'90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After': How the Relationship Between Andrei and The Potthasts Went From Bad To Worse

'90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After': How the Relationship Between Andrei and The Potthasts Went From Bad To Worse

Sep 24, 2020Eric

Things were never good between Andrei and Libby's family, the Potthasts. They were blindsided by the fact that Andrei wasn't open about his past, and that he didn't seem like he had a job or the desire to get one. Even though the couple got married, had a daughter, and seemed to be on the road to being accepted by the family, the Potthasts still had questions for Andrei about him and his past.

Andrei Meets Libby's Brother and Father 

Andrei's visa was approved and so he immediately came to Florida to be with Libby and, to meet her family. Andrei's first meeting was with her father Chuck, and her brother Charlie. The situation was tense, but Libby and Andrei presented a united front. Chuck's main concern was how the couple was going to support themselves and whether they would ever move to Moldova or "Maldova" as Charlie kept saying,

but did her father and brother's disapproval stop Libby from getting married?


Andrei and Libby Tie the Knot 

Despite everyone's reservations, Andrei and Libby went through with their wedding. They were married in 2017 so as not to let Andrei's visa expire. The couple married in Tampa, Florida, which is where Libby and her family are from. But when they got married

the couple was hiding another secret from their family.


After the Wedding 

After Andrei and Libby tied the knot, the couple went through tough times. Andrei was having a hard time finding a job, which only added to the tension in their relationship. The pressure from Libby's family only increased as well, as their fears that Andrei would not be able to support Libby were starting to become real. And then Libby dropped the bomb by announcing that she was pregnant, 

which prompted this shocking reaction from her father. 

"I Just Think That's Irresponsible" 

Chuck was surprised

, shocked even, by the news of Libby's pregnancy. He felt blindsided and was worried that again, the young couple was without work and would still need his financial support. Chuck had even let the couple live in a house he owns, rent-free, but was disappointed that they were not taking care of the house as he had asked. 

Libby found it hard to defend Andrei after he refused to do this.

Andrei Refuses a Job From Libby's Father 

With a baby on the way and no job, Andrei and Libby's bickering got even worse. Andrei tried finding a job on his own with little success. But what angered Libby, even more, was the fact that Andrei refused to accept a job working for her father. Andrei didn't give a reason why, but Libby suspected that it was his pride that kept him from taking the offer. But Chuck wasn't the only member of Libby's family

that Andrei was having trouble with. 

Andrei Has Drama With Libby's Sister 

The one bright spot for the couple after their marriage and during Libby's pregnancy was her baby shower, which her family arranged for her. Andrei was also in attendance but became nervous and anxious when Libby's older sister Jenn showed up. They avoided each other for the entire shower, even though neither of them disclosed what the problem was. Despite their differences

, the family came together because of this special occasion.

The Couple Has a Girl 

In January of 2019, the 

couple welcomed a daughter, Eleanor Louise Castravet

. The couple announced they were pregnant in October of 2018 with an Instagram video. Despite the birth of their first daughter,

the couple still faced a lot of uphill battles. 

Chuck Confronts Andrei About His Future 

After the birth of their daughter everyone, including Libby's family, was happy for the couple, but the question of how Andrei was going to support his new family kept coming up. Chuck even went so far as to confront Andrei about what his plans were. Andrei held his ground and said that he had plans, but that he didn't need to tell Chuck anything, even though Chuck was the one supporting both of them at that point. But that didn't stop Andrei from

making this shocking announcement. 

Another Wedding? 

Andrei kept showing that he is full of surprises. At a birthday party for Libby's dad, Andrei announced unexpectedly that the couple was going to get married again, but this time in Moldova. And who was going to pay for it all? Chuck, of course. Andrei even forced Libby to ask her father for the money to which he grudgingly agreed. But Andrei's demand also made the family

start asking an important question. 

Who Is Andrei, Exactly? 

Andrei arrived suddenly in this family's life. He married their baby daughter and also had a baby with her, but there were still a lot of unanswered questions about this man who had suddenly become a part of their family. And after Andrei announced the couple's second wedding, which he expected Chuck to pay for, the family's suspicions grew, 

so they decided to take this extraordinary step to find out the truth. 

Chuck and Charlie Arrive in Moldova  

When Chuck and Charlie arrived in Chisinau, they came intending to find out more about Andrei and his real story, which seems natural, as they didn't know a lot about him, but their persistence

to find out the truth came at a great cost. 

Charlie and Andrei Have Words 

At a family dinner with Andrei's friends and family, Chuck and Charlie immediately began interrogating Andrei's relatives, asking about what he did before he met Libby and what his career was. They learned that Andrei was a police officer, which came as a surprise. But they kept asking and asking, which pushed Andrei over the edge leading to a near-fight with Charlie in the restaurant.  With the pressure mounting,

Andrei was forced to reveal these details about his past. 

Andrei Tells Libby the Truth 

With things reaching a boiling point, Andrei finally came clean to Libby. He told her that he used to be a detective who was under pressure to do some bad things by his superiors. Andrei said he refused and had to leave the country because his life was in danger. Libby, of course, accepted Andrei's story, but her family was not convinced, and they even went so far as to question Andrei's former partner.

Even though they had plenty of things to be ashamed of. 

The Potthast Family Skeletons 

The Potthasts never miss an opportunity to judge or criticize Andrei for his behavior and his past, even though they also have some shameful secrets. It seems that almost every Potthast has had at least one run-in with the law. Even Chuck, Libby's dad, was arrested for 

failure to pay child support

. Her brother Charlie has two DUIs on his record and sister Jen was arrested for driving without a license. But the family reached a new low

when this happened at Andrei and Libby's wedding.

The Last Straw 

Perhaps he was still sore from the other night, but Charlie had a little too much to drink at the wedding reception and proceeded to embarrass himself and his entire family with his loutish behavior. Even when Libby tried to get him to stop, Charlie continued. The moment, however, did inspire Chuck and Andrei to finally make peace, as Chuck commended Andrei for being the bigger man. 

Who's side are you on in the Andrei vs. the Potthasat debate? Do you think Libby's family is right to question Andrei? Let us know in the comments section below. Their story was maybe one of the more interesting ones in the entire "90 Day Fiancé" canon. It was too hard to take sides. Sometimes Andrei seemed in the right, while other times Libby and her family seemed like the reasonable ones. Whatever team you were on, their story made for great television. The couple has moved back to Florida and has even started a YouTube channel where they post videos on their daily lives. 

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