Beauty and Fashion Trends That Should Not Come Back

Beauty and Fashion Trends That Should Not Come Back

Aug 25, 2020Roshanak

Trends come and go all the time, and there’s something to say about the vintage look that some people adore. However, not every single thing that was popular long ago should make a comeback. One of the worst hairstyles ever was the mullet, and it should be gone forever. Also, pedal pushers should not have existed. Let’s find out more!


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While the bandanas itself are not that bad, this kind was so used in the 90s that everyone got tired of them. The history of the accessory goes back to South Asia and the Middle East, but it was originally utilized in the West by cowboys. However, artists like Beyoncé wore them like shirts, and that’s just not a good look.

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Platforms in several styles have gone in and out of style through the decades, and while it seems that the “disco era” might return in 2020, people just hope sandals like this stay away. Some of them are perfect for a day at the beach, but not for the red carpet as several celebrities used them. Additionally, those with cork heels were the worst.


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These kinds of belts became popular in the era of punk but returned in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Some people still love them these days, but it’s a trend that don't look well on red carpets. Some events might be more casual, but it’s just better to wear something with a pretty buckle instead of something with a complicated pattern all over.


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When the trend of exposed bellies became a huge thing for celebrities, they also started using all kinds of accessories as decoration. One of them was belly chains, which were just odd. You could buy them everywhere at some point. However, unless you had a really toned midriff, they would make you look weird.


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While many grandmothers and aunties might have been excited to make their family some shirts with this trend, it’s just not the best. Hopefully, this style won’t return because it makes people look like they are wearing old cloth. Let this one stay in the past, and crochet some cozy sweaters for winter instead.


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There’s a huge debate among fashionistas regarding velvet. At some point, it might have been incredibly fashionable because the best stars used it. However, it just doesn’t look good these days. It makes most girls look matronly and out-of-style. So if you want to go vintage, it’s just best to skip this trend forever.


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You might remember a time where you couldn’t put lipstick without using a lip liner. Originally, it just made the color on your lips last longer. Additionally, you could contour your mouth to make it look even better. However, it’s just such a hassle these days, and there are all kinds of new makeup options that make it obsolete.


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This is one beauty trend that only a few people followed at some point. It became a huge story on the media, but also other outlets reported that people contracted diseases from having fish nibble on your skin. According to the CDC, there’s no real proof of anything bad happening from it. However, better safe than sorry!


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While colored contacts will always be used sometimes, especially by celebrities that want to change their looks for fans, it’s just not the same. Long ago, people used horrible fake-looking colors like red, purple, orange, etc. Some even had shapes like hearts. It just made you look weird, which only works for Halloween now. This trend is best left in the past.


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You might have seen that disco styles are suddenly making a comeback, but unless you’re going to a party, don’t wear the famous glow-in-the-dark makeup all the time. Only makeup influencers on Instagram can use them as they just take pictures and make tutorials. These days, it’s just better to rock a natural look!


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Naturally, this accessory is fantastic for warm weather, but at some point, stars started using it at red carpets even when it wasn’t cold. It became a huge trend in the 2000s, but honestly, it’s not a good look on anyone. You either had to match them to your outfit or wear an outrageous color. Hopefully, this is one trend that will not appear again.


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Sunglasses are vital for celebrities as they get bombarded by flashing cameras all the time. Therefore, there are all kinds of trends that repeat themselves after a few years. However, everyone hopes that the metal frames with colored lenses won’t come back. They were just impractical and did not look that great at all.


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While a denim skirt can still be used sometimes for various occasions during the summer, it’s not something that should be worn all the time. Additionally, those skirts with extra decorations as bedazzling and patchwork were just the worst. No one wants that back again because they could make you look way older or too immature.


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While mohawks were part of the punk and metal rock era, faux-hawks seemed like a cheap imitation. In theory, they were supposed to be a simpler, more-normal-looking version of the cool hairstyle, but it just always looked unnecessary. Yes, some people can still rock it, but it’s not great for everyone. Better skip this one!


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Now mullets were similar to mohawks as many rock musicians popularized it. Unfortunately, this hairstyle is becoming rather popular these days as the 70s and 80s are coming back. Hopefully, stylists will try to fix and modernize the mullet, though. It doesn’t look great outside of Halloween or a party. Can you imagine using yourself with one today?

You might have noticed that several of these trends have made comebacks in the last few years. It really should be a crime! Let us know which of these trends is your least favorite. If you liked this article, share it with your friends that love fashion and beauty. See you next time!

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