2021 Horoscope for Gemini

At last, the end of this year has finally come and we are all bound to welcome 2021 with open arms. This coming year, changes are starting to rise up in the lives of our adventurous Geminis and these changes will often come unexpectedly. If you are a Gemini and want to know what 2021 has in store for you, then simply read on!

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If you are born from the 21st of May and up until the 20th of June, then you probably are a Gemini. Have you ever wondered why you are so adventurous, spontaneous, and such an easy-going person? Well, these are some of the Gemini’s major traits as they are some of the most lovable qualities.

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The planetary alignment in 2021 seems to be bringing quite a few changes when it comes to a Gemini’s life. These changes might come in the form of a new relationship, a betrayal of a friend, a breakthrough in your health, a promotion and so much more! We can never really know what to expect from the new year, but we are glad that 2020 is ending...

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If you are wondering what it is like to have a Gemini in your life, then imagine a fun-filled, spontaneous, and artistic adventure. That is only a glimpse of what actually happens in a Gemini’s life. They are some of the most independent, adaptable, and intelligent people out of all the zodiacs and they are all very easy to love!

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Settling down is a concept that is relatively unknown to a Gemini since they live for adventure and they always come rushing into the unknown. If you are wanting to head on a trip yet nobody wants to come with you, then a Gemini always has your back. They love exploring and making their friends feel safe, that is just the nature of a true Gem. 

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Friendship is very important to a Gemini and they will go above and beyond in making their friends feel secure. When a Gemini sees you being wronged, then they will surely come to your defense and they will scare off the person who is attacking you. They are some of the best people to have on your side, so always stick by the Gemini in your life. 

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As per usual, they do not call a Gemini ‘two-faced’ for nothing since sometimes, a Gemini can switch their moods faster than the blink of an eye. You might feel like you know them, but deep inside, they are the kind of people that really takes years to figure out. Bear in mind that this is not something that you should take personally, it is just in their nature.

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Since our darling Geminis can be quite daring to most of the zodiacs, then it might be hard to fully keep up with them. You might feel like they are pushing you too much, and so it is important to really communicate with them. If you feel unsafe with a Gemini, then this is something that they will always carry within them and so communication is key for the twins of the zodiac!

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It is no secret that our dear Geminis are always the life of the party and so it is to one’s surprise that they will dominate Hollywood. Some of our favorite actors are Geminis and they usually succeed in show business due to their natural flair for the limelight. Did you know that Nicole Kidman, the Olsen Twins, and Angelina Jolie are all Geminis?

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2021 brings in a great deal of intimacy when it comes to our Gemini’s romantic relationships. This means that this could be the year where your partners might pop that million-dollar question, so simply wait for your turn and just ride the waves. You will flourish in your relationships this coming year, so welcome it!

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As for our Geminis who are single, you do not really need to look further since that special someone can simply be one of your best friends. Once you feel that surge of chemistry and emotions, do not fight it off because who knows where a romantic relationship might lead? Plus, how fun is it to say that you got out of the friendzone?

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Another aspect to look forward to this year is your familial relationships since Mars will be on your side until July. This means that you will have that extra bit of confidence and you will feel a bit more grounded, so your family members will love you even more! As the new year approaches, really think about deepening your connection with your relatives.

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This coming year will also be great when it comes to our Geminis who are wanting to get pregnant. Finally, the perfect year has arrived and 2021 will be the best time for you and your partners to try and conceive. It is a given that parenthood is a bit challenging for our Geminis, but you have grown so much and we think that you might be ready for it. 

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We know that our Geminis love being the center of attention and they love making new friends. Although, you might simply want to stick to the ones that you already have because trying to make new friends might be your downfall this year. People who really do not know you might deem you as too headstrong, so you might want to slow down this coming year.

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Although, as we have previously stated above, this year is going to be great for you to finally come out of the friend zone. We know how our Geminis really value their platonic relationship but it might be high time to get on with your romantic relationships as well! So if a particular friend comes to mind, then why not call them up and try to catch up?

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The first half of the year will be harmonious when it comes to your careers, so take this moment to really tackle the tasks that you are passionate about. 2021 is the year where you can really prove yourselves to your superiors. Simply work hard and patiently wait for that well-deserved promotion!

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Although, the second half of the year is proving to be quite stressful when it comes to your workspace. We know how independent our Geminis are and they usually work better when they are alone, but your colleagues might bug you a bit more during this time. Remember to always be approachable and to always help out whenever you can.

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In the next year, our Gemini’s physical and mental health will be at its highest since Jupiter is going to be on your side. This means that you should continually do the workouts and the meditations that you have been doing since they are working. It is time to finally dive into a heavier approach when it comes to working out, so try something new this year!

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As for your finances, it is best to keep your money to yourselves this year...or at least, the last half of the year. A business venture might present itself to you but bear in mind that this is not something that you might want to do since it might really be a scam. So really think about where you will be putting your money in 2021.

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We can all agree that 2020 is the year that changed our perspective. From travel restrictions to staying six feet apart, nothing is the same but yet there are good things that came with it. If you are a Capricorn and you are wondering what 2021 has in store for you, then read on to find out - there are some massive changes coming! 

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Capricorns are born on the 21st of December and up until the 19th of January. They are considered to be earth signs alongside Virgos and Taurus. During the beginning of the year, Capricorns usually have great luck since the New Year falls under its season.

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Just by looking at the position of the stars, we can all safely say that the coming year will be a great one for our darling Capricorns. If 2020 is the year that made us all pause our lives, then 2021 is the year where you will get to flourish outside of your comfort zones. Your dreams will be realized and you will work harder too!

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In case you are wondering what Capricorns are like, well, they are some of the most honest, loyal, and fun people out of all the zodiacs. They will make sure that each and everyone is having fun. Plus, they also tend to be very determined when it comes to their goals and aspirations.

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Honesty is key when it comes to our Capricorns because there is nothing that they value more. Once you gain their trust, make sure that you are ready for the flow of honesty that will come alongside your friendships. Sometimes these words will hurt but bear in mind that they only want what is best for you.

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Capricorns are also very easy going, and they are probably one of the most fun people to be around with. There is no party without a fun Capricorn in it and they surely know how to liven everybody’s lives. Plus, they are very determined to succeed and they are quite motivated when it comes to achieving their dreams.

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Just like everybody else, Capricorns also have that negative side to them. Bear in mind that a Capricorn is not really your friend unless they tell you so. They are some of the pickiest people out there when it comes to their friends, and they might really like you but still not consider you as a friend.

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Another thing to remember is to never break a Capricorn’s trust because this is something that you really can not take back. Aside from honesty, loyalty is the other thing that our darling Capricorns value most. So before doing something horrible to them, really think about the risks and the damage that it can do to your friend circle... 

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Since our darling Capricorns know how to chase their dreams and their ambitions, it is to no one’s surprise that they would dominate Hollywood. Some of our favorite actors fall under this sign and this is key to understanding the craft that they focus on. Liam Hemsworth, Mary J. Blige, and Denzel Washington are all Capricorns.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Mary J. Blige on the red carpet.

Naturally, our Capricorns would also want to dominate the music industry aside from the silver screen. These signs are talented, honest, and very creative so it is without a doubt that they really will succeed in their chosen fields. Some of our favorite Capricorn musicians are Zayn Malik, Dolly Parton, and David Bowie.

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Do you feel like you and your partners are ready to step up your relationships in the coming year? Then you will be pleased to know that the stars are in line with this idea and that marriage is a possibility in 2021. Although, bear in mind that getting married is no joke and it is not all pageantry so really think it through.

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For our Capricorns who are single, be sure to watch out for that special someone who is bound to arrive in your lives this coming year. We also know that Capricorns are really picky, but it is best to get to know someone first before judging them right away. So just seize the opportunity as soon as it presents itself to you!

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You have to know that your familial relationships are bound to be rocky during 2021’s Mercury Retrogrades. When this time comes, you better lengthen your patience since you really will need it in order to prevent any major arguments with a family member. If not, then who knows what can happen and what consequences you will be facing…

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Although, in the months where Mercury will not be in retrograde, things will most likely go back to normal. Remember that it is the planetary alignments that are causing all these changes. So it really is best for our dear Capricorns to be patient and understanding when the time comes.

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Your friendship circle is looking pretty tight for the coming year. There will be no major arguments with any of your close friends and it might even appear that your bonds will continually strengthen themselves. It is best to let your friends know that you care for them every once in a while just to solidify the bond that you already have.

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One thing to look after is that particular friend who can get really ambitious. Their ambitions are not a bad thing, and as a matter of fact, 2021 is the year that they will be flourishing. So make sure to check in with yourselves when it comes to jealousy and all that...instead, just support your friends’ dreams.

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Since the planet Mars will be on your side for a few months in 2021, you might feel a bit more confident when it comes to your work ethic. This means that you will have that charisma and that golden attitude that your bosses require of you. If you manage to keep this up even if Mars is no longer on your side, then expect to be promoted!

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Although, bear in mind that you need to be easy to work with if you really want that promotion. If you upset your colleagues, then they might turn against you and have your bosses hinder your progress. So just work hard, be humble, and seize the opportunity once it presents itself.

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Our dear Capricorns might feel like their physical health is at its peak...and they are probably right. However, physical health is not the only thing needed in order to have a healthy and balanced well-being. In 2021, focus more on your mental health and really take the time to pause every once in a while to lessen your stress.

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As for your finances, the planet Venus is bringing something quite different for your lives this coming year. Instead of helping you out with your love life, Venus is taking a different approach and it will provide you with the necessary wealth to get you through the year. So save up whilst you can and then reward yourselves here and there! 

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The uncertainty of what 2021 could bring is something that’s still affecting your energy. No matter how used you’re to this new life that 2020 created, there’s just something about next year that has affected your normally calm atmosphere. 

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That’s because they are logical, careful creatures that don’t want any kind of drama. In 2021, you might have to let go a little because any negative energy could affect the great opportunities coming your way. Sometimes, trying to plan as you always do could do more harm. Go with the flow this time to heal replenish your energy.

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This coming year, you might be inclined to hang out with a fire sign like a Leo since they really can bring out your playful nature. It is never a dull moment when our Geminis are with Leos since they both know how to have fun. Bear in mind that playfulness is important no matter how old we get, so try and hang out with more Leos in 2021!

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A connection between a Gemini and a Pisces might prove really challenging and unstable this 2021. This is due to the fact that both signs will constantly bump heads with each other when it comes to their feelings. Geminis think that Pisces is too sensitive, whilst a Pisces thinks that a Gemini is too insensitive; so simply avoid this match this year.

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A match between a Gemini and an Aries is highly encouraged this coming year since both signs are willing to try new things. It is a given that an Aries is not as spontaneous as a Gemini, but they do love the thrill of it all. As you discover this new relationship, you might want to take it easy for the Aries to try and keep up with you.

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If you are wanting to develop a more platonic relationship, then a connection with a Taurus is highly encouraged. This year, a Gemini’s stability will be challenged and you really will need strong support to get through this uncertain time. Obviously, a Taurus can help you out with this and so it is always great to have them by your sides this 2021!

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It is almost certain that a connection between a fellow Gemini can only lead to good things. As the coming year starts to unravel, it might be best to have a fellow Gemini by your side since nobody knows you better and nobody really is as adventurous as you. Always remember to have a blast and to relax whilst you can.

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Another match that can only thrive as a platonic relationship is one between a Gemini and a Cancer. More often than not, a Gemini will be willing to try and get on the bandwagon and a Cancer is more than knowledgeable when it comes to the latest trends. So this friendship can be beneficial for getting all those juicy inside scoops!

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As we have previously said above, this year will be a great year to make a connection with a Leo. This relationship might prove useful especially when a Gemini’s work-life starts to get stressful. Leos will remind you to relax, have fun and take on another day with a happy heart, so call up a Leo today!

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It is true that there are a lot of similarities between a Gemini and a Virgo; they are both intellectuals, hard workers, and creative. However, this coming year might not be fruitful when it comes to a connection between these two signs due to the difference in their work ethics. So it probably is best to focus on your own work instead of initiating a match.

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A match between a Gemini and a Libra is highly encouraged this coming year since they both have the same mindset. They simply will balance each other out as the year progresses and they will keep each other grounded. This is a relationship that everyone strives to have, and it simply is natural when it comes to these signs!

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2021 is not really looking particularly well between a Gemini and a Scorpio since they will both want different things this year. This 2021, a Scorpio might want to settle down whilst a Gemini is still not yet ready, and this might cause a bit of a rift between these two signs. It probably is best to wait it out instead of succumbing to pressure and quarreling every day...

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If you are looking for a mentor in the coming year, then why not call up a Sagittarius? It is a given that Geminis are intellectuals, but a Sagittarius also knows a lot of different things and they might teach a Gemini a trick or two. This year, polish your skills and observe how a Sagittarius works, you just might learn a thing or two in doing so!

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A match between a Gemini and a Capricorn is not really encouraged this coming year since you both have very different traits. A Gemini can find a Capricorn a tad bit too boring and a Capricorn might find a Gemini to be too daring, so what can you do? It is okay to hang out with a Capricorn every once in a while, but you should not do it on a regular basis...

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There is a 50-50 chance that a connection between a Gemini and an Aquarius just might happen this 2021. It is a given that both signs have a natural fondness for each other but their focus is not on the same level. If both signs are willing to compromise and to discover new things together, then this match just might work!

Image Credits: Pexels / Emma Bauso


As we have previously stated above, a match between a Gemini and a Pisces is simply not encouraged for 2021. The feelings you might have for each other are totally different in retrospect and so this might be a cause for most of your quarrels. If you are wanting a more blissful relationship, then this is not with a Pisces.

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Ushering a new year into being is so much fun. From great music, a possible kiss at midnight, it is a special time. As one year slips into another, a new sense of hope fills the air. Be sure to plan a great New Year's Eve party with your loved ones. As you sing "Tonight, We Are Young" many of 2020's problems will fade into oblivion. The best is yet to come! 

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2021 just might be the year that we can all finally go back to watching films in the theatre...fingers crossed, of course! If you are wanting to watch a great film in the coming year, then might we suggest watching Dune? This is a much-awaited and star-studded sci-fi film directed by Denis Villeneuve and a lot of people say that it really is worth the hype!

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Geminis are some of the pickiest people out there when it comes to the artists and the music type that they listen to. However, we all know that Lana Del Rey always hits to spot and our darling Geminis can truly vouch for this! The good thing is that Lana will finally release her newest album Chemtrails Over the Country Club in 2021...how exciting is that?

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If you are wanting to read something a bit more historical and on the heroism spectrum, then why not read The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah? This book is supposed to be a work of art and it is apparently set up in the Great Depression so that makes it ultimately intriguing. We really cannot wait for 2021 to arrive so we can get our hands on this book!

Image Credits: Pexels / Thought Catalog


Our darling Geminis will surely always find a way to do bits and pieces of things that they might find interesting. This is already a well-known fact and so we really do not have to remind them to pick up a hobby, because they surely will just on their own whims! Although might we suggest trying your hands at macramé this year?

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Naturally, our dear Geminis will always find a way to go somewhere that they have never been before because it is just how they are. Exploring, adventures, and adrenaline rush are some of the things that make their heartbeat and so traveling can almost be second nature to the twins of the zodiac. Might we suggest going on a hiking trip this 2021? 

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As we welcome another year, it is best to simply shake away your inhibitions, your doubts, and your fears because these will take you nowhere. Instead, lift up your spirits, always be mindful of your health and just have a really great time. 2021 will only come once in our lives, and so we have to make sure that we will live our best lives this year!

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This coming year, our darling Geminis should find a way to let their self-doubts diminish because doubting yourselves will do you no good! It is no secret that our Geminis can often succumb to their own anxieties, but you have to know that you are not alone...you are never alone! In times like these, it is best to call up your friends for some moral support.

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Before 2021 starts, let us all bid 2020 adieu. We know that this past year has not been the easiest for so many of us, but we are still here and we are stronger than ever so we feel like 2020 deserves a bit more credit! Sit and write down the things that you are grateful for in 2020, this will help you be more thankful and appreciative of everything in your lives.

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The next thing you have to do before 2021 starts is to list down the things that you want to happen in the coming year. This can be anything under the sun... In doing so, you will be more motivated to work towards the life that you want to achieve by the end of next year!

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Ending another year is quite a blessing and we know that our darling Geminis will thrive in the year to come. It is always better to put your best foot forward and to grab every great opportunity as it slowly presents itself to you one by one. 2021 is already looking quite promising, so we should all take a moment to breathe and relax.

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We are all ready to welcome the new year and we are all ready to leave our inhibitions behind in 2020. What are you most looking forward to doing in 2021? Let us know by leaving a comment below, and share this article with your family and friends!

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