November Horoscope: Pisces

Nov 04, 2020Kara

As the planets were in a frenzy last month, it was a very tough ride for almost everybody. All of us seem to not know what the new month will bring so we are already bracing ourselves for the surprises to come. Well, hang on tight, Pisces! November is surely going to bring you astonishing things, so read on!

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Well, if your birthday falls between February 19 to March 22, there is no doubt that you belong to the water sign, Pisces. This zodiac is ruled by none other than Neptune and even its lucky color doesn’t stray too far for it is sea green. Moonstone is your lucky gem and Water lily is the best flower for you.

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Pisces is in tune with the magic of everyday existence and you can just find beauty in any situation that will be presented to you. Not only do you belong to a zodiac of creativity, but you are also a soulful sign that shares the best part of your life with other people.

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You know what? Pisces are derived from an ancient Greek word which basically means fish, hence that’s your symbol in classical interpretations. The fish is derived from the 'ichthyocentaurs,' the one who aided Aphrodite when she was born.

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Beautiful, isn’t it? Well here’s more! The fish in your symbol is usually portrayed to be swimming in opposite directions. That represents the duality of your Piscean nature. Though they appear as a pair most of the time, the name of the signs always refers to only one fish.

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It just cannot be denied that your gut and intuition are a big help in making you creative and intellectual. You can happily spend hours daydreaming and your imagination takes you to places that no one can ever go to. This is why you don’t necessarily work like other people do.

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Though people may find that you are always lost in your own world, it’s surprising that you can get things done so quickly. The more that you understand how you work and respect that process, the better it is for you! You may be staring into space because you are already creating ideas for your next masterpiece!

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But spending too much time inside your head also has its downsides, you know? You will be too wrapped up in one problem at times and you will continuously think that there is no solution for it. Though you are a very good listener to the feelings of other people, you also have this tendency to build walls.

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It isn’t because you don’t want to hear about their problems anymore, it’s the other way around. You don’t want people to know what you’re feeling. You should try to open up and get off the idea that people will judge you when you do. You always send people away and don’t allow them to love you. 

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Your sign is always associated with spirituality and creativity, not only that, but people are also labeling you as hopeless romantics. Well, maybe it’s because it is proven by some famous Pisces stars. Who can deny Camilla Cabello’s musicality and creative works? She’s born on March 3. Hollywood star Sharon Stone is also one of you!

Image Credits: Getty Images/Frazer Harrison | Sharon Stone attends The Women's Cancer Research Fund's An Unforgettable Evening Benefit Gala at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on February 28, 2019

Singer-songwriter Adam Levine possesses true Cancer sensitivity, and he makes use of that to write his emotional albums. Boy! Even the science genius, Albert Einstein is a Pisces! Who says that you only imagine things? Billy Bobby Brown, Teresa Palmer, Rupert Murdoch, and Justin Bieber also belong to your school!

Image Credits: Getty Images/Gilbert Carrasquillo | Adam Levine of Maroon 5 performs during Philly Fights Cancer: Round 4 at The Philadelphia Navy Yard on November 10, 2018


We told you already that you are in for some surprises this month… but on the love aspect, it seems like you will be the one who will surprise the people around you. Are you in a secret relationship? If you are, try to be a little more cautious as some relative of yours is about to get you busted!

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Try to inform your family already so that no controversies will start. Now, if you are single, be cautious as well for somebody is about to spill the beans regarding your secret admiration to someone and your friends and acquaintances will be shocked by your preference. What’s even more shocking is that you’ll find that person in your circle soon.  

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You can thank the boundaries that you’ve set up for. Because of the walls that you built around you, you know who you will let in your life and that help you attract the same kind of people like you. You will know if someone is stepping on you and you will not tolerate that.

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By knowing your boundaries and setting up some rules, you will have a better time with your friends as a result. The bricks that you put around you will fall one by one as you let the best people in your life and you will not be afraid to shatter the walls once the perfect people for you have arrived.   

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Well, we just can’t have all the best in life all at once. This November will be a little unfortunate for your family affairs as it’s unlikely to have smooth sailing during this month. You may get into a confrontation with the elder in the house and things will not get better as quickly as you will expect.

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Some problems with the bills and expenses inside the house will also arise and it will not help mitigate the heated situation that you all are in. Just keep your cool though, don’t fight fire with fire. Remember that when someone is too fiery the best thing to do is to remain calm and let the storm pass.

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It is forecasted that this month, your career prospect will improve quite radically and that you can expect a much brighter work environment. You can go ahead and expect that promotion to come to your hands and the incentives that are waiting for you this month will just be too amazing to believe.

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You will also be able to develop a lifelong friendship with your colleagues based on how you will behave at work this month, so as it’s said before, be more open and don’t let the people around you feel that you are rudely shutting your door at them.

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Just enjoy the rest of the month without any worries about your health for the stars are out to give you their blessing on this aspect. Continue to work out every morning and be reminded that your mental health matters the most too. Take some rest if needed.

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Also, just be careful about liver problems if it is part of your family history because it may bring some trouble. No need to stress about it if it’s not in your lineage. Drink some tonic to keep your worries away and try to have some travel plans for it will boost your mental and emotional wellbeing.

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Not only will your work be looking good this month, but your pockets are also in for some heavy coins too. Remember the incentives? Well, you will have enough money and even some spare that you can provide assistance for your friends who will be needing your help this month.  Don’t worry, they’ll remember your help with much gratitude.

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Now that you have the money, it is a good time to invest it in something that you are genuinely interested in and this month, you will also clear all your loans. Settle all of those pending accounts while you still have the chance and don’t wait for the next month.

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A very secretive person like you who likes to set up some boundaries need people who can understand why you are that way. You need people in your life that will make you get out of your shell, so here are some signs that will actually hold your hand until you’ll finally have the courage to step out of the walls.  

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Taurus are also introverts who need some time alone so they will definitely understand how you feel and will wait for you to come around. Capricorn will bring a stabilizing effect in your life and they will help you be rational. Virgo will make you have the best conversation that you’ll ever experience in your life.

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What you don’t need now is additional baggage of negativities in your life so here is the least of the signs that you should avoid this month for you to maintain your peace of mind. You, and Sagittarius will work well if things are fun but don’t set your hopes up for they won’t take you seriously.

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You may also create a great friendship with Libra, but it would be better if you’ll leave it that way for they will find you to be over-sensitive and they will be irritated by you. You also admire some traits of Leo, but they will feel like you are stealing their spotlight, so it won’t end nicely.

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Pisces is represented by a pair of fishes swimming above the other so the partnership with a fellow Pisceans is bonded together with a connection that is silent and well, psychic. The two of you are bonded by some strings as you will notice something wrong with your partner using only your gut feeling, no specifics.

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There is nothing bad in this though! This November is all about positivity in your relationship. A match will light a very successful union. Don’t be too excited and make important decisions like tying the knot. November isn’t really the best time for that. For now, enjoy a smooth sailing relationship and see opportunities in challenges.

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It is a union that is quite appealing at first but not for too long. In the early stages of dating, you are swept by passion and attraction and no one in this partnership is afraid of showing your feelings. You will be both connected instantly and strongly but a long-term relationship will be exhausting.

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However, no need to worry about this will not be the case if the effort on both parties is exerted! You and Aries are both generous and will surely make sure the other is happy so compromising will not be too much of a task, right? Honest communication is needed to make sure your compatibility will remain high!

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The bull is for adorable things, and your Pisces is soft and adorable. Do you see where this is going? But to clarify things, yes, there is a huge possibility of a growing romantic relationship between you two! You will be enjoying intellectual matches and the bull will be drawn to your deep insights. Keep up the curiosity, Pisceans!

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For starters, it will be difficult to communicate and be fully open with Taurus, however, this is a challenge both of you can successfully surpass. The energy between you two is quite high that you are willing to see more than words, and as time goes by, no words are necessarily said between you two!

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Gemini being a witty and clever intellectual can be a challenging partner for a sensitive and intuitive Pisces. However, like any other signs, this divergence in traits can be worked out! However, as both are observers, both will enjoy a mythical-emotional partnership! 

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Your challenge comes in how you are going to keep your ship sail in the sea, especially as your ship has no anchor. Gemini will find it difficult to appeal to Pisces’ soft side and if not capable of understanding, both will come to the point of breaking! November will be quite different, and difficult to work things out!

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Your relationship with the crab is rare, and it is full of emotions. You harmonize peacefully and are on the same wavelength. No problem keeping a pace for you are both on the same page. Quite lucky, aren’t you? To have someone speak your language.

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The crab and the fish are better together as one matches the other best. This is because you both have a strong ability to empathize with the other. Your partner is willing to strive for a peaceful home and you will be able to cater to it willingly, even providing precisely what is needed.

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You desire a relationship as much as Leo does, so this union is an easygoing one for the both of you! It is easy for you to understand the lion, though you will find it challenging to understand their deepest emotions. For starters, there will be confusion but no need to worry! Your desire overpowers confusion.

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A Leo is yang and a Pisces is a yin. A Leo is a sun while a Pisces is a moon. A great relationship can be expected between the two! This month, you should only be reminded to set boundaries. Your desire might cause conflict on your personal selves so there is a must to do so.

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This pair is best seen as opposite attracts. Despite the differences, you two are willing to walk extra miles to work on each other’s differences and learn from them. You are best suited to someone who makes you a better person, and Virgo is that someone!

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You complement each other as one excels where the other lack! Despite differences in views, both love to be in serious and deep conversations. Sacrifices will be made but you worry not for you are more than willing to sacrifice. Virgo is realistic while you are emotional. This is best in making a balanced judgment, don’t you think?

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Pisceans oftentimes get lost in their own worlds and get emotional and lonely. Here comes your savior! Libra. The latter is one of the most dependable signs so they are best suited as Pisces’ companion. The two have many things in common which will make a harmonious partnership sailing on a vast yet peaceful sea.

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Both signs are creative, but as both have differences, they balance each other out. Both love soft music and dance as well. While looking at it on the outside, one will see how Pisces can be extremely quiet listening to Libra’s non-stop talking but in serious matters, you talk things out. As everyone says, communication is key.

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Scorpio has a strong emotional depth and a vast comprehension of sentimental values. This makes them the best partner for Pisces. Your interest usually navigates towards the sea, which you love the most. However, it is not as easy as it seems for Scorpio is a fixed sign that might find it challenging to try new things.

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This union is still on the bright side as both signs are drawn towards each other with love and trust as deep roots in their growing relationship. You are not good at handling money but hey, Scorpio got your back! They love managing finances so this won’t be a problem in this relationship. 

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Sagittarius is frank and energetic while Pisces is calm, sensitive, and gentle. This leads to a combination of questionable compatibility. There is not much of a similarity between the two, and they might be needed to overcome the heavy burden of differences. Too much water can dampen Sagittarius’ fiery spirit as too much fire can leave Pisces steaming.

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This relationship can be improved by learning to blend your differences and use them as something that can improve your relationship. This is not all bad in the Pisces-Sagittarius union for they are benefitting from each other’s wisdom. There will be a smooth sail when issues are worked on, blending their differences as distinct signs making it a healthier relationship.

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As Pisces and Capricorn exhibit differences, they complement each other too much that they are what the other isn’t. They will not see the differences as something annoying and difficult, but rather something exciting. A classic case of opposite attracts. Literally the most classic.

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They fall in love slowly, and then all at once. It is a process we all view as something extremely romantic, right? If you are still looking for a partner this November, a secret glance and simple touch is a way to communicate with a Capricorn. Words are spoken with no inhibitions and no judgment! Great, isn’t it?

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A dreamer with visions toward something miles away, this Pisces can attract an intellectual Aquarius! Both wise and creative minds can materialize something genius and this connection is beyond remarkable! Yes, this relationship is up for something amazing that it is not just a smooth sail, it is a sail towards an island with treasure.

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The level of compatibility between Aquarius and Pisces is deeply rooted in trust. Differences will always be present but it will not cause any conflict. You two are willing to compromise, after all. The first months of this relationship are hot, and when things cooled down, both need time alone. Do not deprive your partner for everyone needs solitude.

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Open your televisions and ready to watch your next favorite! Start this November giving yourself time to enjoy popcorn and cry over emotional movies! The Shape of Water is an Oscar winner of Best Picture, also the best for your tear glands as you cry with Elisa. Start with this and get ready to be emotional this November!

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If not up for movie nights, you might want a date with your partner. A trip to the beach and a romantic dinner by the sunset sounds appealing, right? A classic go-to on romantic dates but you love it. A cozy blanket, a beer in hand, and crashing waves as background noise is best to start November.

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Update your playlist to match your November, Pisceans! Music is all about you and your appreciation of it. As a sentimental person, you might want something to touch the deepest inside you. Dreams Tonight by Alvvays and 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins as well as Underwater by Porches is a must to listen to. 

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As you are in the last two months of this year, enjoy the remaining days of 2020. You may experience issues that involve personal possessions but nothing you can’t handle. You are lucky in the love department but see to it you recognize its form. You are also lucky in terms of your career, and new ventures are up!

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Risks are growing as you end this year but the greater the risk, the higher the returns. You will be crafting new paths for your profession and you will be enjoying the results later! Enjoy your comfort zone for now for you will embark outside of it!

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November is here and you should make sure to enjoy every minute of it. Stand strong in your ideals and keep on working towards those goals. Did this article help you plan for the coming month? Let us know in the comments below! 

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