did the right thing opting for embryo adoption. Their perspectives and positive approach towards life blessed them three times their hopes! Well, what is your take on the couple's decision? Do you think Aaron and Rachel need to expand their family a bit more?! Share your thoughts with us, but before that, please take a second to click the share button!

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