Terrible Landlords That Made Tenants Regret Renting Their Homes

Aug 21, 2020Rita Kumar

Anyone who has ever rented a house will tell you what sweet-talkers some landlords can be! "Oh absolutely, the neighbors are quiet, and heating bills are low," say most of them with a tricky smile on their faces. And it's only after you move in that you realize your neighbor loves playing the trumpet in the middle of the night. And the heating bills are low owing to the thermostat that's permanently set to 60°F! When you don't own the property you've rented, it means you're at the mercy of your landlord when it comes to—(sigh!)—the maintenance! But some landlords create such a toxic environment for their tenants with their negligence and DIY flop ideas of fixing things. Take a look!

Big Brother Is Watching You!

Image Credits: Reddit/lachsox

How cool is the idea of Big Brother watching you 24/7? As long as you're not in the show, it makes no sense, right?! But for this landlord, he had to somehow creep in his 360° Wi-Fi surveillance camera in his tenant's apartment. All this—without telling him. The worst part is, the poor tenant was unaware that the camera recorded the audio too. OMG, whoever is that creepy landlord!


Now That Makes A Sweet Revenge!

Image Credits: Reddit/JohannReddit

Sometimes, tenants do bag a chance to give as good they get from their landlords! That's precisely what this tenant did when his landlord decided that the -40° weather was the perfect time to turn down the heat. But the landlord missed one thing—he was the one paying the electric bill. So, this tenant threw conservation to the wind and rigged his fan to circulate hot air from the stovetop across the apartment. It's time the landlord reflects that it would've been a lot cheaper to turn the heat up!

Well This Stinks

Image Credits: Reddit/Deadpoodle

When your toilet is breaking off the wall, and you can't even use it, you know you have a serious problem to fix. This tenant couldn't believe his luck when he was casually seated there, doing his business when suddenly, the whole thing fell to one side. Completely devastated by the shocking incident, he called up the landlord to do something about the issue. Ladies and gentlemen—this is what the landlord did about the collapsed toilet!

The Gateway To Pointless Safety

Image Credits: Imgur/gnarlyj

Now, this is a brief narration of a tenant who was having a security issue and wanted something done about it! When the landlord suggested that he would build a gate at the entrance, the tenant smiled his heart out, thinking about his safety. But when he looked at the result, well, it was clear that the landlord didn't get the idea of what "safety" is! Why is there a gate at the entrance here when you can easily walk around it?

What No—It's Not A Periscope!

Image Credits: Imgur/gargameljr

Sadly, some landlords learn their lessons the hard way. If you're a landlord and shy away from maintaining your properties, then it only stands to reason that problems will grow with time. This is precisely something that this cheapskate learned—and yes, the hard way! He didn't respond the first time the tenant brought the issue to him. But the second time, he was left with no choice but to get rid of the rusted periscope that invaded the tenant's privacy!

The Jailed Thermostat!

Image Credits: Twitter/Alex Milsom

In any property, the electricity bill will undoubtedly soar up in the winter months. That's obvious because health and well-being come first whether you're a tenant or even the landlord. But this landlord is someone who decided to take some extreme action to ensure his outgoings remained the same. To work out his plan, he sent his thermostat to jail! Now with this wicked idea, the poor tenant only hopes that he soon finds a better house with a broad-hearted landlord!

And The Roof Came Tumbling Down!

Image Credits: Imgur/hellsoundsfantasticrightaboutnow

When tenants bring an issue to the landlord's notice, they mean it. Moreover, the landlord always has to give an ear and eye to the problem and fix it before things worsen. But for this tenant, things seemed to enter not only from the door and window but from the ceiling as well! Had the landlord fixed the leak in the ceiling when the tenant raised the issue, this wouldn't have happened. Looks funny, but seriously, landlords need to stay aware that their negligence could cost their tenant's peace of mind.

Pool Party By The Swamp

Image Credits: Reddit/abendlichter

There was a valid reason why Shrek wasn't precisely portrayed as a handsome prince—he lived in a swamp! And if they ever plan to make a live-action sequel, then we suggest they could actually shoot the movie here! This landlord quit cleaning the pool because kids who weren't living in the building played in it. Now, what does that supposed to mean? Guess if the tenant has a pool party anytime soon, he should think of pushing the landlord into it before anyone else!

This Landlord Is The Ultimate Locksmith 

Posted Reddit/In7erted

It's a fairly and squarely known thing—a deadbolt is a stronger security feature than a standard lock. That's why this tenant was seemingly happy when her landlord told her that he'd be installing a deadbolt in her room's front door. But in reality, the landlord made a key mistake of installing the locks backward! It's now a lot easier for an intruder to turn a lever to unlock the deadbolt and creep into the room. Perhaps, things could've worked fine if this landlord hired a professional locksmith to get the job done!

Bathroom Floors Refurbished The Landlord Way

Image Credits: Reddit/tinderinbrooklyn

"Promises are meant to be broken," sounds more like a movie dialogue! In this case, the tenant would've readily embraced a broken promise than the one in which the landlord promised to "redo" the bathroom floors! When the poor guy returned and made way for getting fresh, he saw this—the typical "redo the bathroom floors" his landlord promised! You heard of that old saying: "If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing well." Guess the landlord was unaware of any of this!

Home Or Prison?!

Image Credits: Imgur/tchaboom

Whenever a landlord decides to take matters in their own hands, the poor tenant must brace themselves from dear life! At least, that's how it feels when gazing at these photos consecutively! Whatever went through this landlord's mind to come up with a makeshift door lock with just a chain and rusty padlock?! Sigh...! As long as the tenant has a spare key, there shouldn't be any problem. Perhaps, burglars aren't going to come along with a chain cutter anytime soon!

Rodent Problem? Don't Worry—Just Don't Copy This Landlord's Idea!

Image Credits: Reddit/TheRealRyanP

If there's something else to annoy tenants apart from all the negligence and fake promise from the landlord's side, then it got to be rodents! These squeaky little creatures might sometimes add to the "already burdened problem" tenants have. But when this tenant decided to complain about a foul smell that emanated near his room, the landlord came up with this idea. Maybe the big guy assumed that bathing soap bars are good at eradicating stench. How silly can that be!

Guess This Landlord Is Super Serious About Fire Safety 

Image Credits: Reddit/DeuceActual

Fire safety is an essential aspect any person should swear by, especially if you're a landlord who's solely responsible for your tenants' safety. Now, this landlord has taken fire safety to a new level. We wonder which part of the building this mineral water bottle would put off in case (fingers crossed!), a fire breaks out in the building. While water can put out a fire, the tenant only hopes that there was a handy extinguisher that's a normal thing used for fire safety.

Getting The Bath Into 'The Empire'

Image Credits: Reddit/astrowalker

First, this tenant took the issue about the trouble the showerhead had been giving her ever since she moved in. Next, the landlord promises her to fix the problem as soon as possible. Finally, when the tenant walks in, she is welcomed by a "Star Wars" bath routine! It was too late that the tenant realized that her landlord hated investing in new stuff and thought of recycling whatnot of things in his fixative solutions. But are you kidding—an R2D2 showerhead?!

Wait for A Second...What...Are You Kidding???

Image Credits: Reddit/MyScrotesASaggin

There's no denying that smoke detectors can be the difference between safety and danger. Ever since they were invented, their alarms have saved countless lives and continue to do so until this day. Though it isn't a compulsion to write the detector's installation date, it helps to know when it was installed. This is really helpful, especially when tenants are around. But one landlord took the matter quite seriously, and you can understand why we're adding the precision on this!

Guess renting a house packs some "beware of these landlords" kind of a precaution! Apart from the hilarious amusement these pictures give us; we're sure of one thing—landlords need to move a bit from their cheapskate attitude and act in favor of their tenants' issues. Are you a tenant? If yes, to which extent has your landlord helped you out in resolving such issues? Please share your experience with us! But before that, please take a second to click the "Share" button!

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