Identical Triplets Take A DNA Test, But The Unsettling Truth Is Revealed

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The Dahm triplets first took the world by storm when they were still just teenagers. They went from being on the cover of Playboy magazine to make several appearances on primetime television. America couldn't get enough of them, but the public was left stunned after a DNA test revealed an unsettling truth.

Inseparable From Birth

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When they were growing up, the Dahm sisters were inseparable in every aspect. They wore the same clothes, played with the same toys, and even hung around the same people. They were so close that even their parents couldn't tell them apart. To help identify each sister, they came up with an ingenious idea. They decided to mark each triplet with a unique dot on their bottom to differentiate between them.


First Shot at Modeling

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Their friends and family were the first to notice their striking good looks. It wasn't long until they caught the attention of the entire town. At the age of just 16, the Dahm triplets graced the cover of Teen Magazine. The attention they received from modeling agents could've easily convinced them to take their modeling career further. But instead, they chose to stay in school. 

Choosing Their Careers

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The sisters always dreamt of becoming nurses. So after graduating from high school, they enrolled in nursing school at the University of Minnesota to follow their passion. But while they were on campus, they saw a flier for Playboy magazine that would change their lives forever.

Getting The Recognition They Deserve

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The people who worked on the playboy shoot quickly realized the talent that the Dahm triplets had at their disposal. Their natural ability to capture a person's attention persuaded the casting agents to make them the centerfold spread in the Girls of the Big Ten December 1998 Playboy issue. After the success of their shoot, they decided to drop out of nursing school to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Family Feud

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In 1999, they were asked to appear on the show Boy Meets World and played three stunning triplets. They then appeared on Family Feud, where they won $10,000. After Family Feud, the Dahm sisters went on House Wars then followed it up with an appearance on Renovate My Family. It was on the set of that show where the middle sister, Erica, fell in love with Jay McGraw. In 2006, Erica and Jay McGraw got married, and it wasn't long until the rest of the sisters reunited with him too.

The Doctors

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When McGraw was producing The Doctors, he asked the sisters to come onto the show. If you haven't heard of it, The show features a panel of doctors that discuss all things medicine. They often invite celebrities on the show to discuss some of these matters. The Dahm sisters appeared on several episodes, where they were quizzed about their health and life as triplets. The sisters helped boost the show's ratings tremendously.

Triple Pregnancies

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Amazingly, the triplets all got pregnant at the SAME time. And the show's ratings exploded even more after the sisters announced the news. Between 2009 and 2010, the triplets started making more appearances on The Doctors, talking about everything to do with motherhood. Fans couldn't get enough of them, so the show's producers decided to do a little experiment. 

Returning To The Show

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In March 2017, The Doctors knocked on their door again and asked them to come back onto the show. By this time, the sisters had settled into motherhood. But the show producers had come up with an exciting proposal that the sisters couldn't turn down. 

Taking a New Direction

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The Doctors decided to call on journalist Lisa Guerrero to learn more about the Dahm triplets. This new direction was utterly different from any of the episodes that they appeared on in the past. They asked Lisa to dive deeper into the Dahm sisters and learn more about them.

Investigating Their Heritage

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The show decided to investigate the reliability of a home DNA ancestry test. They took DNA samples from all three sisters to learn more about where they come from. This was around the time when the home DNA test started to become extremely popular; this piqued the sisters' interest.

Waiting For The Results

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The doctors wanted to show that the Dahm sisters were more than just identical. They asked 23AndMe to dive into their DNA and find out more about their ancestry. Like everyone else, the triplets assumed that the test results would all be the same. But they were mistaken.

A Big Surprise

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The results from the second test weren't what they expected. Mind you, they are identical triplets, but while their test did show that 99% of their DNA is of European descents, there was a glaring discrepancy. A more detailed look into the findings showed something different. 

A Discrepancy

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The test said that the eldest Dahm sister, Nicole was 18 percent Irish and British, but Erica, the middle sister, was only 16% Irish and British. They then looked at the triplet's French and German heritage and what they found shocked them even more.

Cause For Concern?

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According to the test, Erica and Jaclyn's Scandanavian heritage was precisely 7.4 percent. However, their sister Nicole's test showed that she was 11.4 percent Scandanavian. The sisters and the audience were visibly shocked by the results. But the doctors quickly played down the test's accuracy and said that it was merely for entertainment and shouldn't be taken too seriously. 

Where Are They Now

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They made the point that the DNA test wasn't 100% accurate. While we may have made great strides in genetic testing, the methods we use aren't perfect, but they still give great insight into our ancestry. The Dahm sisters were happy to be a part of the conversation while still spreading important information. 

The sisters had come a long way from when they first started gaining popularity. Today they have all started their own families. There have been a few bumps in the road, but overall they seem to be doing well. The Dahm sisters have built a fortune worth around $13 million, so their future looks bright.

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