November Horoscope: Virgo

Nov 02, 2020Roshanak

November is finally here, and it’s time to find out how Virgo will fare during this season. After all the excitement of Halloween, things might be dying down right now. But there are still several surprises in store, especially when it comes to romance and family. Let’s find out more! 

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Anyone born between August 23rd and September 22nd belongs to the Maiden sign, Virgo. It’s an Earth sign and often represented by a woman or goddess. Their ruler is Mercury and one of their best qualities is being mutable. Most of them are known for paying close attention to details.

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That means that they are more careful than other people and unlikely to be spontaneous. Virgo’s lucky numbers are 5,14, 15, 23, and 32. Since they don’t leave anything to chance, most people might consider them boring. They also come off as aloof and cold. However, they are also incredibly tender-hearted.

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The maiden symbol for the sign was inspired by Astraea, the goddess of innocence. In Greek mythology, she is the daughter of Astraeus and Eos, both Titans. Astraea allegedly lived among humans during the Golden Age of Man but left Earth when the Iron Age arrived.

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It has also been said that she will come back to Earth one day and usher in another amazing ear of utopian happiness. Meanwhile, the constellation of Virgo is set to have appeared in ancient Babylon, but they called it “the furrow”. Furthermore, Virgo is also the largest sign in the Zodiac.

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Most Virgos are practical, planners, and ruled by logic. They do not like to leave things to chance, but their penchant for perfection can be a source of huge stress. However, that also makes them the hardest workers and not afraid to get better by learning something new.

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While some people might consider you cold, you can be loyal friends as well as fierce lovers. Virgos are particularly great at family dynamics due to their problem-solving nature. Other signs might be better at emotional support, but you take action to fix whatever situations arise.

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The downside of Virgo is that most march to their own drummer, even when others might not understand. That’s how you rebel against authority despite not breaking any rules. Spontaneity is really not in your vocabulary, which means that surprises are not a great idea either.  

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You prefer to analyze things and plan, even if you’re not doing anything particularly grand. This tends to annoy boyfriends/girlfriends quickly. That makes you come off as a bit demanding, which can be a problem for others as well. Furthermore, your penchant for planning can lead to awful episodes of anxiety. 

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Some of the world’s biggest superstars are Virgo, and you might not even know them. The only and only “Queen B” Beyonce was born on September 4, 1981. Furthermore, recent Emmy Award-winner, Zendaya was born on September 1, 1996. You might remember her from ‘Euphoria’ and the newest ‘Spider-Man’.

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Meanwhile, handsome men such as Nick Jonas, Idris Elba, Keanu Reeves, Armie Hammer, Chris Pine, and others were born under the Maiden sign. Isn’t it exciting? You might share many of their characteristics. Another notable Virgo star is Kim Nam Joon, aka RM from BTS, who was born on September 12, 1994.

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It’s time to discover what November has in store in the area of romance! After a year of being mostly at home, you might start having several get-togethers. However, you have placed most of your romantic wishes on the back burner, and it’s time to bring them to the front.  

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Jupiter will leave your romantic region after November, and now that Venus is back, this is the perfect time to find a great partner. All your love is just waiting to overflow with the help of these planets. Saturn is also leaving your romantic region by the end of the month, and you need to take advantage of its power.

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When it comes to your family life, things have settled down. After the weird dynamic that everyone had to face this 2020, your loved ones have settled in the perfect routine that any Virgo would enjoy. It’s not chaotic at home anymore. Children are also doing much better in their new normal now.

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They are doing their tasks much better this November, and you’re getting to spend more time together. Everything might have been difficult for other signs, but not for planners like Virgo. You can instill discipline and rules but in an affectionate manner. This way, everyone at home knows that you love them unconditionally.

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While things have settled at home, November is going to bring to light something unexpected. There are certain friendships that you might reconsider because not everything has your best interest at heart. Virgos tend to be choosy when it comes to people, but they can be fooled too.

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Some bad characteristics might surface this time of the year among your friend circle, and you could hugely benefit from some distancing. Even if you do not want to cut them off completely, you need to think before telling them anything serious. It’s better to be careful than to suffer the burns later.  

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November also comes with many new opportunities when it comes to your career. You are doing much better now than in earlier months while your routine settled. You might have become the go-to problem-solver at work too. However, don’t put too much pressure on your shoulders.

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Some people will take advantage of your need to help others and desire to resolve issues. It’s time to delegate and tread carefully when it comes to new tasks. The Moon is in your career sector during the first week of November, and it’s the perfect time to check your professional interests.

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Health should not be a problem this November either. While some of the stress of earlier months could have caused some problems, everything is a bit better now. However, that doesn’t mean that you can slack off. You should watch anything you eat because there is still a chance of digestive tract issues.

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If anything is going on, treat it before it becomes worse. Remember to continue to be careful whenever you go outside and disinfect at home as often as you can. Now is not the time to become complacent just because most people have gotten used to the reality of 2020.

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There is more good news this November, as your general finances are well. Your primary income is doing well, and you might even have fruitful investments. It might just be the time to purchase something big like a house or car but remember to look carefully at all the documents.

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While things are looking great, the prospect of the upcoming 2021 is still daunting. You will start worrying about the expenses of this holiday season, and it can be aggravating sometimes. Remember to take a deep breath. You will get through the season with your careful budgeting and have more than enough left.

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It’s time to discover the details of your romantic side this November. There are several signs that have always been compatible with Virgo such as Capricorn and Cancer. But during this month, you might find that your soulmate is a Taurus. Most Sun signs are great for Virgo.

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Things can be exciting with Scorpio as well, but love tends to play games all the time. You want to focus on your romantic aspirations this month, but cupid can sometimes make mistakes. Some compatible signs might also come with complications that could affect your life negatively. Be vigilant!

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Just like there are several signs that simply go well with Virgo, there is plenty that does not match at all. Most of the time, any horoscope will tell you to avoid Sagittarius at all costs, and that they are definitely your least ideal partner. But there is another sign that could cause trouble.

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You simply don’t do well with Gemini. You can be great as friends – sometimes, for only a short while – but their duplicitous characteristics can trick you into thinking a relationship will work. It won’t! Watch out for any Geminis that might put be acting flirty. It’s not a great idea.

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While Virgo and Aquarius are not particularly compatible, they can form an intense friendship. Sadly, anything romantic might not go well for either of them. You just don’t share the same opinions on life. Additionally, it’s hard to understand each other sometimes.

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People might tell you that opposites attract, but you cannot go through life looking for someone that might be too different from you. Virgo needs compatibility with just a little bit of a twist to make things exciting. Aquarius and Virgo could end bringing the worst in each other if they get romantically involved.

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Now, Pisces is considered Virgo’s main opposite sign. For some reason, you might be attracted to Pisces, even if you know that things might not go well. However, there’s just something about them that you want. Pisces sees the world in a light and easy way, which is completely contrary to Virgo.

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They are generally not concerned with much and go with the flow. Sometimes, you might want someone like that to get away from your routine. Pisces are also dreamers, and Virgos are doers, which can work. But when it comes to a long-term commitment, neither might be ready for that leap.

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Aries and Virgo can be insanely attracted to each other, but it is a fire that burns too quickly sometimes. Aries are not used to the control that you need. They also can be spontaneous, which Virgos have trouble with most of the time. There are just too many differences that might not go well.

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You want to plan almost everything possible and critique things that are not your way, and Aries won’t be able to deal with something like no matter how passionate you are with each other. You both would have to compromise in many ways to be together. In the end, that could lead to resentment. No one wants that.

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As mentioned earlier, Taurus is the kind of love match that you want to look for this November. They are excellent partners, particularly if you want to settle down and get married. Taurus has a soothing nature that can calm most of Virgo’s neurotic moments. Additionally, they do not have a problem following Virgo’s rules and lead.

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Another amazing aspect of a Virgo-Taurus relationship is that they have the same thoughts when it comes to intimacy. There is no need to rush. You can build trust slowly until you are comfortable with each other. Most of the time, you will agree with your Taurus partner as well as build a foundation of respect.

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As mentioned earlier, Gemini is the least ideal partner for Virgo this November. It’s not that a relationship between them can never work, but it’s difficult. You would be taking a huge risk with your heart if you start dating the Twin sign. They have several similarities, but their differences can be the deciding factor in a breakup.

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One of their similarities is that Mercury is their ruling planet, and it can push Gemini to use their logic. However, the Twin sign tends to be too laid back for logic. Additionally, Mercury affects Virgo differently. They become more detailed as well as critical. This means that they deal with problems differently, and it can lead to deeper issues.

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Cancer and Virgo have always been seen as compatible. Their love is not passionate. It’s the easy kind that might want after suffering through people that just don’t understand you. Virgos can seem cold and too logical, but Cancer has more than enough love to go around. They don’t need you to be openly affectionate because they will take charge emotionally.

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You will mesh well with Cancer because it’s nice to be loved and cared for without the pressure to do the same in a similar way. Cancers will understand that the way you give love is much different. Most Cancer-Virgo relationships end up in long-term commitments that flourish with time. When it comes to intimacy, you’re both sweet and caring.

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Virgo and Leo are also opposites in many ways. They can certainly work with the right people and dynamic, but it’s going to be really hard most of the time. Leos like to be the center of attention and the life of the party. Meanwhile, you might be a bit shy, introverted, and prefer to be in smaller gatherings. Eventually, this clash affects the relationship.

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Leo can also have strong personalities that don’t go well with Virgo. You normally like to plan things and critics, which can rub Leo the wrong way. It might seem really passionate at first, but it does not work in the long run. Friendships can work under certain circumstances if there are several things in common, but you both need space from each other from time to time.

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Most people believe that their best love match astrologically is the same sign, but that’s not necessarily true. When they are in a relationship, both Virgos continue their perfectionist ways. They focus more on work, practicality, and organization. These characteristics are great for a work colleague, but it’s not exactly romantic.

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Therefore, you can certainly open your business with a fellow Virgo, and you can be the greatest of friends. But your relationship will end up being too boring unless you’re not really interested in romance or intimacy. Two Virgos together might seem more like siblings than a couple. We really don’t recommend it.

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Libra and Virgo tend to be a little contrary as well. Virgos are shy, while Libras are extroverts. You might have trouble expressing your emotions or giving affection. But they do it at the drop of a hat without any reservations. It’s not an ideal match, although they complement what the other lacks.

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Most of the time, you won’t be attracted to each other. It might not even work as a friendship. You could drive your Libra partner crazy with all your quirks, and they won’t be able to love you the way you deserve. In relationships, it’s just better not to force things. There might a few exceptions, but that’s not always the case.

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You might have a great relationship with Scorpio. They love that Virgo is calm and unconcerned when it comes to love. You generally don’t let drama affect your life in the romance department, and Scorpios can relax around you. Their emotions are much more unpredictable, and they soothed with your presence.

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Additionally, there are many aspects of Virgo and Scorpio’s personality that just go well. They are hard-working, resourceful, and mostly handle their lives in a similar fashion. Both value their individual time and prefer smaller social gatherings than big parties. However, Scorpio’s passion is also the perfect complement for shy Virgos.

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If you’re familiar with the most general aspects of your zodiac sign, then you probably read that Sagittarius is the worst idea for a partner you can imagine. There are exceptions in life, but Sagittarius is so unpredictable that it’s just not a great combination. They are reckless, social, bright, lively, and love talking.

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Those are great qualities for a person, but when mixed with quiet, pessimistic, neurotic Virgos, it can lead to disastrous results. A long-term relationship simply wouldn’t work, and you might cause each other more harm than good. While risks can pay off sometimes, Virgos are not risk-takers especially when it comes to romance.

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Capricorn is another amazing partner for you. It’s similar to a Taurus-Virgo relationship, as your personalities mix pretty well. You don’t necessarily like surprises, and Capricorns tend to be serious individuals. They are also great at planning and looking to the future, which you definitely appreciate in a love match.

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There’s a ton of respect and admiration for one another, which creates great communication. That’s why your intimacy can be deeper than other love matches with different signs. The only downside is that you both might forget to bring romance to the relationship. Don’t get too comfortable if you’re pursuing this partnership! 

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If you’re not into the holiday spirit yet, you can watch ‘Singin’ in the Rain’, starring Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O’Connor. It’s one of the most iconic movies ever made, and most Virgos tend to love. But if you want something set in autumn, watch ‘When Harry Met Sally’.  

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Music is important for Virgo, and because of their personality, most people recommend classical music. While it’s great if you like it, you can listen to other things. One song you will love is ‘Ex’s and Oh’s’ by Elle King. You can also listen to ‘Situationship’ by Snoh Aalegra, ‘Wildest Moments’ by Jessie Ware, and ‘You’re My Best Friend’ by Queen.

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Autumn is one of the best seasons to read some books. But this year has not been easy. Therefore, you might want to read ‘She’s the Worst’ by Lauren Spieller. The main character, Jenn, is a hard-working Virgo with a secret. ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ by Morgan Matson is the kind of book that Virgos love to read because the characters take risks.

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Overall, the routine you have tried to establish during this crazy year is going to continue. You have found enough harmony at home and stability at work, that you can be at peace this November. The only part that might go wrong is some friendships with certain people. Watch out for anyone acting a bit weird.

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Also, if you’re single, it’s time to think about everything you want in a relationship. You need to set clear goals in that regard just like you do with your career. Things might not play out as you expect but making that plan will soothe you. Additionally, take a look at your compatibility with other signs to see if a relationship is worth pursuing.

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November might not be exactly what Virgo expects, but this has been a crazy year. It’s time to prepare for the last month of 2020, and hopefully, this guide helped. Let us know how you’re doing this season. If you liked this article, share it with your fellow Virgo friends because they might need it!

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