The Boys Cast: Now We Know Who Is Single, Married, And Deeply In Love

Oct 19, 2020Zhenia Lis

The Boys Season 2 was super-intense! But how intense is the real life of The Boys cast? What’s the super-cute love story Jack Quaid shares with his long-term girlfriend? Why did Aya Cash go to a couples therapist even before (!) she got married? Let’s get down to this!

The Boys cast


In real life, the actor is a far cry from the bloody character he plays on The Boys. Karl Urban is a Comic-Con legend, as he has starred in many comic book-related movies. But that’s not the reason why he pursued the role of Butcher. Urban’s interest was in the character itself and the story.

Karl Urban / Photo:Getty Images

“When it came to 'The Boys', it was clear to me that it was a well-written piece of material. I really responded to Billy Butcher and his ability to just make others around him do what he wanted them to do." shared the actor.

So he jumped at the opportunity and never regretted it. However, he was happy when the shooting of season two wrapped up. It meant that he could leave Toronto, where the series is filmed, and head back to his home. Amazingly, despite a steady career in Hollywood, Karl Urban still resides in his native New Zealand.

It turns out, he made this choice when his children were very young, as he felt it would be more beneficial for them to be near their grandparents and a support network of friends and family. The actor shares two sons, Hunter, who is now almost twenty, and Indiana, who is fifteen, with his ex-wife Natalie Wihongi. 

The couple met on the set of The Privateers, where Natalie was a make-up artist. They tied the knot in 2004, but their marriage came to an end ten years later. Soon after, Karl started dating actress Katee Sackhoff, best known for her role as Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica.

Katee Sackhoff and Karl Urban / Photo:Getty Images

They seemed to have a good bond, and even met each other’s families. Unfortunately, they eventually split sometime in 2018. Since then, Urban has not been spotted in public with anyone.

Karl Urban / Photo:Getty Images


This actor has got a really (!) long list of relationships, both short term, and long term. Among his famous ex-girlfriends are Ashley Greene and Carrie Underwood – just to name a few. His last known relationship was with his co-star from the series Blood & Oil – Rebecca Rittenhouse. 

Chace Crawford and Rebecca Rittenhouse / Poto:Getty Images

The two got together in 2015 and had great chemistry on set. But speaking to Us Weekly at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival, Chace confirmed he is single and admitted that he's been “dating around a little bit”. He even provided some intel on how to win him over, which will only take “some Knicks tickets and a pizza!

Chace and Rebecca definitely seem to have remained friends though, as they still follow each other on social media. And this spring they were spotted taking Crawford’s dog Shiner for a walk near his Los Feliz home in California. Chace Crawford is a proud uncle to three cute boys – his younger sister Candice and former NFL player Antonio Romo's sons.


Jack’s on-screen love interest is much more secretive than he is when it comes to her private life. Naturally, as Erin’s career skyrocketed after The Boys premiere, fans are curious about her dating history. But the actress claims that she’s “a total introvert”, and would rather hang out with her dog than most humans. 

Erin Moriarty / Photo:Getty Images

And although she’s quite active on social media, Erin’s Instagram pictures are dedicated mostly to her work rather than her private life, except for some photos with her friends and family. However, Moriarty is rumored to have dated actor and dancer, Jacob Artist. Back in 2013 Erin posted lots of pictures of them both, and captured one of them “partner in crime”.

A year later the pair reportedly split up, but none of those rumors were ever confirmed, and in 2017 they were hanging out again at a photobooth in Soho House! So we assume that Erin Moriarty and Jacob Artist are just good friends, and the Starlight actress is currently single.


Surprisingly, before landing the role on The Boys, Jack was unaware that it was a comic book series. The script was amazing, but he thought it was all Eric Kripke, the showrunner's idea! However, once he learnt about the comics, they immediately became his Bible for the show.

Jack Quaid / Photo:Getty Images

Being the son of two Hollywood stars – Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid – Jack has always been determined to forge his own path. Although Jack’s parents were never against the idea of him becoming an actor, Quaid didn’t want to use his privilege to climb the showbiz ladder. He even thought of changing his name at one point!

Meg Ryan and her son Jack Quaid / Getty Images

But, as we can see, Jack succeeded in making a name for himself as an actor with films like The Hunger Games and series like Vinyl and especially The Boys. In his off-screen life Jack Quaid is equally successful: he and his girlfriend Lizzy McGroder have been together since 2016.

The two have a quirky meet-cute story. Jack was getting drinks with friends at a bar in Hollywood when Lizzy started yelling nonsense at him. “All of a sudden, from across the bar, I just hear, ‘Hey! You! Get over here. You’re late. Mom’s going to cancel the trip to Mexico,’” the actor recalls.

Jack Quaid / Photo:Getty Images

As it turned out, McGroder was a member of one of the most storied improv companies. And Quaid, who has had improv training as well, just rolled with it! 

Jack’s girlfriend is a versatile person: she’s not only a comedian and a screenwriter but also a model, who does high fashion and editorial work. Jack definitely supports her in any way he can – whether it’s a fashion photoshoot, a video short or goofy social media posts! 


The newest addition to the series, Aya Cash is a married woman. This year she and her husband, director, producer, and writer Josh Alexander, celebrated 15 years since they met and 8 years since they got married. As the actress revealed, when they first met, she worked as a waitress and Josh left her a tip - and his email address! 

And although in the beginning, she made it clear that she was just looking for a little fun without commitment, it was “more fun” to commit to him. And after all these years Josh is still the best person she’s ever known. However, their marriage has had its ups and downs.

Aya Cash and her husband Josh Alexander / Photo:Getty Images

The couple even went to couples therapy several times. The first time happened right before Aya and Josh decided to get married because they wanted to figure out if that was what they really wanted. Aya’s parents ‘had five marriages between them’, so she thought it was crazy to commit to somebody.

"But my husband said this great thing to me," - the actress revealed in an interview with Glamour. - "Look, even if we don't make it, I would have wanted to have that experience with you, so let's have the experience of getting married and being married.'”

Aya Cash and her husband are both very realistic and consider going to therapy a great way to get to the root of any disagreements before they actually happen. And considering how long they've been together – it looks like their strategy definitely works!


This former member of the Seven was only present in a couple of episodes of the second season, but there’s a fan theory that we will see him again. As a longtime superhero and comic book fan, Ashmore was eager to be involved with The Boys after watching Season One.

Shawn Ashmore / Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0 /

In fact, he auditioned for several (!) characters on the show! But when Lamplighter came up, he thought it would be cool to play a superhero that's completely opposite of the character he’s best known for – Iceman from the X-Men franchise.

In real life, Shawn Ashmore is married to Dana Renee Wasdin. The couple met in 2010 on the set of the thriller ‘Frozen’ where she was an assistant director. They tied the knot two years later:

“I just got down on my knee on the couch in our living room and just proposed and she was shocked and she obviously said yes and it was amazing,” shared Ashmore.

Their son Oliver is now three years old, and both Dana and Shawn’s Instagram feeds are full of his adorable pictures.


The Irish actress is very protective of her private life. She avoids publicity as much as she can, and doesn’t even attend most of The Boys-related panels and group interviews. Dominique doesn’t have any social media accounts, but not because she’s totally against it.

Dominique McElligott / Photo:Getty Images

“I’m old school,” – explained the actress. – “I don’t want the audience to have too much info. You want the viewer to discover you as the character you are playing. I’ve never sought the spotlight.”

Dominique McElligott / Photo:Getty Images

For the last ten years, McElligott has mainly resided in Los Angeles. She misses her native Ireland very much though and is always eager to return home for a short holiday. Surprisingly, she wasn’t looking for a job in America and would have preferred to stay in Britain.

Dominique McElligott / Photo:Getty Images

However, her manager insisted that she come to L.A. to audition for the series ‘Hell on Wheels’. She got the main role on the show and then were several others, including House of Cards and The Last Tycoon.


We actually never see this character’s face, but what do we know about the actor behind Black Noir? Nathan Mitchell has appeared in several popular TV shows. You might know him as angel Kelvin on Supernatural and rogue vigilante Isaac on Arrow.

But the intimidating Supe is definitely his biggest role to date, and he’s doing great with it, as Nathan convincingly acts without using any facial expressions or even words. On the show, Black Noir is a team player for the Seven (or at least for the Vought company and Homelander). 

And on the set Mitchell is a big part of the team as well. He posted a lot of funny behind-the-scenes pictures on his Instagram, including this hilarious “super dance” with Erin Moriarty. And as for his private life, Nathan prefers to keep it a secret. So, unfortunately, we don’t know if this promising young actor is dating anyone.


Yet another cast member of The Boys who prefers to keep his private life under wraps is Antony Starr. The actor became widely known after his role in the crime drama Banshee. His character Lucas Hood was considered to be a classic anti-hero, who did the wrong things for the right reasons.

Antony Starr confessed that he is “much more interested in playing characters that have a dark edge rather than the stock good guy.” But it was just preparation for his role of the really diabolical, two-faced villain – Homelander. And in many ways playing him was not as difficult as you might expect.

Antony Starr / Photo: Getty Images

Starr admitted that he really loved being able to explore the messiness of what is arguably a more realistic take on superheroes. “Sometimes it’s as simple as, well, what would Superman do? And do the opposite,” says Antony. 

Since moving to the US from New Zealand the actor is based in Santa Monica, but we are not sure whether he lives there alone or with his family. In fact, the only time he's mentioned his personal life was in a 2015 interview where he revealed that his girlfriend can’t watch fight scenes. Unfortunately, he didn’t say her name.

But some sites state that Antony Starr is in a low-key relationship with costume designer Lucy McLay, whom he probably met while working on the popular New Zealand project ‘Outrageous Fortune’ in the mid-two-thousands. And his Instagram profile doesn’t shed any light on Antony’s private life at all, except for his love for his dog, whom he affectionately calls Maxine Starr. 

So, guys, did you enjoy the second season of The Boys? Who’s your least favorite Super?

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