2021 Horoscope for Taurus

Finally! 2020 which has been a tough year even for the toughest Bulls is finally coming to an end! Be ready! 2021 will bring to light the need to embrace change and the acceptance of new opportunities. This may be a little difficult for the stubborn and steady Taurus, but what is life without taking any risks? Let's find out! 

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People who are born on April 20 to May 20 surely falls on the fixed sign, Taurus. You, Bulls, are being ruled by the planet Venus and you belong to the second ruling house. Your spirit color is pink, and your lucky gem is emerald. As Taurus is an earth sign represented by the bull, Taureans enjoy bucolic environments.  

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It is also undeniable that the sign is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, and money because Taurus is the most sultry of all the zodiac. The cosmic oxen are also enchanted by physical things and are highly attracted to comfort and luxury. Nobody wants pleasure more than Taureans do. 

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Ok, for this yearly trivia, let’s talk first about the Bulls’ pet peeve. Boy, Taurus just hates it when they are rushed. You don’t like it if you are interrupted by anything while you are doing something, do you? As you are a fixed sign, you also just can’t bear sudden changes.

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A Taurus won’t believe what comes out of your mouth directly if you don’t act on it. Don’t make a promise to Taurus, just prove it directly. People around you must also be ready because your sour sarcasm may hurt. You can read people’s true intentions so they better watch out for their own acts too!

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One can’t hear the word Taurus and not directly associate stubbornness with it. However, being stubborn is not always a negative thing. Sometimes, stubbornness means that you won’t let others take advantage of you as you don’t like to be pushed. No. Never. You have strong opinions and no one can say anything against that! 

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You can be gentle and fierce. You love the comfort of your home and loved ones. If people want something to get done, then they should call you for there is no task that can ever beat the Bull. You simply have endless reserves of tenacity, patience, and resilience and you are up for any challenge. 

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Yes, stubbornness is not always negative but it’s also undeniable that it can get on someone’s nerves at times. Being opinionated is not a bad thing, but the problem starts when you are not willing to learn and appreciate the opinion of other people. Money is also a big deal for the Bulls. They are pretty frugal in a not-so-good way.

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You spend a lot of time saving your money but sometimes, you care so much about how much something costs that only the best of the best stands out to you. The higher the price, the higher that you value an item. It gets worse, because you may equate the level of someone’s care to the amount of gifts they give you. 

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Did we mention that Tauruses are opinionated? Well, guess what? You could see that trait in the Taurus celebrities that you may not have known to be one of the Bulls. Who will ever forget how Gal Gadot stood up for herself? Gigi Hadid also stands up for herself and others.  

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Kelly Clarkson is one of the stars who’s very vocal about her thoughts, "Magic Mike" actor Channing Tatum is undeniably possessing the sultry Taurean vibe, Dwayne Johnson is rock firm on his charities and foundations, and George Clooney together with his wife are humanitarian awardees. These are just some stars who are the embodiment of their sign.

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This may not sound good if this is told to other signs, but we know that to a fixed sign like Taurus, this is wonderful news to hear. Well, as it is said, you will not see much changes in your love life in 2021. If you are single, then you are most likely to remain without a partner.

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If you’re in a relationship, you’re more likely to stay in it. Your relationship will also go in the same direction that it is currently going in right now. Is it rocky right now? If it is then get ready to face another bumpy ride and if it’s going smoothly, congratulations, you’ll be sailing fine in the ocean of love.

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Taurus, you are one of the signs that take friendship seriously. You remember birthdays, anniversaries, and other key events, often with a card or gifts. Yes, you are just so thoughtful when it comes to the people that you’re close to. This year, you will be more loyal to your friends than ever so be careful about whom you trust.

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Pisces will be your shoulder to lean on while you’ll also have your emotional depths. It would be nice to hang out with your Pisces friend for they know how fulfilling it is to stay home and chill. The Bull and the Fish will make a formidable combination this 2021 for you’re both secure that you can make everything fun together.

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This year, you will not have much problem inside your household, thanks to the grace of Jupiter that will remain on you. An environment of happiness will surround your home from time to time. Also, with the help of Venus in your destiny, you will get a lot of support from your family and loved ones.

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You just need to be careful around May as Jupiter and Saturn will go into retrograde. There will be some differences in the family about certain issues. Just be patient with everybody and sort things out. Nothing is ever too complicated after a deep and understanding talk.  

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There may be some laziness and lack of motivation at the start of the year because of Venus in Sagittarius. However, you will get past this and will perform effectively at work. You won’t even have any late tasks or projects. Get ready on February 21st, as people will stop and stare due to Venus in show-stopping Aquarius.

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At this point, your career will reach a point of acceleration and things can happen very rapidly inside your workplace. On the 6th of April, you will enter a powerful time in which you’ll notice changes and improvements at a professional level, thanks to the far-reaching impact of Jupiter in Capricorn. Your works will create an impact this year!

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This may be unfortunate news for you, but dear Bulls, this year, you must bid sweet farewell to sugary foods. Sugary foods are an issue for every Taurean so you better make some changes in your diet before it’s too late. Those who are born between May 3 and May 7 are also advised to look seriously at their alcohol or medication intake this year.

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Mars will be in Libra for about the first half of 2021 so this will be a little stressful for you and it may have an impact on your mental health. Don’t worry though for you will be blessed with higher levels of energy and you can make use of it to take part in fun and relaxing activities.

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You will be lucky to start the year off in a strong financial position but you may be drawn to some poor habits such as overspending and it may lead to the loss of your funds quite quickly. Come on, Bulls! Have some pocket discipline. Just because the money is there, it doesn’t mean that you should always be spending.

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Be wiser and prudent when it comes to spending. Venus in Aries is all about travel and adventure, so you’ll be desperate to see the world. However, it can be a time for financial growth if you’ll stay at home. It’s now your choice if you will let your feet wander or make your pocket expand.

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The uncertainty of what 2021 could bring is something that’s still affecting your energy. No matter how used you’re to this new life that 2020 created, there’s just something about next year that has affected your normally calm atmosphere. 

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That’s because they are logical, careful creatures that don’t want any kind of drama. In 2021, you might have to let go a little because any negative energy could affect the great opportunities coming your way. Sometimes, trying to plan as you always do could do more harm. Go with the flow this time to heal replenish your energy.

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Well, you can’t deny that you are one of the most hopeless romantic signs, can you? You are looking for a love that will last a lifetime that is why you just can’t settle for a relationship without commitment. You have romantic potential with many sun signs this year. See how they will make a good match for you.

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Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the best Sun sign matches for the Bull. You will be naturally at ease with each other and each will provide something that the other lacks. These signs will also be there to encourage you during your dark days and will be the best shoulders to lean on.

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There are also signs that just won't fit, your personalities will clash and they will not be able to understand where you’re coming from. Aquarius, who holds the first place on the list of the worst ones for you to date, will have a tendency to tug on you the wrong way.  

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Gemini and you possess two very different energy levels that is why you will not be in tune with each other. They are flighty and hyper while you are slow and steady. You and Sagittarius may be compatible in the bedroom but you will somehow get irritated by their constant need for change.

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Well, well, well… Aries may be the answer for Taurus’ search for everlasting love. Your combo will begin with a bang. There will be gushing compliments, long-stemmed roses, electrifying conversations over a choice bottle of wine. You will be too happy to bask in the glow of Aries for some time.

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Your Aries will love to come first in all things and it will not even annoy you. Instead, you will take your time and let them proceed to what they want to reach. You will be the rock that will hold down the fort in this relationship and Aries will be the roll that keeps you two going.

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What could create a more stable relationship than two Taurus together? When two Tauruses get together, it can be the love connection of a lifetime. You will spoil each other to your heart’s content and you will support each other’s desire for luxurious things.

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However, you two are also stubborn and very opinionated so this might create a big impact positively or negatively. Their attraction will just be off the charts and they will also have so many things in common. Both of their personalities are so powerful that they often swing from passionate love to passionate fights.

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It will be an uphill struggle for Taurus and Sagittarius if they will push their relationship to go forward. You will have to work hard to reconcile your different wants and needs. Dating in today’s society isn’t easy, to begin with, but dating someone you are not compatible with is even harder.

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You will have good compatibility on the love graph if both of you will try to complement each other, rather than to change each other. The Bull should balance the impulsiveness of the Archer with their wisdom. Taurus will bring a semblance of calm and order to the wild and cluttered world of the Sagittarius if they’ll allow it. 

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Your interests may not be that similar but you can find ways to communicate. Neither of you lacks gentleness and you both are great with words so it will not be that hard. If you’ll decide to open up and Gemini decides to slow down a little bit, it will be possible for you two to have fun together.

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When a Taurus and a Gemini fall in love with each other, it would be good if they’ll take some time to learn what the dynamics of the relationship are and how they can get along together. You both have much to offer one another if you’ll get past the challenges of being together harmoniously. It will take effort and adjustments. 

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This will be one of the most balanced and nurturing relationships. Virgo is the mother of all Zodiacs and Taurus is ruled by the feminine planet, Venus. This means that the relationship between the two will also be feminine and an emotionally-influenced one. Both will also be indulged in love. 

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You two will be gentle and patient with each other and you will be the couple that works at self-development constantly. You will ensure that you achieve everything you dream of, and you will try to achieve most of it together. You will also lend your partner your ears when they need it!

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You two are ruled by Venus which symbolizes love but there will be some special kick to your relationship because you have completely different characteristics. Taurus loves to be comfortable while Libra wants everything to be pretty and they rely on their eyesight. You adore opposite things and it will not be easy to understand what the other person wants.

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You two could end up being more needy than necessary to each other. Taurus to Libra because of their emotional neediness and Libra to Taurus because of their physical one. Still, they are both gentle lovers who like their relationships without stress and drama so you could work things out.

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Capricorn and Taurus are naturally attracted to one another, as you two are both earth signs. You have chemistry and an implicit understanding of each other. While you two come from different perspectives, Taurus and Capricorn will still have a lot in common. You both share a desire to nurture life.

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Taurus, as one of the first signs of the zodiac, wants to prove itself. Capricorn, as one of the latter signs, has a touch more introspection and a more mature soul. Sometimes, you two may need help getting past literal aspects and digging deeper to see where the real issues lie.

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This relationship may look weak and your love match seems to be filled with problems to the brim. Well, you two have distinct approaches to life and it will be difficult for you to find a middle ground amidst your dissimilarity. Conversations between you two will be stimulating, however, and you can take care to avoid unnecessary conflict and tension. 

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If there are books that the Bulls must read this year, they would be those that feature a strong friendship, take place in nature or are earthy in tone; a survival story with an independent character who has to fend for themselves, or a character who is in tune with their sense of taste and/or loves to cook/bake.

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So, try to find and read Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson, Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White, Wild by Alex Mallory, Hatchet by Mark Twain, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, and Heartless by Marissa Meyer. Get ready to embrace a new perspective offered by these books. They’ll surely leave you with something to ponder about.

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Knowing that you are a sultry sign, a song like "All For Us" by Labrinth and Zendaya is sure to give you the goosebumps you're looking for. The song is also about putting in work and holding down the fort, which is something a reliable Taurus may very well relate to.

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“Needed Me” by Rihanna will make you feel the confidence that you were lacking, and "Work From Home" By Fifth Harmony is less about actually working and more about a budding relationship. Adele’s "Rumor Has It" shows another dark side of a Taurus in love, so you’ll find it fascinating.

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2021 can be a little stressful so you should chill out sometimes. You don’t have to stress about what to watch anymore, for we found the best ones on Netflix for you. Like Water For Chocolate, which is a movie centered around love and food that perfectly suits your often-ignored hedonistic side. You’ll be in for some delicious looking meals!

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Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle is a pure Taurean movie about loyalty to friends, stability, and consistency when others fall apart or flake, and determination to wallow in earthly delights. So whenever you need to have some movie nights in 2021, don’t forget these gems.

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As you are attracted to nature and posh materialistic things, your hobbies and leisure activities must also be connected to these things. You are practical, so cooking and baking will be a good one for you. Not only will you enjoy the art of making a dish, but you will also have something to eat afterward. 

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Gardening is perfect for your earthy nature, for you will enjoy nurturing them and bringing different species of plants in one place. Photography will also be one of the best activities for you. You may buy that camera that you wanted all this time and start taking photos of things around you. 

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It would be good if, as early as now, you already set your priorities in life straight. The year that’s coming is the time when your ambitions will take flight. Spend quality time with your loved ones because they will be the ones who will also be there when the world turns its back on you.  

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Venus will give you the much needed emotional bonding with your family and friends and even your partner. There may be times that things will seem to go out of your hand. Just be tolerant of other people. Show kindness and love for it will be the best thing to do when life falls apart.

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This year will be a mix of things that will remain constant and while some things will change, you must go with the flow in order to reach the success that you were trying to reach for in the previous years. Go and face the new year heads on, Bulls! What are you excited about in the coming year? Let us know! 

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