Airplane Hacks Not Many People Know About

Airplane Hacks Not Many People Know About

Sep 07, 2020Manuela Mitevova

Do you spend a lot of time on planes flying long distances? Or are you preparing for your first long journey in the sky? We know flying, especially long-haul, can be pretty uncomfortable, but many seasoned travelers have come up with useful tricks to ease the journey as much as possible. Some of them might even make you enjoy that 15-hour flight! Read on for some of the best tips out there to make long-haul flights as manageable as possible!

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Better Not Use Any Ice

People like their drinks cold, and it’s refreshing on a plane. However, you might want to avoid asking for any ice on your next flight. Aside from the fact that more ice means less beverage in the glass, these cubes were made from the water tank. Sadly, the tank might not be sufficiently cleaned.

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Never Sleep During Takeoff or Landing

Some people fall asleep as soon as they get on the plane, but no one should really do that. The fact is that your ears cannot regulate pressure while going up at such speeds or coming down. So, we recommend doing something to avoid injuries such as chewing gum and maybe some plugs. You can also take some antihistamine to help with it.

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Dress Appropriately

Airport and flight attire is a real thing, and you might want to avoid anything that makes you feel constricted in your clothing. Skip the jeans and formal shirts, even if you are traveling for work. Instead, bring a dedicated flight outfit which should consist of soft and stretchy pants, a loose t-shirt, a warm jumper for the air conditioning! 

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Always Get There Early

Most people know that you have to get to the airport really early, although the exact time varies. Some argue that’s it has to be 3 hours before boarding, while others say that it’s more. Either way, you have to do this to avoid any unforeseen catastrophe, from a slow parking lot trolley to long security lines.

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Use Lounges If You Can

Frequent flyers should really start taking advantage of the lounges at the airport. Some people use their American Express Platinum card to do so. There are several airports around North America where you can enter for free just for being a cardholder. Some lounges charge a fee, but it might be worth it in the end.

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Make Sure That There Are No Delays

While you cannot control everything that happens with your flights, you can still rely on statistics. The fact is that you should really buy an early morning flight because they are less likely to be delayed. There’s an unknown rule that the later you travel, the higher the chances of flight deferrals.

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Layer Up

Expert tip - layer up! Layers are great for travel, as climates can change rapidly, and airplane temperatures tend to go from freezing to boiling within a matter of minutes. Be prepared! If you bring a lot of layers, you won't freeze if it gets too cold, and if it is too hot, you can also use the extra clothing as pillows or blankets.

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Pick The Right Shoes

Shoes are also an important part of your flight outfit. You want to steer clear of heels or chunky boots, as chances are you will need to rush to your gate or through security at some point. It’s very likely that you will need to take your shoes off once you are on the plane to get comfy, so don’t bring ones that are complicated to take off and put back on. 

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Check-In In Advance

Eliminating as much stress from your journey as possible is vital. This is why you should check-in early, and avoid queuing up at the airport because of that. If you have luggage, you will simply need to drop it off at the desk, and off you go to security. This will give you more time to browse the stores or charge your phone!

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Never Drink Anything Fizzy

We all love Coke and other sodas, but if you are in for a long flight, it’s best to avoid them. The simple reason is that carbonated beverages make you swallow a lot of air. This gets into your digestive tracks and will come out eventually as burp or farts. Additionally, if the pilot moves to different altitudes, the air could expand causing you pain.

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Take Morning Flights to Avoid Turbulence

People suffer from terrible motion sickness. While there are many medications they can take, it’s best to follow this tip as well. If you can choose the time of your flight, pick the morning. Turbulence happens because as the Earth gets hotter, air will rise up. This is also what happens with storms and is likely to happen later in the day.

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Pick The Right Seat

Picking the right seat on a plane is an art in itself, and for everyone, it might work differently. It highly depends on your personal preferences, but there are some general tips to keep in mind. For example, if you know you like to stand up and stretch often, you might want to opt for the aisle seat instead of the window.

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On the other hand, if you know you are most likely to sleep through the majority of the flight, definitely get yourself a window seat. The back seats also tend to be less packed, as airlines start filling the plane from front to back. If you are looking to snag that three-seater just for yourself, book the last seat on the plane.

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Bring Cash With You

We know that nowadays there are ten million apps plus credit cards to pay for everything. However, it’s important to carry small bills in dollars or euros. You often need to tip valets or other services, and cash will come in handy. You can even purchase from in-flight things with some cash. Also, when you arrive at your destination, withdraw some local currency at the ATM.

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Make Sure That You Bag Comes Out First

After a long flight, the last thing you want to do is to wait around more for your bag to appear on the carousel. It’s hard to avoid something like that, but there’s a bit of a trick. If you’re one of the last people to check-in, your bag will automatically be at the top of the pile. Basically, it’s last-in, first-out.

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Check For Freebies

We have already mentioned that being nice goes a long way towards getting a better service. However, frequent flyers will tell you to bring gifts for flight attendants. Just something simple like a chocolate bar. This will ensure that you get the best treatment and even some free stuff along the way.

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No Babies Nearby

While you might not be able to avoid a flight with a baby on board, you don’t have to sit right next to that family. On a long flight, there’s a huge chance that babies will cry. Therefore, make sure to sit somewhere far from the partitions. These are the only places where parents can set a bassinet. Therefore, most parents will be close to those spots.  

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Ask About Seats Again

If you didn’t manage to get the seat you wanted when you were checking in, don’t worry, there might still be hope. Even if the check-in system showed a full flight, the agents at the gate will be able to tell you if there is really nothing free. You might get lucky and score an empty row seat, or even better, an exit seat with plenty of legroom. Always ask, you never know!

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Always Leave the Air Turned On

It might be cold on the airplane, but that can be resolved with some layers. However, it’s important to keep the air vent going because it creates a sort of force field over you. This means that with the air on, you can avoid contracting diseases from other passengers. Additionally, it helps avoid dry skin.

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Bring A Travel Kit

Make your long-haul flight comfortable by stocking up on all the things you find useful. You should also add some small luxuries to your onboard travel kit. Don't forget about a sleeping mask if you are a light sleeper, earplugs for noise, small perfume or essential oil for comfort, or your favorite face cream for pampering.

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Pack Extra Socks

Something that should never be missing from your travel kit is extra socks. You will get sweaty while traveling, and there is nothing worse than stuffy socks that feel like you’ve worn them for three days straight. Simply bring an extra pair of comfy socks for the plane, and change them immediately as you board. You will feel fresh and comfortable right away.

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Pack Snacks

You might think there will be enough food on board, but trust us, there never is. Long-haul flights get boring, and sometimes the only thing to do is to eat. Bring your own snacks that don’t take much space and are packaged nicely so they will last you the whole journey.

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If you can, try to pick the healthiest thing in the supermarket snack aisle as this will give you good energy and make you feel nice afterward. Organic energy bars, nuts, dried fruits, or even chopped carrots or peppers make great and nutritious snacks that are easily packable as well.

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A Handy Way of Getting Some Peace

Unfortunately, some people have to take their children on a plane, and things can get noisy. However, you don’t have to put up with their behavior. All you need is a pair of silicone earplugs so that you can sleep on most of the flight. Some people love noise-canceling headphones, which are great for music too.

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Hydration Is Key

Plane air is notoriously terrible, and you will get severely dehydrated if you don’t keep up with your fluid intake. To combat the dry and air-conditioned air, make sure to have enough to drink and to drink regularly. Long-haul flights offer water, so you can always.

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The flight attendants will likely bring you a few cups every hour, even if food service is not going by. It’s important to try and avoid alcohol, coffee, or a lot of sugar, as these tend to dehydrate you even more, so best stick to pure bottled water as they will leave you feeling great. 

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Always Pick the Seats at the Back

We recommend choosing one at the back, and there’s a very simple reason for that. Sometimes, it might be a little noisy because the flight attendants are working, but you get better service. You might even get offered more things because they have a rule not to walk around with special stuff as there is not enough for everyone on board.

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Avoid All Family Routes

If you get a chance to choose a layover or connecting flight, we sincerely advise you not to choose common family routes. For example, any flight that goes to Orlando might have a lot of families on vacation to Disney World. You can’t always avoid them, but it’s best to try if you want a decent rest on the plane.

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Bring Your Own Reusable Bottle

One of the best tricks out there for plane travel of any kind is bringing your own reusable water bottle or coffee cup. As flight attendants will very gladly fill it up with water or even coffee or tea if you ask, it is the best accessory to have with you. You won’t have to wait for food service to be passing to ask for the drinks.

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Bring Movies

Yes, long-haul flights do have entertainment on board, but the quality of the screens tends to be terrible, often taking away from your movie viewing experience. If you own a tablet or are traveling with your computer, simply stock it up with some of the movies or TV shows you would love to watch, and you will have your own personal entertainment!

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The Trick To Find Cheaper Flights

For some reason, if you check the same flights several times on your browser, the prices will probably go up. This has something to do with the cookies on your browser, as these companies know that you want to buy them. Therefore, it’s best to always browse and purchase using Private Browsing or the Incognito window.

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Emphasize That Your Bags Have Something Fragile

Anyone that has flown knows that bags go through hell, and you really shouldn’t take any valuables on flights. However, if you absolutely have to put something in your bag, place a piece of paper with the word “fragile”. This will ensure that people handle it better at least. Sometimes, it might even be on the top of the pile.

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Dress Nice To Get An Upgrade

Now, we’re not saying that this will always work, but if you get to the airport early, in a good outfit, and with a great attitude, you get some benefits. If you fail, you can also tell the check-in person that you’re on a honeymoon if you’re traveling with someone, of course. Who knows? You might get lucky.

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Prepping Before The Flight to Prevent Jet Lag

While we have already learned that you can try and get rid of jet lag by jogging early at your destination, you can also try to prevent it before the flight. In fact, you can start adjusting to a new schedule. You should also choose flights that arrive at daylight and get a good night’s sleep before you fly.

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Podcast It Up

If you are worried about your battery life, which can get depleted quickly if you are watching a video, go for podcasts. They barely eat up any battery and will keep you entertained for hours. You can download a few episodes onto your phone, and you will be set. Make sure to get a wider variety of podcast topics, as you never know what you will be in the mood for.

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Avoid Having Too Many Carry-Ons

Of course, if you’re taking a long flight, you might need a lot more stuff. However, you don’t need to have more than one carry -on at a time. The only exception might be parents. But, it’s always best to carry a light load at the airport. Minimize your needs and figure out what the most important things are.

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Get Some Work Done

Unfortunately, long flights can be boring, and if you don’t want to sleep, you can entertain yourself in many ways. On the other hand, you can get some work done as well. After all, if your laptop is there, maybe it’s the best time to get cracking. Additionally, you will look like a cool businessperson while doing so.

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Avoid Plane Blankets

Long-haul flights tend to offer plane blankets and pillows to the passengers. But if you care about hygiene, you might want to avoid taking them. They rarely get washed and are repeatedly used by many people, so probably not the best choice for your health, especially if you are sensitive to these kinds of things. Just bring your own.

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Avoid Jet Lag by Jogging

If you’re going to a different continent, you might have to deal with jet lag. Everyone hates it, and most people think there’s no way to get around it. That’s where they are wrong. You can fight it off jogging on the first morning of your visit, especially if the sun’s out. Its rays will help inform your body of the new schedule.

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Be Friendly to the Staff

It goes without saying that you should always be polite to your flight attendants and anyone in the service industry, for that matter. However, you can always go further than that and make sure that they know your name. You will most likely get special treatment, and both will have a good time by being kind to one another.

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Strike Up a Conversation

While most people prefer their alone time on the plane, some frequent fliers actually enjoy meeting new people. If you find yourself near someone that likes to chat, you might get to know a rather interesting person. Of course, don’t bother anyone that’s not up to it. Go with your gut and spend a good time.

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Prepare Your Angry Face

While some people are very friendly on planes, others prefer not to be bothered. Therefore, if you don’t want anyone talking to you or disturbing you, you better have an angry face ready. Most people will stop their naughty behavior if someone shoots them the “death glare”. And folks will know to stay far from you.

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Be As Relaxed As Possible

There are many things that can go wrong during travel. The flight might be delayed, you might get seated next to someone annoying, and more catastrophic stuff. However, these are things that you cannot change. So, it’s best to adopt a good attitude. Close your eyes, breathe, and accept what happens.

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Getting on the Shorter Line

You might already know that the majority of humans are right-handed. Well, most people will naturally go toward their dominant hand. Therefore, if you want to avoid long lines, you need to make sure that you go left if there’s a fork. Things should go much quicker.

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We can’t stress enough how important regular stretching is on a long-haul flight! Sitting for a long period of time will wreak havoc on your spine, and you want to make sure you get it mobilized as much as possible. Stretching is also great for blood flow.

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This tends to get constricted, especially to your limbs whenever you fly. You should be getting up from your seat every hour for a few minutes, doing some basic stretches in the aisle. Don’t mind the curious onlookers, they will soon join you too if you break the ice.

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Turn On the Alerts on Your Phone

You might be to get a lot of information about an airport from downloading a special app. Applications like Trak-a-Line will indicate that when a security line gets too long. Additionally, you should always have other apps for traffic and more to make sure that you will reach the airport on time. It’s all about making the experience easier.

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Be Polite To Everyone Else

While we have already stressed the importance of being nice to the staff, we also have to mention being kind to the people traveling as well. You might be going through a bad day or might be tired, but you don’t know what’s going on in everyone else’s life. It’s just better to be respectful to your fellow passengers.

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A Beauty Tip: Use a Scarf

We already recommended the use of layers to make sure that you’re never too cold on an airplane, but this is another hack. You want to avoid having horrible hair by the time your flight lands, you can wrap it with a scarf. Many women in older movies did this, and it’s the exact trick. Also, you will look very stylish too.

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Cover Those Dirty Shoes

Make use of a pretty affordable shower cap. This simple hack will keep your dirty luggage together and leave the rest of your luggage pretty clean. Pack the shoes at the bottom of your bag as this will also even out the weight distribution and store them securely. 

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The Travelling Toothbrush 

Unlike those expensive travel toothbrush cases, a water bottle can do the same job for no cost at all. Grab an extra bottle and store your wet toothbrush upright in there. This way you can pop it into your bag easily without worrying that it will wet any of your other goodies.

Image Credit: Reddit / Poor Man's Thread

Keep Yourself Entertained On The Plane

Keeping yourself entertained for several hours on a flight can be challenging, especially when you're on a plane that doesn't have onboard entertainment. We've got you covered. Take your phone, get a sturdy piece of paper and place it between your phone's back cover. Then punch a hole in whatever's left of the paper and hang it in the tray's lock.

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Wet Swimsuit? No Problem

Always carry a few silica bags with you when you travel. It will make your trip much less stressful as there will also be a section for rubbish. They also work well to store any wet clothes or swimming costumes that didn't have enough time to dry, you can thank us later! 

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No More Leaking Products

Do you only have a near-empty bottle of shampoo and need to bring it with on a trip? Well, don't spend any money on the pricey travel-sized containers, simply make use of a sticky square of cling wrap under your kitchen counter. This can be used to cover any liquid openings and prevents leaks and spills!

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Keep Cords Sorted Easily 

Nothing is worse than reaching for your earphones or charger, only to find extreme tangles. Often we can also find it tough to get the cord we want at the bottom of a big bag. This can easily be fixed with one simple hack. Keep all of your electronic cords in a sunglasses case, easy peasy!

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Need A Digital Travel Buddy?

This easy hack will keep you busy all throughout a very long flight. It can be helpful if you are traveling alone and need a digital buddy to keep you company. Simply attach your Ipad, tablet, or phone to the seat in front of you. You'll be sorted with great content for the entire journey! 

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The All-Inclusive Skycouch Of Your Dreams

Tired of limited legroom and struggling to find enough ports for your gadgets? Well, an airline like Air New Zeland now has the perfect "sky couch" for you. With multiple USB slots, a third seat folds out into a comfy bed. It won't feel like you're on an airplane and the best part? The price, it's only 50% of what this first-class treatment would normally cost! 

Image Credit: Pinterest / Tobias Apelgren

Long-haul flying can be daunting, and many of us dread spending such hours on a plane. But there are ways to make your journey more comfortable, and once knowing them, you should apply them without exception. Your flights will soon become painless, and you will start adding even more little hacks to your own trips soon enough. Make it personal, and make it enjoyable!

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