Weird Things That The Queen Owns

Oct 12, 2020Thato

Everyone has one or two things that they own that are considered bizarre. But none quite match up to the ones owned by Queen Elizabeth. Her Majesty has some of the weirdest, most unexpected things in her collection that are guaranteed to leave you amazed. Some of them date back hundreds of years, while others are more recent.

All The Swans on the River Thames

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Ввласенко

Since the 12th century, its been part of British tradition for the Queen to own all of the unmarked mute swans on the River Thames. These swans are counted every year in a ceremonial event known as 'swan upping. They form part of Queen Elizabeth's extensive animal collection.


A Bat Colony

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Sheba_Also/For Illustrative Purposes

One of the weirdest things the Queen owns is a bat colony. Her Majesty may be a fan of animals, but this is certainly unusual. The bats live inside the Queen's Balmoral Castle. Because they are protected species, they cannot be moved, and she doesn't mind sharing her space with them.

Regent Street

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/aurélien

Regent Street is one of the world's known shopping streets; it also forms part of the Queen's multi-billion dollar property empire. It stretches almost 1.25 miles and is home to some of the world's most famous stores. It's worth noting that Her Majesty doesn't receive any royalties from Regent Street stores.

Six Royal Palaces

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Diliff

If you thought the land Her Majesty owns was impressive, wait till you see what's above it. The Queen owns a total of SIX royal homes, which include the famous Buckingham Palace. So if Queen Elizabeth ever grows tired of her 775 room estate, she can always choose to live in one of the other five royal palaces.

Box Seats at Wimbledon

Image Credits: Shutterstock/Alison Young

Anyone who has watched Wimbledon may have seen them appear at least once on the big screen. This is because she owns the best seat in the house. The royal box is fixed on center court. And even though she doesn't use it regularly, the crowd still shows appreciation when she does make one of her rare appearances.

The Tower of London

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/N.H. Fischer

The tower of London has been around since the 11th century. The Royal Familly owns it, and as the head of the royal family, it rightfully belongs to queen Elizabeth. The famous tourist attraction is home to the crown jewels of the British empire.

A Tiara Covered in 1333 Diamonds

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Julian Calder

No queen is complete without a tiara, and Her Majesty's famous Diamond Diadem is one of the greatest in history. The Diamond Diadem was initially made for George IV in 1821. Queen Elizabeth made her first public appearance with the diadem back in 1952.

Hyde Park

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Txllxt TxllxT

Just in case you thought we were done speaking about the Queen's famous real-estate collection, here's another one. Hyde Park is one of the many wide-open spaces in Britain that belong to the Queen. Some of the others include Kensington Gardens, Regent's Park, and Primrose Hill.

A Gold Record

Image Credits: Flickr/Rafael Marquez/For Illustrative Purposes

Yes, you read that right. The Queen has a gold-selling record. Queen Elizabeth was given a special concert for her 50th year as the head of the monarchy; the show was titled "Party at the Palace. Later, record company EMI sold the concert as a cd, and it went on to sell over 100,000 copies. 

All The Dolphins in the United Kingdom

Image Credits: PublicDomainPictures/unattributed

The Queen's wildlife collection also extends under the water, not just above it. Every single one of the Dolphins in the U.K. belongs to Queen Elizabeth. She also owns all the sturgeons and whales in the kingdom. The statute was first put into law by King Edward II in 1324. 

A Flag

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Denelson83

In 1960 Queen Elizabeth commissioned the design of her own flag. The purpose of this flag was to separate her as an individual from the monarchy. The flag shows the letter 'E' in a roses circle on top of a navy blue background. 

Four Guinness World records

Image Credits: Shutterstock/Zoran Karapancev

Queen Elizabeth is the proud of owner of four Guinness World Records. She holds the record for being the longest-reigning Queen, the world's oldest monarch, the world's richest Queen, and she also appears on the money of more countries than anyone.

Trafalgar Square

Image Credits: Shutterstock/SAKhanPhotography

Before it became Trafalgar Square, the site it occupies was home to the royal mews, which belonged to the crown. So when it was transformed into one of London's most famous landmarks, the ownership didn't change, and it still technically belongs to the Queen.

Queen Victoria's Wedding Dress

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Royal Collection

One of the most famous pieces of the Royal Collection is Queen Victoria's wedding dress. The dress is said to be the reason why white has become the traditional color in weddings. The dress was worn in 1840 when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert.

Henry VIII's Armor

Image Credits: Shutterstock/goga18128/For Illustrative Purposes

King Henry VIII's 480-year-old suit of armor can still be found in the queens Royal Collection. Unlike most suit of armors, this one was widened to fit the King's growing size. It was made by the Royal Alman Armoury, which was founded by King Henry VIII. The armor is an integral part of British heritage.

The Queen's weird collection just goes to show that no one is above owning bizarre items. Even if the things Her Majesty owns are a little on the far end of the tax bracket, I'm sure that if Queen Elizabeth ever decided to sit down and talk about everything that she owns, it would make for an exciting story.

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