Surprising Birth of Canadian Quadruplets

Surprising Birth of Canadian Quadruplets

Dec 11, 2020Danica

Conceiving a set of twins or triplets is extremely unlikely for most couples; what more, can you imagine having quadruplets? Bethani and Tim Webb were just a normal newlywed couple who were expecting their first child...or so they thought. Find out the real story behind Bethani Webb’s quadruple pregnancy by reading this article!    


The Webbs were no celebrity duo at all; as a matter of fact, they were more normal than most normal people out there. Tim and Bethani Webb were a couple from Alberta, Canada. Just like any other young person, they fell in love and then they got married. 

The thought of having to spend the rest of their days together was reason enough for them to commit; so they did. Just soon after Tim and Bethani got married, they started to think about the possibility of having their own children. The couple wanted to wait a bit longer, but that was not meant to be.  


The Webb’s wanted to wait, at least, a year before they conceived their first child because they wanted to enjoy their time together as a newlywed couple. However, time was not on their side because Bethani got pregnant soon after their wedding. Naturally, the news came as a shock to the couple.

However, even if this pregnancy was not planned at all, the couple was still looking forward to it. Tim and Bethani had always wanted their own family and so this was the perfect opportunity to do so. This pregnancy was the first step towards growing their little family and the couple could not have been more excited with this idea!


Just around the holidays in 2015, the Webb’s went to their doctor for what was just a normal routine scan. They thought that they would just be in and out of the hospital just like any other normal parents-to-be. However, they did not know that they were in for such a surprise and that their lives would change forever… 


Whilst the Webb’s were in the hospital, they realized that the medical staff kept on asking them such unusual questions. Naturally, these questions caused Tim and Bethani to panic just a little bit because they were completely in the dark. Although, the medical staff assured the couple that there were no complications with their pregnancy.

Questions were being asked all around, and there were questions about twins and multiple birth histories in each of their families. These were questions that were highly unusual, but the couple answered calmly. When the nurse finished asking the questions, the monitor was shown to the couple and that was when they knew the truth.


As the nurse showed the monitor to the couple, they were shocked to see all the children that the couple was pregnant with. Bethani said, “She turns around to the screen and she says, ‘There’s one baby, there’s two, there’s three and there’s four…’” Then Tim added, “That’s when I just about fell over!”

There were no twins in either of the couple’s families and there were no histories of multiple births. So how can Bethani be carrying four children in just one pregnancy? This was really unexpected news, but the couple was more excited than nervous.


The Webb’s were the official parents-to-be of quadruplets! This was something that the couple did not really expect, but they were more excited about it as they have previously said before. Although, this was not the only surprise that Tim and Bethani were both in for…

Bethani’s pregnancy was quite normal and there really were no complications whatsoever. However, when the time came for the doctors to reveal the babies’ gender, it came as a shock to the couple...especially to Tim. All four of their children were girls!

THEY WERE 1 IN 729,000…

Since both Tim and Bethani had no history of multiple births in their families, their pregnancy was really rare. When you come to think that their pregnancy was not even planned at all, it becomes a bit more fascinating! How did Bethani end up with quadruplets in just one pregnancy?

According to Dr. James Bofill from the University of Mississippi, Bethani’s case was really rare. She had no aid and had no fertility treatment and that was what made her pregnancy mind-boggling. The statistics and ratio for Bethani’s pregnancy were 1 in 729, crazy is that?


Just a month after Tim and Bethani knew their children’s gender, the couple prepared for the arrival of their girls. The Webb’s went to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton to get the best help possible. They surely needed to be well taken care of since Bethani was going to deliver four children.

Since the couple was having quadruplets, the doctors said that it was best for Bethani to go on with a cesarean section. This was the apparent idea at the time for the mother’s speedy recovery and for the children’s speedy arrival. Although once Bethani was ready to do the cesarean section, each child came one after the other.


Since the children were already on their way out, there really was no time to pull off a cesarean section. Tim said at the time of his children’s delivery, “It was kind of like a magic show because they’re pulling out one, two, three, four…[and] it was kind of surreal.” Can you imagine delivering four children via natural birth?

Once the delivery was done, it was said that it was a very surprising yet successful one since the original cesarean section never really pushed through. We are quite sure that the couple was happy that they are now with their four children, and that each child is beautiful and healthy. Soon after the delivery, the girls were named Emily, Grace, McKayla, and Abigail.


It was as if this whole pregnancy could not have more surprises up its sleeve, we were all proven wrong yet again. The Webb’s not only had quadruplets...they had identical quadruplets. This means that their children were 1 in over 15 million!

The new parents were stunned and excited at the same time because they knew that their daughters were unique. Since the quadruplets were all identical, there was a bit of confusion when it came to separating and identifying each girl. It came as a fun challenge to everyone involved in the birth.


As we have previously mentioned above, the children were named Emily, Grace, McKayla, and Abigail. After the girls have been named, it was as if identifying them had been a tad bit easier for everyone. Each girl was put in a color-coded outfit in order for them to be distinguished properly and in order for them to be told apart from their sisters.

For now, it might be hard for the couple to distinguish which is which but we are sure that it will get easier as time goes on. Bethani said in an interview with CTV News, “Right now I’m glad they’re separated so we can tell them apart...but even just holding two side-by-side, I can’t tell them apart at all.”


Naturally, having four children all at the same time will take a bit of getting used to. Luckily, the Web family community had been such a strong support group for the family. Plus, Tim’s mother also moved in with the couple in order to take care of the beautiful girls. 

Tim said in an interview with the National Post, “The community held a fundraiser which brought in approximately $50,000, and there’s a GoFundMe [site] set up by friends.” Sometimes humanity can be really beautiful. There surely is no doubt about that!


Surely, it is going to be quite a task when it comes to raising their four children. However, we are quite sure that this is a task that the Webb family will welcome with open arms. Tim said in an interview with Global News, “I’m looking forward to the memories and how close they’ll all be.”  

It is also quite great that there has been outpouring support in their community for the young couple since they really are up for the challenge! Plus, most mothers-in-law are quite scary...but we are quite sure that Bethani is ecstatic to be living with hers for the support that she will be able to give her. So it basically is a win-win for everyone!

Having children is no joke and you need to be mature and responsible enough to do so; what more if you have twins, triplets, or quadruplets!? What do you think about Tim and Bethani’s story and how do you think their children’s relationship will be over the years? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below, and share this article with your family and friends!

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