Osbourne Family Confirms Sad News About Ozzy's Health

Osbourne Family Confirms Sad News About Ozzy's Health

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The Osbourne family owes their success to the head of the household, Ozzy Osbourne, the former lead singer of Black Sabbath. The family recently opened their lives to the public to share some heartbreaking news. The family has gone through some difficult times, but none of that could prepare them for this.

The Osbourne Family: Who They Are

The Osbourne family comprises Ozzy and his wife Sharon and their three children, Aimee, Kelly, and Jack. The family has had more than its fair share of ups and downs, but it wasn't until Ozzy became sick that their lives changed. To understand what happened first, let's take a look at the events that led to his illness.

The Rise of Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy was born on December 3, 1948, in Birmingham, United Kingdom. He rose to fame in the 70s when he became the lead singer of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath. At the height of the band's success, Ozzy changed, and he almost lost it all.

Going Out In Style

Ozzy loved the rockstar life a little too much, and his behavior led to his bandmates firing him from Black Sabbath. Ozzy was afraid of being a "loser" after being kicked out of the band, so he decided to launch his solo career. But it was one of his last acts as a group member that had the most significant impact on his life. 

The Woman That Changed His Life

Black Sabbath was managed by a man named Don Arden, a famous English music manager. He had a daughter who he used to work with named Sharon. After Ozzy was fired from Black Sabbath, he started dating Sharon and asked her to manage his solo career. But their love story almost didn't happen.

Ozzy's First Marriage

Before he met Sharon, Ozzy married a young woman named Thelma Riley. The couple had two children together, Jessica and Louis Osbourne. In the ten years they spent together, Ozzy wasn't around for most of it, which caused a rift in their relationship, which led to their divorce.

Ozzy Married Sharon Shortly After His Split

The couple tied the know on July 4, 1982. Sharon sprinkled gold dust on Ozzy's solo career during the early years of their marriage and helped propel him to superstardom. But with every high, there was a low. His far-reaching influence came at a massive cost that even he couldn't have predicted. 

Trouble In Paradise

Ozzy didn't change. He rode the highs of his success until the wheels came off, and unfortunately, the person who suffered most from this was his wife. Their worst experience came when Ozzy stumbled into his home after a party filled night and did the unthinkable.

Brushes With The Law

Ozzy attempted to take Sharon's life. Fortunately, Sharon wasn't alone, and the people in the house thwarted the attempt and called the police. When Ozzy woke up the next morning, he couldn't recount what he had done the previous night. Sharon chose not to press charges but broke things off with Ozzy.

Sharon's Health Issues

After the couple took a break from each other, Sharon found comfort in food. Her love for the occasional snack quickly went out of control, and she gained several pounds. Sharon's weight gain was so rapid that it endangered her health and forced her to undergo medical procedures, but that wasn't all she had to endure. 

Sharon Is Proof That Love Is Blind

Ozzy was both, directly and indirectly, responsible for two of Sharon's health issues. But that wasn't enough to end their relationship. The Osbourne family lived a chaotic life. Once MTV learned how messy things were in their household, they offered the family an opportunity to star in their own reality show.

The Osbournes: Reality Stars

The Osbournes first premiered on MTV on March 5, 2002. The family was just as chaotic on-screen, and their fans loved it. The Osbournes became the most-watched series ever to air on MTV. But not everyone was excited to take part in it; one family member chose not to appear.

The Black Sheep of The Family

Aimee Osbourne is the eldest daughter of Sharon and Ozzy; she's also the most private of all of them. Aimee feared the way people would perceive her and chose not to take part in the show. For the people that did take part, the show was a stepping stone. 

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne is the second child of the family, and unlike her sisters, she loved being on tv. And that love was reciprocated by the show's fans. Kelly gained a cult following from the show, which allowed her to branch out in the entertainment industry. 

Like Father Like Daughter

Kelly used the popularity she gained on the show to launch her music career. Since her father was one of the most famous musicians in history, it was easy to break through into the music industry. Her younger brother also used his father's influence to his advantage.

Jack Osbourne

Being the son of a famous musician has its perks. It gave Jack the chance to make his mark on British television. Jack Osbourne, the host of two different shows on the BBC network. Like most of the members of the Osbourne family, Jack was very troubled in his early years.

Jack Osbourne's Personal Battles

The Osbourne family all battled with substances. Jack's problems started when he was just 13 and started taking certain medications. The problems were intensified by continually being in front of the cameras. In 2003, Jack had to be admitted to the hospital. And the family's troubles only got worse from there. 

Kelly's Struggles 

Kelly also tended to stick her hands in the medicine cabinet, and it all started when she was 13. In one episode of The Osbournes, they said she took more than the recommended medicine dosage and had to be admitted to hospital. Jack and Kelly were led to a dark path by something beyond their control.

Taking Up After Their Father

Ozzy's heavy-handedness with medication is well documented, dare we say legendary. The Osbourne medicine cabinet was always full, and as a result, his family suffered. Ozzy Osbourne was reckless throughout his life, and he would eventually pay a heavy price for his decisions. 

Lucky To Still Be Alive

In 2003, Ozzy suffered a life-threatening injury at his home. The rockstar turned reality tv star unintentionally flipped a quad bike, and it landed directly on top of him. Ozzy suffered several severe injuries and needed surgery and intense rehabilitation before he got back to his feet. Sharon remained loyal through all of Ozzy's struggles, but he never returned the favor.

Ozzy Had Too Much Love To Give

Marital fidelity is not something Ozzy was very familiar with throughout his life. The superstar would frequently step outside of his marriage and take advantage of his celebrity status. In an interview, Ozzy once said that the secret to a happy marriage was not to get caught, but he didn't follow his own advice.

Caught In The Act

In one chilling incident, Ozzy sent his wife a very graphic message meant for someone else. Sharon later admitted to knowing about her husband's extra-marital activities. It turns out she had a twisted way of getting Ozzy to tell her the truth. 

Sharon's Startling Confession

Sharon confessed that she would give Ozzy 'medication' that made him susceptible to manipulation. Once he took the pills, Sharon forced him to tell her about all of his other activities. But even when she learned the truth of his ways Sharon chose to stay in the marriage. And weirdly, her unwavering loyalty was rewarded.

The Sharon Osbourne Show

The Osbourne family thought they had struck gold again when a tv network asked them to create a spinoff of their famous tv series. The reality show was titled The Sharon Osbourne Show. But unfortunately for Sharon, things didn't go as she had expected. 

The Show Failed Dismally

Based on their first reality show's success and the Osbourne family's popularity, the show was expected to be a hit. But the show was canceled shortly after it began. Low ratings and almost zero creative direction led to the show's premature demise. Despite this setback, Sharon didn't give up on her tv dream.

Finding Her New Home On The Talk

Sharon found success when she made the switch from reality tv to talk shows. She became one of the hosts of The Talk; Sharon also appeared as a judge on X Factor UK. The talk show host's achievements don't end there. She also claimed to have a hidden talent that made her millions.

Sharon Osbourne Real Estate Titan?

Sharon has an eye for real-estate. She made millions flipping houses in Los Angeles and selling them to other celebrities. Sharon says that the reason she's been able to do so well is that she's the best at what she does, but we suspect being an Osbourne also played a significant role. 

The Osbourne Family Fortune

The self-proclaimed Prince of Darkness and his wife Sharon have an estimated fortune of $220 million. Most of which comes from Ozzy's music career. The family's fortune helped them get through difficult times, but they would soon find out that their vast wealth had its limitations.

Ozzy's Reckless Behavior Caught Up To Him

Over the years, doctors said that Ozzy was able to survive for so long because he had a gene mutation that prevented his body from experiencing the full extent of his extra-mural activities. There were other illnesses that the mutation couldn't do anything about.

Osbourne Family Health Struggles

Some of the family's health struggles are well documented. In 2012, Jack announced that he was diagnosed with MS. Kelly also had her struggles after contracting a disease. Their mother, Sharon, battled with a life-threatening illness for a year. The family was no stranger to hardship.

Ozzy's Relapse

In 2013, Ozzy announced that he had relapsed and started using the substances that landed him in trouble in the past. This time though, the former musician realized the problems that prolonged use would cause, but it was too late by then. 

The Invincible Prince Of Darkness

Ozzy lived his entire life as though he was invincible, but the truth is that he wasn't. And he found this out in the worst possible way. Ozzy went for a doctor's appointment to check up on an injury he had sustained, and after running some tests, his doctors found something. 

The Rumors About His Illness Spread Quickly

Ozzy had planned on going on tour that year, but he kept canceling his concert dates. Fans started to worry, and soon rumors of his illness began to surface. Ozzy's long and reckless life finally caught up with him. The Osbourne family decided to finally put an end to the rumors by agreeing to do an interview.

Osbourne Family Confirms Sad News

In January 2020, the Osbourne confirmed the news that famed rockstar Ozzy Osbourne had contracted PRKN 2, a form of Parkinson's disease. The family broke their silence in an interview with Good Morning America. Some specialists believe that Ozzy's life choices over the years made him susceptible to the potentially fatal disease.

Ozzy Is Up For The Fight

Ozzy hasn't entirely thrown away the towel yet. While his illness has no cure, Ozzy says that he still feels good. In the interview with Good Morning America, Ozzy detailed his experiences with his condition. Both Ozzy and Sharon say that the disease has brought the family together and is optimistic about the future. 

The Osbournes Are Prepared To Do What's Necessary

The Osbourne family has turned to doctors outside of the United States for help. They plan on getting Ozzy back to his feet and are willing to do anything to find solutions. The family promised they would try and find a cure to help get Ozzy back in front of his adoring fans. They also thanked them for their continued support. 

Some diseases have no cure, and all you can is undergo intensive treatment to help prolong your quality of life. But when you have as much money as Ozzy Osbourne, it's understandable to try and seek alternative treatments, no matter how dangerous. What are your thoughts? Do you think Ozzy and his family should gamble on unproven medical treatments? Share your comments below and share this with your friends. 

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