Embarrassing Movie Costume Mistakes

Perhaps the hardest job on a film set must be in the wardrobe department. Getting every detail right takes extremely hard work. In period pieces, the believability of the film is in the characters' dress code which has to mirror the era. Numerous films contain blunders, and we've gathered the most prominent missteps. None of these outfits should have made it to our screens!  

Image Credits: Youtube / Sony Pictures Releasing UK | Django - Columbia Pictures


Natalie Portman wears a French Hood in the historical film which is very fitting. However, her hair is worn down rather than pulled back, which isn't the way it really would have been styled during this period. This is one small but crucial mistake in a movie that was otherwise great. 

Image Credits: Youtube / The Anne Boleyn Files and Tudor Society | The Other Boleyn Girl - Columbia Pictures


Abagnale Jr. is the focal point of this biopic which highlighted the beguiling Leonardo DiCaprio as the hero and Tom Hanks as the man attempting to find him. Entertainingly, the film was liable for wrongdoing itself. Indeed one of the stars had braces in the film! Amy Adams’ character has braces that were not yet available!    

Image Credits: Youtube / Robi Pasha | Catch Me If You Can - DreamWorks Pictures


The biopic which was released in 1984 centers around the exciting story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart may have enjoyed a chuckle at this blunder. It would have been unthinkable for the artists in the film to have zippers on their ensembles. Zippers would not be utilized by tailors and dressmakers for an additional 100 years after Mozart had died! Yikes! 

Image Credits: Getty Images / History Buffs | Amadeus - Orion Pictures


The film was set in 1972, yet the mood ring worn didn't become well known until 1975. While this aspect of the film is vital, the crew and team in charge of the costumes should have thought twice about this. Did you notice this blunder? 

Image Credits: Reddit / u/VCRstillworking


Though the kilt is related to Scotland, it wasn't really worn in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries when William Wallace fought against the British for Scottish freedom. Obviously, Mel Gibson didn't let trivial subtleties impede a beloved movie! Fans also didn't seem to care about this little blunder. 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Mel Gibson.


The earpiece worn by officer Jim Morita, played by entertainer Kenneth Choi, is plainly a 21st-century model that wouldn't have existed during WWII. However since the vast majority won't see a comic book film for authentic exactness, it is anything but a big deal. 

Image Credits: Youtube / Marvel Studios | Captain America: The First Avenger - Paramount Pictures


Jim Morrison was a celebrated musical hero who passed away in the last part of the 1970s, however all through Oliver Stone's 1991 film about the band, entertainer Val Kilmer wears a style of pilot shades that wouldn't be mainstream until the '80s! Only true legends will have noticed this error. 

Image Credits: Youtube / BI Mock | The Doors - Tri-Star Pictures


Although the film happens more than 1,500 years back in antiquated Rome, entertainer Russel Crowe's Lycra shorts are plainly obvious when he tumbles to the ground during a big battle scene in the Colosseum. Lycra wasn't created until 1958, however, it's most likely for the best that Crowe wore the shorts! 

Image Credits: YouTube / PictureBox Films | Gladiator - DreamWorks Pictures


Redcoat fighters are a significant part of the British domain, yet the style of uniform worn by the red troopers in this film wasn't used until 1747. While the story really happens during the rule of George I, who administered his power from 1714 to 1727, they did not stay true to this tale. Did you notice?  

Image Credits: Youtube / The Sparrow Savvy | Pirates of The Caribbean - Walt Disney Pictures


Although the attack of Troy is viewed as a fantasy, the city really existed in the tenth century B.C. In the film Troy, Orlando Bloom's character Paris is seen strolling under a pink parasol, which isn't just ridiculous, it is also erroneous as the parasol wouldn't be developed until the fifth century B.C. in Greece.   

Image Credits: Imgur - flowerfreepics


Helen Mirren's character often wears a neck ruff in this film, which is precise to the extent that they were trendy in Tudor England. The issue is that they were worn with shirts that went as far as possible up the neck, while Mirren wears no such piece of clothing. 

Image Credits: Youtube / WatchMojoUK | Elizabeth I - Gramercy Pictures


It was really outrageous for American ladies not to wear stockings during the 1940s. This was to the extent that they would draw lines on their legs to make it look like a stocking during the nylon shortage in WWII. Be that as it may, in this 2001 film, the ladies are oftentimes portrayed with uncovered legged. 

Image Credits: Youtube / Ariel Echeverría | Pearl Harbour - Touchstone Pictures


Anne Baxter's role as Nefertiti in this Hollywood epic has gained notable mention, and her water blue silk dress is no small piece of that success. The issue is that during the time in old Egypt setting, no dye color would have had the option to produce that specific shade of blue. 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Anne Baxter's role in The Ten Commandments.


Though the mix-up is onscreen for so short a scene that it's barely noticeable, during one scene in this Civil War film an arm quickly comes into a frame, and on its wrist is a computerized watch! Obviously, such innovation wouldn't exist until 100 years after the time of the story. 

Image Credits: YouTube/Movieclips | Glory - TriStar Pictures


In this film, a considerable amount of Emperor Nero's top commanders, including principal character General Corvus, are seen wearing purple capes. While a purple color existed in old Rome, Nero made it a crime deserving of death for anybody but him to wear purple attire! 

Image Credits: Reddit / u/Long_Membership_3260


In one of the film's most celebrated moments, Sheik Ilderim pins a Star of David on Ben-Hur's belt before his large chariot race. Be that as it may, the soonest records connecting the Star of David with Judaism go back to the twelfth century A.D., making the image very chronologically erroneous with regards to the film.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Hugh Griffith (1912 - 1980) as Sheik Ilderim in a still from the film, 'Ben-Hur.'


This costume mistake is "Unforgivable." In this Clint Eastwood-coordinated western, Gene Hackman's character Little Bill Daggert has waistbands on his jeans, despite the fact that they wouldn't become normal outside of active apparel until the 1920s. 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Gene Hackman


King Arthur is only a fantasy, however, this film is still a hodgepodge of mistakes and anachronisms. One evident model is that while the film makes clear that it's set in the fifth century A.D., the hefty plated protective layer worn by the knights wasn't common until the late medieval times, and, even then it was only worn ritualistically as opposed to in battle. 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Poppy Delevingne arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere King Arthur.


Though they look absolutely wonderful, D'Jango's gold-rimmed shades are somewhat obsolete. While shades were around during the time where the film is set, this specific style of dark concealed focal points is a twentieth-century innovation. Tarantino and Jamie Foxx pull off it, however! 

Image Credits: Youtube / Virtual Devil | Django - Columbia Pictures


In this movie, Tom Cruise wears customary samurai protection, which doesn't sound awful at all until you understand that the film is set in the last part of the 1800s. That style of gear was last utilized during the 1600s. All things considered, these outfits are more reasonable than a lot of different things in the movie... 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Actor Tom Cruise's costume from the film The Last Samurai.


Only true military history buffs would see this, however, in this Steven Spielberg film, Matt Damon's paratrooper character wears dark boots, while actually dark boots weren't accessible until the 1950s. To be exact, he ought to have donned brown boots instead. 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Matt Damon on the movie set.


In a mix-up that really disturbed some Scottish residents, Colin Firth's character George VI wore a kilt in the Irish plaid style. While the kilts that were really worn by individuals from the British imperial family are of the Scottish Balmoral design. It's safe to state that no one external to the United Kingdom knew about this one. 

Image Credits: Reddit / imagesfreemovies123


This 1979 film is about the mid-'60s clashes between two fighting British subcultures: the mods and the rockers. While it bodes well that the rockers would wear Motörhead shirts, the band wouldn't really take shape until 1975, making the shirts an entirely huge mistake as they would not have existed yet. Oops! 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Punk actress and singer Toyah Willcox.


By and large, this 1970s period film works admirably at catching the look and hints of the time, yet devotees may see one glaring mistake: Louis CK's FBI analyst character wears a gold Rolex watch, which, besides probably being out of the investigator's price range, is really a GMT Master II, a model presented in as late as 2010.

Image Credits: Reddit / GeauxTri


Maybe it's an ideal opportunity to return Baby to the corner as the shorts she was wearing in the renowned sentimental film Dirty Dancing are verifiably wrong. The film is set during the 1960s, yet the jean shorts (or jorts) entertainer Jennifer Gray wore were not popular until the 1980s. 

Image Credits: Youtube / Paul Moorey | Dirty Dancing - Vestron Pictures


Jean pants have become a lasting item in our closets, however, during the 1930s, it was not cool to venture out wearing them. Shockingly this extra in the film Raiders of the Lost Ark was caught wearing them. No doubt, very few audience members would have noticed this. 

Image Credits: Youtube / Films Funniest Flaws | Raiders of the Lost Ark - Paramount Pictures

Wow, who knew that costumes crews messed up the story's attire so many times?! Be on the lookout next time you watch these films and see if you can spot the blunders for yourself. Do you know of any other wardrobe mishaps that we have missed? Let us know! 

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