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Sep 07, 2020Maria

It's summer, it's hot outside, and there's a swimming pool waiting for you to help you cool down. Although it all sounds absolutely amazing, there are always a couple of things that can ruin your day by the pool. Worry not, we are here to help you with a few clever, simple and cheap hacks to make your day spot-on perfect.

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Use sponges as reusable ice packs

Ever felt that frustration of not having made enough ice on a hot summer day, just before leaving to go for a swim at the swimming pool? Next time this happens just take a few wet sponges and freeze them. They will work perfectly as cheap and reusable ice packs to keep your drinks cold.


Put your swim cap on easily

Looking to go for a swim but struggling with putting on your swim cap? Here's a solution: fill the cap with water and have someone drop it on your head. The cap will immediately adjust to your head, saving you those long minutes of trying to put it on without ripping part of your hair in the process.

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Unfog your swimming goggles for good

Getting your swimming goggles foggy while you're in the water trying to see where you're going can be pretty annoying. Next time, try this solution: burn the inside of the lenses with a lighter and let it cool down. Once cool, apply some toothpaste and rub it until it's transparent again. And there you go, no more foggy goggles again.

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Protect your phone from water splashes

No one wants to ruin a perfectly amazing summer day by the swimming pool with a broken phone. Don't worry about getting an expensive waterproof cover, there's a much simple and inexpensive way to protect your phone from water splashes. Just put it inside a sandwich bag. You can even still use it through the bag!

Empty your inflatable float in a couple of minutes

Ok, so, time to go home after a day at the pool, but first, you need to deflate your inflatable floats. We all know how hard it can be. Here's an easy way to do it: get a sturdy paper clip and pinch the float's air exit with it. Come back after a few minutes to get your empty float.

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Get an instant temporary tattoo

Do you love how tattoos look on the skin but are just not ready to commit with a permanent one? Well, this summer, try this little hack: draw whatever you want on your skin with eyeliner and spray some hairspray over it. The ink will remain on your skin, even underwater.

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Keep bugs away from your pool with peppermint

If having bugs around your swimming pool all the time annoys you, then you'll be happy to know there's a cheap and easy natural solution to keep them away. Pour some peppermint oil in water and spray it all around the pool. The smell will keep the little creatures away.

Cover your swimming pool to improve heat retention

Solar covers are not only a great way to keep leaves and all sorts of dirt away from your swimming pool when you're not using it, but it can also help you reduce water consumption. In fact, there's a decrease of 75% of water evaporation when you use them, and they can also help you maintain the heat, helping you to save money.

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Use your pool pump at night

If you're a pool owner, you probably already know that you should pump your pool 8 hours per day for water circulation. But if you're looking to save some money as well, then you should also try to do it in the evening whenever you can. Electricity companies charge less during non-peak hours or at night, which can help you save some substantial bucks.

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Get rid of metal stains in the pool with lime

Are you worried about rusty or metal stains in your pool's wall? You'll be happy to know there's a cheap and straightforward solution to get rid of it. Get a few limes, squeeze them into a cup, and add some salt just to give it some texture. Because, unlike other products, it's a natural solution, it won't throw off your water balance.

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Keep your drinks cold at the pool

It's a warm summer day, and you're having trouble keeping your drinks fresh by the pool? Worry not, here's a simple and cheap solution to fix this. Put your drinks inside a plastic box. Get a floating foam pool stick, cut into pieces the same length as your box and attach them to both sides of the box. Your drinks will remain fresh while floating next to you in the pool.

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Get bees away from your pool in the summer

We've probably all been there: the weather is fantastic, it's warm outside, and all you can dream about is taking a dip in the swimming pool. The thing is: there are bees all around it. To keep them away, just place a few baskets of lemongrass and a couple of dryer sheets around the pool. It seems that bees really don't like the smell of clean laundry, so it keeps them away.

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Use frozen food for cold drinks by the pool

We probably agree that no food should ever go to waste. The best thing to avoid this is to freeze leftovers. When it comes to frozen fruit, it can even be used to keep your drinks cold and tasty at the same time.

Warm-up your pool water easily

If the pool water is always too cold for you, then you can try this easy and cheap way of warming it up. Take a large black plastic bag and put it over a hula-hoop. Cut some pieces off a long swimming pool foam stick and attach them all around the hoop. Make a few of these and have them floating on the pool. It will quickly warm the water.

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Build a quick and easy DIY shower by the pool

Are you looking to have a quick shower after leaving the pool? Here's an easy way to create your own DIY shower. Get a plastic bag, fill it with water and hang it somewhere by its straps, high enough so you can stand under it. Then just poke a few holes and take your shower with the water coming out of them.

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Get rid of ear clogs after swimming

Do your ears feel clogged after you've been out swimming for a while? It certainly can feel somewhat uncomfortable. Next time you have this, get a balloon and inflate it a few times after each dip. If your ears aren't unclogged yet, try plugging your nose while blowing up the balloon. That should do the trick.

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Heat your kids' pool with black plastic

No one wants their kids with a running nose and/or a cold these days, so the best way to avoid this is to keep their swimming pool's water as warm as possible during the day. There's an easy way to do this: fill the pool in the morning and cover it with a black plastic bag. The bag will attract sunlight warming up the water quickly.

Get rid of chlorine in your hair with Kool-Aid

Most of the swimming pools are filled with chlorine, which has been known for changing the color of your hair. Fortunately, there's an easy way to get your hair looking the way it did before: pour a small amount of lemonade Kool-Aid mixed with shampoo in your hair and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then just rinse and wash like you usually do.

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Keep your kids' pool clean

If you're tired of having to fill your kids' swimming pool every day, then you'll probably be happy to know that there's an easy and cheap way to solve this. Take a fitted sheet and put it over the top of the pool. Then just take whatever is in excess and tie it in a knot.

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Store your pool toys in a reusable produce bag

If you and your family spend most of your time in the summer in a swimming pool and you keep losing precious time getting all of your kids' pool toys ready, here's a simple solution. Get a reusable produce bag and keep the toys always in it. Not only does it help to keep them together, as it also drains the pool water more easily.

Improvise a bikini

It's warm outside, and you can't think of anything better than to sunbathe to get some color on your skin. The only problem is that you didn't bring a bikini with you. Here's a quick solution: get a long scarf, pass it under the middle of your bra, and wrap it all around. No one will ever tell it's not a real bikini!

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Get the tanning oil off the pool

You've just drenched yourself in tanning oil, but it's so warm outside that you can't help to go for a swim in the pool. But the water immediately gets filled with oily spots. Here's a way to get rid of them: get a tennis ball and put it on top of the grease spots. The ball will absorb the oil instantly.

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Fix your pool flat easily

How cool is it to lay on an inflatable float on a hot, lazy day? Pretty cool, right? The thing is, it can be easily be destroyed in a couple of minutes if it tears while you're lying on it, something which unfortunately can happen pretty often. If that ever happens to you, find the leak, take a piece of paper, and iron it over the hole.

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Keep your belongings safe at the pool

Are you always worried about leaving your personal belongings unattended to when you go to the swimming pool by yourself? Here's an easy solution to keep those opportunistic thieves away. Get an empty package of wet towels, cut the hole open, and stick your belongings in it. They will never know!

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Improvise an underwater camera

How fun is it to take underwater photos in the swimming pool? But for that you have to, of course, have a waterproof camera. Here's an alternative solution for when there's no camera around. Get your mobile phone, put it inside a seethrough glass with the camera down and submerge only half of the glass in the water.

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Using empty sunscreen bottle

Another way you can keep your valuables safe at the public pool in an easy and smart way is by tricking thieves once again, this time using an empty bottle of sunscreen. Use one of those bottles with removable tops, wash it, and use it to store your valuables in. No one will ever know.

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Drain your kids' pool easily

If you still need to drain your kids' pool, then you'll also be happy to know there's an easy way to do it. Take a small garden hose and sink it into the pool. Make sure there's no floating part. Plug one end with your thumb tightly while still underwater. Take that end outside of the pool and lower it to below water level and unplug the hose.

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How about these swimming pool hacks? Some of them are really ingenious. Will you be using any of them this summer? Or maybe you already knew some of them? We'd love to hear your thoughts on them. Let us know all about it in the comments section, and don't forget to share the article!


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