Camping Hacks & Tricks

Sep 08, 2020Brittany

Leaving behind the comforts of city life will always have a few sacrifices, but with some help, you can stay a happy camper. We've gathered tips and tricks that will make your next visit to Mother Nature unforgettable. From ways to make your tent comfier to quick and easy meals, we have the full scoop! 

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The Power Of A Doormat 

Stepping around in the mud is an inevitable hazard of camping. You certainly don't want to take your most-loved pair of heels or loafers! Bringing a doormat along can also help in this regard. Placing the mat outside the tent will prevent any dirt from getting inside your little home. 

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Foil To The Rescue 

If doing dishes is a nightmare at home, it will be an even bigger one on a camping expedition. Foil is the answer to all of your kitchen-camping woes. Invest in a few roles of the aluminum and cover your plates, cups, and utensils in it as this will make cleaning up a walk in the park. 

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Once you've enjoyed your meal and drink, simply peel off the foil and dispose of it in a garbage bag. This is a quick and easy solution to cut down on clean up time. It will also avoid that dreaded question... "Who's doing the dishes tonight?" You can thank us later! 

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An Eggcelent Camping Hack

Most camping lovers enjoy the crisp early sunrise, followed by a satisfying breakfast. What would the most important meal of the day be with some scrambled eggs? Save yourself the inevitable hassle of cracked eggs ruining all of your other dry foods with a simple trick.

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Store your eggs in a water bottle beforehand as this will save you time in the future and spare you the need for a whisk! You also won't be stressing about the state of your fragile eggs. An added bonus to this camping hack is that one bottle can store up to eight eggs

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Change The Atmosphere With A Night-Light 

Camping in the dark and great unknown can be daunting, but not if you make your own night light. This little creation consists of a gallon jug of water and a headlamp. Strap the lamp to the side of the jug with the light facing inward. This will give you the perfect ambient atmosphere.

Image Credit: Youtube / Peace Corp

A bottle that is not 100% clear works best as this gives off a unique effect when the light strikes the water. This DIY gadget is perfect for telling stories inside your tent or next to a campfire. Give this makeshift night light a go the next time you head outdoors! 

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Fireproof Your Camping Trip

Tiny matchboxes never seem to do the trick when you are out camping, and a strong gale force wind is blowing. This trick might come in handy next time. By pasting a sheet of sandpaper to the side of your matchbox, you will have a reliable striking pad when the need arises! You can thank us later.  

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The Magic Of A Tic-Tac Container 

Nobody wants to drag along ten different spice bottles or barbeque seasonings when they go camping. Yet, the need for it does come up, so what can one do? Well, Tic Tac boxes can serve as the perfect small and secure holders for that chicken stock or salt and pepper. They can also hold important pills!  

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Sleep In Foam Heaven

Sleeping on the solid and hard ground is nobody's idea of fun. By placing foam or yoga mats on the floor of your tent, you can keep the cold out and create a much softer landing for yourself and your friends or family. This simple tip will make you get a good night's rest, ready to tackle the adventures that await! 

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Packing Your Pillows Like A Genius 

Camping often requires light packing, and we always find ourselves dragging around an annoying pillow. Maximize your space by stuffing a pillowcase with clothing and soft items like a jersey and a towel. Shape it into your desired form and enjoy this multitasking head support. 

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Stock Up On Dry Milk

Your children will be begging to go camping after you serve them pre-made pancakes out in the bush. The environment will make fluffy treats taste even better as you bask in the natural landscape. There is one key ingredient to this pre-mix that will spare you much frustration.

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That is, of course, dry milk. Why? Well, this means your mix will last longer and also does not require fridge storage. You can simply store it amongst your other dry ingredients and whip it out when the desire for some scrumptious pancakes arises. Make sure to pack a pan and some syrup! 

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Familiarize Yourself With The Fauna and Flora

A few weeks before your camping trip is the perfect time to watch some videos or read some books about the area you plan on visiting. By familiarizing yourself with the natural plants and wildlife, you can easily spot the dangers and the beauty you will encounter on a hike or a day by the river.

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This is a fun activity for kids and adults alike, as nature is full of interesting plants and other exciting creations. This activity can also potentially save your life if you are in danger. If you know what poison ivy looks like, you can avoid it as well as several other natural hazards. 

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Astounding Acorn Advice 

Going on a hike while camping is heaps of fun, but it's also remarkably easy to get lost! Whether the map is outdated or you took a wrong turn, there are countless ways to lose your path. The easy solution lies in a squirrel's favorite treat. Observe your surroundings for acorn trees. 

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There is a good chance of some stray acorns lying around on the ground. This small and seemingly meaningless item can help your friends and family find you! How? Well, the cap can be transformed into a whistle by holding the top and blowing against it. It takes some practice at first, so be patient. 

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A Substitute For Fireflies

Light up your camping area with this special trick. Place glowsticks into bottles and enjoy the illumination and mood setting. This is perfect for romantic trips to the outdoors with a loved one! It also creates the illusion of fireflies and serves as a great light source in the dark. 

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It's All In The Socks 

One thing many campers can agree on is the indescribable feeling of putting on a clean pair of socks after a day in the dirt. It is both mentally and emotionally soothing to have one thing comfy to wear to bed. Be sure you have a pair of socks stashed away for the nighttime!  

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Take A Fluffy Companion

Taking a solitary camping trip has its benefits, but if you are not in the mood for people, considering taking along a trusty companion like Fluffy. A dog can serve as some much-needed company and safety when out in the great unknown. The canines will also love the trip! 

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Waterproof Your Matches

What happens if you drop your bag of essentials in a puddle of water? Turn to wax! Prior to going camping, it would be wise to cover some important items like matches in melted wax. This will waterproof them and ensure nothing stops you from lighting that much-needed fire. 

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Put A Cork In It

Things always seem to grow legs when you go camping. If you have ever lost a car or caravan key, then this tip is for you. Simply attach your key to a wine cork. This will prevent it from sinking to the bottom of the lake as you now have your own key floater for those fun swimming days.  

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Don't Forget The Coffee.

Whether your a city lady or a man from the countryside, everyone enjoys a good cup of coffee and a caffeine boost in the early mornings. This is why it is mandatory to take along this item when you leave for your next outdoor trip... Flasks are a must, and there are no two ways about it! 

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Keep It Clean

Keeping things clean while outdoors is vital. Nobody wants to get sick when they are in the middle of nowhere and thus a station for hand washing in a no brainer. To avoid water wastage, take along a big water tank and bucket to catch runoff water at your sink station

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Use What Nature Gives You

Who needs meat marinade when there's a rosemary bush nearby? Not you! This plant works as the perfect flavoring item and can be placed straight onto the coals and food to give off an amazing smell. Be sure to give the rosemary a good rinse before using it to be safe. 

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When A Garbage Bag Comes In Handy 

Old campers know it's never possible to predict what Mother Nature will do next. One minute can be sunny blue skies, and the next, you are faced with a rainstorm! Be prepared for any weather by placing your clothing and important items in a bag lined with a garbage bag.

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You won't have to hang your clothes by a fire to get dry with this trick. Your bag might be drenched, but your clothing will remain safe and dry, thanks to a single trash bag. This camping hack is also super affordable, as most of us already have garbage bags at home. 

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Two Is Better Than One

If you are on a camping trip with close friends and family, this trick will be perfect for you. Invest in a double sleeping bag as this will change your entire experience. A duo sleeping bag would increase the body heat and keep in some warmth that would not be there if you were in a single sleeping bag. 

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The Magic Of A Corn Chip

Need something to help kindle your fire? You're in luck if you have some corn chips handy. These simple chips work well when helping a fire remain flammable. The best part is that you can use the leftover chips to make some nachos! Protip: Doritos also work for kindling!  

Image Credit: Youtube / 5-Minute Crafts

A Candle A Day Keeps The Bugs Away

The blogger, Hannah Clay Wareham, shared her trick for the perfect mosquito-repelling candles. Simply add together some easy to find ingredients and mosquitoes will be a thing of the past. Mix some soy wax flakes, citronella oil, and lemongrass oil to create the repellent efficiently.  

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No Plate? No Problem

Does anyone need a plate? It's too late to go back home to get one, so its time to get creative. Search through your camping toys and find a Frisbee. After giving it a good wash, this can be used at the perfect substitute for a plate, and you can still play around with it later as well!  

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Always Have An Extra T-Shirt Handy

If you are venturing out on a hike or a long trail walk, it would be advisable to pack a bag full of essential items like water and medical equipment. However, if you forget the latter, then a spare T-shirt can come in handy, especially if you injure your hand or your arm. 

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In a few easy steps, you can turn the shirt into a much-needed aid. Sling your arm through one of the holes and place your head through the other bigger hole. This will allow any arm and hand injuries to be supported until you can seek proper attention and care outside of the camping terrain. 

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Traveling In A Mini-Bus Is A Plus 

If you have the option to travel to your camping spot via a mini-bus, this can certainly work in your favor. Not only can you bring many more friends and family along, but it can help with sleeping arrangements. In almost no time at all, you can convert it into a shelter and sleeping room.

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This is an especially pro tip if you are not a fan of setting up a tent. Making your sleeping headquarters in the back of your mini-bus is simple. Push down the seats, blow up an air mattress and voila, you have a "bedroom" in the back of your van. Adding some curtains to the van is also advisable.  

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Marshmallows Are Always On The Menu

It won't be camping without marshmallows roasted by a fire! Make a list beforehand to ensure you pack in all the needed treats, and don't forget these classic softies. Your children will be begging to make some s'mores around a crackling fire, so be sure to have the ingredients ready to go! 

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Shower Power In The Middle Of Nowhere 

Fancy a good clean out in the wild? Well, with this simple DIY shower, you can make those dreams come true. Gather a big jug, and a garden watering can work for this task. Attach the head of the watering can to a jug that is hoisted up in a tree with some sturdy rope, voila!

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The Perfect Camper's Late Night Treat

Picture this, you're cuddled up next to a big bonfire enjoying the fresh air and fireflies, but you have one craving... Some warm and bubbly Dalgona coffee. Prepack the mixture for this delicious drink, which will give you both the warmth and adrenaline you need to catch that early morning sunrise, which is on its way!  

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It's Not Just A Scrunchie; It's A Safe

Almost every lady is often wearing a scrunchie around her wrist, ready to tie up her hair when needed. This everyday accessory can become your best friend on a camping trip, especially if you are camping with strangers or in a general park open to the public.

Image Credit: Youtube / 5-Minute Crafts

It's not possible to bring a safe or a piggy bank along on camp, but your scrunchie can double up as a safe space if needed. Simply make a small incision in the scrunchie and secure it with a velcro strap. Now you have a safe place for money and valuable jewelry on your wrist at all times! 

Image Credit: Youtube / 5-Minute Crafts

Putting Plastics Straws To Good Use 

Straws may seem like an uncommon item to have in your camping box, but it might just come in handy! Instead of traveling with big jars of cream and ointment for stings, burns, and injuries, make use of a straw. You can store some emergency ointment up the plastic piping.

Image Credit: Pixabay / Hans Braxmeier | For Illustrative Purposes

Once you have loaded the cream into the straw, cover it with some cling wrap. This can be stored compactly in your medic kit, and if the need arises, simply squeeze it out of the straw. This little trick can soothe a bee sting and take little to no preparation beforehand! 

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Feel As Fresh As A Daisy

A thorough shower is not easy to come by when out in the middle of nature. There is a pretty nifty solution to this. It requires a rectangular water jug and a few items like some rope that you will probably have around at home. You can also use this creation to rinse off after a day in the lake!  

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Things To Avoid When Camping 

The adrenaline rush of being in the great outdoors sometimes makes us forget a few basic principals. For starters, campers should never forget how dangerous open fires can be. Wood should never be heaped on but must preferably be added with ease and over time. 

Image Credit: Youtube / IntenseAngler

As much as we all love a big bonfire, it has the potential to get out of hand. Be sure to gather some friends or family members who know how to work with fire. It is also important to have patience with the flames; for example, a good fire takes least a half hour to be ready for roasting.

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Create Your Own Tent In Minutes

If you have a tarp handy, you're practically halfway to a new outdoor shelter. This tarp invention acts as a barrier to bad winds and weather and can be assembled pretty quickly. Use a pair of tie-outs and pitch it in a secure area. It'll be good to go in no time! 

Image Credit: Youtube / Survival Know How

Hoola Hoop Change Room and Shower

Not all camping areas offer changing rooms or built amenities like a shower, but fear not, we have a plan that can save the day! If you need a spot to get changed or take a shower in private, simply use a Hoola hoop. This invention does not require much time and is an easy and fun DIY project. 

Image Credit: Getty Images / Sze Lung Ng | For Illustrative Purposes

String a shower curtain around the Hoola hoop with the plastic rings that come along with the curtain. Then look for a low hanging and secluded tree that you can use to set it up. This simple trick works perfectly, especially if you are on a camp with strangers. 

Image Credit: Getty Images / Hazel Grace Esconde | For Illustrative Purposes

Always Be "Bear" Aware

Running into a bear while camping can turn out to be a nightmarish experience. Perhaps, a surprise visit by a 240-pound bear might remind you that humanity isn't always at the top of the food chain! Though having a bear guest around at a camp spot is quite rare, there are a few ways you could use to keep the big guy away from your campsite.

Image Credit: Youtube / jprocdaddy

Never pack in aromatic foods such as bacon and fish into your tent - raw or cooked, they attract bears. Another trick would be to avoid burying garbage and leftover foodstuff as this could get the big guy near the spot anytime at night. If a pet accompanies you, never forget to keep him leashed since bears never hesitate!

Image Credit: Youtube / jprocdaddy

Finish Off Your Evening With This Magical Hack

Fancy some stargazing to end off your trip in the outdoors? Nothing beats the peace and quiet while you take in the vast expanses of the constellations and starry beauty. There is only one tool that can elevate this experience some more... Your own DIY telescope!

Image Credit: Pixabay / Free Photos | For Illustrative Purposes

This project will require some preparation, so we advise you to make your telescope beforehand. With a few materials and simple steps, you will be admiring the Big Dipper and Orion's Belt with more focus in no time at all. This small provision can create one of your most treasured camping memories! 

Image Credit: Pixabay / Stock Snap | For Illustrative Purposes

Be Your Own Tin Opener 

If you're out in the woods and forgot to bring a tin opener, you have got to try this camping trick. Simply rub the tin on a hard rock surface. This will require some force, so be sure to put muscle into it. After a while, the seal will wear away, and you'll be able to pop open the tin effortlessly! 

Image Credit: Youtube / BuzzFeed Nifty

Make Dirty Shoes A Thing Of The Past 

When camping, you're bound to step in a few puddles and even possibly a swamp! What can you do about those dirty shoes as no one wants to pack them into a nice and dry suitcase? Well, you can simply cover them with a spare plastic shower cap! it's as easy as "one two three!"

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Pills And Spice Make Something Nice 

What do pills and spice have in common? Well, not much except that they can be stored in the same container. You can simply fill up your neatly packed pill holder with some of those essential spices. This saves a lot of space and will make cooking in the wild an absolute pleasure! 

Image Credit: Youtube / BuzzFeed Nifty

The DIY Warm Water Bottle 

Is it a bit nippy outside in Mother Nature? Fill up a few bottles with some warm water and place them in the base of your sleeping bag (be sure to secure the bottle cap very tightly) and enjoy the warmth that will permeate from the bottom of the bag all the way to the top. 

Image Credit: Youtube / BuzzFeed Nifty

You'll Never Be Low On Eating Utensils Again.

Do you need more eating utensils like a plate or a cup? Simply bring out the foil and start molding it onto a plastic plate, bowl, or whatever utensil you are needing. This will serve as a makeshift item to use if the need arises. You can also simply throw it away once you're done! 

Image Credit: Youtube / BuzzFeed Nifty

Put Your Car's Sun Visor To Good Use

This great camping hack will have you warm and toasty in no time at all. Locate your car's sun visor and place it beneath or above your sleeping area. This will not only keep the cold out but will also act as another layer of cushioning for more cozy comfort! 

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A Tin For Troubling Times 

One can never be too prepared when it comes to camping. Whether you are a pro or a rookie, we can always use a nifty little medical kit. Instead of carrying around a big and bulky medic box, make your own. Gather some essentials like a bandage, magnifying glass, and plasters and place them in a small metal tin. 

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Candle Wax 101

Did you know that candle wax has quite a few different uses? This multipurpose item can help you out of a tight spot. For example, if your tent zipper is stuck or jammed, simply run some candle wax over it. This will loosen it up and make your zip run smoothly in a jiffy! 

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The Cooler Box Hack You Need To Try

Nothing beats some fun in the outdoors, paired with a good plate of food. Ease this process by keeping some ready-made meals in a cooler box. How can you ensure this will stay cold? Simply freeze a big jug of water and store it amongst your meats, veggies, and other foods. 

Image Credit: Youtube / BuzzFeed Nifty

The Perfect Potato 

Prepare your potato meal before leaving for camp, as it is one of those items that can chill in your cooler box for a while. Coat it in some oil and salt (or anything you prefer) and cover it with some foil. It will be ready to go in no time when you reach the camping spot. 

Image Credit: Youtube / BuzzFeed Nifty

Why You Should Bring Along Your Shoe Organizer 

Keeping things organized can be tough when you're living out of a small backpack or a car boot. Fix this by bringing along your home shoe organizer. It can double up as a hanging space for a bunch of different items. From your toothpaste to your cutlery, it's a game-changer! 

Image Credit: Youtube / BuzzFeed Nifty

Never Be Stuck In The Dark Again 

As the sun sets, it becomes time to take out the torches to enjoy a night light. But what happens if your batteries go flat? Fear not, you can transform a cooldrink can into a candle holder. A few simple steps are all it takes to create an illuminating light source that can brighten your entire tent. 

Image Credit: Youtube / BuzzFeed Nifty

Make Muffins On A Campfire 

Use hollowed-out oranges to make your own camping muffins. The oranges make the perfect DIY muffin trays and prevent the yummy creations from burning on the open coals. This treat will be the perfect meal for when you wake up and need to gain some energy for a big day of adventure! 

Image Credit: Youtube / TamaraCentral

Command Wraps Can Take Care Of The Finer Details

We always have a handful of small items that seem to be lying around without a purpose. These are also often forgotten at the campsite because they have no storage place. Fix this by using command strips paste ziplock bags to the top of your cooler's lid for all your tiny essentials.

Image Credit: Youtube / Oars

Water And Tape, Your New Best Friends

Campers will always be spotted with a water bottle in hand, be it for those long hikes or for the scorching sun. You can use this to your advantage. Simply wrap duct tape around the base of your plastic bottle. Now you have an extra item with you should an emergency arise.

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Pool Noodles To The Rescue! 

Whether you're traveling in an RV, stopping off at camping sites along the way, or simply setting up a temporary shelter, this hack will be helpful. Cover any protruding metal poles and awning struts with a pool noodle to avoid walking into them as they often blend into their surrounding.  

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Share Your Music With The Great Unknown

There is nothing like singing along to some good tunes next to a crackling campfire. With this DIY speaker, nobody will be straining to listen to the track. A towel holder and two plastic cups will help you hoist your cellphone in the perfect place and allow you to listen with ease. 

Image Credit: Youtube / Loocto Plus

No Microwave? No Problem 

Sitting around a campfire sharing stories is a beloved camping pastime. It goes perfectly with crackling popcorn because it often feels like you're "watching" a live movie right on nature's doorstep. Do not fret if there is not a microwave nearby, simply grab a few popcorn kernels and foil.

Image Credit: Instagram / duco_on_tour

Two sheets of folded foil with the kernels in the middle serve as a popcorn bag. Place this over some hot coals and watch as the popping begins. After two to three minutes, you will have the perfect woodfire popcorn to accompany a night under the stars. 

Image Credit: Instagram / duco_on_tour

Create Your Own Outdoor "Jewelry Box" 

Camping is not the time to show off your sparkly diamonds, but leaving valuables at home is not always something we remember or want to do. You can protect your wedding ring with this simple idea. Cut off a small section of a simple surgical glove or a balloon.

Image Credit: Youtube / 5 Minute Crafts Girly

You can find a glove inside your medic or first aid kit. Roll it onto your finger and let it guard your precious ring from outside hazards. This will also prevent it from falling off in the middle of climbing a mountain. It's not the ideal "jewelry box," but it will get the safekeeping job done! 

Image Credit: Instagram / atfirstdraw | For Illustrative Purposes

Never Lose Your Binocular Buddy Again 

It's a special moment for any camper when they spot something special in the wild. Be it a rare butterfly or a magnificent mountain pass covered in flowers, the outdoors certainly is in a league of its own. However, campers often forget their binoculars back at the tent site.

Image Credit: Instagram / Nicole_in_nature | For Illustrative Purposes

This can be avoided by making yourself a quick harness. Find a pair of sneakers and retrieve the shoelaces if you don't have any rope. Tie a few secure knots and balance the binoculars. Now your trusty second pair of eyes will be hanging safely around your neck when a special moment arises. 

Image Credit: Instagram / Go.ask.mum | For Illustrative Purposes

There's Nothing Duct Tape Can't Fix.

One camping essential that many rookie adventurers forget to bring along is duct tape. The simple hardware item can be put to good use in an array of situations. A hole in your tent? Duct tape. A torn hiking boot? Duct tape. Wind this magical tape around a lighter for easy storage. 

Image Credit: Pixabay / Kerttu | For Illustrative Purposes

Trustworthy DIY Firestarters 

With a few basic home items like twine, a paper egg carton, lint, and wax, you can create your own firestarter for those icy nights at the campsite. This little DIY project is easy to make and offers a starter that will burn for about twenty minutes without any hassle. 

Image Credit: Youtube / Artrospect

Keep Mosquitos Away From You

What's better than sitting outside your tent, watching the sunset, while enjoying a quiet drink? Not a lot. But you know what could definitely ruin this? Mosquitos. Here's a natural repellant you can use next time you go camping: fill a jar with a few slices of lemon and lime, a couple of rosemary sprigs and pour some lavender and cedarwood essential oils. Add a candle floating on the top.

Make A Quick Wood Stove in Nature

Forgot your stove, or you just need to warm a cup of coffee really fast? Here's an idea: get an empty soda can cut a hole in the side and insert some sticks and dry foliage inside and set them on fire. When it's burning, just place your cup over the can.

Image Credits: YouTube / 5-Minute Crafts TEENS

Who Needs Wet Toilet Paper

Let's face it, going to the toilet in the great outdoors can turn out to be a somewhat uncomfortable experience for some, especially when the toilet paper gets soggy. To avoid this from happening, get an empty coffee container, put the toilet paper in it, and hang the container somewhere above ground to keep bugs and water from going in.

Dry Your Shoes With Hot Stones

You are getting your shoe completely wet while hiking, and this can be a very uncomfortable situation. No one likes having wet feet. To dry off your shoe in a few minutes, just boil a few medium-sized stones in pen. When the water is boiling, take them out one by one and put them inside the shoe.

Image Credits: YouTube / 5-Minute Crafts TEENS

Time to Bake Some Eggs

If you have a few baked egg recipes you'd love to try, well, here's your chance. Take a muffin tray with you and put it over your campfire once the wood burned down to embers. Then just add the eggs and whatever else you like to the muffin tin and let it bake over the grill.

Protect Your Feet From Blisters

Just like wet shoes, having blisters on your feet are definitely not a comfortable situation, especially when you're out in the wild. If you don't have any bandaids with you, worry not. Just get some duck tape and cover your feet's most sensitive areas with it before you put on your shoe.

Image Credits: YouTube / 5-Minute Crafts TEENS

Take All Your Spices With You

Camping food doesn't have to be bland or extremely simple all the time, but you also don't need to carry your entire stack of spices to add some flavor to your outdoor meals. Here's a simple way of carrying small portions of your favorite spices when you go camping: just put them into tiny plastic containers and label them.

A Recipe for Annoying Mosquitos

Because mosquitos can be one of the most annoying things while camping, here is another way of getting rid of them. Get a plastic water bottle and cut it in half. In the bottom part mix a handful of brown sugar, a teaspoon of yeast and a cup of hot water. Then turn the top part around, with the mouth hole turned downward. The mosquitos will be attracted to it and get stuck inside.

Image Credits: YouTube / 5-Minute Crafts TEENS

Keep Your Phone From Drowning

So you're finally enjoying the great outdoors, taking in the fresh air and the soothing sounds of nature until suddenly a heavy rain comes pouring down. Do you know what you should save, above anything? Your phone. There's quite a simple hack to protect it: just put it inside a sealed clear plastic bag, and you're good to go.

Get Yourself a Pancake Bottle

So you can't live without your morning pancakes, but you don't want to carry around eggs, milk, and all the other ingredients you usually use? There's an easy solution: make the batter at home before you go on the trip and put it inside an empty squeeze bottle. Your pancakes will be ready in no time.

Get Original With Your Smores

Dying to eat some smores, but you don't have anything to cook them in? Here's a way of doing it in a way you probably never did before. Get a banana peel and fill it with marshmallows, then add some cookie crumbles and chocolate chips. Wrap the banana peel with a piece of tin foil and place it directly over the fire.

Image Credits: YouTube / 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY

Improvise A Cup

When camping, the best thing to do is to use everything we have at hand to make our lives easier. This includes reusing what we would normally call garbage. Next time you end up with the inside of the paper roll, take a plastic bag and stick it inside. It's ready to be used as a cup now.

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Time To Cook Some Perfect Eggs

In addition to the muffin tray hack we mentioned above, there's also another simple and clever trick to cook the perfect breakfast eggs while camping. Get some tin foil and make little ersatz pans out of them. You can cook the eggs in the tin foil directly on the grill.

That Cheese Was Made To Be Grated

You've just cooked some wonderful pasta on your campfire and are dreaming of putting some grated cheese over it. The problem is you brought no grater with you. No worries, all you have to do is improvise! Get an empty can and punch a few holes in the bottom, making sure they're diagonal, and there you go: an instant cheese grater.

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Let's Get The Fire Started

If there's one thing camping has to include, that's a fire. But it can turn into a kind of difficult thing if all the matches become damp. Here's a clever way to help them to stay dry: put them inside a glass jar, then just stick the strike strip to the top of the lid.

Paper Washes Dishes

If you're a fan of traveling light, then you'll probably love this camping hack. Get a sheet of paper and cover it in dishwasher soap. Let it soak and dry. Cut it into little pieces, which you can then use afterward by sticking them inside a sponge and adding some water to produce foam.

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Instant Faucet

Here's a quick and practical way of getting yourself an instant faucet you can use to wash your feet before getting in the tent, for example. Get an empty plastic bottle and punch some holes on the lid. Then just fill it up with water, which will come out as a sort of a small shower through the lid.

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Keep your Camping Organized

Camping doesn't have to necessarily mean clutter and mess. To keep your kitchen utensils accessible and organized, all you have to do is to hang a belt around a tree. Then you take some hooks and hang them on the belt. The pots are then hung on the hooks.

Full Camping Site? No Problem

We can all be thankful for this inventive camping hack, especially if we forgot to book a spot at a site like Joshua Tree. All you need to do is organize a plot of open land, and you're good to go. You'll have your very own private land with acres of the natural desert landscape for enjoyment!  

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Making Tacos From Your Boot

Use the boot of your car as the perfect table to do all of your cooking. Make your family a bunch of happy campers by cooking up some delicious tacos straight from the boot of your car. This is the perfect hack if you are in the middle of nowhere without any of your usual kitchen accessories.  

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The Trick To A Big Cookout In Nature

Did you bring the entire family along for a fun camping trip? Well, before you become overwhelmed by all the mouths you need to feed using a few small pots, fear not! Utilize some cardboard to create your very own Southern Boil! This hack saves you time and effort!

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The Tarp Trick You Need To Know

Tarps are very versatile materials and can help you out of a big storm. Not only do they provide shelter, but if utilized efficiently, they can keep all of your items and clothing dry in bad weather (which is common when camping!). Pick a camping spot that has enough branches for you to use so that your shelter is perfectly secure. 

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Hot Water Bottle Heaven

The item you cannot forget to pack on your next camping trip is, of course, a hot water bottle. No matter the season, it tends to get pretty chilly when camping out in the big unkown. Make sure you are prepared for this by filling up your warm water bottle with some water heated over the fire. Place it into your sleeping bag ten minutes before bedtime! 

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Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life gives us a much needed holiday. To make your next camping trip pure bliss, use these helpful tips and tricks to stay on Mother Nature's good side! Tell us which camping hack you will be making use of? Leave us your comments, and be sure to share this article with your friends and family so they can join in on the fun! 

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