Weeks After Giving Birth To Their First Baby Mom Hears Jaw-Dropping News From Doctor

Nov 25, 2020Shilo Maloney

Eliza Curby had been with Ben for a considerably short amount of time. Three months into their nascent relationship, they discovered that they would soon become proud parents. Following an incredibly successful pregnancy, their new baby girl came into the world. But, there was a shock on the horizon that would arrive just six weeks after bringing their newborn home. This came after a strange feeling in Eliza's body that she had to see a doctor about.

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Eliza Was A Full-time Manager Before Being A Full-time Mom

Before all this, Eliza was a full-time Australian manager in an espresso bar, and one day, a young man by the name of Ben walked in as a customer but would soon become so much more than that to Eliza. He essentially became a regular as they built a casual rapport with each other. Eliza was almost instantly sold, but it did take some time before they made anything official or even intentional, for that matter.

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Love Was In The Air

It was the typical "love at first sight" sort of chemistry between them. "As soon as I took down his order, I felt completely lost in his enchanting blue eyes," said a clearly-in-love Eliza! However, it had taken a while before they took things to the next level. But when their relationship progressed, fate had other plans for them. 

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Regular Meetings

That made way for regular meetings, getting to know each other over several cups of coffee, and a lot more. In such a short time, Ben and Eliza seemed to have exchanged hearts, yet, they took it slowly from there. But on the parental front, fate had other plans for the young couple. Perhaps, their parenting goals were put to an unexpected test in the near future. 

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Conversations Over Coffee

After some exchanges between each other, Ben asked her if she wouldn't mind looking after his house while he set out on a business trip. Eliza wasn't entirely sure what to do with the request and needed to be encouraged by one of her colleagues to agree to do it, so she did. Eliza house-sat for two weeks, and as a thank you, Ben gave her an incredible gift that left her speechless.

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Feeling Inseparable 

Perhaps, it was the first time they had a conversation for over 15 minutes. The evening that day ended with a passionate kiss, and from there, things started to sprout even deeper than before. Though they had hardly known each other for less than a month, they felt inseparable after the evening. At that point, Eliza dared to dream about something that would topple her life upside down...

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A Ring That Started A Romance

It was a beautiful ring in hand when he returned to her, which wasn't one of engagement, but more of a thank you. Ben, ever the casanova, then asked if she would stay and have dinner with him, and this kicked off the couple's romance that would lead to even more surprises down the line. As within three months' time, they'd have a third party in the mix. 

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Charlie Comes Into The World

Within three months of their young romance, the 27-year-old Eliza was expecting. This, for all intents and purposes, wasn't a spanner in the wheel. They were both over the moon about it, despite being together for a short time. Nine months later, a year after they had first kicked off their romance, their little baby girl, Charlie, came into the world. And after returning her home and starting their parenting journey, Eliza could feel a disturbance in her stomach.

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Making Some Sacrifices 

Like other mums who've had their first baby, Eliza felt on cloud nine. Perhaps, she was enthusiastic and excited to have her healthy daughter in her arms. Furthermore, she left her job behind temporarily to cater to her little one's parenting needs. Though she found it a bit challenging to abandon her job, Eliza understood that raising a newborn baby was taking its toll. Soon, she felt something weird about her body.

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Post-partum Shock

Following a near-perfect pregnancy, Eliza was devoted to being a full-time mother as she adjusted to life with a newborn. She loved her first child, Charlie, but she couldn't deny how demanding raising a baby was. She was often exhausted; she was suffering from headaches and was constantly drowsy. She initially chalked it up to the strain of raising a baby, but, as these aches and pains continued, they went to go see a doctor about it. This revealed a shocking situation they were never prepared for.

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Experiencing Sudden Discomfort 

At first, Eliza assumed that these physical abnormalities followed delivery. Many friends she spoke to suggested that her constant fatigue was nothing but utter exhaustion. They explained that it was normal since she rushed so much for the baby's arrival in a short period. Shockingly, whatever Eliza went through had more reasons to put a finger at than mere post-pregnancy fatigue.

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Suspicions From Her Friends Circle

Many of her friends close to her also chalked about the new mother's fatigue on the exhaustion of raising a newborn and undeniably beautiful baby. She suddenly had to take on so many physical, mental, and emotional changes that were all a shock to her system. But, Eliza had just felt her body go through so many hardships, she was sure that what she was feeling was somehow different, but somehow familiar too.

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Everything Seemed Bizarre and Repetitive 

However, Eliza was the one experiencing these odd things happening inside her. She could feel some troubling differences in her body. Eliza was shocked to know that this wasn't unfamiliar to her. But before concluding her belief with factual evidence, Eliza decided to get a test done. However, she wasn't prepared for what she heard from her doctor that day. 

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Her Assumptions Failed Her 

Perhaps, one pregnancy was enough to teach her how it feels to be a pregnant woman. Her assumptions battled against her belief, and it was time Eliza confirmed something she never thought in a million dreams. When Ben and Eliza realized the truth, they went white with shock. However, they weren't prepared to hear what the doctor had to say next. 

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The Familiar Feeling

Eliza knew this feeling somehow, which is why she needed to head to the doctor the moment she had an idea regarding what was happening with her. She didn't think it was possible, but following a pregnancy test with a doctor, her suspicions were correct, Eliza, six weeks after giving birth, was pregnant again!

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It's Confirmed! 

When the news of her pregnancy was confirmed, Ben and Eliza couldn't believe what the doctor told them. It was something they never expected, and surprisingly, just six weeks after her first delivery. It was something uncommon yet, Eliza braved herself to embrace pregnancy for another time in such a short period.

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Adding To The Family

Eliza's doctor announced her pregnancy to her and Ben, which was news much to their understandable shock. But, that alone wasn't the only astounding fact surrounding this particular pregnancy. While Eliza and Ben were anticipating one more member to come into their family, a sonogram revealed that their maths was slightly off.

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Almost Broken Down

The whole thing happened so rapidly that at first, Eliza felt a part of her almost broken down. Perhaps, she wasn’t prepared for any of this. Moreover, she already had a 6-week-old Charlie to tend to. Soon, the doctor had a piece of shocking news that shook the couple.

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Trouble With The Twins

Eliza had just recovered from the birth of Charlie, who was born via C-section. Although, she was now not expecting one newborn, she and Ben were told they would now be parents to twins! This led to a far more strenuous pregnancy, which resulted in a far larger pregnancy belly than she was 'used to' while carrying Charlie. She had grown so much that she needed more hands-on-deck to help her through a challenging 9-month period.

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It's Complicated

Charlie was just six weeks old and Eliza had heavy responsibilities to care for her daughter. But with the shocking pregnancy growing inside her for the second time, Eliza was packed with surprises. And not to forget, the pain and fatigue of going through all that for the second time.

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The Stretched Pregnancy 

Her situation was nothing short of a two-year stretch of eternal pregnancy. The curious mother searched the internet for "twin pregnant bellies" just to see what to expect. Over time, her belly grew so large that Eliza needed extra help. She relied heavily on her people, especially, Ben, for everything simple and physically straining. Furthermore, the difficulties never ceased during her pregnancy. 

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Incoming Complications

Charlie was still an infant during the pregnancy, and therefore, she wasn't able to capably and fully care for her daughter the way she had intended when she took on the role as a full-time mother instead of a manager. Ben needed more paternity leave from his full-time job in order to care for Charlie while the twins were on their merry way. But, the pregnancy came with some other complications.

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In Need Of Some Extra Help 

Eliza couldn't take care of Charlie anymore the way she intended at first. She couldn't bend over owing to her big belly. Doing simple things demanded much effort from her, and eventually, Eliza needed extra help from others, especially Ben. Soon, it was time for the arrival of the twins. But, there was something else on their fate cards. 

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Feeling Full And Heavy

Unable to take the double surprise any more, Eliza traversed into a situation where she felt too large to pretend anymore. She seemed to live in a pleasant denial where she could feel her frame a lot heavier than her pre-baby phase. "I was a whopping 35kg heavier than in my pre-babies frame," Eliza said. Her poor body didn't have a chance to recover, and soon, she faced something problematic again.

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Running Into Some Severe Problems 

Now, it was completely Ben's responsibility to take care of Eliza and Charlie. But as the pregnancy progressed, Eliza ran into a severe problem. Despite trying hard to make her second pregnancy successful, Eliza had to deal with a few other complications. The stunning surprise was almost on the verge of getting delivered. 

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Premature Appearance

Being a stunning surprise seemed to have been embedded in the DNA of the twins in more ways than one. The twins arrived prematurely and were subsequently forced to remain longer in the hospital than Charlie due to their early arrival. After a week of coming into the world, the boys, Jack and Wolfe, were welcomed home. 

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An Almost Picture Perfect Family Photo

Charlie, Jack, and Wolfe have since grown up in a loving and happy home, thanks to their loving parents. With three children under their roof in a matter of two years from their initial meeting, Ben and Eliza had done everything except one thing in order to complete their family portrait.

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The Mom Hopes For Something Else 

Charlie is proud of her twin brothers, who aren't even a year younger! Getting done with her second pregnancy in such a short time, Eliza feels that she'd been pregnant for years. Fortunately, Ben was incredibly supportive and took care of all the tasks. Although Eliza accomplished her dream of having a big family, she still hoped for something else.

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A Family First

Eliza always had her eyes on marriage long before she came across Ben. So, after the blessings of a beautiful family that delayed those talks, it was just about time that the parents of three were destined to tie the inevitable knot. 

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The Inevitable Aisle

Not naturally a couple that does anything without shock and awe, their inevitable ceremony was met with rain that resulted in them having a wedding wrapped up in reception. Despite the setback, it was a beautiful and long-overdue ceremony that had friends, family, and the kids in attendance, who watched their family come together before their beautiful eyes.

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A rocky and raucous family story that had all the shocks and surprises of a rollercoaster ended in a beautiful family moment that no one will ever forget. What do you think of the events that Eliza and Ben had to experience? And do you think it's sweet or scary?

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