December Horoscope for Gemini

December Horoscope for Gemini

Nov 27, 2020Rita

With December just around the corner, and the year coming to an end, it’s time for Gemini natives to get ready for some changes coming their way. The past few months have been filled with ups and downs, unexpected changes, so what is December bringing your way? 


Gemini natives are born between May 21 and June 20, and they are known for their extreme social skills and curiosity. Being some of the most adaptable people in the world, Geminis enjoy learning new things and love starting conversations with basically anyone that will cross their path. Being curious beings, they are their happiest when they exchange ideas with others.

While they can sometimes overwhelm the less sociable signs, people born under Gemini also have a gentle and affectionate nature. They truly enjoy sharing their knowledge and discover as much as they can about the world and the people who live in it. Because of that, they love reading books and watching documentaries.


Geminis are one of the signs that think the most out of the Zodiac. They are very clever people, who can also quickly make a sarcastic or ironic remark, sometimes even in serious moments. They are very independent and love wandering and going on their own little spontaneous adventures.

While they love to explore and discover new things, they are also very down to earth and can easily balance daydreaming with reality. Many Geminis are also considered visionary because they can have an easy look at the bigger picture and gather their internal knowledge and apply it to the problems that need solving.


Being a very positive person, a Gemini native will often be easy to hang out with. They are very flexible and quickly agree to new adventures. Geminis are not only outgoing and sociable, but they are also hilarious, which makes being friends with them even better. They have a quick wit and a versatility that surprises anyone who meets them.

By being often surrounded by interesting people, they manage to gather quirks and facts from them, and will gladly share these thoughts with any new person they meet. Geminis love talking and discussing ideas, which allows them to be very good at brainstorming sessions, especially when a problem needs to be solved.


Geminis are awesome people to be around, however, they also have their own weaknesses to work on. One of them is that they might be very superficial, especially when meeting new people - if the new person doesn’t seem interesting or able to have a fluid conversation, Geminis will quickly move on to the next one.

Their wandering nature also gives them some trouble, especially when trying to find their path in life. Geminis often seem lost in what they want to do, which sometimes leads them to make some very bad life decisions. This creates a sense of anxiety that can lead them to refrain from being the social butterfly they are known to be.


Being extroverted and social is an easy way to get through the door of stardom, which is probably one of the reasons why so many celebrities are Gemini natives. Actors such as Ginnifer Goodwin, Sir Ian McKellen, Octavia Spencer, and Helena Bonham Carter are all born under Gemini.

And who doesn’t recognize the Gemini traits in Chris Colfer, Mel B, Laverne Cox, and Brooke Shields? Other famous people that were born under Gemini are Tom Holland, Amy Schumer, Heidi Klum, Awkwafina, Wentworth Miller, and Anderson Cooper. Funny, sociable, and with a gentle nature, it is easy to understand how these Geminis made it to the screen!


December 30th marks the day of the Lunar Eclipse, which will have a cleansing impact on the love relationships of Geminis. For those who are already in a committed relationship, they will be able to see which problems need to be worked on and improved. Venus will also have a positive influence on the romantic relationships of Gemini.

One half of the month will have run its course, Mars will take over and Geminis will enter a sultry phase. This will allow them to overcome any differences they have with their significant other, as well as truly follow their heart. Geminis that are still looking for love will find someone special within their social circle. 


Geminis need to be careful with their expenses during December and must be particularly wise if they intend on making some profit. This is the right time to go through your past expenses and confirm if you are spending money on unnecessary things. It is also important that you don’t make any risky investments.

You can also try to redirect your savings into secure funds, that will allow you to increase your balance over time. Before making any big purchases try to understand if it is something really needed for you or the household, of it you can wait until your finances are at a better stage.


Your family will take a big part of your time during December, dear Gemini. You will have to handle some familiar business, which will not be negative but will have to be taken care of. It is important that you try to communicate in a diplomatic way with your family members, as your straightforwardness might cause some issues.

Your friends will have an important role in ensuring that your life goes well during this month, especially in regard to love and work. You should reach out to your social network whenever you need any help during December, as they will have the answers you are looking for and will be happy to assist you.


December will be a positive month for Geminis in terms of healthy, however, it is crucial that you try to maintain a healthy diet throughout the month. This will allow you to decrease the symptoms of any chronic or seasonal issue that might be bothering you.

Ensure that you are nourishing yourself with clean products and with ingredients that give you the nutrients and vitamins your body needs and craves. Pairing a clean diet with light exercise will prove to be the ideal routine for December in order to become a healthier version of you by the end of the year.


The Geminis that are currently working can expect some positive developments in their professional life, however, they should do whatever they can not be blindsided by new projects or assignments. It is also imperative that you think twice before speaking with colleagues and managers.

There will also be some positive planetary influence from Jupiter and Saturn, which will allow Geminis to mature as professionals, and perhaps might even lead to a promotion. For those who are looking for new opportunities, the end of the year will prove beneficial, as long as you keep pursuing the vacancies you are interested in.


The uncertainty of what 2021 could bring is something that’s still affecting your energy. No matter how used you’re to this new life that 2020 created, there’s just something about next year that has affected your normally calm atmosphere. Gemini's aura normally manifests yellow.

That’s because they are logical, careful creatures that don’t want any kind of drama. In December, you might have to let go a little because any negative energy could affect the great opportunities coming your way. Sometimes, trying to plan as you always do could do more harm. Go with the flow this time to heal replenish your energy.


Geminis love being independent and going where life might lead them, and that is why they need a partner that will allow them to do that, but also take part in their adventures. As such, this December the best zodiac sign for Geminis is the balanced Libra.

People born under Libra share many of the personality traits of Gemini and, while they are quite similar people, they also have some differences that allow these two to have a very easy-going relationship. Gemini will find in Libra the ideal partner to both allow them to grow while still remain focused on their path.


In opposition, a person that is possessive and jealous will not be a good match for people born under Gemini. That is the reason why Scorpio is the sign that Gemini needs to stay away from, especially for romantic relationships. These two signs will not be able to be together without constant arguments about each other’s needs and motivations.


As mentioned before, Gemini and Scorpio just aren’t a good match. Both signs want completely different things in life, and value opposite characteristics in a partner. Geminis need to be able to feel free and allowed to live their life without constraints, including being able to meet new people frequently.

This is something that will make Scorpios feel very jealous and ignite their possessiveness, something that will just push Geminis farther away. While both signs can be friends, and even quite good friends at that, their romantic compatibility is just not what it needs to be for a relationship to succeed.


This December is an incredible month for Geminis to connect with Sagittarius. Both signs value the intellectual connection in a loving relationship, and this is exactly what they can give one another. While they might not have an easy time finding each other, they will become inseparable once they do.

It is important that Geminis try to develop their emotional intelligence when in a relationship with Sagittarius, as their emotional needs tend to be very strong. If this doesn’t happen, it is possible that Sagittarius feels not cared for and will start fading away slowly. Geminis should open up about their difficulties when stepping into a couple with a Sagittarius.


Geminis and Capricorns are a strange match, especially because they both know what they want in a partner, and they both have what the other needs, however, they tend to struggle to recognize it when presented with one another. This December will make these struggles even harder.

While Geminis are in search of someone that will give them a feeling of being grounded, which supposedly Capricorns should be able to do. Nevertheless, when they interact with someone from this sign they only see how boring Capricorns seem to be. The same happens the other way around, with Capricorns thinking Geminis are too wild for them.


One of the most interesting matches of the zodiac is the one between Gemini and Aquarius, and during December their connection will be out of this world. Aquarius is looking for someone that makes them excited to be alive and that will open doors for experimentation, and Geminis are exactly that person.

However, when these two find themselves together in a relationship, they struggle to find common ground in terms of their emotional needs. They will have some hard times understanding each other and their love languages, which will lead to arguments that can easily escalate. If these two want to be happy together they need to open up to these challenges.


Gemini and Pisces are two signs that don’t really have too much in common, which leaves both a bit lost when trying to get to know each other. During the month of December, these differences will be multiplied, and they will have even more trouble getting along.

Nevertheless, if both people try to be creative in the building of the relationship and in getting to know each other, they will be able to discover they had more in common than initially expected. Geminis will bring out the adventurer in Pisces, who will help Gemini become more in touch with their emotional side.


This month is the ideal time for Geminis to invest in their relationships with Aries. These two signs already have good compatibility, but the influence of Venus will bring them even closer together. Their relationship will be exciting and interesting, and they will be able to enjoy each other’s company even during the hard times.

Both signs love conversing and learning new things, which will allow them to have exciting evenings during December. It is important, however, that Aries does not try to smother Gemini with their emotional rollercoasters, which can lead Gemini to be unable to know how to act. Both partners need to set their own grounds when starting a new relationship.


Geminis and Taurus are usually not a good match, mostly due to their differences in terms of what they want out of life and from a loving partner. Nevertheless, December might be the ideal time to try and discover what these signs have in common.

The planetary influence will bring out the best in both Gemini and Taurus, and they will be able to connect on a level that is unusual for these signs. Taurus will have to put aside their possessive needs and reassure Gemini that they are in a trusting and flexible relationship.


One of the best matches for a Gemini is actually another Gemini. These two might get on the nerves of other signs, but they will be extremely happy together, especially because they enjoy the same type of freedom and individuality. 

It is important, however, that during this December both Gemini set their boundaries and ensure that they are starting a new relationship on common ground. Sometimes it is possible that the freedom just becomes too much and one of the partners feels left out. To avoid this, make sure that you agree on what the boundaries of your relationship are.


Cancer is a good match for Gemini, but mostly in the friendship department. These two signs are similar yet different, and they can easily become the best of friends, or the worst enemies. This volatility is not something that is healthy in a loving relationship.

During December, Gemini will feel more prone to open up their heart and emotions, which is something that can aid in building a relationship with Cancer. Nevertheless, it is crucial that these two signs take things slowly in order to not end up in arguments over what each wants and needs from their partner.


Gemini and Leo are a match made in heaven. These two know how to have fun together and will thoroughly enjoy spending time with each other, be it on dates, or just hanging out at home. Both Gemini and Leo have enough similarities and differences to make their relationship an interesting one.

It is important, however, that during December these two signs sit down and have a conversation about what they need improvement in from their partner. Gemini might want Leo to let them be more independent, while Leo might need a bit more reassurance in their emotional needs. As long as communication is open, they will have a happy relationship.


December is not the ideal time to develop a loving relationship with a Virgo, dear Gemini. This relationship will be flaky and the emotions can change quickly, from both parties. While sometimes it is possible for these two to have a loving and long partnership, this month is not the ideal time to start one.

Being two signs that spend a lot of time thinking, they will struggle to get out of their own minds, and into the real world. This will be made even more difficult due to the planetary influence on both signs in December, which will hinder any type of closeness between Gemini and Virgo.


Gemini and Libras are not a picture-perfect couple, however, in December they will find each other in the right mindset and emotional plan. These two lovers will be able to connect more deeply than in any other period of time, so take advantage of it and invest in a relationship with a Libra this month!

It is crucial to understand that, over time, both signs will have to make concessions to one another, as their long term goals in life might be different. As long as both Gemini and Libra maintain a balance between both their needs and motivations, they will have a happy relationship together.


With the weather getting colder, it is time for Gemini to start spending some time inside the house and shelter from the winter. As such, their social nature will have to find something else to keep busy. This is why December is the ideal time for Gemini natives to invest in new hobbies.

Trying hobbies that will put their creativity to practice, such as painting or writing, will allow Geminis to spend time doing what they do best: sharing their thoughts with the world. For the Gemini what are not artistically inclined, why not use their creativity in the form of cooking? This will allow them to experiment with flavors and cuisines!


Keeping their mind busy is one of the favorite ways that Geminis find to relax, and due to that, they tend to be lovers of reading. With the year coming to an end, this is the ideal time to reach your goal of books read in a year, so why not add a couple of titles to your library?

We suggest that you take a look at the books “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson, “Magonia” by Maria Dahvana Headley, “Hyperbole and a Half” by Allie Brosh, and “A Little Princess” by Frances Hodgson Burnett. We are certain that these books will impress any Gemini!


The year 2020 is coming to an end and, while it is almost time to celebrate the new year, there are still some surprises coming your way this December, dear Gemini. While there will be some ups and downs, it is important that you keep true to yourself and try to grow as an individual as much as you can. 

So, are you ready for the new month? Let us know in the comments below what your expectations for December are, as well as what worries you the most before the end of the year. Also, don’t forget to share this horoscope with any Gemini you may know! 

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