Virgin River: Cast Romances And Lifestyles

Virgin River: Cast Romances And Lifestyles

Virgin River is definitely exciting with its ups and downs. Similarly, the cast too has dramatic private lives. Like Alexandra Breckenridge almost thought she lost a role because of her pregnancy. And how did Demi Moore play a role in Martin Henderson’s obsession with privacy? Let’s take a look at the cast’s off-screen family.


We know it’s surprising, but despite the chemistry between Mel and Jack, the actors behind the roles aren’t together offscreen! In fact, Alexandra is actually married to Katy Perry’s lead guitarist, Casey Hooper. The two met at a Grammy’s after-party in 2012 when Casey had just finished up a world tour.

Three years later, they tied the knot. Although, details about the wedding are limited because the couple’s very tight-lipped about their private lives. In 2016, Alexandra welcomed her son, Jack to the world, followed by her daughter Billie the next year. Despite finding out about the pregnancy on her birthday, which the actress admitted was the best gift ever, she was terrified.

She thought the unexpected pregnancy would jeopardize her role on This Is Us, especially as it was so soon after her first baby. She admitted to Atlanta Magazine, “we do things pretty quickly in this family.” Thankfully, the writers were really supportive of her pregnancy and her baby bump was removed with some clever set design and a little CGI.


Apart from being a mom, wife and actress, Alexandra’s also an avid photographer, specialising in vintage 1920s black and white images. She admits that photography has a special appeal for her, as it affords her a level of control that she doesn’t get in acting. She explained, “It’s more of a way to express myself than acting is, by far.”

But her true love, more than anything, is her family. Not only have her children influenced her career – because the former hardcore horror junkie now only considers family-friendly roles, but they’ve influenced her lifestyle, too. Gone are her American Horror Story days in favor of melodramatic shows like This Is Us and Virgin River.

Chatting to Entertainment Weekly, Alexandra admitted that “When I first held my baby, the world melted away and I knew he was the most important thing I’d ever do.” Which is why the couple bought a house in Georgia. Because, as she explains, she and her husband want a place where their kids can grow up to be normal.


Ben started out as a stage actor. However, that changed in 2010 when he worked with Demi Moore and David Duchovny in the 2010 film, The Joneses. Then, he landed a part in the medical drama, Code Black and his career really started to take off. However, he nearly missed the chance to appear in the hit show, because his visa expired!

He recalled, “I was the first choice for the role…Then they said, you are not going to be able to do the role, unless you have your papers. I have had three Visas and spent tens of thousands of dollars on lawyer fees for immigration. I almost didn’t get my Code Black job, because my last Visa ran out.”

And while he was struggling to get the paperwork right, he met lingerie designer and Bar Method teacher, Nila Myers. He now has three children with her. In 2012, they tied the knot, and four years later, had their first son, Hemingway, and it was love at first sight for the new parents.

He posted on Instagram,

This little man now owns my heart. I was given the opportunity to catch him at birth, and now that I have him, I'm never letting go.


But he admitted that their second child, Gatsby, wasn’t exactly planned. Ben told Entertainment Tonight, “We were traveling to Paris for a friend's wedding and then we took a family vacation through Tuscany. As you can imagine, there were some romantic nights and, well, I might have to take responsibility for this one.”

Despite the surprise pregnancy, the parents were overjoyed with the arrival of their second son. He was followed by his sister Juniper in October 2020. Now all that’s left to see is whether the kids follow in their father’s footsteps, or if they’ll take inspiration from their names and become writers.


She may have made her name in the Superman franchises and taken on the role of Virgin River’s Mayor, but Annette is actually a sucker for a good romance. Thankfully, her own love story is the stuff that dreams are made of, even though it had a rocky start.

After a decade-long marriage to actor Bill Geisslinger in the 80s, in which Annette had two daughters, she decided to leave him. Then she found the one. The actress had known and was friends with actor Michael McKean for several years before working alongside him in the film that changed everything, Final Justice.

Despite playing rivals on screen, behind the scenes, the two bonded over their love of books and stories about their respective children. Eventually, he asked her on a date, and in 1999 they wed. But these two lovebirds share more than just a marriage. In fact, their common love of music helped their careers!

The couple released a single together, A Mighty Wind, that was nominated for an Academy Award for best original song. By the way, music and acting aren’t Annette’s only talents – when she’s not working, she loves to knit. She went on to teach both her daughters to knit and the family regularly knits baby blankets to donate to charity.


Tim Matheson is no stranger to Hollywood, with an impressive career spanning decades. From CSI to The West Wing, there’s very little that he hasn’t done. And that includes finding the right woman – because as he’s proven, the third time’s the charm. Tim’s first marriage to co-star Jennifer Leak was way back in 1968 when the actor was just 21.

The actor often recalls that his youth and ignorance contributed to the fact that the couple separated after just three years. So, it’s no surprise that he was much older and wiser when he tied the knot the second time in 1985. But sadly, his second marriage also didn’t stick.


Despite being with Megan Murphy Matheson for twenty-five years, and sharing three children together, he left her in 2010, when he was 63. Though the reason was never revealed, the rumour mill went into overdrive with claims of infidelity - including a surprising admission by Kirstie Alley that she was involved with Tim while he was still engaged to Megan.

He told Life of Dad how tough the split was on his kids, “I think the hardest part is to separate your emotional upset with your spouse and your children. We sort of had a rule not to discuss the dirty linen with the children so that they could foster their relationship with [both the parents], but it is hard.”

And while many would consider two marriages to be enough for one man, this actor has proven that we shouldn’t underestimate our hearts. In 2018 and at 70 years old, Tim married Elizabeth Marighetto. Despite the relationship being in its early stages, the two seem genuinely happy, and we’re hoping that this time, Tim has found the one.


Before playing Preacher Middelton, Colin Lawrence could be spotted in several popular franchises – from the X-files and iZombie to Riverdale and Smallville. But this British-Jamaican actor actually started off as a model, only landing his first acting role in 1995.

And given his self-confessed adoration of comics and all things geeky, it’s no surprise that he started off with sci-fi and fantasy roles, which is something he has in common with his wife, Lucia Walters, who he married in 1999. Lucia is an actress best known for her role on Stargate: Atlantis.

In 2005, they got a chance to work together on another sci-fi series, the 4400, where they played on-screen lovers. And they loved the experience. Colin recalled, “It’s not too often that you get to work across from your mate. It was just a lot of fun to actually work on a show together as husband and wife.”

And though he never misses a chance to share Lucia’s pictures on social media, she has some strong competition in the form of their two daughters. Colin has often said that his family is his top priority, and regardless of where in the world he is, he always tries to make it home in time to tuck them into bed.


Wow, Charmaine really threw a spanner in the works for the romance between Jack and Mel. And while we wait to see what drama is in store for these three in the next season, at least Lauren’s real love life isn’t as dramatic. Only because it’s non-existent! Oh no.

The Orphan Black star not only has zero pictures of a significant other on her social media accounts, but she manages to deflect any questions about her private life when she’s being interviewed. And while this doesn’t rule out the fact that she might be dating someone on the down-low, we hope that whatever her relationship status, she’s happy.

When she’s not working, the Canadian actress loves to spend time with her dog, Olive. They can often be found doing yoga or spending time in the outdoors. And like Breckenridge, she is also a photographer. She initially got into photography as a backup plan in case her acting career didn’t take off.

She explains, “I actually started doing photography to find an income in something that I really enjoyed doing that wasn’t acting because you always need a backup... Then, I booked Mr. D, and I haven’t really since then.” And while she’s finding her happy place in her career, and with her fur-baby, we’re hoping that when she’s ready, she’ll find love, too!


Jack might have to choose between Charmaine and Mel in the newest season, but the actor behind the role doesn’t have that problem. The New Zealand native has been pretty vocal about his love of acting – landing his first role when he was just 13 years old. But when it comes to his love life, he’s keeping mum.

And it’s probably because of past experiences! After briefly dating Demi Moore in 2012, the actor was disappointed to find himself in the middle of a media frenzy when the two split up, with reports circulating that the breakup led to Demi breaking down. So, it’s not surprising that since then, he’s been reluctant to air any of his romances.

This includes his brief relationships with Jennifer Garner and Helen Randag, a director and producer. But that doesn’t mean he’s alone. His dog, Sammy is all over his Instagram showcasing just how much the actor loves him. Isn’t that cute? Sadly, the other details about any of his human relationships are limited.


And while he doesn’t like to kiss and tell – he has spoken about his desire to start a family. "I've always wanted kids, but I never felt ready. I wasn't mature enough to have them earlier. I don't think having a family is the answer to anything, but more a complement to life. I'd rather find the right woman first."

And it seems that he may just have met the right woman. The actor recently shared an Instagram post featuring Aisha Mendez, who seems to have won his heart. And though we don’t know how the two met, they both share a love of the ocean and animals. We hope to see a lot more of them together!

Looks like the cast of Virgin River definitely have a loving family to get back to after a hard day of honest work. Whose love story is your favorite? And have you seen season 2 of Virgin River already? Let us know.

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