Last Week of October for Scorpio

Oct 23, 2020Danica

Just like that, we are bound to say goodbye to the month of October. As we dive into this last week of October and before we fully welcome November with all its spooky spectacles, let us all enjoy what the rest of the month may bring upon us. Let us all find out what is in store for our dearest Scorpios by reading this full article!

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If you were born from the 23rd of October and until the 22nd of November, then chances are you are a Scorpio. A lot of people mistake Scorpios to be a fire sign, but they are actually water signs alongside Cancer and Pisces. As we welcome a new Scorpio season, let us make sure that our darling Scorpios are ready for what is to come!

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For the last week of October, Scorpios might experience a highly different phase in their lives. This is due to the fact that Mercury is still in retrograde and the fact that the Scorpio season will be in full swing! Although this is nothing to worry about because you will slowly get the hang of it and you will end up having a really great time!

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If you are a Scorpio then you might already know that people always want to be friends with you. Your vibe is very chill and intimate and you can light up a room even before having to speak your mind. Scorpios are also one of the most trustworthy people out of the zodiacs, and this might be the top reason why everybody is wanting to have a friend like you.

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As a water sign, Scorpios tend to be emotionally in tune with themselves and they try to read everybody in the room. If you have been trying to gain a Scorpio as a friend, bear in mind that they see through everything. One wrong move and then you are out for good!

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Everybody loves a Scorpio, and everybody has that one loyal Scorpio friend. Loyalty and dependability are on top of a Scorpios vocabulary, and they will surely never let you down. Scorpios are ambitious and sensitive at the same time, so it might take a bit of figuring things out before a Scorpio lets you in full.

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If you have a Scorpio in your lives, the end of October might be a great time to let them know how special they are to you. Why not call them and invite them over a meal or simply just hang out with them? You never really know what is on Scorpio's mind, but it really does help to make them know that you are constantly thinking about them.

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Just like everything else in life, there is the good and the bad side to things (and people). Sometimes, a Scorpio can make you feel like you are not doing enough because of how much they care for you. Once you feel like this, it is very important to communicate with them and to let them know how you truly feel.

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If the communication between you and the Scorpio in your life fails, then it might take forever to try and repair the broken friendship. Bear in mind that Scorpios are quite resentful, and they tend to not forget any wrongdoings that people have done to them. So just be very careful! 

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It is no secret that Scorpios are some of the most ambitious people out of all the zodiac signs. To no one’s surprise, some of our favorite celebrities are also Scorpios. Anne Hathaway, Pablo Picasso, and Whoopi Goldberg just to name a few!

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The list does not end there. Did you know that Goldie Hawn, Matthew McConaughey, and Julia Roberts are also Scorpios? They are some of the most talented and popular faces in Hollywood, and they are Scorpios just like you!

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It might seem that this year is not really the best time to date, but to everyone who has a significant other, worry not. According to Scorpios’ astrological guides, if you have been with someone for quite a while now, you might want to take things to the next level. This could be going on a trip somewhere, or even popping that exciting!

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If you are a single Scorpio, your love life might see a bit of change this coming week. You might meet someone who has the potential to be a special part of your life. So do not block it and do not try to stop things from happening, because once you do, it might take you another few months before this opportunity comes again!

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Did last week seem too stressful when it comes to your family affairs? Do not stress out because the last week of October is seeing some pretty good developments when it comes to bringing your family back together. So why not try and invite your family over for dinner and talk things through?

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As for your friendship circle, it might seem like most of your friends will be a bit distant this week. However, this is also a great week to fully immerse yourself in your emotions and try to think things through. By the end of the week, everything will go back to normal and your friends will seem like themselves again!

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From the 12th of October to the 3rd of November, Mercury will be in retrograde. This means that you can take advantage of your “weaknesses” during this time. As it would appear that Mercury seems to be going backward, try and push your luck when it comes to things or decisions that you would not normally do.

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Frankly, you might be surprised at how things will work out once you try it. Mercury is also not the only astrological force in your weaponry this week, because the Scorpio season is set to start. So if you have been eyeing that promotion, get up and go for it!

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Before the month ends, you might experience a bit of fatigue. This is nothing to worry about, but this also means that you should rest every once in a while and not solely focus on your work. A lot of people think that resting is synonymous with “laziness” but that is not true, resting every now and then can give you great health benefits, so try it this week!

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If you have been waiting for good news relating to your finances, then the end of October might be the time that you have been waiting for! There is something big in store for you this week, and you have to welcome it with open arms. However, this is not a reason for you to brag so try and keep it for yourself for now or else you might jinx your good luck!

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As we welcome Scorpio season with all its passion and intensity, why not hang out with a fellow Scorpio this week? Who else will know the same fiery intensity that goes on inside you other than a fellow Scorpio? Before the month of October ends, try to reconnect with a fellow Scorpio and just have fun together!

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As we all know, Scorpios tend to be very dependable. However, due to Mercury being in retrograde, you might want to have a bit of time to yourself and not have any responsibilities to someone else. In line with this, you might want to ditch that Libra in your life just for the last week of October since they can be very dependent on you...

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Normally, a partnership between a Scorpio and an Aries is quite rare. However, with everything going backward due to Mercury going on retrograde, a friendship or a deeper partnership can be in the works between these two signs. So if you have been eyeing an Aries (or vice versa) for a while now, then this is the moment to give it a go!

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Both a Scorpio and a Taurus can be very emotionally attached, and this is usually a good thing. However, you might want to take it easy before getting involved with a Taurus this week because they can confuse themselves and their intentions. So instead of getting involved and getting in the middle of things, skip this match for now and maybe save it next week!

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This week can be a bit hectic for Geminis, but that does not mean that you should not try and get it on with them. Every now and then, Scorpios and Geminis like to share a passionate partnership and a deeper intimate connection with each other. As the season of the Scorpio comes knocking around the corner, try and reconnect with that Gemini in your lives!

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Another great match for this week is between a Scorpio and a Cancer. Honestly, these two signs are some of the most compatible signs out of all the zodiacs and it also helps that they are both water signs. So if you have been eyeing a certain Cancer (or vice versa) for quite a bit of time now, then this might be the perfect chance for you to bust a move!

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Leos are usually pretty passionate just like Scorpios, and with the help of the upcoming Scorpio season, fiery passion will burn between these two signs. As the month comes to a close, you might want to check in with that Leo in your lives because they might be able to help you find the “fun” that you have been looking for. So get out there and go for it!

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If you have been eyeing a Virgo (or vice versa) for quite a bit of time now, then end October with a new connection. Virgos are great partners for Scorpios since they are intellectual, emotionally mature and they are great listeners. Everybody needs a Virgo in their lives!

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As we have mentioned above, you might want to ditch that Libra in your lives just for the end of October. During this time, you both might want very different things and you both might not be on the same wavelength. So it is important to clarify your wants and needs instead of being disappointed and frustrated towards each other in the end...

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Who else should you hang out with during Scorpio season aside from your fellow Scorpios? During the end of October, both Scorpios will have a different and a deeper sense of connection because you will get to know what you truly like and what you actually dislike. So call up that Scorpio in your lives and just have a great time!

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If you have been eyeing a certain Sagittarius (or vice versa) for a while now, then the end of October might be a great time to make your move. Sagittarius is not usually in tune with much of their emotions and they can sometimes feel like Scorpios are a bit too dramatic. However, do not let this stop you from making a positive connection between that special Sagittarius in your lives!

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During the course of the Scorpio season, you might want to stay away from a Capricorn due to the fact that you both may want severely different things. Capricorns might want something more settled whilst Scorpios just really like having fun. So if you are not yet ready to fully commit, might we suggest staying away from a Capricorn just so that they do not get hurt.

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Scorpios and Aquarians are very highly intellectuals, and sometimes both signs tend to overthink. Due to this, a partnership between a Scorpio and an Aquarius might not be perfect for the end of October. Right now, Scorpios need someone who can just let loose and help them have a great time, and Aquarians are not the person for the job...for now, at least!

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Scorpios and Pisces are both water signs, and so this is a great common ground as you dive in and make a connection with each other at the end of October. Both signs are highly energetic and they want fairly similar things, and so a match between a Scorpio and a Pisces is highly encouraged! Who knows where this partnership might take you in the future?

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Ah, the last week of October is the perfect time to do a spooky marathon with your significant other and/or your friends. Why not binge-watch all the Scream films from Scream 1 to Scream 4? This is the perfect spooky and thriller film to watch with your friends, especially because the cast in the film are friends as well...oh, spooky!

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If you are feeling a bit more intimate than that, then why not binge-watch all the Harry Potter films? Call up your friends and start a tradition this year: re-watch all of the Harry Potter films every year for Halloween. Who knows what kind of memories you might share by doing this?

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Scorpios can be intimidating in the sense that you can never really please them. Especially because they do have their own sense of musicality that nobody else can get. So it might be hard to introduce them to new music.

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However, this will not stop us from trying. This week, why not listen to the playlist called Jazz in the Background by Spotify. If you are in the mood for jazz and still want to get things done, then this is the perfect playlist for you!

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If you are looking for a light and creepy read just in time for the holidays, why not read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. This book is a beautifully written piece of fiction albeit the tragic details in the lives of the protagonists. Once you have finished reading The Lovely Bones, you might want to watch its film adaptation starring Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz, and more!

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However, if you are looking for something a bit more mellow and not that sad, you might want to try reading Brida by Paulo Coelho. This book still has that magic touch to it and this is such a great weekend read. Enjoy this book with a nice cup of warm coffee and read the weekend away.

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The end of October is the best time to go out into pumpkin patches and apple farms. Try doing a little “date” trip with your significant others and/or your friends before this weekend. Go and get dressed up for this fun opportunity to enjoy what nature has to offer and what your loved ones can do for you.

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Although if there are no pumpkin patches near you, you might want to go outside and have a picnic somewhere quaint and beautiful. It really does not have to be expensive, because you can probably just do a picnic with bits and pieces of charcuterie and bread with drinks. After all, it is the company that matters most.

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As stressful as everything else has been this 2020, we can all rely on the fact that things might turn out well at this end of the month. We must always listen to what the stars have to say so that we might not decide on things too hastily. This goes for every decision that you are going to make, especially decisions with love and money.

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If you feel like you are rushed in your relationship and if you feel like things are going way too fast, it might be best to take a break and breathe. The same goes if you feel pressured into investing money for a new business venture. Remember that if it does not feel right, then you probably should not go through with is as simple as that!

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As we all welcome a new Scorpio season, this might be a great time to harness and channel your Scorpio energy. We all know that Scorpios can be a tad bit obsessive, and that is no secret. Instead of focusing and obsessing over people and things that you can never control, why not obsess about creating something beautiful?

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If you have been stressing out with the lack of inspiration in your life these days, then why not add beauty and art to it? Try painting, photography, or writing! Do not limit yourselves because you feel like you would be bad at it, channel your inner Scorpio and create something fabulous!

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Before the year ends, Scorpios should welcome this new season with open arms. After all, two amazing seasons are in store for everyone: Halloween season and Scorpio season. For our darling Scorpios, this can only mean fun and adventure and finding out what makes your world go ‘round.

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We all know that diving into the unknown can seem pretty hectic and a tad bit scary, but there is nothing to worry about. Scorpios will flourish before 2020 ends, and expect great things to come! Welcome the new seasons with open arms, and just enjoy the ride!

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Just hang tight in there, trust us when we say that everything is going to be alright. Will you be dressing up this Halloween, and what are you most looking forward to this new Scorpio season? Let us know by leaving a comment below, and share this article with your friends and family!

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