December Horoscope For Pisces

The last month of 2020 will be a special one for Pisces, but why is that? Let’s have a look at what the predictions have to say and discover the positive news that will come, as well as the challenges that people born under this sign will have to face. This December is going to be an exciting month!

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Born between February 19th and March 20th, Pisces is the psychic of the Zodiac. They are usually some of the most empathetic individuals you will ever meet, and will always take a compassionate approach to any situation they find themselves in. People born under this sign also have the power to balance reality and fantasy.

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The ruling planet of this sign is Neptune, which means that people born under Pisces tend to have a deep connection with their dreams and creative thoughts. Being a flexible sign, Pisces is quick to adapt to changing circumstances or plans. Lovers of music and romance, Pisces is also one of the most spiritual members of the Zodiac.

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Pisces natives are very generous, and that doesn’t only happen when money is involved, but with anything else as you can imagine. In fact, people born under this sign take great pleasure in making those around them feel happy, even if they are complete strangers. Love and sharing are two of the main drives for Pisces.

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While want to share their love and happiness, Pisces also crave to be loved themselves. They might have some difficulties in showcasing that need to others in the form of communication, but if you pay attention you will be able to notice the small and creative means they use to do so. 

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People born under Pisces have an incredible advantage when compared to other signs of the Zodiac, and that is their intuition. They will easily know whether a person is good or not, based solely on their own instincts. Paired with this, their generosity and compassion make them excellent for situations when people in need are involved.

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Pisces are caring individuals who praise themselves on their strong ability to remain faithful, even when they have been wronged. They have an old soul and wisdom beyond their years, which prompts them to not be judgmental. Pisces natives are very tolerant and comprehensive, and will often know what to say when others confide their problems in them.

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While there are many strong points in the personality of Pisces, everyone has their weaknesses. In the case of people born under this sign, they had an irrational fear. This might stem from their overly trusting personality, which opens the door for them to be wronged, and thus making them feel worried about similar problems in the future.

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One of the main issues that Pisces have when it comes to making friends is that they can not stand people who just know-it-all. Moreover, Pisces natives have a natural tendency to see themselves as the martyr of any bad situation. This can cause some strain in your relationships, especially with people who can see through that.

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The creativity and intuition of Pisces allow them to have successful careers in the world of entertainment, be it within the music industry, as is the case of Rihanna, or in cinema, such as Drew Barrymore. Other famous Pisces natives include the popular singer Seal, the actress Emily Blunt, and even the one and only Smokey Robinson.

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December is going to be a rollercoaster for Pisces, especially when it comes to the love department. While this will be the month of experiments, people born under this sign might have some trouble in understanding their own feelings. As a Pisces, you are probably confused reading this, especially because you are always in touch with your inner self.

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The truth is that during this month your emotions might be all over the place, which is normal, as the year is coming to an end and you don’t know what will happen. All these different feelings and worries will not allow you to truly focus on your own feelings and desires, especially when romantic relationships are involved.

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December is not the ideal time to splurge, dear Pisces. And we know that with the holidays approaching you will want to buy the perfect gift for your loved ones - however, you should be conscious of your spending until the end of the year. Why not offer something that you made yourself?

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Pisces can take advantage of their immense creativity to make a special present from scratch, that not only showcases how much you care for the receiver, but also shows them that you truly put your thoughts, effort, and time into making it. And better yet, you will be able to keep saving your money.

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The relationships between Pisces and their family members will be very harmonious during this month, as there will be a positive balance in the household. You may become even closer to the members of your immediate family, and you should try to reconnect with your extended family as well. There will be an overall sense of happiness at home.

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When it comes to the friendships of Pisces, December will provide you with the right opportunity to make amends with estranged friends. With the year coming to an end, look back on the friendships you lost during the year, and in case you would like to rekindle any of them, this is the ideal time to do it. 

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Something that Pisces natives truly need to do this month is caring for themselves, not only physically, but mainly mentally. As we mentioned, this month will be one filled with stress and anxiety and it is crucial that you allow yourself to fight these troubles. Focus on keeping your body and mind safe and healthy, through a nutritious diet and light exercise.

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When it comes to mental health, we recommend that Pisces try to keep a daily routine of saving half an hour just for themselves. During this time, try not to think, or do anything really, and just be yourself. You can lay in bed or sit in a comfortable place, as long as you allow yourself to drift into the land of empty thoughts.

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Pisces natives are usually calm, but this month you will have to make an extra effort to be who you are. Along with the suggestions made above, Pisces natives should focus on keeping themselves surrounded by positive energies and people, as this will allow you to re-center quicker. Practicing calming sports such as yoga or pilates will keep your body healthy.

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During this month it is also recommended that Pisces have a different outlet for their emotions. It is predicted that you will have a hard time sharing your feelings, so it is crucial that you find a way to express yourself without bottling them up. You can experiment with keeping a journal, for instance, where you can write down what you are unable to say.

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It might seem counterintuitive, but this month you will find your peace at work. Pisces are naturally hard workers and reliable professionals, and during this month you will be able to put those skills and assets into play and your incredible work will be recognized. While there might be some fires that need to be controlled at work, you will manage them just fine.

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During December, you will also find yourself connecting more with your colleagues, and that can actually work to your advantage in the future. It is also predicted that you will receive praise for your creative work, so do not shy away from putting your own touch in everything that you accomplish at work.

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Pisces crave someone who understands their emotional needs while accepting their boundaries. Trust and stability are two of the most important things in a partner for Pisces, and that is why during this month you will find your soulmate in a Virgo. People born under this sign are going to love and support you as you need.

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In case you don’t know any Virgo natives that would be a good friend or romantic partner, you can also try with a native of Taurus. Pisces will be able to truly connect with people born under this sign due to their similarities, which will seem even more apparent due to the planetary influence this month.

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While there are two signs that you can find comfort in, there is one particular sign that you should avoid at all costs this December: Sagittarius. Although in different times you could have been friends with people from this sign, this month is really not the right moment to delve into this toxicity.

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It is possible that Pisces feels intimidated by a Scorpio, but this is only the first impression. The allure of Scorpios will eventually win the interest of Pisces, who will find a true partner in someone equally emotional and caring. Both signs are an excellent match when it comes to understanding the power of love.

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While these two signs tend to be shy when faced with new situations, they will both give the strength the other needs to get out of their comfort zone, all while maintaining a feeling of safety and trust. December is one of the best months to truly connect with a Scorpio, so do not waste any more time!

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As mentioned before, Sagittarius is not going to be a good match for Pisces this month. People born under Sagittarius tend to be brutally honest and energetic, which is not something that you will need in your life during December. While there are some similarities that could draw you to one another, the differences are just too many.

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If you truly must pursue a romantic relationship with a Sagittarius, you need to understand that it will not be an easy thing to do. It is important that both signs express themselves and their boundaries from the very beginning, and everyone needs to ensure that they know what they are getting into, and where they want to go in the future.

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Another sign that is very different from Pisces is Capricorn. However, in this case, it is as if both parties complement each other in the best possible way. Pisces will be able to show their true colors without fear of being judged, and Capricorn will be the stabilizing agent in a difficult period.

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It is crucial, nevertheless, that both signs accept that their relationship must evolve at a slow and steady pace. Going out on dates and getting to truly know each other before making any big decisions will ensure that this relationship will be a long and happy one and that both people are as committed as possible.

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Well, everyone knows that opposites attract, and that is exactly what happens when the dreamy Pisces meets the rational Aquarius. Both being very creative individuals, these two signs are an easy love story in the making from the moment they first talk. The imagination of Pisces will allow the intellectual side of Aquarius to bloom.

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Not only will this connection happen on a mental level, but emotional too. Both individuals will feel grounded and stable with one another, and their openness will allow the relationship to develop smoothly and steadily. It is important, however, that space is given when needed, in order for neither to feel smothered.

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Matching two Pisces together will bring you a level of understanding that you were not expecting. While at times the relationship can be difficult, especially because of the difficulty both will have in admitting that they can be wrong, this pairing can also be quite successful in the long term.

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During December, the planetary influence will be on your side in the love department. However, it is important that you understand that Pisces natives will not be able to truly express themselves during this month. Start slowly if you must, and allow yourselves to discover one another as time goes by.

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When it comes to a loving relationship between a Pisces and an Aries it is crucial to understand that this will be a fire that burns bright, but loses its flame quickly. Both signs will feel attracted to one another from the moment they meet, but as time goes by, it is possible that the fire will simply stop burning.

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This fast-burning relationship can work, however, if both people make an effort to never let the other become bored. The determination of Aries can help them with that, but it is often Pisces that starts dreaming of better love stories and stops making the necessary effort for the relationship to survive.

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Another match made in heaven is the one between a Pisces and a Taurus. These two individuals just have a connection that transcends beyond imagination, and their emotional understanding and physical attraction just make things happen. If you are looking for true love, then you will find that in Taurus.

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One of the best things about this relationship is a mutual acceptance that both people are different. However, instead of trying to change one another, both try to complement each other. Take advantage of this impeccable partner this month, dear Pisces, and you will not be disappointed. You might even hear the church bells in the near future!

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Pisces and Gemini natives can often build long-lasting and trustful friendships. However, when it comes to love, it is difficult to tell. Geminis are the kind of people who crave new things and enjoy being independent, which might cause some hardships in the relationship with a Pisces, who is more stable and less volatile.

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While it is still possible for these two to have a loving relationship, it will be one that is filled with arguments and difficulties that will need to be overcome. This December we recommend that you try to keep on a friendly basis with Gemini, in order to allow yourself to recover from the stress of the month.

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The Pisces who are looking for someone who truly understands emotions can find exactly that in a Cancer native. While Pisces tend to be more accepting and understanding of their own feelings, and Cancers just feel a lot in general, these two can actually bond over their ability to connect with their inner self.

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Cancer natives are also very good partners, who are caring and romantic just like yourself, dear Pisces. Being two water signs, Cancer and Pisces can just commit and connect on a level not many other zodiac pairings can. This month, however, tread with caution and ensure that you take things slow.

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For the Pisces who are looking for an easy-going relationship, Leo natives are the ideal partner. Leos are able to easily understand what a Pisces needs, even without them saying anything. However, sometimes they have troubles connecting to the deeper emotions of Pisces. This is why communication is the key in this pairing.

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Something that is very important in a relationship with a Leo, however, is to set boundaries early on in the dating phase. Leos can be quite abrupt and jealous, so it is important that Pisces explains what they expect from a romantic partner. In case the Leo doesn’t accept or respect this, then it is time to move on.

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Pisces and Virgo are one of the most adorable pairings in the Zodiac. These two signs are opposites, but they just get along so well. They quickly connect and understand each other, and Virgo will always ensure that Pisces’ needs are met, no matter how much it costs them.

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There is also sweet compatibility in the differences these two have, as both will quickly fill in the parts the others have trouble handling. This couple truly works as a team, and as long as both make an effort to keep their energy levels high, the relationship will be a happy one and last for a long time.

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For the Pisces who need a little extra help to leave their own minds and face the real world, Libra is the ideal partner. While Pisces is definitely the emotional one of the relationship, Libra will give you the emotional support you need, especially when you don’t even have the courage to ask for it.

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Both of these signs are extremely creative, which is one of the main aspects that will bring them together. From the moment you open your heart to a Libra native, you will be able to explore more than you expected, always from a point of comfort and stability and above all, trust.

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During this month it is important that you allow yourself to express your thoughts and emotions, so why not do it in a creative way? We all know that Pisces has an incredible ability to think outside the box, so this is the ideal time to use that creativity through painting and showcase all that goes inside your mind and heart.

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In case you already have a creative hobby and would like to try something else, we recommend using your creative expression through cooking. Not only will this hobby allow you to cook delicious food that you can share with family and friends, but you will also develop life-long skills that will always come in handy.

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For the Pisces who love reading, we have some good suggestions for this month. Have a look at “Anne of Green Gables” by L.M. Montgomery, “Garden Spells” by Sarah Addison Allen, “Of Poseidon” by Anna Banks, “A Thousand Pieces of You” by Claudia Gray, or “Magic for Marigold” by L.M. Montgomery.

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The year is almost over, but that doesn’t mean that it is time to give up, dear Pisces. Try to make the best out of the last few weeks of 2020, and make sure that you get ready for the new year ahead which will definitely be an exciting one!

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Are you excited for this month, dear Pisces? There will be ups and downs and turns around, but we are certain that you will have an incredible time. Let us know in the comments below what your expectations are and make sure to share this horoscope with any Pisces friend you may have! 

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