Creative Vinegar Hacks And Ways To Use Them

Oct 26, 2020Julian Maganinho

Many people regard vinegar as one of the greatest natural cleaning detergents of all time. And without a doubt, this suggestion holds true! But ever wonder what else you could do with vinegar and how it can help benefit your life in all different aspects? Look no further! Here are some amazing vinegar hacks you never even knew worked so well! 

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Stained Pots

Using your cooking pots and pans will inevitably lead to staining, and since none of us like that, we have a tip for making your kitchenware look new. Just mix a cup of water with half a cup of vinegar in the stained pot or pan, boil for five minutes, and you are all done!

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Fruit Fly Trap

Fruits can attract flies during the summer. Here's how to get rid of them. Fill a small container with vinegar and a drop of dish soap. Then, put a piece of plastic wrap over the top with small holes in it. You can also make a little funnel with some paper as seen in the picture above. The fruit flies LOVE the smell of vinegar and will fly in. They'll be trapped by the plastic and stuck in the dish soap.

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

Fix Wrinkled Clothes

You can spray a vinegar solution on wrinkled clothing to help release the wrinkles. Mix 3 parts water to 1 part vinegar and spray a very fine mist onto the clothes. Make sure not to use too much vinegar and have a concentrated solution. The vinegar will work the wrinkles right out of the clothes.

Image credits: YouTube/Householdhacker

Eliminate Salt Residue on Your Shoes

This simple little hack can get you looking fly in minutes and is sure to preserve the quality of your shoes! Prepare a spray bottle with water but leave just enough room at the top to add two or three tablespoons of vinegar. Give the bottle a shake and ready! Once you have a rag or paper towel ready by your side, give that a spray or two and wipe your shoes. You will watch the salt residue just dissolve off your shoes before your eyes!

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Eyeglass Cleaner

You just have to give your eyeglasses a good wipe. Sometimes you will notice your sweat and whatnot accumulating on the glass lenses. You may already have a little wipe for your glasses but if you ever misplace that, do not panic! Spray a little vinegar on your glasses and give them a gentle wipe. You will notice how clean the lenses are while the frames shine like new!

Image Credit: Pexels/Asim Alnamat

Clean Off Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is hard to get rid off from just about everything. You may have heard that you should clean it off by using peanut butter, but that doesn't work. Vinegar works! Try to get the vinegar behind the gum if you can, but if not, it's OK. Just let it sink in and the gum should come right off. 

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Clean Woodwind Instruments

Here's a good one for all the band parents or band kids. If you play the saxophone or clarinet, you'll see some nasty white residue build-up in the mouthpiece if you don't clean it regularly. Put some vinegar on a cotton swab the inside of the mouthpiece. Wipe it down with a microfiber cloth, rinse, and it'll be clean as new. 

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D.I.Y. All-Purpose Cleaner

Ever considered a change of pace in your pastime cleaning endeavors? Try mixing white vinegar with a small dose of anti-microbial essential oils you might enjoy. And it is as simple as that. Now you have a do-it-yourself all-purpose cleaning solution to use around your house - from countertops to toilet seats! a try. Save yourself some money on cleaning products with this thrifty hack!

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Clean Pewter Brass

Earlier in the article, we wrote about using vinegar to clean silver. You can use it to clean brass and pewter too, but you have to do it in a slightly different way. Combine equal parts fine salt and white vinegar and rub the pewter with that solution. Make sure that the brass is clean if you're working with brass. Vinegar and salt will destroy most lacquer.

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Homemade Wood Stain

Were you thinking about staining your new wooden backyard fence this summer? No need to run out to your local paint store or hardware depot! For this hack, you will need only these ingredients. First, place a small steel wool pad into a single mason jar. Then add 1/4 cups of coffee grounds and 1 to 2 cups of vinegar to the concoction. Leave this mixture overnight and then remove the steel wool pad before use. Give it a stir and apply to your fence, leaving the stain to settle in one coat at a time! 

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Soften Cuticles

Maintain your nails and cuticles in-between manicures with vinegar. Soak your nails in apple cider vinegar for 5 minutes. You should be able to scrub them and they'll be much nicer and softer. It's less harsh than some other methods involving nail polish remover too.

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Keep the Ants Out

This here is a simple hack. Many can swear on this neat little trick. Like many hacks before, fill up a spray bottle with white vinegar. Spray this solution all along your doorway or in any crevasses you notice ants moving in and out of. In a short time, the vinegar will act as a natural ant repellent and you will notice a significant improvement around your house - no more unwanted critters!

Image Credit: Pixabay/chezbaete

Clean Off Your Piano Keys

Clean your piano keys easily with this trick. Soak a towel in a 50% water, 50% vinegar mix. Wring it out to make sure it isn't too wet. Run it along the keys and then run a dry cloth behind it. Leave the keyboard exposed and make sure it's dry before closing it. DO NOT let the cloth drip between the keys.

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Detox Your Skin

Who doesn't enjoy a treat after a long day of work? Add a cup of apple cider vinegar to your bath and let nature do the rest. to detox your skin while you soak in your warm bath. Not only can it do that, but it can also ease muscle aches and balance your pH. Who knew vinegar had so many positive things to offer? Now go run the water. You deserve a nice bath.

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Make your feet happy by removing plantar warts with vinegar. Take a cotton ball, and soak it in vinegar, then attach it to the wart with medical tape overnight. It should help dry the wart up, although it might take a week or two. It also works in other places, but if you have them on your hands, the smell might be very strong, so be careful.

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Clean Your Engine Parts

If you have small, gas-powered tools like a hedge trimmer or weed wacker, you know that difficult to keep them clean. Take pure white vinegar and pour a shallow amount into a tub. Place the trimmer in it. Now use a dish scrub brush to scrub accumulated grass and dirt off of the trimmer. This is quick and easy!

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Clean Your Microwave

Another in the long list of kitchen appliances that get dirty is the microwave. If you cook chili or spaghetti in there, you know what we're talking about. Rather than spraying it with chemicals that might leak into your food, just microwave a bowl of 1/4 cup water and one cup vinegar until it has completely steamed the inside. Wipe it off and it will be clean!

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Clean Your Dishwasher

Dishwashers should get your dishes clean. That's their sole purpose, right? But they get dirty too. However, you can use vinegar to clean them. Put a bowl of vinegar on the top rack and run a HOT cycle. This will loosen any hard water stains or food residue on the inside of the washer. When it's done, wipe it all down and you should be able to get your dishes clean again!

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Kill Mold

You can get rid of mold on walls and other surfaces by spraying white vinegar at full-strength directly on it. Use caution when wiping it off. If you missed any of the mold, you might accidentally release mold spores into the air, and that is bad news. This is a great method but just use enough vinegar.

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Wood Glue

After a while, wood or white glue can congeal and become unusable. One way to fix this problem is to add a few drops of vinegar into the glue. Why does this work? Science! The vinegar breaks down the tackiness of the glue, allowing it to be more liquid and thinner. The glue will still work the same way, and you might just have enough to finish your project.

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It might be cute when a small child sucks their thumb or some other toy. When they get to four-years-old, it's a good idea to wean them from that habit so they don't damage their teeth. If all else fails, wipe down the thumb or toy with a bunch of nasty-tasting vinegar. It won't hurt them, but they'll learn quickly to stop sucking on their thumb!

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Make Soil More Acidic

Speaking of flowers, a lot of flowers like acidic soils. Gardenias fall into this category, along with azaleas. There are commercial products that will acidify the soil, but they're a waste of money. Just water the plants using the same 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water mix you used above. This will make your acid-loving plants grow bigger and faster. It helps keep bugs away too!

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Keep Your Plants Alive Longer

Believe it or not, this works! Science to the rescue! For this next hack, place your plants or flowers in a vase full of 1 quart of warm water. Add 2 tablespoons of sugar to the water to promote the opening of the blooms and nourish the plants, add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar to the mixture and stir well. This will stint the growth of bacteria and will allow your plants and flowers to live longer and healthier! Share this tip with your Gardening group!

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Clean Your Wood Floors

Be a little careful with this one. You can use vinegar and water to clean your wood floors. We suggest a mix of 2/3 water and 1/3 vinegar. Make sure you use white vinegar though. Anything like balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar will stain or damage the floor. Don't use this mix on laminate floors either. Use the right vinegar for the job, and it should come out well.

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Remove Old Wallpaper

To remove old wallpaper, first, you'll have to score it. You can use tools to do this, but this is way easier than to use than a commercial scoring tool. Spray the areas down with a 50% solution of white vinegar and water. Let it soak in for a while. It should come right off once you tear it down with a scraper.

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Nursery Cleaner

More of a reminder than a hack for you. It's probably not a great idea to clean a nursery with a bunch of harsh chemicals. There's every chance in the world that they will irritate your baby's delicate skin. Instead, use a solution of equally mixed water and vinegar, and then squeeze some lemon juice in. It will keep the baby's room clean and fresh-smelling without the harsh chemicals.

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Bee Sting

Fun fact: Only the honey bees sting. But, if you get stung by something though, you probably won't care about that. What you will care about is relieving the pain and getting the stinger out. Vinegar can help. Not only does it clean the wound and get rid of the bacteria, but it will also have the effect of loosening the stinger. It should just fall out!

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Trash Can Deodorizer

If you have an especially stinky trash can, it might seem like nothing will get it clean. Vinegar has a very strong odor, but it also kills strong odors. Soak a few pieces of bread in vinegar and just leave them in the trash can. The smell will disappear, and it won't smell bad anymore.

Image credits: YouTube/Householdhacker

Fix Bruises and Black Eyes

If you have a bruise or a black eye, it might take forever for them to go away. Vinegar can help speed up the process. Use apple cider vinegar only though. It smells better and it's easier on the rest of your body too. The vinegar will help "cool" the blood vessels and the bruise will go away faster.

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Dog Repellent

Much like cats, dogs also dislike the smell of vinegar. It's cute when your dog thinks he owns the couch, but less cute when he takes it over. And it's even LESS cute if he stinks. Spray down the couch with the same vinegar/water mix you used for the cat. It will keep dogs off too.

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Remove Stains from Clothing and Rugs

Everybody knows the dread of being sick. It is never a good feeling. But what also really sucks about feeling under the weather is the odor that comes with being sick, and the stains on our clothing. But can you think of an easy cleaning remedy for these sorts of issues? Yup! Vinegar! You can pour some onto a rag and wipe all the stains out of your clothing in no time. Not to mention, the scent of the vinegar will eliminate any lingering "sick" odor. 

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Clean Baby Toys

It sure is cute to watch a baby play with their toys. If the baby is teething though, you might be thinking of germs from their toys. Clean them off with vinegar. Just add a cup to a sink full of water and soak. Dry them off, and they should be germ-free.

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Relax Bath

There are approximately 1,264,789 bath recipes on the internet. Here's number 1,264,790! Add 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar, some Epsom salts, and some essential oils into the tub for a nice relaxing bath. You can use any essential oil, but a strong one like lavender or eucalyptus is the best.

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Shine Up Your Leather

Has your leather lost its luster? Restore it with a 50/50 mix of linseed oil and vinegar. Put it in a spray bottle and spray down the furniture. Then just wipe it down. The oil will make them shiny again and the vinegar will remove stains.

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Clean Retainers

If your child (or you!) has a retainer, chances are that it gets nasty. There are a lot of ways to clean them, and vinegar is a good choice. Soak the retainer in vinegar for a few minutes, then clean with cold water. If the retainer has both metal and plastic parts, the vinegar can clean both!

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Condition Your Hair

Oh no, you just started warming up your shower but realized you ran out of conditioner! Okay, do not panic. Here is another simple hack to save the day! Hallelujah! Once you had run your hair under the water momentarily, give your hair and scalp a little rub with some apple cider vinegar for a minute or two. Let the contents of the vinegar absorb into your hair before giving it a rinse under the water. What you should expect after your hair dries is a rich, luscious feeling.

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Remove Rust from Tools

Do you live a handyman lifestyle using tools almost all year round? You might notice that after a season or two, rust can easily accumulate on the metal parts of your tools. Well, that shouldn't be a problem any longer! Put your tools into a small bucket or tin can and fill it up with any vinegar. Let them immerse in the vinegar solution overnight and when you are up and ready the next morning, give the tools a quick wipe with a rag or Scotch-Brite pad. Goodbye, rust!

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Polish Your Cutlery and Dishes

This next hack is no secret to anybody, however, it is rather world-renowned. If you have ever worked in a restaurant, you would have seen this trick being put to use! Just place your cutlery into a small jug of vinegar, much like the rusty tool trick. Let them soak for a short before wiping down your forks and spoons with a clean dish rag. It is as simple as that and takes less than 10 minutes to clean up and polish all of your cutlery!

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Keep Your Windows Free from Insects

You know that feeling when you are gazing out of the window and you spot a collection of cobwebs along the edges of your window panes? Or maybe you lay your eyes on a spider in a next-to-blink-loses showdown. Whatever the case, you can avoid that uneasy encounter by spraying or rubbing a mix of water and vinegar alongside your window frames or the panes themselves, both inside and outside. Take that, you eight-legged freaks! You won't be getting into this house!

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Shrink Acne Spots

Chemicals for clearing up acne, like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, can be hard on your skin. Most of them are aimed towards teenagers too, so commercial products have higher levels than for adults. Vinegar contains compounds similar to salicylic acid, except that it's milder. Try using that on acne instead.

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Clean Out Your Scissors

Some people put the scissors in the dishwasher when they get sticky. This is a bad idea because the dishwasher can ruin the blades. Instead, get a cloth and some white vinegar. Wipe them down using the vinegar, and they should be fresh. Even better, they should still be sharp!

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Remove Wood Scratches

Small scratches in wood tables are annoying, and can eventually lead to a new, expensive purchase. You can hide them though. This won't fix the scratches, but you won't be able to see them. Just take one part vinegar with three parts olive oil. Wipe it on the scratch and scrub a bit. The vinegar/oil mix will fill in and hide it. Also, as you might have realized, you've just made a tasty salad dressing too!

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Get Rid Of Algae

Algae looks nice in the ocean, or if you're trying to make something look old, but it's not so nice when it's on your patio. To get rid of it, use concentrated white vinegar and a strong scrub brush. As an added benefit, this will also clean old dirty concrete that may have turned brown.

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Cut Grease on Stovetops

Vinegar is an ideal substance for cleaning grease. We'll get to some general glass cleaning with vinegar a little later, but one area that can really benefit is a glass top stove. Use 50% vinegar and 50% water in a spray bottle. Spray a generous amount on the stove, let it sit, and wipe it up. This will clean up the grease, and you might clean off caked-on residues too.

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Sore Throat

When you get a sore throat, it can really mess up your day. It doesn't matter if it's from an infection or from overuse, sore throats stink. You can help get rid of them by making a strong solution of salt, apple cider vinegar, and water. Try gargling it a few times over several minutes. It will help calm the irritation and kill germs causing the problem.

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Stuffy Nose

Stuffy noses can be a headache - literally! If you have a severely stuffy nose, you may use an over-the-counter nose spray. They can be harsh and addictive though. Try this trick instead. Mix 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of baking soda into a glass of water. Put it into a spray bottle, stick it in your nose, and spray! It should clear you right up!

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Blue Hydrangeas

This one is neat and doesn't require much effort. Plant some pink hydrangea flowers. Now, instead of just watering them, use a mixture of 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water. This will make the soil more acidic and it will turn the pink hydrangeas into blue ones. It doesn't work on any of the other colors though, so be careful!

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Unclog Your Kitchen Sink

For this next hack, you will need two ingredients: vinegar of your choice, and baking soda. It is as easy and straightforward as it sounds. Pour a little baking soda down the pipe and begin adding a small portion of vinegar. This trick has been around for a long while and it works well for minor clogs in any sink! Write this one down and use it next time. On to the next one!

Image Credit: YouTube/ Householdhacker

Cool A Sunburn

Did you stay out in the sun for too long? Well, if you didn't put on enough sunscreen or just lost track of time, you probably will have a painful sunburn. Cool it down by using cider vinegar applied directly to the affected area. If the skin starts peeling off, the vinegar can help with that too.

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Toilet Cleaner

Cleaning a toilet is messy, and using commercial cleaners doesn't always get the job done right. For tough stains, you can use a vinegar solution of 75% vinegar and 25% water. Scrub it down with some castle soap too. This should remove just about anything in the bowl. Gloves for this one. You can then add in some lemon if you want it to smell better.

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Many people might not know this, but cats really dislike the smell of vinegar. The scent is repulsive to them! So grab that trusty spray bottle solution you have made for earlier hacks and spray the vinegar across your bed frames, stair spindles, couches, etc. Sorry, Mr. Snuggles! Not on my watch...

Image Credit: Pixabay/Daga Roszkowska

Cold Sore

Cold sores can be nasty-looking and they're tough to get rid of quickly. They can also be painful. Get rid of them a little easier by dabbing them with vinegar. It's a natural astringent and will help keep the area clean. Plus, it will help dry them up so they won't stick out nearly as much. It's a little painful to put the vinegar on at first, but it will help in the long run.

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Hopefully, these vinegar hacks opened up your mind to all the possibilities that you could use vinegar to help you in your life. Whether for the purpose of cleaning or keeping pests away, vinegar is a handy and inexpensive product to help you get around life's pesty inconveniences. Check our other articles and share some of these life hacks with your friends - tell them that vinegar can help you come out on top!

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