Horoscope: November For Aquarius

Nov 02, 2020Kara

Nothing really did bring you down in October for you are here, facing another month of uncertainty! November is bringing another 30 days of surprises and it would be nice to know and have some hints about it, right? So now, read on as this article will tell you what to expect for this month. 

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If you are born between January 20 - February 18, you belong to the Aquarius zodiac. You are a fixed sign under the air element and your lucky day is Saturday. Your colors are light blue and silver and your lucky numbers are 4, 7, 11, 22, and 29. Saturn is your ruling planet.

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Aquarius people are typically born to be shy and quiet and as it is an air sign, you make use of your mind at every opportunity and if there is no mental stimulation, you tend to be bored. This will lead to your lack of motivation to achieve the best results in what you are doing.

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Despite the word “aqua” in your Zodiacs name, it is actually an air sign and not a water sign. You are one of the most humanitarian signs across the land. You do not like to be affected by the drama that insecure people always bring with them and you never let anyone drag you down, figuratively, and literally!

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You hate it when someone controls your actions, don’t you? The tighter that they will try to hold on to you, the more that you will slip through their fingers. You want to do things at your own pace and you hate to be rushed. However, don’t you just love pleasant surprises?

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We won’t be surprised to see Aquarians on the street, asking for justice because they are revolutionary thinkers who fervently support “power to the people”. You aspire to change the world through social progress. Aquarians are just really rebels at heart. You despise authority and anything that represents conventionality.

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You are big thinkers and as you are deeply motivated, you also enjoy teamwork and participating in communities of like-minded individuals. You thrive on shock value and you’re simply progressive, independent, intelligent, unique, and idealistic. It’s common for you to embrace your creativity and uniqueness even if it makes you stand out unconventionally.

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As they are big thinkers, Aquarians usually forget about their immediate surroundings. They can be so focused on implementing the widespread reform that they often neglect the people who are closest to them. Dear Aquarius, progress always starts on a micro level so advocate empathy and compassion wherever possible.

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Just like all the fixed signs, you also tend to be stubborn. This is often considered your Achilles heel. your obstinacy stems from strong, righteous conviction and it is often quelled as soon as you get the chance to enact change.

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There are so many big stars that people didn’t know are Aquarius natives. However, they embody the personality of a true aquarian. The groundbreaking daytime TV staple Ellen DeGeneres is one, same with “Can’t Stop the Feeling" singer Justin Timberlake, and even “No One” singer, Alicia Keys.

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Other stars who join them on the Aquarian list are 1 Direction’s Harry Styles, Shakira, Isla Fisher, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Rock, Seth Green, Emma Roberts, Elizabeth Banks, Laura Dern, Stephanie Beatriz, and Yara Shahidi. Let’s not forget the iconic Oprah Winfrey. 

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This month, do not allow your professional obligations to come between you and your partner’s romance. Attract your other half by giving some small sweet talks and don’t let miscommunication ruin your moment. Be more open and don’t be cold for your romantic moments to continue.

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For those single water bearers, don’t worry. There is plenty of romantic opportunities for you this month. Venus and Mars are out to help you to get into love relationships easily. Those who already made commitments will move their relationship to the next level. Remember, good communication is your weapon of love this month.

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You are one stubborn creature, and you are strong-willed so it is not surprising that there will be times that some arguments will arise between you and your family members. November predicts to bring some serious differences with your elders in the house, so try to refuse when they provoke you into a confrontation.

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Just try to diffuse the tension and maintain your cool. Be the bigger person this month and try to know where they are coming from. This may be for the reason that financial stability is also affected by your family this month so try to also help with the household expenses.

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Do you have some repressed issues about your friends that you just cannot seem to bring out because you are trying to save the relationship? Well, get ready. This November you will just spill all of them out for some unknown reason and they will listen to all the things that you’ve been keeping to yourself for a very long time.

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Once these come to light, you’ll be able to see patterns you might be stuck in or things you want to get rid of. This can be a difficult transit, but it brings much insight into who you are and what energies you want to focus on, including who you want to spend your time with. Stay away from toxins!

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The stars are just not aligning for your career this November for even your association with gifted people of learning would fail to produce the normally beneficial results. You will be working hard night and day, but you will not achieve the result that you are trying to reach. However, there will be some good sides to it as well.

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During this hard time in your career, you will know those coworkers who are loyal to you and you will also understand the things that your employer is looking for. After the tough grind, you will surely be rewarded, so hang in there and never give up.

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Though there will be some problems in the workplace, the stars will be out to bless your health and there will be few grounds for any serious concerns. If there is a sickness like fever and inflammations, you can look forward to a respite from these troubles. Prompt treatment will ensure quick relief.

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Just watch out for some liver problems. This will just be a minor ailment so there is no need to worry. Just drink some tonic that tones up your liver and help it from going sluggish. Just remember to have some exercise and continue to eat healthy so that you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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It may seem volatile at first, but then money flow will pick up in the middle of the month. Just like in the workplace, however, more effort is needed to generate finances because just some normal work will not lead to prosperity. Avoid speculative activities this month and make sure to limit your expenses.

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Now is not the perfect time for you to invest in some business because this is not the month for you to start something in the business aspect. Let your gains for this month be your savings so that when you will finally open your pocket to a new prospect, you will have the success that you are aiming for.

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As you will have plenty of romantic interest this month, it would be good if you’ll know the most compatible people for you. Here are the signs that are perfect for your strong-willed personality and would understand you as a person. Who would be the most understanding but your fellow Aquarius themselves?

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Yes, Aquarius and Aquarius will make a good couple for you will support each other’s beliefs. The fire sign, Aries, will also create a good match with you. You’ll create an unconventional relationship, and you’ll surprise your friends by dating this sign. You will also understand Gemini’s thirst for freedom!

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It is also inevitable that some people will not understand where you are coming from and they just won’t get the things that you are fighting for. To them, you are so troublesome, and you will feel like they are antagonizing their lives. This means that you can’t work well with these people so stay away from Scorpios and Capricorns. 

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Aquarians personally know what they want and similar traits come with a deeper understanding of the other. The two of you value freedom and independence so you will not mind being away from each other for a while. There is no pressure on your partner because there is unlikely a strong demand for time and attention.

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You like exploring new things best so you might want to try different activities this November! Prepare extra sheets of paper for possible addition to your bucket list, you are surely crossing them out one by one with an Aquarius partner! Be careful about bottling up emotions, though. Disagreements that are not communicated may cause greater conflicts!

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This partner is motivated by both mind and heart: an Aquarius is leaned towards emotion while a Pisces is driven by thought. Will you have an instant connection with a Pisces? You bet! Your partner is genuinely attracted to the potential inside of you! They are extremely strong-willed and not too sensitive which is best when you fall apart.

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For starters, you will find it difficult to put your trust in this union but will eventually come to a mutual understanding. Work on them this November for a more strong bond as your relationship might get tested soon. The growth of loyalty and trust takes time for both of you but this journey is worth it!

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Aquarius, you value independence and your level of deep thinking will grow on your Arian partner! This is where the respect blooms! Your dynamic personality attracts Aries more and the way you think will seal the deal in this relationship! At the end of the day, a fire-signed Aries is very much compatible with an air-signed Aquarius! 

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Conflict will arise when Aries demands to lead and Aquarius refuses to follow. You will experience differences in the manner of dealing day with day situations which might call you off. On the brighter side of things, working on these differences will make you appreciate the masculinity of your Arian partner, well, as a very romantic Aquarius!

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Taurus might not be the best partner for you but hey, things can be worked out! You have different traits and this registers a very low love meter. You are more of a visionary that might be awkward for an ideal romantic Taurean. One values a steady and stable life while the other is into an exciting one.

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This relationship will not be easy-going and working on these differences might be challenging for both parties. If you are really into your Taurean partner, take this November and work on it, especially understanding the ideals of Taurus and sacrificing some of yours to meet them. But you don’t have to carry all the burden! Taurus is with you!

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This union has such a great weapon: your communication skills! You are flexible with things you talk about and are willing to compromise for the other. Your openness will lead you to a long-term relationship. You may not fully understand your partner every time but this open communication develops both your respect for each other’s mental focus.

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You are up for a great November with a Gemini partner! You can enjoy cultivating your passion and materializing your plans. You just need to work on your trust, loyalty, and honesty more to avoid conflict and not waste this very great union. Who knows, you might end up with Gemini forever!

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To start, this partnership may have to deal with the tension at first, especially that Aquarius is emotionally detached for a Cancer and the latter is emotionally demanding for the former. Not much of a great start but this can be worked on only if you put your mind to it. Make a plan this November.

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Accomplishing one thing after another at your comfortable pace is what will make this relationship sail more smoothly. A balance of what both of you want! Explore things together and find a common ground. You have this November to do so! You have a different love language with Cancer but you can work on it! Have a blast!

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A friendly flirtation turns into a striking attraction! The king of the celestial jungle is starting to grow attraction to the water bearer, and you love every bit of it. You are different, and this difference is your greatest asset. Your relationship poses a great balance and the polar opposites won’t feel any coldness anytime soon!

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November is all about growth for you and Leo. Encourage your partner as they encourage you, too, in reaching your full potential and achieving the best versions of yourself. You want this in your relationships, right? Invest in your freedom as an individual as well as your loyalty in your built relationship. November is for you and your partner.

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Your difference with Virgo is not any similar to your difference with Leo. This partnership is complicated because of clashing traits and personalities. Virgo is a perfectionist while you are kind of rebellious. This does not work without adjustments. You are more abstract and open as Virgo prefers organization. An overthinking Virgo is a challenging partner, Aquarian!

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Despite these differences, a compromise works best! Virgo is more than willing to sacrifice their happiness in favor of yours, but don’t take this for granted. Work on balancing your relationship with Virgo this November. This is a dynamic match only if you both want it, and thrive to achieve it. 

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Positivity is what we demand this 2020 and your relationship with Libra is all and everything positive! What an instant attraction you have with your Libran partner! You are similar in both emotions and thoughts, you have the same views, and you get along in your adoration for culture, music, and knowledge.

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However, no matter how similar you are, there will come to a point that conflicts will arise. It will spawn from Libra’s self-indulgence, calling decisions in times they are not best to do so. You will also see your Libran partner as indecisive and a little impatient. This is when you decide if you really want Libra!

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In general, you don’t make a good match with Scorpio. You are both in different elements and you are just too different. Strangely, you are strongly attracted to Scorpio. Scorpio is mysterious for you, something that ignites your attraction more. It is the nature of your Scorpio partner, being so intense.

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Prepare for a steamy November if you happen to end up with a Scorpio. On the other side of things, your timing and decisions matter, and one night stands won’t work on you. You are up for a longer commitment and will most likely experience so with a Scorpio, only if expectations are met and adjustments are made.

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The compatibility meter is at its peak in terms of your compatibility with Sagittarius! You make a great team and have soulmate potential. You have good chemistry and definitely have a lot of things in common. You have similar views and you can count with your two hands the few differences you have, which is seriously not much!

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It’s a romance with learning for both you, a water bearer, and Capricorn, a sea-goat. You have different approaches in life so prepare for a lot of appreciation of differences. This isn’t really a match made in heaven, and there might be a need for long conversations between the two of you but hey, you have November for that!

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You desire stability like your Capricorn partner, but surely, it is of different forms, but no need to worry as your relationship is deeply rooted because it started with a solid friendship. Also, as you are both driven, make sure you have the same intensity as your partner to not get too exhausted and to share the burden. 

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Here is to start your November with massive hits and classics! Grab your popcorn and sit in your most comfortable position before grabbing the remote and start your set of movies! Also, why not call your friends over, or invite your partner? For sure you will want some company, or not.

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The 2016 movie Arrival is best to start your November as you like to think (and talk) about aliens! If not, switch to The Matrix. For sure you love sci-fi! The movie Selma will also feed your humanitarian side, or the classic IQ is best to win your heart as it stimulates the intellect. Enjoy a movie night, Aquarian!

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Water bearers, prepare your headphones! We are to blast this November with your favorite music genres and enjoy the beat of each of them! This is quite a list, let’s start with Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way, The Band’s The Weight. Also, Sly & The Family Stone’s Everyday People and Sin Fang’s Catcher are great additions! What a classic set!

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Make way for a new hardbound to collect, and a few more! Suzzane Young will start your November right with her hit Girls With Sharp Sticks. Siobhan Vivian may also be inspiring you with Stay Sweet and Shea Ernshaw with Winterwood. This collection is a few of many interesting and great books best suited for a dynamic Aquarius!

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The entire year has been quite stressful, right? Don’t worry, we are near its end! The remaining days of 2020 might still be stressful but you can do it! Keep your calm and composure and for sure, you will successfully get through November!

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We’ll start with your emotions. Keep your temper and jealousy in check every now and then. You don’t want to create and deal with conflicts, right? Practice self-care, you will be needing it. Get ready for a bold change of pace but remember to keep yourself on track. All in all, it’ll be a great month for you!

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October was quite a ride and November will be as bumpy as October. Just take time to assess yourself, make time for self-care, and practice self-love. You may invest in finances, health, and relationships with others but you have to invest in yourself first! Good luck Aquarians! Have a blast this November!

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