Why People Are Tossing Black Pepper Into Their Washing Machine

Oct 22, 2020Rita Kumar

Doing laundry is pretty easy—you just have to throw your dirty clothes into the washer, scoop in some detergent, pipe in water, and turn it on! Voila...it's done! But if you think that you're actually done with your "laundry" yet, then wait. It's not over until you hear the bizarre thing people are doing before turning on their washer knob. By the way, did we mention that doing laundry the right way is pretty hard? Maybe you can think of adding some spice to your laundry this time. We're not kidding—we mean it! Find out more about the "spicy" laundry hack here...!

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Spice To The Rescue Of Laundry Hassle

So, yes—people are doing all crazy things underlined as the DIY hack these days. Luckily, they're able to pull it off like a pro because the results they get in the end is absolutely stunning. Of all the crazy elements that make life easier including washing those dirty bundles, people have found a strange hack using nothing but BLACK PEPPER! Your read that right—black pepper. Here's why...

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The Reason Why People Do This Had Us Say—Whoa...!

Gone are the days when people used to worry over those hefty budgets while buying costly washing liquids and detergents. This hack pretty much comes straight from the kitchen and lands into the washing machine. And some people don't mind lifting their condiment shaker that has peppercorns in it and toss the spice before tuning on their washing cycle. The reason got us completely electrified.

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But Why Pepper?

Almost none of us would've known about the outlandish yet miraculous use of this Asian spice. But do you know that sprinkling some black pepper in the washing machine can mean a lot more than efficient washing? Maybe the tongue-tickling spice has more to it than just adding flavor to those curries and omelets. Find out how!    

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It Does More Good Than You Can Imagine

We get that question you're having now—"What if the clothes come out smelling like pepper shaker?" Well, people who've used this spicy hack say that neither the peppercorns nor their elements affect clothes. Maybe we have to try it ourselves to know it all! But as long as using pepper in the washing machine is concerned, we guess it does more good in making your laundry easier. What's the crazy trick anyway?  

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Adding Pepper Becomes The New Laundry Ritual!

Before pushing their spinner knob to the right, people are adding a handful of pepper to their washing machine. The dirty clothes are loaded, and the water is filled accordingly. Even their favorite detergent and clothes conditioner is already lathered in. Finally, they throw the peppercorns as though it's a ritual of doing that dirty laundry. Maybe they're right—it's more than a blessing to get the best out of your clothes. Wait until you know the completely crazy reason! 

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Stay Tuned For The Shocking Reason! 

Black pepper is the latest inclusion to the laundry system mastered by millions of women and moms out there. If you ask them "Why?"—then they simply say that it's an ecological product that paves the way for getting the never-before washing experience. They just add a teaspoonful of black peppercorns directly in the washer's drum. Next, they start a cold program with very low temperatures. But why pepper for washing clothes?  

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Craziest Hack, We've Ever Heard

You can't add chili powder or cloves to your laundry because you'll only end up staining your pretty pieces! In that case, pepper makes the only spice that can be mindfully used to bless your clothes with everlasting luster. Yay! If you got our point reading this line, then you're almost near cracking the craziest laundry hack ever. If not, then don't worry, we're about to unveil the reason, and you'll be shocked. So get ready for the shocking truth... 

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So, What Is The Bizarre Secret Anyway?

Pepper is cheap, easily available in the pantry, and definitely biodegradable. That means it has zero negative impact on the environment. Surprisingly, a handful of peppercorns is all you need to get brighter clothes with every wash. And not just that, your "once" dirty clothes will come out as new, already after the very first wash! But what's the stunning secret of black pepper in the laundry? 

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Ta-Da...! This Is Why People Toss Black Pepper In Their Washing Machine!

Ahem! Black pepper is an abrasive product by nature. So, it works as a natural exfoliant to remove soap residue off your clothes. After the washing cycle is over, the peppercorns you threw into the washer remove all the soap residue and leave the clothes bright and sparkling! Honestly, this spicy hack works magic on dark colors. So, if you want to retain your garments' colors or give them a bright finish after every wash, you know the hack now—just toss in a handful of black peppercorns, and Voila! Your laundry is completely a miracle! For more laundry hacks like this, please keep reading!  

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Incredible Hacks To Make Laundry Much Easier!

Did you know that in addition to pepper other affordable ingredients pave the way for mind-boggling laundry? Whether it's retaining bright colors or making clothes softer with every wash, these crazy ideas are here to prove how washing clothes hasn't been this fun before. Before you throw those dirty clothes into the washer this weekend, maybe you could try one of these hacks many moms out there swear by! So, what are you waiting for...? Continue reading to find the whatnot of miraculous and affordable laundry hacks!

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Add Some Essential Oil 

Did you know that those fragrant essential oils you're obsessed with come in handy during your laundry days? EOs aren't just deodorizing, but they're also antibacterial. With all that goodness packed in them, they work wonders and make a great additive to your laundry routine. But make sure you use a few drops and don't overdo it before running your cycle.

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DIY Scent Booster 

Scent boosters are specifically designed to give your clothes that freshly laundered fragrance. And the good news is—you needn't buy costly brands since you can make one at home! All you need is a cup of Epsom salt, baking soda, and a few drops of essential oil. Blend these handy ingredients and store the recipe in a transparent container. Use the mixture every time you throw your clothes for a spin in your machine. 

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Say Goodbye To Odor 

Laundry isn't an easy task. But with a few tricks, you can always fall in love with washing. So here's an easy trick for those musty smelling clothes—add a scoop of borax and run the cycle. Adding borax not only helps your clothes smell fresh but also neutralizes the mold-like odor that emanates from your washing machine.

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Remove Static Cling 

The most dreaded part of clothes before and after the laundry is—static cling! Perhaps, it only gets worse during winter. Do you know that throwing a few balls of aluminum foils in the dryer actually fights this little hassle? The foil balls not only discharge static buildup on your clothes but also keep them separated, thereby speeding up the drying process.

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Add Tennis Balls In Dryer To Fluff Up Clothes 

The next time you're done washing your towels and sheets and are heading up for the drying process, don't forget to take some tennis balls along! These sporty things decrease lumping in comforters, pillows, and down jackets. Bonus—it also reduces the overall drying time!

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Boost Detergent Capacity And Easily Remove Excess Residue 

Adding a few scoops of baking soda and vinegar to your washing cycle improves the overall detergent capacity. Moreover, these stain fighters naturally get rid of those unruly coffee and ink stains with a single wash. The powerful combination of baking soda and vinegar not only make your clothes brighter but also deodorize them, giving them a mold-free fragrance.

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An Effortless Way To Get Fragrant Clothes 

If you're a fan of unscented laundry detergent, try adding a fresh fragrance to the wash! Just topple around one or two essential oil bottles in your detergent container and seal it with the lid. Once the oil has been absorbed, remove the essential oil tubs out and shake the detergent bottle. Shake the container before scooping out the detergent for the washing cycle.

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Get Rid Of Musty Odor  

For the tea-tree essential oil lovers out there—blessing your clothes with that freshness isn't a hassle anymore! If your laundry smells a bit moldy, add a few drops of tea tree oil to your washer along with the detergent, and then run the cycle. The antibacterial goodness locked in the oil helps to eradicate mildew and mold in the machine and your clothes.

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Removing Wrinkles Was Never This Easy! 

Placing a few ice cubes in your dryer helps eliminate wrinkles on your clothes! When you add ice cubes in the dryer along with your clothes, your dryer actually steams your garments since the ice melts instantly. In the end, you get wrinkle-free clothes that smooth out right away!  

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It's so amazing that there is always a hack to help us with our daily chores! Speaking of household chores, laundry is definitely going to exist as long as clothes exist on the planet! Guess these hacks are going to remain as immortal helping aids each time we throw our clothes in the washer. But before you plan to try them, please make sure you do a sample test with a pair of old clothes! Which hack from this list is going to be a part of your next laundry cycle? Let us know what you think! Please share your thoughts with us, and don't forget to click the "Share" button!

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