2021 Horoscope for Sagittarius

2021 Horoscope for Sagittarius

Dec 04, 2020Rita

The new year is approaching quickly, so it is only natural that Sagittarius natives are interested in finding out what the new year has in store for them. Is the new year going to be the best one yet, or the worst? What challenges are coming your way? Let’s have a look at the predictions for Sagittarius’ new year!


Born between November 22nd and December 21st, Sagittarius natives are ruled by Jupiter. They are considered the biggest travel junkies in the Zodiac and are born with a wandering spirit, always interested in learning more about different cultures and societies. This, paired with their idealistic views, makes them very interesting people.

People born under Sagittarius are outgoing and extroverted, and will never say no to an adventure. They are very charismatic and enthusiastic, especially about things that are close to their heart. Sagittarius also has an excellent sense of humor and loves making others laugh. Along with that, they are very driven and motivated and will do anything to reach their goals.


Curious and full of energy, Sagittarius enjoys spending their free time doing outdoor activities, which allow them to connect with Nature. They truly like having a feeling of freedom and independence and do not appreciate when others try to tell them what they can or can not do. 

They also have a very deep interest in philosophical matters, which comes connected to their idealistic personality. Being a fire sign, they get along with signs who share their same passions for discovering new things, such as Gemini and Aries. Sagittarius’ lucky numbers are 3, 7, 9, 12, and 21!


One of the most common traits among Sagittarius natives is their ambition, and their ability to keep going even when odds seem to be against them. Maybe that has to do with this being one of the luckiest signs in the Zodiac! They are also very open-minded individuals, who will easily be able to understand cultures or ideologies that are different from their own.

Being a very optimistic sign, Sagittarius will always take a leap of faith when the chance is there, as they are almost always certain that things will just fall into place. They are also very versatile and knowledgeable, and will easily adapt to new or strange situations with ease. 


While Sagittarius are high-achievers and goal-driven, they can also quickly become lazy, which acts as an opposite force within themselves. This leads them with a sense of restless that usually spreads to those who are around them. Their ultra optimistic approach to life can also come with some problems, as often they make irresponsible decisions.

When this happens, instead of trying to solve the issues that arise, Sagittarius will prefer to sit back and see how the situation evolves. Being very outspoken and outgoing also comes with a weakness for Sagittarius, as they might not be able to read a room before speaking, being considered by many as tactless.


Due to their outgoing and hilarious nature, it is easy to understand how so many Sagittarius made it to celebrity status. People like Jamie Lee Curtis, Miley Cyrus, Sarah Hyland, Christina Applegate, and Bill Nye were all born under Sagittarius. Could you tell by what you have seen of them on television and in interviews?

Other famous Sagittarius include Tina Turner, Anna Faris, Don Cheadle, Ben Stiller, Chrissy Teigen, and Kaley Cuoco. You can also see the charisma of this sign in celebrities like  Zoë Kravitz, Sarah Silverman, Bette Midler, Janelle Monáe, Lucy Liu, Britney Spears, and Amanda Seyfried! Who is your favorite Sagittarius celebrity? 


With Venus entering Sagittarius just before the new year, the predictions indicate that the love life for this sign will be very positive in 2021. People born under this sign will feel more confident than ever when approaching a loved one, as well as being more open to sharing their emotions with potential partners.

Nevertheless, it is possible that by mid of the year there is a big change in how you perceive love and become more connected to what you need out of a romantic relationship. 2021 is going to be the year when you truly get to know yourself and will become aware of what your true pursuit of love will be like.


The main positive thing coming with 2021 is that your finances will improve, and a lot! Sagittarius’ financials will suffer some changes throughout the year, mostly due to unexpected expenses related to health, however, in the general picture of the new year, the average income will be better than 2020.

With this in mind, it is important that you prepare for the financial challenges that are happening next year, and the best way to do that is by ensuring that you have a safety pillow to fall on to. Before this year ends, go through your budget and confirm if there are no unnecessary expenses that could have a toll on your savings plan.


The family department of Sagittarius will be a bit of a rollercoaster in the new year, especially when it comes to extended family. You may notice that some issues and arguments arise particularly with one side of the family and you should do your best to not escalate the situation. Try being diplomatic every time you are pulled into the conflict.

There might be some arguments exploding within your friends’ group, however, whatever happens it will be quickly solved. In 2021, Sagittarius is also more prone to discover new people and make new friends, so don’t shy away from sparking conversation with people that seem to be interesting. Positive things will happen with the new friends you make.


Sagittarius will have a positive year when it comes to health. Nevertheless, they shouldn’t stop taking care of themselves, both physically but also mentally. As such, we recommend that the Sagittarius who has been lacking in self-care try to improve this aspect of their lives.   

There will be some stressful months ahead, and that means that your body will be the one suffering. Make sure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle in the year ahead, ideally through doing exercise on a regular basis and by eating food that will nourish your body. Do not forget that the mind also needs time to relax, so try to pick up meditation for that.


The uncertainty of what 2021 could bring is something that’s still affecting your energy. No matter how used you’re to this new life that 2020 created, there’s just something about next year that has affected your normally calm atmosphere. 

That’s because they are logical, careful creatures that don’t want any kind of drama. In 2021, you might have to let go a little because any negative energy could affect the great opportunities coming your way. Sometimes, trying to plan as you always do could do more harm. Go with the flow this time to heal replenish your energy.


The first months of 2021 will be very busy working Sagittarius, as you may see an increase in workload. You will see how important your role is to the bigger picture and may even receive a promotion or a raise. Take the first half of the year as a professional challenge and see where that will lead you.  

Regarding work relationships, Sagittarius should try to improve their diplomacy and communication skills, especially when managers or superiors are involved. Your lack of respect might cause you some problems in the workplace, so try to avoid that as much as possible in order to have a successful year.


While Sagittarius pairs well with a number of signs, especially those born under the Fire and Air element, this new year will make their compatibility extra special with one particular sign - Aquarius. Both signs will have very similar, yet different, challenges to face in the upcoming year, and their professional and familiar lives will bring them closer.

Aquarius is one of three air signs, and that means that they are outgoing, outspoken, and enthusiastic about life. Doesn’t it sound like the ideal partner for you? Sagittarius that develop a connection with an Aquarius in the new year will see how incredible their lives can become, and will grow as individuals, becoming more in love with themselves in the process.


Sagittarius people are low-maintenance and are free-spirited, and that is the main reason why in 2021 the worst match for them is going to be Cancer. People born under this sign are very emotionally attached and will make Sagittarius feel trapped in a never-ending fight for attention. 


Alongside Cancer, one of the worst signs for Sagittarius to partner up with in 2021 is Scorpio. While these two signs can become friends, anything more than that is going to be very exhausting. Sagittarius loves independence and being able to make new friends wherever they go, which will only spark Scorpio’s possessive nature. 

Nevertheless, Scorpios are known to be excellent friends, so in case you do meet a Scorpio native in the new year and you enjoy spending time with them, it is possible that they will become one of your closest friends. Just make sure that the boundaries of the friendship are set early on, as Scorpio’s jealousy can be daunting.


Sagittarius gets along very well with fellow natives, and this happens because they can easily develop their knowledge and share their views of the world, as well as debate ideas to solve world-wide problems. While usually, this would be a good thing in a relationship, perhaps 2021 is not the right year for it.

People born under Sagittarius will face some personal struggles and being in a relationship with someone that is going through stressful events at the same time as you can be complicated. Nevertheless, in case both people are open about their needs, and they are able to meet half-way, then it can be a beautiful love. 


Sagittarius and Capricorns are a very interesting match, and the reason why is that they can be so different from one another yet, at the same time, be so similar. During the new year, there will be a positive planetary influence in both these signs, however, their loving relationship can either be perfect, or horrific.

If case you would like to have a long-term partner with a Capricorn, both sides of the relationship need to be very open about their plans for the future and about what they expect from one another. In case they reach an agreement and decide to move forward, it can be a wonderful relationship.


As mentioned before, Sagittarius and Aquarius are a match made in heaven. In fact, sometimes these two signs seem like they have met in a previous life, considering how well they get along and how easily they connect, both physically and emotionally. In the new year, Aquarius will be the right sign to build a relationship with.

The possibilities are endless for these two, as long as they are on the same page. Due to this, it is important that they are not afraid to share their needs, emotions, and feelings. From the moment that the trust is broken with any of these signs, the relationship is over, so honesty and transparency will play big roles.


A relationship between a Sagittarius and a Pisces can be best described by one word: lukewarm. Especially in the upcoming year, these two signs might get along, however, the spark of love will not be there, at least not for a long time. If you want to try out a relationship with a Pisces, be aware that it might not last.

These signs can have their similarities, however, they are just always on different moments in their lives. Sagittarius, especially, tends to feel that Pisces don’t understand them and that they will never be truly loved by their partner. This isn’t what a relationship should be like, so why bother?


One of the zodiac matches with the most potential is the one between a Sagittarius and an Aries. Both signs have the same passion for life and will easily understand each other. The problem is that others might not understand them, and this is why they truly need to rely on each other to make it as a couple.

Sagittarius might be the more emotional partner in this relationship, so it is important that Aries tries to be understanding about their feelings and emotional needs. Likewise, Sagittarius needs to accept that not everyone shares love in the same way. If both people are understanding, it can be a wonderful love.


While it might seem as if Sagittarius and Taurus could be a picture-perfect couple, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The reality is that while these two seem to be very complementary to one another, they just can’t seem to get along. And this will be particularly noticeable in 2021.

Sagittarius will have trouble accepting the strong and leading charisma of Taurus, who in turn will not be able to understand their need for independence. While they could be a happy couple in a different time, the new year is not the ideal time for experiments, especially when love is involved.


Like two peas in a pod, Sagittarius and Gemini were born to be together. They have the same natural instincts and passions and will go until no end to make the world a better place. Their enthusiasm and love for learning and discovering can only allow them to go great things together, and in the new year this is what will happen.

Nevertheless, it is important that these two are able to put their feet on the ground on certain occasions, especially when serious boundaries and plans need to be made. It will be easy for them to just go with the flow, however, that sometimes leads to problems, so they need to keep checking in on each other.


As we mentioned before, Cancer is not the right sign for Sagittarius on normal occasions and will be even worst in 2021. Cancer will be under extreme stress in the new year, and their emotional needs will be over the top, something that we all know Sagittarius is not the best person to handle.

Likewise, Sagittarius will also not receive the type of support they need from a Cancer, as they just function so differently from one another. During the new year, it is best that these two remain as friends and try to not develop further than that in order for both to not get hurt.


While it might seem strange, Sagittarius and Leos are actually a very good match. Nevertheless, these signs should be careful when it comes to becoming too close quickly, as it might leave some of the most important aspects of a relationship out: getting to truly know each other. During the new year, both people should try to slow things down.

It is also important that Leos are a bit more flexible than usually, especially if they want to make Sagittarius feel comfortable and loved. Being two different signs in the way they approach life in general, it is possible that they have some trouble understanding each other’s goals.


Sagittarius and Virgos are too different, especially on an emotional level, to be able to develop and maintain a happy and long loving relationship. With this said, if both people make concessions and do their best to be understanding and flexible, they might have a shot at love.

The new year will be positive in terms of compatibility between Sagittarius and Virgos, so this is the ideal time to try your luck. It is important that both parties are candid and honest about their needs and expectations early on, and if both accept that, they might have a long and happy love.


Sagittarius and Libras are very similar, however, in the case of a romantic relationship that doesn’t always work in their favor, something that will be even more noticeable in the new year. Sagittarius will have some trouble expressing their emotional needs and how they feel, especially when emotions are negative. 

On the other hand, Libra will be too vocal about their feelings, which might make Sagittarius feel overwhelmed. Both members of this relationship should be able to sit down and open up about how they are feeling without exhausting the other, and, when that is achieved, they have moved past the hardest part.


People born under Sagittarius have a very particular way of looking at the world, so why not use that skill to showcase what they see in the form of art? Picking up a hobby that allows you to share your ideas in a creative manner is an excellent form of putting your brain on display for others to see!

Sagittarius are lovers of experiments, so why not put that passion into practice and experiment with cooking? People born under this sign can mix their passion for learning about new cultures and food, in the form of cooking recipes from specific countries. Not only will it be a learning experience but it will also be tasty!


While not all Sagittarius love reading, we have some book recommendations for the new year that we are certain even those will love! “Starry Eyes” by Jenn Bennett, “Sorcery of Thorns” by Margaret Rogerson, “Love & Luck” by Jenna Evans Welch, and “Songs from the Deep” by Kelly Powell are all excellent books for Sagittarius natives.

In case you have read those and are looking for something else to add to your library, why not have a look at “The Chaos of Standing Still” by Jessica Brody? Other recommendations are “Your Destination is on the Left” by Lauren Spieller and “The Lady Rogue” by Jenn Bennett.


The new year is just a few weeks away, and with it come many challenges and surprises. Sagittarius should step into 2021 with a positive mindset and with an open mind, as they will be able to not only learn more about the world but about themselves. This will be the biggest challenge of the year, and the most rewarding.

Are you ready for what is coming, dear Sagittarius? Let us know in the comments below! What are your expectations for the month ahead? And of course, don't forget to share this horoscope with all your Sagittarius friends!

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