November Horoscope: Sagittarius

Nov 02, 2020Rita

With November just a couple of days away, we have compiled the predictions for what this month is bringing to all Sagittarius natives out there. From relationship advice to drastic changes in your career and family life, you will be surprised to find out what is going to happen during this month! 

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People born between November 22nd and December 21st are considered Sagittarius, as the Sun was in this constellation by the time of your birth. Sagittarius is one of the Fire signs, alongside Aries and Leo, and this means that you have a natural tendency to take care of yourself first.

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Being a mutable sign, Sagittarius also has an interest in moving forward and looking for a change. This sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which brings a beneficent nature to the natives of Sagittarius. People born under this sign enjoy their freedom and spending some time learning and discussing philosophy. 

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Sagittarius is the type of person who dislikes being confined or stuck indoors and would much rather spend all their free time being outdoors and breathing in the fresh air. Being lovers of nature, Sagittarius natives have a keen interest in travelling and discovering what new things are out there to experiment with.

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Some fun facts about this sign are that, even though they are sociable, they tend to have a short fuse with clingy people. Their lucky numbers are 3, 7, 9, 12, and 21, and the ideal colour for this sign is blue (any shade really!). People born under this sign are explorers, curious, and kind, thus being very interesting.

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The natives of Sagittarius are some of the zodiac favourites, as their personality just seems to easily match with several different types of people. They are very generous, and will often go out of their way to help people in need, being also very idealistic and always aiming to make the world a better place.

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This sign loves to learn and is not afraid to ask questions when an answer is needed. They have a great sense of humour, which allows them to easily break the ice and foment new relationships with strangers wherever they may be. Being a wanderer, Sagittarius has the ability to create long-lasting meaningful friendships with people they don’t see often.

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While Sagittarius is loved by many, they can also get on the wrong side of people, and usually, that happens because people born under this sign have the tendency to promise more than they can deliver. This often leads to broken promises and unmatched expectations, which can cause some discomfort to the people involved.

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Another common issue among Sagittarius natives is that they don’t always think about what they are going to say before opening their mouths, which leads to people being caught off guard by some less than diplomatic comments. Not only that, but Sagittarius is also known for being very impatient and unwilling to be flexible in terms of changed plans.

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Being known for their adorable and interesting personality, it is no wonder that many Sagittarius has made it into Hollywood and the music industry! Some examples of that are the actors Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Katherine Heigl, Christina Applegate, Sarah Hyland, and comedians Jon Stewart and Ben Stiller.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Randy Holmes / Walt Disney Television | Christina Applegate is a Sagittarius.

Some other famous Sagittarius include the music artists Miley Cyrus, DJ Khaled, Tina Turner, Rita Ora, and Trey Songz, as well as celebrities Anna Faris, Chrissy Teigen, and Kaley Cuoco. But in fact, there are so many Sagittarius celebrities out there, we couldn’t possibly name them all! Who is your favourite famous Sagittarius?

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Something that you can expect from November in the love department is stability and balance. Sagittarius will notice that their love lives will remain quite the same as they have been for the past weeks, and while Mars will make its way into the romantic sector, it is possible that it won’t allow for any unexpected changes.

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You may feel that during the first weeks of the month your emotional side will be stuck on past situations and previous relationships, however, from November 14th this will change, increasing your interest in the future. Sagittarius will want to make the most out of romantic relationships towards the end of the month, so take advantage of any opportunity.

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During November, you might feel that your friendships won’t be the focal point of your attention, however, this is not a reason for you to ignore those who have been by your side until now. While you may feel like more important things will come along in other departments, it is important that you make an effort with your friends.

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We recommend that you take some time frequently to catch up with friends, be it during a social occasion or via phone call, in order to ensure that you are there for them in case they are going through some troubling times. It is also possible that you feel the need to rekindle a long-lost connection.

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This month will come with some challenging times for family affairs. There might some interference from outsiders that will cause strain in the familiar relationships, and may even escalate to bigger problems. It is important that you keep your mind open during these times and listen to different perspectives.

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You must be aware of how this will impact your family members, especially the younger ones, as they may suffer tremendously from this. It is important that you spend time and energy to ensure that the happiness in your household is not thrown out of the window. Ask your friends for help if needed.

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Career-wise, November will be a challenging month for Sagittarius. There will be a surplus of problems arising in a short period of time, and you may face some hardships due to deadlines not being met or projects being canceled. While you may turn to colleagues and superiors for help, it's predicted that your requests will be met with indifference.

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It is important that you do not let yourself get discouraged during this month, as similar to any other challenging times, this too shall pass. Focus on improving yourself during this time and find comfort in knowing that you will be working hard for the greater good. Do not expect recognition for your problem-solving skills.

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To break away from the bad news, November will be very positive in terms of wealth, especially until the 22nd. There will be an unexpected increase in profits from different sources and your investments will be profitable. Take this as an opportunity to reinvest your gains after studying the market.

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November will also be the ideal month to revisit your monthly budget and ensure that you are not making unnecessary expenses. While this month will bring some positive news to your finances, it doesn’t mean that this will continue for the rest of the year, so you should be prepared for a rainy day.

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While there is possible that there is a surge of stressful situations at work, your overall stress and anxiety levels during the month of November will be on the lower side of the scale. There isn’t any ailment coming your way and your body will feel fresh and healthy during this month.

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To make the most out of your health during November it is recommended that you pay attention to the quality of the food you are consuming during this month, ensuring that you focus your cooking on using fresh and locally sourced produce. You will also benefit from increasing the amount of physical exercise you have been doing.

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During this month your love life doesn’t expect many changes to happen, however, if you have the opportunity to become closer with someone, make sure that you choose a person that is born under Libra. Libra natives will be the ideal match in terms of compatibility for Sagittarius throughout the whole month.

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Both signs love having fun, enjoying having long interesting conversations, spending time on adventures, and learning about new things. Due to this, any time that you spend with a Libra in November will be time well spent, and you will enjoy every minute of it! The Libra native will appear as a breath of fresh air for Sagittarius!

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Throughout the month of November, it is important that you keep away from Cancer natives, as their emotional uncertainty will have a toll on your own emotional wellbeing. Cancers are flimsy in terms of emotional connection and maybe happy and outgoing on one day and ghost you the next.

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Considering the stress that you are going to have to deal with in terms of family and work, it is important that you try to avoid anyone who is going to increase the anxiety in your life. This being said, Cancers can be good friends with Sagittarius, however, November is not the right time to invest in these relationships. 

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A match between a Sagittarius and an Aries has lots of potentials, mostly because they have quite similar personality traits that will allow both parties to have deep and meaningful conversations. It is important that these two develop the habit of being open and transparent with one another in order for the relationship to flourish.

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While it is possible to make a relationship between a Sagittarius and a Virgo work, it will be difficult for these two to be able to be on the same page emotionally. A relationship between these two signs often is filled with challenges and tends to end on bad terms, as none of them is able to admit their mistakes.

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Sagittarius and Gemini are a match made in heaven and, even though it is possible that they have some trouble finding each other, once they do the sparks will fly! These two signs have so much in common that they will quickly fall head of heels for one another, firstly falling in love with each other’s mind, and then emotionally.

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As mentioned before, Cancer and Sagittarius are not a good match in terms of love. Both people want and aim for completely different things, and while it could be that their disparities bring them closer, this is not the reality when these two signs are involved. Sagittarius’ need for freedom will clash with Cancer’s personality.

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If you are looking for a partner that is warm, passionate, and caring, then a Leo is the ideal match for you, dear Sagittarius. It is very common for these two signs to quickly fall in love as they both find comfort in one another. While there are some differences in terms of characteristics, these signs are very compatible.

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At first sight, it might seem that Taurus and Sagittarius will be a perfect couple, however, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Both signs crave something that the other can’t offer, and they will not be able to find a balance between what they desire and what they can compromise within the relationship.

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Being one of the most beautiful couples in the zodiac, Libra and Sagittarius’ love will be stronger than ever during this November. It might be possible that there are some challenges happening within the first week of the month, however, it is expected that they overcome them together and come out stronger on the other side.

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While a relationship between a Sagittarius and a Scorpio has a fiery and emotional beginning, as time goes by the sparks tend to stop burning. Sagittarius will be blocked and pressured into remaining under Scorpio’s possessiveness, which will put a strain on the relationship, thus making it not last very long.

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Two Sagittarius can have an amazing love story, filled with intellect and emotion, and it is certain that both parties will have the time of their lives during the time they spend together. Nevertheless, this is a pair that often doesn’t last too long together as their eagerness in discovering new things will make them go for different people.

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Sagittarius and Capricorn will have some good times together, as they are very accepting of each other’s interests and passions, however, there is a level of uncertainty in this pair that will make them go their separate ways. There is a lack of balance and stability in this pairing that will not make for a long term relationship.

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While it is not uncommon for Sagittarius and Aquarius to not have long-lasting relationships, they will find each other when the right time comes. If both signs are at the right time in their life, and they have managed to understand what their needs and expectations are from a loving partner, then this is a pair that can succeed.

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A relationship between a Sagittarius and a Pisces is not one that will have a quick start. These two need some time to get to know each other well before advancing in their relationship and this is something that might take some time. Nevertheless, once the first steps are given, they can be very happy together.

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The weather is getting colder by the day, so why not take advantage of this by staying in the comfort of your home and have a movie night? There are several types of movies that Sagittarius is interested in, but something that is common to all of them is that they love to learn.

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Take this as an opportunity to discover the documentary “I Am” by Tom Shadyac, in which the director goes around the world asking two simple questions: “What is wrong with the World? What can I do to change it?”. You will discover much more than you expect!

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Something else that we recommend for Sagittarius this November is to open up your music choices. Of course, it feels good to fall back to your loved songs, but why not try something new for a change? We both know that you love experimenting with new things! There are some playlists on Spotify that were made just for you.

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In case you would prefer something different, perhaps a new podcast will be a better option. You can just put your headphones in and go about your day while you listen to the stories, advice, and adventures of someone else! There is a special podcast just for Sagittarius that you can find here! Have a listen and let us know what you think!

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Sagittarius enjoys wandering, even if it is just mentally. This is a reason why they tend to love reading and finding out new worlds they can travel to. During November, we challenge you to add some new books to your library, especially if you haven’t picked up a book in a long time.

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Some recommendations for Sagittarius include “Stepsister” by Jennifer Donnelly, “I Love You So Mochi” by Sarah Kuhn, “Tarnished are the Stars” by Rosie Thor, and “Amber & Dusk” by Lyra Selene. You will notice how reading these books will help you get through the hardships of the month quicker and smoother than you ever expected!

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While Sagittarius are known for their love of travel, moving around countries is not always possible, so why not bring those cultures into your home in the form of food? You can even include this as one of your attempts to improve your health by adding healthy foods into your diet.

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You can find several recipes that are easy to make on this website, which will not only leave your mouth watering but will also give you the sensations and flavors of being abroad! We suggest that you do some thematic evenings with your friends or family where you can share more about these cultures with them.

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With just a few months until the year is over, Sagittarius can expect some different challenges coming their way. While there will be several positive aspects happening in their lives in the weeks to come, it is important that they are also prepared to face the hardships that will be happening in the near future.

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Reaching out to friends and family in case of need will be something that is advised, as Sagittarius will find comfort in being emotionally supported by those close to them. Towards the end of the year, you will feel better about what the universe is bringing your way and will encounter the positive news you were missing.

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So, are you ready for what is coming your way, dear Sagittarius? It will be a tricky November, but worry not as some positives will happen too! Let us know in the comments what you are expecting to happen this month and make sure to share this article with any Sagittarius you know!

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