November Horoscope: Libra

Nov 18, 2020Kara

Your birthday Month is just over. Did Lady Luck smile on you last October? As you have overcome challenges for an entire month, a new one is coming to bring you something more. There may be some mishaps and there will be some blessings! Read on and see which departments you should brace yourself for this month.

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If you are born between September 23 to October 22, you definitely belong to the air sign which is represented by the Scales. That means that you are fixated on balance and harmony. You are obsessed with symmetry and equilibrium in all areas of your life, aren’t you? You are the aesthetes of the Zodiac.

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Your sign is ruled by Venus, the planet that governs beauty, love, and money; that is why you adore art and intellectualism. Don’t you just love to surround yourself with stunning and beautiful objects? Libra is a cardinal sign and that means that Libras are accordingly great at launching new initiatives. However, as an air sign, you struggle with indecision.

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You may laugh at these and brush these off as some random things, but you will come to realize that it’s real, so here are the trivia that we knew about you. You know what? Things always seem impossible until they are done by you, Libra. Well, here’s another question, do you text people first? 

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You don’t! It’s because you feel like you’re annoying when you do so, isn’t it? You’re always full of surprises and you consider music as the center of your life. You don’t easily give up but when you get angry, boy, you get angry. You also notice everything as you’re observative, but you won’t say a word about it.

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We’ll bet that you have found yourself to be compromising, not just once or twice but many times because you would like to keep the peace. You are the Kings and Queens of compromise, you deserve the crown, don’t you think so? Well, that makes you a great leader, friend, and even a lifetime partner.

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You are fun to be around. It doesn’t mean that when you are diplomatic, you don’t have a strong sense of justice. You want to make sure that everyone is heard, and you usually have great intentions. You think the best of people and ideas. You are one good conversationalist, Libra! Your imagination is so active, and you are witty.

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As mentioned earlier, Libra as an air sign makes you indecisive. Your love for balance may get in the way and you will spend hours weighing the pros and the cons even when making the smallest decisions. You are also non-confrontational as you are a peacemaker in nature. You will put off difficult discussions if you can.

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Another thing that is slightly not good about a Libra’s personality is that you are a bit self-absorbed and that when you feel that things don’t go perfectly well for you, the world seems to be ending and everyone is against you. Rise up from that self-pity, you are more than that! Also, try to be reliable even while having fun.

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Even the Hollywood scene deserves people who are lighthearted and fun to be with despite the competition and the pressure. Here are some stars who are Libras and let’s see if they really embody the sign’s qualities. One of them is Will Smith who was born on September 25. Gwyneth Paltrow is also one and it shows, doesn’t it?

Image Credits: Getty Images/WireImage/Theo Wargo | Gwyneth Paltrow attends The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes on Fashion

The Ring star Naomi Watts is born on September 28, Fantastic Beast actor Ezra Miller just turned 28 last September 30, Captain Marvel Brie Larson is celebrated her birthday on October 1, and Gwen Stefani was born on October 3, 51 years ago. Of course, we cannot skip one of our fave Libras, Julie Andrews, who turned 85 this year.

Image Credits: Getty Images/Astrid Stawiarz |  Naomi Watts discusses Netflix's ten-part series "Gypsy," at Build Studio on June 29, 2017


Aries and Mars will be occupying your house of relationships this month and this will mean that you’ll be keener to situations where you just have jumped the gun previously. This month, you are encouraged to be more intimate with yourself, take time to assess your values for it will make lots of differences in your relationships.

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Ordinary prospects are seen for your love life this November. You and your lover will have a peaceful time. For those who are just coming from a break-up, it’s not the month to venture for a new love story, the same goes for those who are still trying to find the love of their lives. You deserve more attention this month.

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You may think that hanging out with friends this month is out of the question because there are some circumstances that hinder travel, but take a look at the thing that you are using right this instant! Your phone, your laptop! It’s telling you that you can use them for socializing. Of course, what else is their purpose?

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Now, after you read this article, go and respond to those unanswered messages! Schedule a zoom brunch with your bestie who may be on the other side of the world now or just a city away from you. We know that you’re a social creature, so don’t let the hindrances that this year brought stop you from strengthening some bonds.

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As you are going to reconnect with your friends, don’t let it stop you from reconnecting with your family as well. This month will be hard inside your household because there will be an uncontrollable amount of expenses that will create problems for you and the elders. Tension will be felt all over the place so be open to communication.

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Listen to what they will say about planning your expenses carefully and help with the things that are needed in the household. Don’t lose your cool and control yourself if there will be confrontations. Though there may be no signs of harmony within the four walls of your home, be the one who will lighten up the situation.

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The office will be not a part of your problem this month for it will be overflowing with positivity in whatever angle you may look at it. Your workload will be substantial, and this may even be the time for you to rise to a higher position, thanks to your dedication and hard work. Your superiors will also appreciate you.

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There may be some hidden opposition that is set to bring you down but don’t worry about them. It will soon vanish, and it will feel like it did not even happen. There will be competition, but you must not also stress yourself about it for this month will bring you the ability to win them all effortlessly.

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The stars are also favorable to your health this month so there is also no cause for any serious worry. You will find this month also beneficial to your mental and emotional health for this will be an ensuring period that will be pleasant and cheerful to your sign. Those who are troubled by sudden acute illness will also get well.

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Even those who have inflammations will get respite from their difficulties. However, there will be some troubles associated with the head. Fortunately, it is just a minor one and it is suggested for you to take a tonic which can in any case do you no possible harm. No serious ailment for you this month, so live well!

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Now, here is when the stars do not align properly this month. As it was said earlier, disputes and coldness in your family will stream from an uncontrollable amount of expenses. It’s because you would suffer from some losses when you will join speculative activities this month, so you better avoid it. 

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This month may also make you lose some confidence in your abilities that is why you will fail to take initiatives. This will bring your progress to a standstill and the lack of opportunities around you will not help either. This is also not the time to make investments so maybe you should wait for next month.

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This November, though you are advised to focus on yourself and not be involved in new love relationships, it is still good if you know the signs that are compatible with you. (For future purposes, you know?). So here are the signs that you will feel comfortable with.

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You are highly compatible with Leo, Aquarius, and Gemini. You can talk with any of these signs for hours on end, and of course, as a Libra, you will love that. For you, it is a prelude to physical attraction. Let’s also add Aries. You two may be total opposites but you will bring balance to each other’s lives.

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If there are those who can connect well with you, of course, there will also be the ones who will just find you not so good for them. They will struggle to connect with you, and they will have a hard time understanding your preferences. Who are they?

Image Credits: Unsplash/Omid Armin

Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Yep, that’s them. The crab and the scale will have a hard time sharing the same thoughts on an emotional level. You will have different needs from each other and you will have a hard time to fulfill each other’s desires. You and the goat have different priorities too.

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You have the same sign but this does not consequently result in having a perfect match. Early dates may mirror their future as they are bound to see an equal intellectual. At first, you may appear like showing off, but it isn’t entirely the case and your Libran partner surely understands this about you.

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Conflict will arise when the two of you rely on the other too much. You do everything together and this codependency will inhibit you to enjoy your individuality. Tension built between these should be communicated well. Your dissatisfaction with things should be kept in check, too. Assessing yourself is best this November.

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Relationship signs best describe both of you for such an amazing coupling capacity but a relationship with Scorpio is in no way all rainbows and unicorn. Things may get extremely steamy between you but trust is non-existent. Scorpio doesn’t trust a Libra but because communication is flowing constantly from your stars to you, things may be manageable.

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Accepting each other’s manner and way of showing admiration makes this couple a better partner of each other. However, we can say you are not that compatible with Scorpio. If things aren’t communicated the way it is supposed to be, both will just be stuck in a depressive hole. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in there, right?

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It is a dynamic duo, especially that air can make a fire ignite more. A fire sign Sagittarius feels home in a Libran embrace while an air sign Libra makes sure there is a sense of balance in the relationship.

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You’ll be swept off your feet on this level of intimacy you have with Sagittarius. Things might get steamy, as Libra is best at speaking their minds and voicing out their needs. Things might be challenging with trust in constant instability. Libra, as an insecure zodiac, might be too worrisome their Sagittarius might not share the same value system.

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The intensity between you and Capricorn will make you overcome your differences. You do not have that much connection with Capricorn in the love department but your trust meter is high enough that you don’t question motives. For a starter, Capri may be strict that you may feel judged or scared but hey, you can work on that this month!

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One thing in need to work on this November is making terms with your emotions, both individually and as a partner to the other. Your emotions come naturally but you tend to keep them in fear of judgment. Your Sagittarius partner has a tendency to judge too, which makes this situation worse. Do you think you can work on this?

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Two air signs can make a great connection, especially that both share common grounds like wanting constant communication and sharing of ideas. Not only intellectually stimulating, but your relationship with an Aquarian is also an exciting one too, and a free one at that. You’ll appreciate their uniqueness more this November!

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You are both independent and you trust each other that jealousy and dishonesty are unlikely to happen. You are grounded by a great friendship and you can enjoy a romantic relationship with no inhibitions. Opening up to activities can be a bit slow, though, but this isn’t a big problem. No one is in a hurry, right?

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It is drawn by the stars, if there is one thing you are most compatible with, it is Pisces. You just work things out as two creative souls paving the path for the other. You also complement Pisces as they are zodiacs in need of someone strong-willed. Librans most likely step up for Pisceans, which the latter appreciates most!

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You live for romance, too, someone who loves the idea of being in love and loves to be in love. Pisceans are romantic people and tend to notice small insignificant things which make you extremely giddy and overwhelmed. It does not end there! Piscean’s loyalty will surely sweep you off your feet (if you aren’t in the clouds by now).

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Make way for a love-hate relationship between the polar opposites! Things might be too extreme because Aries may come on too strong in showing affection that might be misunderstood by a Libra, and then conflict may arise. Libra is a romantic zodiac and Aries is a passionate pursuer. The start of your relationship is exciting but until when?

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This month, you may be walking at a different pace. An impatient Aries may be impulsive and decide on things while waiting for Libra’s weighing in of options and possibilities. On the other side, Libra may take too much time deciding things and will be alarmed by Aries’ reckless decision making. Make sure to be on the same page, Libra!

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This relationship is guided by Venus. You are of a different season but not entirely the opposite of each other. You are yang who is leaned towards fairness and balance while considering both the present and the past. Taurus, on the other hand, is leaned towards competitiveness and only considers the present.

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One great thing about the opposition is when it complements, especially when Taurus and Libra adjust themselves for the other. You just have a lot of communication problems and different goals, which you two can work on this November! You may try to be on the other’s shoe and see if it fits, then you can work from there.

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You can expect a good laugh with Gemini this November! You both love sharing ideas so expect a new world to discover by both of you. You might also want to go to cultural events for an ideal date! Just be careful being in negative loops this month! You’ll be eaten by thoughts and overthinking if not avoided!

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If managed efficiently, you’ll enjoy an intimate relationship with Gemini. Things like pillow talks and love notes are your love language, you’ll be up for many butterflies on your stomach or sweeping off of feet! You are best after understanding your differences and appreciating your uniqueness. Don’t worry, this is pretty a great compatibility!

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This is not much of a compatible pair, especially that you share only a little common ground on shared activities. You could both do things together but the question lies in your desire to do so. Your values don’t match, too, despite similarly giving importance to family and partner relationships. Cancer values tenderness while Libra values responsibility. 

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Another fire ignited by Libra, Leo is bold and loves giving attention. Leo is also into something stable and committed. Leo is someone you might want to date, right Libra? Though the king of the jungle won’t settle for less and might be raising their standards high for their ideal partner. 

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You both are well versed in communicating that there are no dull moments between you. White lies will be common for the Lion tends to lie by omission and you, Libra tends to exaggerate. Try to work on this aspect this November. You don’t want to start an argument caused by this one, am I right?

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Both of you are intellectuals and will have a satisfying bond. You have an eye to read others and by laying your sight with a Virgo and feel something special, many possibilities are to happen. The start is where you both differ, for Virgo is all about the right timing and Libra is action right at the moment of attraction.

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You might want to try and explore things with Libra this November. Virgo loves to do anything with numbers and strategies while Libra prefers relaxation such as painting and backpacking. One can easily adjust to the other, though. A night away from the busy city is common ground for intellectuals Libra and Virgo!

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Enjoy all weekend nights with movies we specifically picked, all of which best suits you, Libra! Bad Boys Franchise is up for movie 1, where Librans will enjoy a team of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence for sure! The Matrix Trilogy is for movie 2, which will spike the interests of most Libras, if not all. 

Image Credits: Unsplash / Mc Jefferson Agloro

Captain America: Civil War is movie 3 where the storyline and story’s morals, balance, and friendship will appeal to a Libra. Lastly, Fast and Furious for movie 4 because Libras are up for exquisite things and the vehicles displayed in the movie. Interested now, aren’t we? So grab your remote and tune in to your best pick to start November!

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Here’s a balanced set of songs you will surely enjoy this November! This will surely appeal to your sensitive and emotional side. Grab those headphones for the songs picked for you, Libra! Let’s start with Adele’s Chasing Pavements which will comfort and indecisive Libra. Beyonce’s Check Up On It appeals to your playful side.

Image Credits: Unsplash / Mohammad Metri

Born This Way by Lady Gaga is your third, as someone who has a great sense of fairness. Sam Smith’s Stay With Me is your fourth song, Rihanna’s Cheers (Drink To That), Black Eyed Peas’ Where Is The Love, Taylor Swift’s Fifteen, and Gwen Stefani’s Luxurious pretty much completes a whole addition to your playlist! Sing along, Libra!

Image Credits: Pexels/cottonbro


Here’s a very nice book for you this November, Libra! You’ll surely be interested in a book filled with emotion! A book entitled All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely surely suits your taste. The two teens will be forced to make decisions that hold heavy consequences. Are you up for a story ripped straight from headlines?

Image Credits: Pexels/Rahul Shah


There will be many compromises as you end the year but this will lead you to better situations! November is focused on academic interests so look forward to a busy time in the academe. For Libras who think of tying the knot, you can do so for harmony in marriage is good until the 21st of the month.

Image Credits: Pexels/Pixabay

No need to worry about your health, and finances. You are healthy as you end this year. Just make sure to follow your physical fitness routine and you’ll do good. Your financial interests are also prominent this month as your positive thoughts of your finances attract a positive flow of bills in your account!

Image Credits: Unsplash/Christian Ferrer

November is quite a bumpy ride for you, like the ones you had in the prior months. You don’t need to worry much, though. Your stars draw instances and it’s up to you to carve them into reality. Stick with your ideals, compromise and adjust, and appreciate little things. You’ll be great this November! Let us know how it goes! 

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