Grey's Anatomy in 2020: The Cast Welcomes Newborns And Ends Marriages

Grey's Anatomy in 2020: The Cast Welcomes Newborns And Ends Marriages

Oct 08, 2020Zhenia Lis

Spending 15 years together in ABC's medical drama meant becoming closer with castmates, even to the point of meeting their real-life partners. Which Grey’s Anatomy actor was nearly fired for their extra-marital activities? Who met their real-life spouses on set? And why is Caterina Scorsone divorcing her husband after welcoming a third daughter? Take a look at the cast's real-life relationships!


She may play a larger than life surgeon who has no trouble speaking her mind or dishing out truth bombs, but this actress is actually incredibly private. Despite being with the same man for over three decades, we don’t know anything about her significant other. Seriously; she’s never publicly confirmed that they are married.

In addition, we don’t even know her partner’s name! All we know is that the actress shares three kids with the mysterious Mr. Wilson – Sarina, Joylin, and their son, Christopher. Interestingly, her eldest daughter was diagnosed with a rare disorder that had her mom and doctors baffled until they made the diagnosis.

Inspired by this, Wilson pitched an idea for a Grey’s episode featuring the disorder, which you can see in season nine. But is it possible we can expect another addition to the Wilson family? In the sixteenth season, Miranda Bailey discovers that she’s pregnant. 

With other Grey’s actresses hiding their own baby bumps (keep watching for those details!), fans couldn’t help but ask if Chandra was really pregnant. The answer? We have no idea. The actress hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumors, and without any social media accounts to stalk, it’s likely we won’t know until Wilson dishes the deets.


He might have joined the Grey’s cast as a love interest for Cristian Yang, but since then, the trauma surgeon has had love affairs with Amelia Shepherd, as well as with his long-time friend and baby momma, Teddy. But off-screen, the actor’s love life hasn’t been a piece of cake, either.

In fact, his first marriage to Jane Parker started to unravel in 2015, after seventeen years and two children together. Though the couple was separated at the time, their divorce was only finalized in 2017. That’s probably why, when McKidd was spotted in 2016 getting cozy with a woman who was definitely not his wife, fans weren’t impressed.

At the time, his extra-marital activities almost seriously jeopardized his role on Grey’s Anatomy. However, the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, decided against firing the Scottish actor to give him a chance to prove himself onscreen. I guess he’s pretty lucky he’s such a good actor, or he would have gotten the boot!

Since then, the actor seems to have found love again with his new wife, Arielle Goldrath. McKidd married the private chef in 2018, in a ceremony in which he wore a kilt, and she sported a baby bump. A month after the nuptials, they welcomed their first child together, Aiden. And in July last year, the couple announced the arrival of their second child, daughter Nava James. 

But when he’s not on set saving lives, or changing nappies off-screen, McKidd is being a different kind of hero through his other talent – singing. The Scot actually wrote and recorded the Grey’s finale song, ‘Leave a Light on’ with his former band, Speyside Sessions. The proceeds from the music will go to a fundraiser for COVID relief efforts. 


Bailey wasn’t the only doctor to find out she’s pregnant on Greys! Amelia also welcomed a baby with fellow doctor Link. Despite her troubled background with babies, we’re sure she’s going to be an amazing mom! 

Caterina Scorsone was already a mom of two daughters, 3-year-old Paloma and eight-year-old Eliza, and her on-screen baby bump was a clever cover for her third pregnancy! In January this year, she and her husband, singer-songwriter Rob Giles, announced the arrival of their third daughter.

Though she was originally named Arwen (like the Lord of the Rings character), Scorsone announced in April that she and her hubby decided to call the baby Lucinda (or Lucky) instead. Sadly, in May this year, just five months after the birth, Scorsone and her husband filed for divorce. The announcement came one month ahead of their 11th wedding anniversary.

Though details on the split are limited, Scorsone apparently filed for the divorce due to irreconcilable differences. According to a statement released to Refinery29, they are officially separated, and “they remain friends and are committed to co-parenting their children in a spirit of love.” Hopefully, it won’t be too upsetting a process for the children.


He may not be McDreamy, but DeLuca is definitely eye candy, and as of last year, he’s no longer on the market! In April 2019, the actor tied the knot with makeup artist Nichole Gustafson. The two said their I do’s at a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Rome, after two years of dating. The lovebirds met in Italy, on a cover shoot for an Italian magazine.

She was the beautiful makeup artist and the only non-Italian at the shoot, and he fell for her immediately. In an interview with Hello Magazine, he admitted: “We met on set that day and never looked back.” And the wedding itself was every bit as glamorous as the couple, featuring a costume change for the bride and groom and a sparkler send-off early the next morning.

So what’s next for these two? While it doesn’t seem that the couple has any plans to start a family, we’re kinda hoping that they’re using their rescue dog Jazz for practice. They would certainly make amazing parents that's for sure! 


Like his on-screen role, Jesse Williams is a divorcee. In 2017, he divorced his wife of five years, Aryn Drake-Lee, with whom he has two children. In an interview with People Magazine, Drake-Lee explained that the marriage fell apart for several reasons, and notably because the family moved from New York to California for Williams’ career.

The couple also had a very drawn-out custody battle in which Drake-Lee wanted sole custody, and Williams fought for joint custody. Thankfully, a judge ruled that the parents would have shared custody. Williams’ love life has featured prominently in the media.

Shortly after his divorce, when the actor was once again single and ready to mingle, the Internet was obsessed with who the star was dating. From rumors that he and co-star Sarah Drew were an item in 2018 (spoiler: they’re genuinely just friends), to speculation about his short-lived relationship with Minka Kelly, it’s no wonder he’s been so hesitant to actually speak out.

The actor is currently dating actress and dancer, Taylour Paige, who he met when she landed a small guest role in Grey’s Anatomy in 2016. They first made their relationship public early in 2019, when they appeared together at a red-carpet event. Paige is known for her role as Ahsha Hayes in Hit the Floor, and we’re wondering if her next role will be as Mrs. Jesse Williams.


Alex Karev may have abandoned Jo in Grey’s Anatomy, but actress Camilla Luddington has no such concerns about her own husband, actor Matthew Alan, who appeared on the show in 2017 as a patient’s father.

The same year, the couple welcomed their daughter Hayden to the world, and Alan proposed to Camilla on New Year’s Eve 2018. The actress admitted on Instagram that "I’m not sure I even let Matt get through his proposal before I started yelling YES YES YES!! Of course it was a yes!"

In 2019, they married on the beach in California, and she walked down the aisle to a song by The Temper Trap (as an ode to their first date in 2008, in which the couple went to a Temper Trap concert).

Thereafter, the couple once again took to social media to announce Luddington’s second pregnancy, and man did they do it in style. With the help of a literal Disney Princess, the actress broke the news that Hayden would be getting a sibling. And last month, the happy mother and her husband welcomed their son, Lucas.

The actress explained that she spent her time isolating during the pandemic to prepare for the baby’s arrival, and added "Once I hit 37 weeks, I was willing him to come. Our bubble feels complete now that he's here." Of course, with the pandemic, the birth was far more stressful than her first, and Wilson admitted to People that she had concerns.


The chief of cardio may have had some relationships up and downs on-screen (including twice dating the same guy as her sister…. Awkward) but this actually allowed her to meet her real-life husband, Pete Chatmon. In case you’re wondering how that’s possible, allow us to explain: Chatmon is one of the show’s directors!

After meeting Chatmon on the set while filming in 2017, the two decided to keep their relationship under wraps. That was until they got engaged when McCreary finally admitted she was seeing someone on social media! In May last year, the two tied the knot in a beachfront wedding, and they both posted several pictures and videos of the day.

They’ve gone back to being pretty tight-lipped about their relationship since then. However, we do know that she's a dog mom and that the first year of marriage has treated her pretty well, so we’re hoping for many more!


She may have left Grey’s in season 14, but this actress’s love story is too sweet not to mention! Despite the rumors that Drew may have had an off-screen involvement with Jesse Williams in 2018, the actress has been happily married to UCLA lecturer Peter Lanfer since 2002. 

The two met when they were camp leaders in their teens. But that didn’t stop the future lecturer from wooing her like it was the 1800s. In an interview with Livingly, she recalls that "He pursued me with handwritten letters for like eight months.

It was incredibly romantic and old fashioned. I fell in love with him through the letters." And not only did this tactic get him the girl (and later the wife and two kids), but it was also the inspiration for one of Drew’s acting projects.

Drew appeared in Lifetime’s 2018 holiday flick, Christmas Pen Pals, as the founder of a dating app who meets her future beau through being his pen pal in the town’s Christmas Cupid event. Of course, this was inspired by her own relationship, because as she says:

"There's something really profound about communicating that way because it takes time. There’s no instant gratification.” 


As the titular character of the hit medical drama, Meredith Grey’s love life with all its ups and down has been carefully documented for years. But offscreen, the actress behind the longest-running medical drama in history has only ever had one love story, and it’s a great one!

After meeting music producer Chris Ivery in a grocery store in 2003, the two became good friends before they started dating six months later. In 2007, they got hitched at a secret ceremony at New York City Hall, because – as the actress recalls “At that point, I was really dying for privacy”. Thankfully, she got it.

Since then, the couple has had three children, Stella, Sienna, and Eli, and have always been each other’s biggest fans. Despite Ivery not watching Grey’s Anatomy regularly (I mean, who would want to see their wife hooking up with a bunch of good-looking doctors?), he has always been supportive of his wife’s career and has no problem with the demand of her work.

In an interview with Queen Latifah, Pompeo admitted that “My husband is a fantastic guy, and very, very secure. I think that’s probably why I’m so into him — because he’s got so much swag. He’s just so secure that nothing shakes him." 

So what is this couple’s secret to success? Quality time. The actress explains that: We go out to dinner sometimes, but date nights really kind of happen inside at home. And actually, we both go to bed pretty early, so we do a lot of lunch dates, too.”

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