Woman Lives 40 Years With Her Husband, Then FBI Tells Her Who He Really Is

Imagine one day you are having breakfast in your kitchen only to have federal agents storm your house to arrest your husband. Sounds incredible, doesn't it? But that's exactly what happened to Cheryl Love in 2015 when the FBI came knocking and told her the man she was married to for 40 years was someone else entirely. Not only was Bobby Love, Cheryl's husband, using a fake name, but he was also hiding a secret from his past that only came to light that morning. 

Who Is Bobby Love? 

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Cheryl Love knew her husband of forty years as a generous and kind-hearted person. They went to church regularly and Bobby even coached kids in Little League. But everything that she knew about her husband changed in an instant when the authorities came to their Brooklyn home in the winter of 2015, because of this unbelievable reason

Were There Signs?  

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To her knowledge, Cheryl's husband, Bobby Love didn't even have a criminal record. They married in 1984 after meeting at the hospital they both attended, but Bobby had never mentioned anything about his past. Cheryl only knew that her husband was a good provider for their four kids, but she did notice a few odd things about him during their 40-year marriage. 

No Pictures, Please 

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Even though everything about Bobby seemed normal, there were a few things that Cheryl noticed about her husband that seemed strange. Things like the fact that he never liked to be photographed or to appear in pictures. But there was something else that Cheryl said seemed strange about Bobby

Someone Is Always Watching 

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Cheryl also realized - only after the FBI took her husband away - that Bobby always felt like someone was watching him. He also thought that people were looking at him, which made Cheryl think that he was vain, but not what the authorities later said what he was. Apart from those qualities, Cheryl had always thought that this was Bobby's worst and most suspicious quality. 


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The thing that most bothered Cheryl about Bobby's personality was his inability to open up or share things about himself with her. Cheryl always felt like Bobby didn't have anything to say, even when they were arguing, Bobby would just shut down. But Cheryl couldn't ignore that there were things about Bobby that she admired as well

A Dedicated Family Man 

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Even though Cheryl had misgivings about Bobby's lack of strong emotions, she couldn't deny that Bobby took care of his family. She says that Bobby "was a provider" and that he even worked two or three jobs to support his family, which included four children. But apart from financial support, Bobby also showed his love for his family this way. 

An Attentive Father 

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Bobby not only worked hard to support his growing family, but he was also a very attentive father. Cheryl says, with a certain amount of pride, that Bobby would take over household responsibilities along with working two or three jobs. He would cook and clean, but he would also spend a lot of time with his kids, so what was it that brought the FBI to this couple's home

The Past Catches Up With Bobby 

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A few weeks before the cops and FBI came to their door, Cheryl remembers that she was near her breaking point when it came to Bobby's evasiveness and lack of communication. Cheryl was so despondent that she took this extraordinary step

Cheryl Asks For Patience 

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It was in December of 2014, only a month before the truth finally came out, that Cheryl went to church to ask God to "change her husband's heart". Despite all his good qualities as a husband and a father, Cheryl still felt there was a piece missing, little did she know that, in a way, her prayers would finally be answered

The Truth Comes Out 

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After years of putting up with Bobby's closed-off personality, he was finally forced to open up, when the authorities knocked on their door that January morning and arrested him. Cheryl had no idea what was going on. She thought the police had the wrong man until the police told her that Bobby Love was, in fact, Walter Miller from Raleigh, North Carolina, but that was only the beginning of the story

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle 

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Bobby, or Walter, was forced to reveal to his wife of 40 years that he was an escaped convict from North Carolina. The cops had finally tracked him down after he had successfully escaped from prison in the 1970s and started his new life. Cheryl was in shock. As she describes it, "my world came crashing down", especially after this happened

The Cops Take Bobby Away 

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That day Bobby was forced to reveal his criminal past to his wife and family. After being on the run for almost 30 years, even the cops remarked to Bobby aka Walter Miller, "you've had a good run". They promptly arrested Bobby aka Walter and they were kind enough not to arrest him in front of his kids. After the cops left with Bobby, Cheryl was unsure of what to do, so she started doing this in hopes of freeing her husband.

Cheryl Starts Spreading the Word 

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When the cops took Bobby away, they took him to jail to await extradition back to North Carolina where he was from. Bobby aka Walter Miller was a convicted criminal who was supposed to be serving a 30-year sentence in prison. Cheryl decided that she needed to start writing letters to important people to convince the authorities that Bobby was a good man and had changed his ways, but did her letter-writing campaign succeed?  

Bobby Goes Back to Prison 

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Despite her letter-writing campaign, Bobby was sent back to North Carolina to serve a one-year sentence for escaping in 1977. But Cheryl stuck by her man, whatever his name was, and went to visit him in jail. They even spoke on the phone, which is when Bobby apologized to Cheryl for the embarrassment his arrest caused her, to which Cheryl responded in this amazing way

We Are The Loves 

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When Cheryl visited Bobby in prison, she asked him what his name was, and he replied, "We are the Loves". Fortunately, Bobby only served a year in prison, after which he was paroled. He returned to New York City and Cheryl and legally changed his name to Bobby Love, leaving behind Walter Miller forever.

What were some of the most unbelievable parts of Bobby and Cheryl's story? Would you forgive someone after they kept such a secret for such a long time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Bobby Love has been both lucky and unlucky in life, just like the rest of us. His escape, although illegal, produced an entirely new person, as well as a whole new marriage and family. He didn't escape to commit more crimes, but to correct the mistakes of the past, and although the past caught with him, he proved to himself and everyone else who he really is. 

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