The Diagnosis and Secrets that Changed Richard Mason's Life

What would you feel if you suddenly woke up and the life you thought you were living ended up a lie? This was the reality that Richard Mason had to live with when he received a diagnosis that would forever change his life. Find out more about his story as you read this article!

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Richard Mason is a successful businessman who is currently based in the United Kingdom. He found success by co-funding a bunch of different business ventures, but his most successful one was for Obviously, a young and a successful man like Richard would have found no troubles finding a suitable wife...or so he thought.

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When he was working at a bank, he met his first wife, Kate. According to them, it was love at first sight, and eventually, they were blessed with three beautiful sons. He had everything he had ever wanted, but his marriage had been shaky and so it really did not last long... 

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In 2008, all of Richard and Kate’s sons were over the age of 18, and so this was the moment that they have decided to finally call it quits. Apparently, the split was a mutual decision between the pair and so they both took it well. Although, once the proceedings began, Kate kept on asking for more money.

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By the end of their settlement, Richard had agreed to pay Kate about $5M. He also agreed to pay for all of their three son’s schooling, to which Richard had no problems since they were still his sons. However, Richard still did not know why Kate kept on wanting more money from him...

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2016 was the year that changed Richard’s life forever. One time, he went to his annual routine check-up and he thought that it was going to be normal; that he would be in and out in a jiffy. He was wrong though because his doctor told him that he had some sort of disease.

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Richard thought that he had some kind of cancer, but he was wrong to assume that. When his doctor finally broke the news to him that he had cystic fibrosis, Richard’s world utterly collapsed. He was not thinking about himself, but he knew that this condition was hereditary and that he could have passed it on to his three sons.

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As we have previously mentioned above, Richard’s dilemma was that he might have passed on the disease to his children since cystic fibrosis is hereditary. Although, one thing that we all should be aware of was that men with this kind of disease are infertile. He knew that science was on his side since his sister had the same kind of disease as well.

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This was a fact that boggled Richard’s mind since he did have cystic fibrosis but he also has three beautiful how is that possible? For the longest time, Richard knew that either science or his ex-wife was lying because how could he have fathered three sons if he was infertile? So he decided to confront his wife...

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There were so many thoughts that crept up in Richard’s mind when he learned that he had cystic fibrosis. To top it all off, his doctor stated that he was infertile and this fact only suggested that he probably is not the father of his three children. His mind was really clouded and he did not know what to believe anymore.

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During this point in his life, Richard even wanted to question science because how is it possible that he had this gorgeous family if he was infertile? Although, deep down he knew that science was probably right and he even had a bad hunch. There was only one way to find out about the truth...he needed to confront his ex-wife.

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As per usual, Richard confronted Kate about all the things that he had just learned. Although, Kate denied his claims and she even went on to say that their children are all biologically his. However, this was a statement that Richard believed to be wrong and so he decided to call his eldest son, Will.

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Surprisingly, Will took the news calmly despite Richard’s confusion and paranoia. In return, Will called his mother to ask her about the truth. Kate did lie to Richard but she did not bother lying to her own son, so she admitted the whole truth to Will.

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According to Kate, she has been having a secret relationship for over 20 years and it started right after she married Richard. As for Richard, there had already been a bunch of red flags that he simply ignored all throughout their marriage. People would say that their kids look nothing like him, and this was something that he simply used to laugh off.

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There were also those late night ‘work trips’ that Kate used to take, and these trips always made Richard uncomfortable. Although, he never said anything about it. The oddest thing was that Kate raised the children to believe in Judaism even though neither of them had any Jewish heritage. 

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Once the truth was out, Richard was outraged and he was really angry at all the lies Kate threw his way. To get things off his chest, Richard wanted to do a paternity test to confirm that he really was not the boy’s father. Somewhere in his heart, he still believed that he could be the boy’s biological father, but he wanted to be sure.

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The twins, Ed and Joel, agreed to do the paternity test and their results came negative. Then when the time for Will to do his paternity test came, he said that he did not want to do the test. When asked why he did not want to do the paternity test, Will simply said, "As far as I'm concerned, he's my Dad and that's that."

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Once the results for the paternity test came back negative, there were a lot of confusing thoughts running on Richard’s mind. The main thing was that he simply wanted to figure out who his three children’s biological father was. He did not want to believe that Kate had been having another partner all these years, but all the facts were staring him right in the face. 

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He really took the time to put the pieces together and so he thought that the man had to be Kate’s co-worker. There was a man whom he used to think resembled his children but he used to simply brush it off. Now, the final puzzle piece hit him when he realized that this particular man was, indeed, Jewish.

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For more than 20 years, Richard thought that he had children. We can not even fathom the amount of pain that he had to go through when he learned that the children were not biologically his. When Richard learned that he had cystic fibrosis, his first thought was his sons and whether he could have passed the disease onto them.

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However, we now know that the disease will never be passed on to his sons since the children were not even biologically his. Although, he knew that their sons will still be his no matter what science nor genetics suggested. This was a fact that he could live with if it meant that he could still be the father of their sons.

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As he was pretty outraged with the secrets that his ex-wife kept from him, Richard ultimately decided that he was going to get back at Kate. Although, this decision did not go without any repercussions since his relationship with his eldest son was damaged. Will gave his dad an ultimatum and said, “Dad, if you sue Mum, I will never speak to you again.”

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It was only right that Richard went on to sue Kate due to the irreparable damage that she has caused his life. However, his son stayed true to his word and their relationship was never the same again. Well, we think that this is just something that the father-son duo has to live through and we are sure that they will work this out in the future.

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Since his relationship with his eldest son was utterly damaged, Richard rushed to the twins’ side for comfort. According to a letter that Ed and Joel wrote to their father, they said that their relationship has never been stronger. The twins added on their letter, “Dad, as I explained from the beginning you would never not be dad to me regardless of all of this.”

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Richard found solace and company on the twins’ side and this was more than he could have ever hoped for. The twins added on the letter, “Of course I'll stay in touch, that will never change. I'm always here for you too and you will always be Dad.”

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Naturally, it was Richard who won against Kate. He filed for a paternity case to which he won with flying colors. In the end, Kate had to pay Richard $300K for all the damage that she has done to him. We think she owed him far more than that though! 

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It was only right that the boys should know who their biological father was, and Richard agreed to this as well. The name of the boys’ biological father is kept private. Today, Richard is currently going through lots of treatment for cystic fibrosis and he seems to be doing so much better! 

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Nowadays, it really is important to notice all of the red flags and we should believe our hunches every once in a while because they might end up doing us good. What do you think of this tragic story and how do you think Richard’s story should end? Let us know by leaving a comment below, and share this article with your family and friends!

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