Husband Takes Photo Of Pregnant Wife But Look What Appears To The Right

Oct 19, 2020Rita Kumar

When you take a photo to show your near and dear ones your baby bump at full-term, you might just expect one reason to garner attention—your bump! It's one of the most exciting things moms-to-be do to illustrate their happiness, especially when they're expecting. But for this mom, her photography session turned out to be a moment that had the town talking. Something to her right made the world check out her snaps for the second time!

Image Credits: Facebook/Angeline Renee

It All Started On The Beach That Day

When Angeline Mozer slowly wandered on the beach, she knew that she wasn't alone. To be precise, Angeline was expecting the arrival of her baby anytime soon. Each pace she took on the beach that day was loaded with utter cautiousness and care. However, she missed taking note of the trouble that lurked behind her. 

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In Love With The Atlantic Scenery

The mom-to-be seemed undoubtedly confident about the venue's backdrop. That's when she and her husband, Dan, took to exploring the beach for the perfect maternity shot. Little did they know that the region they picked for the shoot would bring some unexpected troubles that day. Perhaps, not everything seemed the way they expected.

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Feeling Restless

For the mums out there, it's quite transparent that you understand what goes through a fully pregnant woman. Angeline had high hopes with regard to her maternal photos. Perhaps, it was a dream come true ambiance where the air smelled of sun-kissed sand and the salty water of the sea. The breezy venue somehow magnetized the couple's gaze and drew them closer for something that turned their dreams upside down.

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En Route To Uninvited Trouble

At first, the young mom was utterly unaware of what was going to happen in the next few minutes. She wore that innocent smile that depicted how excited she was. But soon, when the incident began to close in on her, the whole photoshoot became an outburst. Especially to those who got a glimpse at what happened that day. But for Angeline, things were taking shape with a dramatic twist.

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Dan’s Passion Takes A Toll On His Heavily Pregnant Wife

Dan and Angeline were a couple like any other. When the news of Angeline's pregnancy fell into his ears, Dan wanted to do everything to keep the mother happy and calm. Perhaps, he wanted her to cherish each moment of her maternal phase without a lag or grin. An aspiring amateur photographer, the husband knew what to do to immortalize Angeline's full-term pregnancy. That's when he wished for a picture-perfect maternity photoshoot, unaware of how his hobby would put his heavily pregnant wife in a pitfall.

Image Credits: Facebook/Angeline Renee

Some Major Issues Sprout On The Go

Though the breezy ambiance by the beach was coved with enough reasons to make their day unique and memorable, there was something else the couple missed to notice. When the photoshoot began, Angeline found it quite challenging to move about with ease. She was in her third trimester and it was obvious that it challenged her physical restlessness. However, her discomfort turned into a major issue even before the photoshoot began. 

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Problems Begin To Brew

Dan was quite determined to somehow complete this beach shoot with his pregnant wife. Contrary to his beliefs, the situation shapeshifted into a demanding and problematic feat. When the couple raced off to the beach, they were new to the region. Eventually, they didn't know what to expect from the weather there. But when they arrived, Dan felt something strange. A massive storm was beginning to brew. In a situation like this, cherishing his photographic hobby would only put his pregnant wife to further risk. 

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Dan Picked The Wrong Venue For The Shoot

Angeline was heavily pregnant and her due date was approaching. Dan grew restless because he was aware that he didn't have much time to delay the photoshoot. Perhaps, he was desperate to capture Angeline's beauty, especially with her fully-loaded baby bump. However, things appeared bleak. They got bleaker when Dan did some research into the Atlantic Beach region. The couple didn't know much about Jacksonville. Soon, he learned about a spine-chilling fact that urged to decide whether or not to continue with the photoshoot there.

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It Wasn’t Safe Either

Atlantic Beach is beautiful and calm. But that doesn't mean it lacked exhibiting what the notorious sea creatures can do if disturbed. Dan couldn't believe his eyes when he discovered that coastguards were once circled by a great white shark. Even stingray sightings were a common thing that only traversed the Atlantic Beach into more danger. He knew Angeline would never opt to swim in the deep water. But Dan missed bothering about something that later gave him the creeps he never had his entire life.

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Dan’s Biggest Mistake

Perhaps, Dan forgot to take note of the humble bay shark. Despite gaining knowledge about the coastguards who were ringed by Atlantic's notorious creatures, Dan decided to continue with the shoot. Eventually, he found the perfect weather and the couple jumped into the opportunity to complete the photographic session. However, when they arrived at the spot, Angeline and Dan had no idea what was waiting for them. 

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Missing To Take Note Of The Warnings

Dan gave no keen eye to the warning signs though he vaguely read them while passing. However, he was unaware of the danger he was brewing for two other innocent lives, including his. His passion for photography and his desire to somehow picture his pregnant wife led him into something that cooked the recipe for more danger. Soon, his heavily pregnant wife found out what an obscure decision it was to go there.

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She’s Trapped In The Sand

The ambiance sounded of laughter, never-ending Atlantic waves, and kids! Suddenly, the beachgoers became feverish over something. Meanwhile, Dan had no idea what he had gotten Angeline into. She was on the verge of welcoming her baby anytime soon, and it wasn't a wise decision to take the risk. But his desire blinded him like never before. When Angeline attempted to move, she found it almost impossible as her heavily loaded body was slowly sinking into the beach sand.

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Something Strange Happens All Of A Sudden

The situation grew out of control. The laughter around shapeshifted into shrieking cries from all corners. People began screaming on top of their voices, and Dan couldn't put the finger on what was happening around. The couple was new to the region and they weren't aware of the beach's dark history. The beachgoers continued screaming, pointing to something that lurked beneath the wavy water. It drew closer and closer, almost near the heavily pregnant Angeline.

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The Mom-To-Be Smells Danger

Angeline felt entirely swamped by the chaos. The noise and mysterious shrieks around her engulfed her excitement with an unexplainable shock. To make things worse, her inability to move quickly marked the biggest inconvenience that day. She could smell danger approaching her from a certain side. However, poor Angeline found it almost impossible to force herself out of the spine-chilling situation. Did she make it out of the water on time?

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The Threatening Situation

It was as though Angeline was blessed with the sandals of Hermes when she unleashed herself out of the water. In a fraction of a few seconds, she leaped forward to safety, unaware of anything that went on behind her back. A few seconds later, Angeline dashed to Dan and turned towards the eerie waters. But by the time the couple fixed their eagle-eyed gaze on the sea, the mysterious creature disappeared. It seemed the spooky creature wanted Angeline and Angeline alone.

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Angeline Replicates The Mistake Dan Made Earlier

Though this thought dragged her feet, Angeline decided to continue shooting. She kept her pose the way she did the first time before all this happened. This time around, the couple was confident that they would somehow complete their beachside photography session. But to their dismay, they never expected that the eerie creature would return back with more vigor and speed.

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The Couple Is Engulfed By Something Spooky 

Contrary to what fate had for them that day, Dan was thrilled that his pregnant wife agreed to continue with the shoot. Perhaps, he sank into a feeling of indulging in complete photographic rhythm. He waited for this moment ever since his wife's pregnancy aired in his ears. As he began clicking from different angles, Dan became more adventurous with the picturesque shots. He urged Angeline to edge closer to the shoreline. Perhaps, he shouldn't have asked her to do it.

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She Embraces The Same Daring Act

At first, Angeline felt uneasy and not okay with Dan's suggestion. She was just out of the loose sand's grip on the spot. Still, she trusted that her husband would never let go of her and their child. So clinging to the blind trust she had on Dan, Angeline wandered closer to the water. Soon, her instinct forced her to realize that danger wasn't that far from approaching. Maybe Dan could've chosen another spot rather than pushing Angeline into trouble like this.

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Dan Saw Something That Angeline Failed To See

Dan lurched backward. He had his focus on Angeline and made sure that he never missed the scenery that engulfed his pregnant wife. But what he saw through the camera's lens made him look deeply, with a wider eye. It was unbelievable. Whatever he saw through the camera made him realize what he had done to his wife asking her to move closer to the shoreline. Dan feared the worst and called out to his pregnant wife, who stood there unaware of the danger brewing behind her.

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It Was Too Late

However, it was too late before Angeline could get a grip on whatever was going on. Moreover, she couldn't explain the look on Dan's face. It puzzled her, and for a moment, she stood there, her hair swaying with the harsh wavy breeze. Dan stood abreast of her, watching all this. Before he could help his wife out of the uninvited trouble, he had his eyes fixed on something. A dark figure was speeding towards his pregnant wife.

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He Grows White With Shock

The moment grew suspicious and eerie. It wasn't part of their plan and furthermore, Dan had bigger responsibilities than mere photography. Not one but two lives were in danger, and the very thought of it fogged the shocked husband. He stood there, frozen and looked on in utter awe. The mysterious creature was almost near Angeline, who, still couldn't understand why Dan grew white with shock. But it was too late before she understood any of it.

Image Credits: Getty Images/EyeEm/Igor Kondler/For Illustrative Purposes

The Jaw-Dropping Incident

Dan's jaw swiftly dropped in disbelief. While he took the risk for some beautiful maternity memories, he never expected that the day out at the Atlantic shore would turn out to be like this. Even now, photography was Dan's major priority despite knowing the in-depth bitterness of the situation. The mystifying creature leaped from the water, only to leave Dan frozen with an unexplainable shock.

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The Husband Chooses His Passion Over His Pregnant Wife

It was massive and spooked the hell out of Dan. It was the moment he breathed his worst fears. When the gigantic creature leaped from the water, the shocked husband couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was an eye-to-eye moment that not all can bag with them. Instead of asking Angeline to vacate the scene, Dan stood there, groping his camera. Was photography more important at this point where it was the question of his pregnant wife's safety? 

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The Bitter Truth

The mysterious creature leaped right behind Angeline's heavily pregnant frame. But when he tried to immortalize the moment on his camera, the eerie animal disappeared back into the dark water. Dan crossed his fingers, hoping that it would reappear back. Perhaps, his passion for photography urged him to cling to his camera than lending a hand to Angeline. The bitter truth is—he risked it all knowing what was going on in the background, behind the mom-to-be. 

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The Photo Shoot Continues In A Spooky Ambiance

He got into the position another time, confident about the creature's re-entry in the backdrop. He set up his camera with the "Burst" feature and waited for the aquatic marvel to stage the scene with its presence. Dan positioned his wife perfectly, the pose he never planned until all this happened at the venue. But the photographer grew wary as the creature didn't reappear for the second time. He was heavily disheartened, but in a moment of brilliance, the Atlantic creature emerged from the water.

Image Credits: Getty Images/E+/stellalevi/For Illustrative Purposes

That’s It..!

It was as though the creature read Dan's mind from the blue water. It leaped high and photobombed the picture with its massive presence in the right corner! Dan was ready for it and began shooting the scene with his staged camera. That moment, his camera's "Burst" mode did the trick he needed, capturing a one-in-a-million photograph of his pregnant wife. With it came the scenic ocean and the gorgeous creature in the backdrop that happened to be a—Dolphin...! 

Image Credits: Facebook/WJXT4 The Local Station - News4JAX

Angeline Is Speechless

When Dan looked down at the screen, he couldn't believe his luck. In a fraction of a few seconds, he reeled back in excitement. The picture the "Burst" staged camera snapped was impeccable and picture-perfect! The sky, the sun-kissed sand, and the sea were gorgeous and stupefying. Right behind Angeline, the shimmery dolphin crowned the photographic moment in all its glory! Dan loved the photo and when he showed Angeline what he clicked, he left her speechless.

Image Credits: Facebook/WJXT4 The Local Station - News4JAX

The Flawless Arc

Surprisingly, Angeline knew nothing of what was going on behind her at that moment. Perhaps, she wasn't ready for any bit of the surprise Dan brought before her eager eyes. Furthermore, she wasn't aware of the animal arc as she was posing for the picture. But when Dan showed her the immortalized moment, Angeline was thrilled that she was composed flawlessly well with the cute photobomb that the dolphin gifted her!

Image Credits: Getty Images/KrisCole/For Illustrative Purposes

The Unforgettable Photo Shoot

Following the unforgettable photoshoot, the Mozers welcomed their son. However, the couple deems it fit to dub their little boy "Aquaman," owing to the rarity of Angeline's maternity photoshoot! However, no one knows why the dolphin chose Angeline for the photobombing moment. But the family will never be able to forget or regret its astounding presence in the picture that's worth a thousand words!

Image Credits: Facebook/Angeline Renee

The next time you visit the beach, be sure to carry your camera along! Who knows—you could grab a chance to click yourself with a stunning photobomb in the backdrop that can never be replicated for a lifetime! Have you experienced a rare photobomb like the Mozers? Tell us about your photobombed picture and why you think it's really precious and out of the world! Please share your comments with us, but before that, take a second to click the share button!

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