Crazy Things You'll Only See in New York City

Crazy Things You'll Only See in New York City

Sep 30, 2020Rita Kumar

New York City...! Profoundly known as the—economic capital of the world—also houses tons of mind-boggling attraction in almost everything. From all-day and all-night entertainment to the most alluring spots you've only seen in movies, NYC houses everything beyond imagination. Maybe you've never seen it all, though! The world-favorite vacation spot is #1 when it comes to packing your bags for a dream holiday. Whatever the case is—be prepared to witness things you typically don't get to see otherwise!

Single Stall, Two Pots?

In NYC, certain things you encounter might make you pinch yourself to reality. Sometimes, it needn't necessarily be from your human counterparts all the time! How about making friends with someone here? The twinned toilets here are proof of how the creative side of New Yorkers can turn out to be. If you get a chance to cross paths with this #NYC lavatory, then you might recollect what we just showed you!

Swimming Goggles In A Metro! 

New York's metros tell a unique tale each day! So, if you're in a metro in NYC, don't be shocked if you see someone wearing swimming goggles aboard a train! Sometimes, it's not just about the goggles. Certain people might end up surprising you with their bizarre outfits too! It's just that you got to keep your fingers crossed and keep moving!  

Creepy Encounters  

You might visit NYC for the first time. So, that in itself packs some stunning surprises right from the time you board off your plane to your hotel. For New Yorkers, roadshows and conventions is an everyday thing. But for visitors, spotting something like the creepy baby with that big lollipop might give you the shock of a lifetime. Don't you think that encountering something like this would be a double dose of pure hilariousness?!

The Ultimate Homeless Trap

New York might be the most bustling cities of all time. It has Wall Street. Of course, how can we forget about The World Trade Center Buildings and Times Square! Perhaps, the dazzling American city has infinite reasons that compel you for a hotshot vacation round the year. But that doesn't make the city scarce of homeless people. It's sad, but this is what some of NYC's smarties do to keep such people out of their territory.

Fight For A Seat, Huh?! 

Metros in NYC can be like a dream come true. They're fast, everything is electronic, and the journey might make you feel lavish from all corners. Furthermore, the subway locomotives are super fast too! If you ever happen to board a metro after some sightseeing and movie night out with friends, then don't be too shocked to see someone bring in their plastic chair and take their honorable seat in the metro. It's common here! 

No Time Is Different!

Life isn't the same for all. Perhaps, not all minds think alike, right?! It's not just NYC—it could be any part of the world where you notice some odd people who think differently. Take this New Yorker for an example—both his hands are "watching" over him 24/7...! We only wonder whether these watches show the same or different time zones. Can we put a thinking emoji here, please! 

It's Not Halloween Yet! 

Guess everything funny roots mostly from NYC's metro system! As a visitor, you might pack some excitement and joy over visiting one of the most attractive tourist and business landmarks in the world. However, you're not spared from enjoying a glimpse of the surprises NYC can give you in return. It's not Halloween yet and if you see someone like this, pat your shoulder with a sigh of relief because it's a common thing here!

Beep Beep! Ride Anyone?

You might walk down NYC's lanes carrying your hefty shopping bags and wait for the cab you booked. Then all of a sudden, you might wonder if you're seeing what you're seeing! This man isn't riding a toy bike, but it looks exactly like one, right?! Weird locomotive options always exist across NYC, only to bewilder visitors with a shocking exclamation. Guess his bike has plenty of air conditioning too! 

Sign Me Up! 

Spotting people with the "Tell Me Off" graffiti on cardboards isn't anything new in NYC. Perhaps, the residents of the posh city are used to seeing people holding such placards or seated with one right in front of them. If you're planning for a trip to New York City anytime soon, then be prepared to count the number of times you'd encounter the typical "Tell Me Off" because you can expect many here. 

Don't Forget To Lock Your Bike! 

You can never leave anything unlocked in NYC just because it's "NYC!" If you but knew, bikes vanish when they're not chained and locked in almost every part of the world. And New York is no exception. It might be the most lavish city in all of the United States, but that hasn't spared its people from losing their unlocked bikes. If you're planning to take a bike ride in New York, remember to carry a lock too! We wonder who took everything else off the bike leaving behind the locked tire!

Stuffed Art

Finding crazy things on NYC's busy lanes might be new to visitors, but for fellow New Yorkers, it's part of their everyday life. What does this picture remind you of? Imagine you're in NYC and spot something like this—but make sure you're feeding real pigeons. Surprisingly, some artistic minds unleash their creativity through artificial stuffed art like this! However, kudos to whoever came up with such mind-blowing creativity along with the warning!

Welcome To NYC Beach Road! 

Guess someone has tried surfing here but couldn't find the perfect wave yet! Before you pack your bags for the trip, you got to know that the hydrants in NYC are not motionless all the time. Though the hydrants remain wherever they're planted, it's the water that mostly seeps out and onto the busy streets. And by the time they're fixed, most of the street is already flooded!

It's More Common Here! 

How crazy are you about DC comic characters? Do you remember growing up watching or reading Batman, Spiderman, and Superman's stunning action-adventure? But in NYC, you can meet them in person! Though they're not the real DC superheroes, spotting people wearing comic character costumes is so common in NYC. Perhaps, you can even cross paths with such fancy minds in a metro, like how this lady did!

New York From Behind!

Irrespective of the situation, New Yorkers always have infinite ideas to offer the world. It's a situation where we're battling against fate and wearing masks is a must nowadays. However, this New Yorker has taken things to a new level and has found a way to show the world what "staying behind the mask" means! In NYC, you might get a chance to cross paths with numerous creative minds, and this man is just another bespoke example!

It's Common Than You Think

What would you do if you spot someone under your seat while you're on a train? You would take a moment to either move from the spot or at least see if the person is fine, right? But in NYC, things are quite different. People here don't bother much about who's lying where, even if it's under their seat on a train. They strictly follow the "mind your own business" protocol. So, if you find someone under your seat, you know what to do when you're in NYC!

Don't Be Surprised! 

NYC residents always come up with a strange idea for almost everything. That makes sense why this billboard was paneled in the parking lot! Not just your place or ours, even the world's lavish economic capital faces everyday traffic problems and parking tension. Furthermore, billboards like this only remind people how tedious parking issues can get if you're not on time to push through your vehicle in the lot! Are you still thinking of driving in NYC now?!

Sometimes, You Get To See A Lot Of Things, Including This! 

Don't those mini karts resemble something plucked from Mario? In NYC, it's never a "NO" to reviving the craze for video games, and that makes sense why these two men are typically riding these two mini karts! Perhaps, they're right—It happens only in NYC! Sometimes, you might even grab a glimpse of video game maniacs replicate weird ideas, including the costumes! 

Beware Of Nightcrawlers!  

No, don't move your eyeballs to the left or to the right to see what's wrong here! Instead, just focus on the man in the box! Your read that right—the man in the "box!" Now he's not a teen. Neither is he playing a do-or-dare game with his friends. He's alone, and shockingly, he's old. So, if you're asking why he's wearing that box, we're not sure why! However, in NYC, you can expect strange encounters with such "nightcrawlers!" 

Panda Parade Still Exists! 

How about walking on a busy NYC street and thronged by a troop of panda bears? As you can see, almost everything is possible in NYC, so why not marching pandas?! But contrary to the real cute pandas on all fours, you might get a chance to see two-legged pandas on the busy streets. And these are just men in panda costumes and guess they're part of some street show!

Rest apart, the economic capital is always going to map some unforgettable memories for its visitors. Guess NYC is all yours if you're ready to embrace these crazy things scattered all over the busy city! Have you been to NYC already? Tell us about the other strange things you saw there. Share your thoughts with us. But before that, please don't forget to click the "Share" button! 

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