Relatives Arrive To Meet A Baby, But Get A Surprise

Sep 08, 2020Rita Kumar
Image Credits: YouTube/Theresa Slater

The joy of welcoming a little bundle of joy into your family might be exciting and surprising altogether! From knitting cute socks and woolen caps to making some space for the baby, moms-to-be never miss their chance of staying ahead of the rest when they're expecting someone in their arms soon. But when Theresa Slater welcomed her baby, there came another surprise along with the cute munchkin! And her family was drawn to a shocking surprise!

The Joy in Question

Image Credits: YouTube/Theresa Slater

A boy? A girl? Perhaps, this is what most parents who're about to welcome their little joy question each other. And when Theresa Slater's family visited the maternity ward in the hospital, they weren't ready to encounter something that would shock them! Was it a miracle of some kind?

Theresa Slater is the Ultimate Mom-to-Be

Image Credits: YouTube/Theresa Slater

When Theresa Slater learned that she was pregnant with her second baby, she couldn't resist smiling, just as she did with her previous pregnancy. Perhaps, her husband had even brighter plans for their little surprise. Eventually, Theresa and her husband wanted to try something out of the box this time around.

Family Awaits Joy, But Something Else Is On the Way

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Each day for the next nine months, the Slater family's little secret was getting nourished, giving the world a glimpse of who could be hiding in the cove of happiness! Having a baby arrive in the family is always a big piece of news. And the very thought of it stunned each member in the Slater house. Nevertheless, bigger surprises were approaching soon, and none of them knew anything about it!

The Couple Plot a Secret Surprise

Image Credits: YouTube/Theresa Slater

The expecting couple wanted everything about the pregnancy a secret. And that includes their baby's gender! Perhaps, reading all this, you might've concluded that the Slater family welcoming a baby is the surprise after all. But wait! There's something more to their surprise.

Theresa Joins Forces with Her Husband on a Secret Mission

Image Credits: YouTube/Theresa Slater

While everything seemed reasonable with Theresa's pregnancy, the couple seemed to have jumped through a lot of plans to carefully choose their words to maintain a lid on their big reveal. Perhaps, it was something they tried without expecting too much of what was going to happen next.

Their Plan Works Flawlessly Well

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Perhaps, Theresa Slater was carried away when none of her family members knew what was waiting for them. The mission plotted by the Slater couple successfully advanced to the day when it was time for accomplishing their nine-month-old secret surprise. And nothing could stop them from unfolding what they had kept hidden for nine whole months.

Phones Ring in the Slater House to Deliver the Good News

Image Credits: YouTube/Theresa Slater

No sooner than the Slater family members got a call from the hospital, they could hear their heart pounding against their will! It was the day that marked nothing but happiness for having waited patiently to have a soft, delicate munchkin in their arms. And yes, none of them waited longer to rush to the hospital. But when they entered the hospital...

The Big Day Finally Arrives!

Image Credits: YouTube/Theresa Slater

And soon, it was time for the big day—the delivery. When Theresa was admitted in the hospital, she took with her the surprise she had planned along with her husband, all the way to the maternal ward. And pretty soon, there was a tender voice heard crying from her ward. And the family rushes in, only to encounter something strangely surprising!

The Family Waits with Unbound Excitement 

Image Credits: YouTube/Theresa Slater

For those of you who've visited a hospital to pour out your wishes and smiles on a newborn in your family, you might understand what went through the Slater family! The little champ's birth turned out to be a much-anticipated event in their lives, and each of them went rushing to Theresa's ward. Nevertheless, they weren't allowed in immediately, and none of them was able to figure out why.

An Unexpected Shock Awaits the Family

Image Credits: YouTube/Theresa Slater

Soon enough, the Slater family rushed to the ward to visit their little bundle of joy. They knew they had someone new in their family, and nothing could stop them from discussing whether it would be a girl or a boy. Perhaps, this is what the joy of parenting is! And so, their excitement is eventually doubled by what happened next.

Double Trouble Knocks the Family with Joy

Image Credits: YouTube/Theresa Slater

When the curtain drew apart, and the family entered, each of them wore a smile and were expecting happiness and nothing else. As soon as they advanced their paces, they were stunned to welcome not one but two little munchkins, each wrapped in a soft blue baby blanket!

The OMG Moment

Image Credits: YouTube/Theresa Slater

"Oh my God!" was the immediate reaction after the family encountered the cute little double trouble! Theresa Slater was a proud mom of twins, and the joy couldn't be contained in any way among her family members. It was a moment of surprise, and they couldn't have asked for anything better than this moment.

Slater Family Expects the Unexpected

Image Credits: YouTube/Theresa Slater

The ultimate reactions from many members from the Slater family were typically about 'expect the unexpected' sort! It was nothing less than a burst of happiness when they saw two little button-like noses peep through the blue baby blanket. Perhaps, the nine months of secrecy maintained by Theresa and her husband brought more excitement and joy than expected.

Two Little Boys Wrap the Family with Joy

Image Credits: YouTube/Theresa Slater

Theresa Slater welcomed two little boys into her family, which now seemed to be totally on cloud nine! And when more guests started pouring in to visit their new member, they were awestruck when they encountered two little boys send their double-trouble charm to their witness!

The "Did You Know, Two Boys?!" Moment

Image Credits: YouTube/Theresa Slater

While the Slater family never stopped pouring into Theresa's ward to visit their little double trouble, some couldn't contain themselves from spreading the news to the elders of the house. And in no time, there were video calls on their phones, to show a glimpse of the Slater couple's twin surprise!

The Sweet Surprise Worked Wonders

Image Credits: YouTube/Theresa Slater

Perhaps, Theresa Slater and her husband's sweet surprise brought about unexpected joy to the family that expected just one baby! When the members greeted the twins for the first time, they were unaware that they were eventually shouting with joy. The memorable moment was nothing less than a fantasy world filled with happiness and beyond that.

The Slater Family is Now Complete and Smiling!

Image Credits: YouTube/Theresa Slater

The unexpected arrival of the twins doubled the joy of the Slater house! And surprisingly, every guest who visited Theresa Slater in her maternal ward never left without a burst of laughter and joy after seeing her twin boys. Now, the family seems to be a complete nest of joy with their three naughty kids!

Check out their happy moment here!

Parenting is undoubtedly an adventure. In this case, Theresa Slater's twin baby boys made everyone jump in joy, and the secret surprise missioned by their parents seems to have worked flawlessly well! Let us know what you think about this cute story of the double trouble babies. Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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