The Last Week of October for Aquarius

Oct 23, 2020Kara

Surely, this month has been a unique but not an easy one for you. That’s because the planets are in a frenzy and it’s rare. Have you already seen enough surprises by this time in October? Well, we’re sorry to say that more surprises are coming! They are not bad, though. Read on and check them out.

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You belong to the eleventh sign of the Zodiac if you are born from January 20- February 19. It is known as the sign of the water bearer and is ruled by Saturn. Though many would have thought that Aquarius is a water sign, it is not. It’s actually an air sign.

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Aquarius natives will be found dedicating themselves to humanitarian causes and they are progressive people who are always seeking the truth. Their lucky gemstone is amethyst because when they’ll wear it, it can influence their relationships, characteristics, and business in a profound way.

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Did you know that Aquarius is a fixed sign, and this shows in your practical, no-nonsense approach to life? It’s also hard for them to resist someone who is intelligent and creative. First impressions really stick with them as they’ll decide if they like you or not within the first few moments of knowing you.

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Once an Aquarius decides that they like or not like you at the first meeting, their view of you will never change… or it will. It’s just rare. They will not push themselves to fit in with people that they don’t like. Once they decide that they don’t want anything to do with you anymore, there’s no turning back.

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Aquarians are undeniably Individuals with a good memory. Like the Capricorns, they are also philosophically inclined and as it’s mentioned earlier, they’re the most humanitarian among all zodiacs. They just can’t stop themselves from being concerned with other’s well-being. Aquarians are idealists and are willing to go to great lengths to manifest your vision of a better world.

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The water bearers are thoughtful and contemplative. They can also be patient and persevering. They have no interest in the mystical dimension of existence, but they have the ability to heal other people, may it be physically or emotionally. Their self-confidence is just stoic and they can be brutally honest when they want to.

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Because Aquarius is a fixed air sign, the Aquarians are prone to powerful fluctuations in mental and emotional states. They feel even more strongly than others and sometimes they are vulnerable to dangerous urges. The water bearer’s immersion in their own mental world can make others feel like you are distant to them.

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Knowing that people who are born under the Aquarius sign are strong-willed, it is not a surprise that most of them are well known for their great deeds and talents. The groundbreaking daytime TV staple Ellen DeGeneres is also one, same with “Can’t Stop the Feeling" singer Justin Timberlake. Alicia Keys is also one of the Aquarian natives.

Other stars are also water bearers are  1 Direction’s Harry Styles, Shakira, Isla Fisher, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Rock, Seth Green, Emma Roberts, Elizabeth Banks, Laura Dern, Stephanie Beatriz, and Yara Shahidi.


Though you are a very skilled and intelligent person, you are very shy when it comes to your romantic interests. If you already have a partner, you are hesitant to tell them what you really want, and sometimes it is not easy in a relationship. This last week of October, you’ll be surprised by the confidence you’ll feel.

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You will be more open to the person you love, and you will voice out whatever’s bothering you. If you are single and you are interested in someone, you will also find, one of these days, that you would want to talk to them badly and guess what? You won’t be hesitant to dial their numbers and say hello!

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You are a very thoughtful and caring person that sometimes your kindness is exploited by people that you consider as your friends. This is the time to finally sort out the people that are in your life, Aquarians. Get to know who are the real ones and those who only know you when they need a favor from you.

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Remember, why would you swim an ocean for someone who would not even cross the bridge for you? As much as you take care of your friends, take care of yourself also. Yes, having friends is good but this last week of October, it’s better if you’ll pull out the weeds that affect hinders growth.

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Don’t worry if you’ll cut off some ties with your toxic friends this week for you will find that your real friends are inside your home. The prospects for your family would be quite bright since the stars are in an obliging mood. If you’re married, you’ll find out that your husband is the best person to run to.

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If you are single and living with your parents, you will find their presence soothing and satisfying, and they will also be pleased with your conduct inside and outside the house. This would set the trend from the family atmosphere, which would remain quite pleasant with harmony among the members.

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Maybe you’re just glad that October is finally leaving for you’ll have the extra drive in the workplace. Remember to sort out your work one step at a time and don’t do them all at once for it might lead to a disappointing turn. Your higher-ups will appreciate your skills and hard work so you have nothing to worry about.

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Out of the many things that you worry about, your health should now be crossed out from your worry-list. This week, you could more or less sit back and enjoy without any strain. Respite from ailments will be happening, just remember to do some precautionary measures. But all in all, this week you’ll be as healthy as you can be.

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There are some things that you’ll need to watch out for, though. Be careful about liver problems, especially if that problem runs in the family. A good tonic may also help you to keep your worries and stress away and nothing will be lost from you if you’ll try to use one. Apart from these, there’s nothing to be wary of.

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You may have been considering trying something new this year, but you do not know when to fully set your plan to action. Well, here’s the sign that you’re waiting for! The climate would be congenial for investment and new ventures, any such plans should be boldly put into motion.

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With a good deal of self-confidence, you can carry out your pursuits successfully to their intended conclusions. Working for the government may also give you better opportunities and it will improve your finances like never before. Just have enough courage and take some risks for this time, it will bring you luck.

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You may be a little bit worried that you’ll not find the perfect one for you, but here, we have the least of the signs that will be a good partner for your strong-willed personality. Who would understand you better but those that have the same sign as you? Yes, one of the most compatible signs for you is also Aquarius.

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Other than that, the fire sign, Aries, will also create a good match with you. You’ll create an unconventional relationship, and you’ll surprise your friends by dating this sign. You will also bond well with Gemini for you love to socialize and you have similar skill sets. If there’s anyone who can understand Gemini’s thirst for freedom, it’s you!

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If there are those that can accept your personality and support you no matter what, there will also be those who can’t stand you. It will feel like they are the antagonists of your life and you just cannot work well with each other. Scorpio is one of them for they will irresponsible and you’ll not have any of that.

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Having a relationship with Capricorn will be very challenging for commitment will be an issue between the two of you. You would like to be comfortable but they like it to be a more casual engagement. Virgo will also be not that good for a partner for you are better suited to be just friends. 

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An Aquarius with another Aquarius brings forth a deeper sense of understanding with each other, but actually not a very good match in the love department! You two might lack emotional stability to fully understand each other, for both are emotionally aloof. However, your relationship is not doomed to complete fail!

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You have a great team with another Aquarius for both are intelligent people. Since you can go anywhere without minding much of other things, there will be no idle time in bonding with a water bearer. This last week of October, you might see yourself enjoy online games or purchase of another new gadget with another Aquarius!

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Despite Aquarius being a water-bearer and Pisces being a water element, both are not really a good match for each other. Pisces are said to be too emotional for Aquarius for an Air element would test waves of a water element, but they don’t really combine, and if they do, they create hurricanes.

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It is a good thing that Pisces can easily adjust and is open to change to have better compatibility with Aquarius. As Pisces love to go to art shows, having it contemporary would pique interest with the water bearer. Do you want to try before October ends? Plan a getaway that is suited for both of you!

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A shared adoration over adventure will be a common ground for both Aquarius and Aries, and perhaps a start of a blooming romance! They will have an interesting relationship, for both of them love to lead the other. Both Aquarius and Aries have oozing energy in them that they need to release to at least stay sane.

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As long as both will have no overly unacceptable proposition, your relationship with an Aries is smooth sailing! The only thing you ought not to do is to stay at home and not let your energy put to use. This might cause even bigger chaos. Before October ends, go out Aquarius and enjoy with Aries!

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The thing that is probably a hindrance is most likely the timing. Taurus is a slow-paced person, and the first dates are about testing waters. For Aquarius, this might be too much for they are prone to snap judgments and want fast exchanges. Work on a better connection this last week of October!

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To be able to have better compatibility with a Taurus partner, Aquarius might need to drop an anchor and reassure Taurus and their deep sense of wanting security. Despite the differences, Aquarius and Taurus will surely have a better chance of a lasting relationship, only if they wanted to do so!

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As every zodiac has a soulmate, Gemini might be Aquarius’. Aquarius and Gemini are perfectly matched and if worked better for a deeper connection, they might find themselves in a lasting relationship. Both of you share the same level of intellect and consequently share the same activities, so it will not be difficult to connect!

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Not just an exciting and energetic friendship, Aquarius and Gemini really have this strange understanding with each other that if their relationship is rooted from friendship, they might have difficulty separating it from love. For as long as you keep emotions at bay, you are in a smooth sail with Gemini!

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Opposites do attract, and that is most likely the case for Aquarius and Cancer. As Cancer is considered a homebody, Aquarius is a social butterfly. However, this does not stop them from having a great relationship with each other. What to do before October ends? Save a connection.

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Before this month ends, you might want to prioritize each other to work on your differences. You can spend the night asking questions about each other and make wonders in your relationship. A balanced relationship between an extroverted Aquarius and introverted Cancer can be worked out over coffee dates so you might want one this last week of October!

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There is great compatibility circling Aquarius and Leo. Aquarius as an air sign can blow and ignite the fire within Leo, and the latter with an encouraging personality is what the former needs to be motivated. See? It is what other signs want, a complement of traits!

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However, as Leo is inherently a giver, they want to receive, too. This may cause a rift in your relationship if you can’t give similar attention as you receive from them. Before October ends, you might need to work on understanding Leo. It would be such a waste to throw a possible great love, right?

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What a powerful match! Aquarius and Virgo are best in knowing and understanding differences, and as they are not mirrors of each other, they make the best compliment of each other. A rebellious and authentic Aquarius is well fit for a hard-working and diligent Virgo.

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As a fixed sign Aquarius, you are stubborn making your Virgo partner have a difficulty in handling. If so, have this last week of October to work on adjusting and balancing both traits. You must be aware of whether you are asking too much from your Virgo partner, and they, too, must be aware if they’re being taken advantage of.

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It is a harmonious friendship between Aquarius and Libra, despite a difference in traits. A free-spirited Aquarius complements a people-pleasing Libra so there is not much of a problem between the two. Both love exploring the beauty of the world but Libra wants a lesser spontaneous trip than Aquarius.

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This relationship may be put to test when Aquarius decides to make dangerous and risky decisions. As Libra doesn’t want trouble in their lives, this may cause a huge rift between the two. As October is nearing its end, take time to decide whether to choose friendship over social standing, because if not, you might say goodbye to each other.

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It is said that Aquarius is what Scorpio wants, and has always wanted. This is a big statement isn’t it? But that is exactly the case for these two. As Scorpio is often misunderstood, others tend to go on separate journeys with them, which makes Aquarius a special case. The water bearer will always stay and understand a misunderstood Scorpio.

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For the last week of October, think things through and determine how amazing your relationship and compatibility with Scorpio is. This will make you appreciate a Scorpio partner more. You are in a powerful match with a water-sign Scorpio, which is seldom the case with an air sign like you. Don’t let go of this extremely calm voyage!

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When a fire is mixed with air, only either of the two happens: one is igniting a fire more, the other is putting off a fire. A relationship with Sagittarius is as hot as a summer breeze for an air elemental Aquarius. They are attracted to differences, which basically complements both of them.

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To enjoy this last week of October, honesty with Sagittarius is one of the greatest things to do. Your straightforwardness makes your Sagittarius partner appreciate you more so take this to your advantage. As you struggle with possessiveness, reassess your ideals. At the end of the day, you both prefer a difficult yet passionate relationship with each other!

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Both of you are extremely ambitious but of completely different things! The water bearer wants to share ideas while the sea-goat aims for worldly success. If not adjusted to complement, the two might be considered enemies. However, this is unlikely the case is processed properly.

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As October is ending, work on your relationship with Capricorn more. This duo is not exactly a perfect match for the two that are driven by completely different things, but everything is fixed by a thorough conversation and understanding. You might be talking a lot as this week passes to determine if you are on the same page. Good luck!

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Highly intelligent individuals such as the water bearer enjoy their solitude perfectly, and as much as there are other activities you want to try, a good book to sharpen your mind will always be superior. Here’s a list of books you might want to add to your library and read over a concluding October week!

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Girls with Sharp Sticks by Suzanne Young, Stay Sweet by Siobhan Vivian, Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw, and Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds are only a few of the books that will definitely challenge your mental capacity and give you a variety of ideas and information. Bet you are excited having these in your hands, right?

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As much as you love reading in your alone time, great songs on your playlist are also best whenever you’re planning a solitude this last October week. Ed Sheeran’s songs will never disappoint! Also, update your Spotify and you can add Backstreet Boys, Ashlee Simpson, and Fall Out Boy to your playlist!

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As we are in the last quarter of 2020, your luck is not getting worse and not getting any better too. It is better for Aquarius to remain down-to-earth to be able to surpass the remaining months without huge adjustments and problems. You might be working more on collaborating with other people, and you might be struggling with future finances.

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You have a healthy 2020 but work on your stubbornness to be able to succeed in your career. If still a student, you might be working harder for better results. The remaining months of 2020 may be hard on you, but who has it easy these days? Don’t worry, as long as you’re on track, you will be sailing smoothly!

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As you conclude this month of October, never forget to motivate yourself. You may be on a difficult time alone, or in a struggle relating to people, have it in yourself to pause for a while, and take time to breathe. This will fan you on a better side of the ocean to have a more still voyage! Good luck!

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