Which Dog To Choose For A Small Apartment

Which Dog To Choose For A Small Apartment

Oct 07, 2020Ionut

If you're thinking about getting a dog for your small apartment, there are better and worse options when it comes to both yours, and more importantly, the dog's comfort. And it's not only about size. You should also consider the dog’s activity levels, noisiness, and even social tendencies. 

Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu dog is generally considered a great family pet, as it can quickly get comfortable with new people, and connect with other dogs as well. It is a very independent and confident breed, but still loves very much the company of its owners, even if it means staying inside all day. 

Yorkshire Terrier

If you're looking for a small and affectionate dog, then let us tell you more about the lovely Yorkshire terrier. This breed is known for being very low-maintenance as they don't need a lot of grooming or exercise time. They'll be really happy if they can just rest on your lap and shower you with love. 

Japanese Spitz

This little bundle of joy has many fans all over the world. The Japanese Spitz is friendly, adaptable, and full of energy. Their size varies from small to medium, which makes them a great fit for apartment living. Because of their thick mane, they should be brushed at least twice a week, but it's totally worth it. 


Pugs are awesome dogs If you just want to spend your time chilling on the couch with them. They don't require much space overall and relaxing in your flat is pretty much their favorite activity. Pugs are great pets for an apartment. They're smart, social, easy to maintain, friendly, and quickly get used to almost any environment you place them in. 


If you're looking for a loving and active dog, a Pomeranian one could be perfect for you. Their small size makes them fit great in small apartments, and even though it's quite fluffy, it hardly sheds hair around them, but you should brush it often though. And if you want to train it, you can do so easily, as they are very smart. 

West Highland Terrier

Terriers appear to be a very popular choice for city dwellers. The reason why the West Highland Terrier is among these choices is that they have a pleasant temperament and are also very good lapdogs. This dog breed is great for apartment living and only needs about an hour of exercise every day. 


Poodles are some of the most popular breeds and there is a good reason for that. It's one of the most intelligent dogs you can find. You can teach them new tricks and have a lot of good fun with them. And the thing about Poodles is that they naturally have a very loving nature. 


Beagles are famous for having a great sense of smell but they are actually one of the most stubborn and difficult dogs to train, although quite smart. They have a gentle temperament though which makes them very lazy guard dogs but are great for families with kids and small living spaces.

Sealyham Terrier

The classic Sealyham Terrier, also known as the Welsh Border Terrier, displays a lush wavy coat that comes in various colors. They can get to approximately 24 pounds, so they're not too big. This breed is great for people who enjoy their sofa time as these dogs don't need so much exercise time.

Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is the purest form you can find the Greyhound. This dog is full of energy, it's slender and quite muscular. The Greyhound's curved back appearance gives it a royal image to the looker, and despite being known as racing hounds, they're quite the lazy breed. 

English Bulldog

The well-known English Bulldog makes a great pet and everyone knows that despite their bulky appearance, they are actually a docile dog, and they're also very loyal to their human. Bulldogs are quite lazy, so be sure to take it for a walk once in a while, and watch its diet carefully. 


This one is quite a unique breed, so you'll be really lucky to find a dog belonging to it nearby. The Biewer is one of the smallest dogs, but its heart is loving and enormous. Biewers are known for being very tender, intelligent, and playful. And they typically live up to 14 years, so you can enjoy many years together.

Maltese Shih Tzu

A genuine cuddly fluffy dog that is one of the most protective dogs on this list, and maybe in the world. Maltese Shih Tzus can live up to 20 years old, and they love to make a lot of noise, which might become a problem in an apartment space. 


Papillons are small, easy to bathe and carry. So small that they can fit in a purse. Papillons are also very intelligent, so you'll have no issue training them. And they're quite fun and entertaining, to the point of being silly. This dog can be a little possessive with their owners though, so having other pets around might be a problem. 

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russells are very independent and an active and smart breed that makes the perfect family dog and the perfect companion for a small apartment. This kind of terrier grows to around 35cm tall and likes to be kept busy both mentally and physically. So you'll need to make time for its exercise once in a while. 

Alaskan Klee Kai

If you love huskies but don't quite have space for a medium-sized dog, then this dog might be for you. The Alaskan Klee Kai looks just like a husky, but will only weigh up to 15 pounds when it reaches maturity. It makes for a great companion and a great choice for smaller living spaces. 


With the tiny size of a Yorkshire terrier and the intelligence of a miniature poodle, this playful, mixed-breed dog makes for a great dog for families. One of the reasons, besides being super cute and awesome is that the Yorkipoo is hypoallergenic.

So which dog are you going to choose for your small flat? We know it's a difficult choice considering how cute and lovely they all are, but you need to decide which of these fluffy friends adapts better to your style and what you want in a puppy. Let us know in the comment section and check our website for more content like this!

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